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Author's Note: I wrote this when I was in primary school....when I was around 10-12 years old...So, it's really crappy~~~haha....but, hmm....just to share, some of these things really did happened to me in the past So, just sit back and enjoy...and try not to laugh!Thanks... =)

{{~~In School, I.....~~}} Prologue

Jake Matthews is so hot! I think he likes me too...But, what is wrong with this girl...what's her name? Cassie. Why is she acting so mean? Well, she is the queen of bees but all these years, she has her way, I have mine...but, this year...Shoot! Am I missing something? JakeXCassie? But, where would that place me? And, Sky....he's so touchy all of a sudden.....I wonder when will this mess end...But the way it's getting...I am predicting......things WILL get messier......

The style of writting is a script form... Those in brackets are expressions and actions =)
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Chapter 1

Jake: Hey, looks like a nice game. How you play it?
Paris: Comehere. I’ll teach u if you want to.
Jake: (Happy) Sure!
Sky: Wow! Look at Paris and Jake! Paris and Jake, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
Paris: (In horror) Sky!
(Paris started chasing Sky)
Paris: (Shouting) You are going to get it!
Sky: (Shouting) Try it! Paris and Jake! Paris and Jake! Paris loves Jake! Jake loves Paris!
(Jake pulled Paris by the arm)
Jake: Come here! Don’t care about these losers, Paris. It’s not important, right?
(Jake and Paris smiled)
Sky: (Playfully and grinning) Wheet…..!Wow! Now they are hugging!
Fanny: Miss Sue!!
Sky: (Excited) Miss Sue! You’ll never guess what happened! Paris and Jake were kissing
and hugging each other!
Paris: No, Miss Sue! Don’t trust him!
Miss Sue: Is it true?
Sky: You may not trust me but what about the whole class? The saw it!
Whole class: Oh, busted! (Started laughing)
Paris: Sky! You started it! What are you gonna do?
Sky: Nothing!
Paris: Sky!
Sky: Haha! If you guys are meant for each other, what can I say?
Paris: If we are not?
Sky: Well, why does break ups exists?
Paris: Sky!
Yvonne: He got the point!
Sky: Totally! I did, you know!
Paris: (Rolls her eyes)
Sky: Let’s start the whole story again!
Class: Yeah! Paris love Jake and Jake loves Paris……..!
Paris: Goodness sake! How can we stop there craziness and how can you be so calm in
this situation?
Jake: (Whispering) Pretend it didn’t happen!
Emilia: Look! Now he is kissing her ears!
Jake: Emilia, I wasn’t, ok?
Paris: Oh crap! Duh! Why would he bother to kiss my ears? Gross!
Emilia: But he was! Are you too happy that you didn’t realize it?
Miss Sue: Kids! Don’t make them feel bad!
Yvonne: It’s actually her. He looks so calm!
Marcial: Maybe Paris is in love and maybe Jake is.
Sky: Marcial, you can be so dumb! Isn't it obvious enough they're both are in love with each other?
Marcial: Oh my gosh! Why didn’t I think of it?
Paris: Cos it’s not true. Duh!
Miss Sue: Ok, kids! Stop this mushiness although it seems fun.
Paris: Miss Sue!
Miss Sue: Ok! Just stop it!
Paris: Thank you!
Samuel: Look! Jake is writing something!
Fanny: And folding it like a heart shape!
Marcial: And sealed with a kiss!
Sky: And to Paris’s private mail!
Emilia: Aww….!
Jake: Shut up, freaks!
Yvonne: Paris, let me read it!
Paris: No way!
(The letter writes: Just ignore them, will you? It’ll make you feel better!)
Paris: Yeah, I will, Jake!
Mark: Will what?
Susan: Marry him?
Paris: No! It’s just… (Looks at Jake) never mind!
Emilia: Official news! Paris and Jake’s wedding is next on the list!
Paris: Maybe I should follow you, Jake!
Samuel: You should!
Paris: (Sighs)
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Chapter 2

Fanny: How’s stuff, Mrs. Matthews?
Paris: What you just called me?
Fanny: Oh please! You know what!
Yvonne: Sup guys! Hey, I think Sky likes Paris!
Susan: No way!
Yvonne: Why?
Susan: He match-made Paris and Jake!
Paris: Ya right! Later!
Yvonne: Whatever! He totally regretted his actions! Like duh!
Paris: Come on, guys!
Fanny: Yvonne, I’m starting to agree! Do you notice how sad he was after that incident?
Samuel: Who? Sky?
Susan: Yes!
Mark: All because of Paris!
Paris: Oh come on!
Susan: They are Sky’s BFF! They’ll know!
Mark: You don’t even need to be Sky’s friend to know it. It’s way too obvious!
Samuel: Yeah. Do you notice Sky’s trying to get you attention, Paris?
Yvonne: You noticed it too?
Samuel: Well. Way obvious in here!
Paris: Just cut the crap!
Fanny: There is no crap to cut!
Paris: But I have not noticed Jake before although we go to the same tuition and sit kinda
Susan: So, he is the guy back there!
Mark: Gotcha! Maybe the whole kissing and hugging plot is part of the plan to get your
Yvonne: Why would he bother to do it?
Samuel: Erm…Cos he has this major crush on Paris?
Paris: What about Evangelina? He's crazy over her, right?
Mark: You can have more crush at a time. Anyway, it’s just rumors!
Paris: It’s super obvious it’s not just a rumor, Mr. Smart!
Susan: Not as obvious as yours!
Paris: Yeah right!
Fanny: Hold a sec! I thought we were gossiping about Sky. How did we ended up with
Susan: Oh gosh, it just blurted out of Paris’s mouth in a sudden!
Samuel: Oh yeah! You suddenly tell the story of you and Jake!
Yvonne: How did it ever happen?
Fanny: Maybe Paris’s thinking too much of Jake!
Paris: No!
Others: Yes!
Paris: No! come on, guys!
Samuel: Whatever, Paris. Gosh! It’s raining! Mark, we gotta go!
Mark & Samuel: See ya, guys!
Others: Bye!

Sky: Paris,wait! You have an umbrella! Lend it to me, plase!
Jake: Paris, can I share your umbrella to me pleas?
Susan: Here comes Mr. Perfect!
Fanny: Or Perfects!
Yvonne: Totally, Paris!
Fanny: So, who will you lend it to?
Paris: Huh?
Fanny: The umbrella!
Susan: Think wisely! (winks)
Jake: Never mind. Lend it to Sky. I will find another way.
Paris: Wait! My house is nearer to your house compared to Sky! So, I will share with
you! Sky, I have a raincoat in my bag! You don’t mind using it, right?
Sky: No.
Yvonne: Liar!
Paris: Yvonne! And Sky, this raincoat is disposable. You need not to return.
Fanny: Real heartbroken! Unused stuffs for him!
Paris: Guys, stop it, ok?
Susan, Fanny & Yvonne: (scoffs)
Paris: I mean that.
Susan: Rain’s heavier! Gotta go!
Others: Bye, guys!

Jake: Gosh! I’m soaked even under an umbrella! Imagine without one!
Paris: Haha! It’s obvious! There’s so much space in between us! Come closer, dude or
you’ll be wet all the same!
Jake: Alright! Allow me to carry your bag.
Paris: What a pleasant thing to do!
Jake: (Grinning) My honor.
(Jake and Paris started laughing)

William: Check it out!
John: No way! Jake and Paris!
William: Rumors are true, I guess. I can’t wait to get to tuition and spread this news!
John: They are so dead!
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Chapter 3

William: Hey, crowd round!
John: Hot news!
William: The couple was found sharing a small umbrella just now.
John: Yeah. And they were cracking jokes all the way and laughing like mad.
Eurica: Whoever is that?
Emilia: Must be Jake and Paris.
Susan: Obviously!
Eurica: Since when they are a couple?
Fanny: This morning.
Eurica: What happened?
Others: (Started laughing)
Yvonne: We’ll tell you next time. Anyway, is that all you got, John and William?
William: What you got then?
Susan: Loads! Actually, Sky and Jake wanted to share with Paris. Then, Paris borrowed
her raincoat to Sky instead.
Samuel: He must be heartbroken.
Amanda: Why?
Mark: It’s kinda obvious he is having a crush on Paris.
Amanda: Really?
Fanny: You’ll know if you are in our class.
John: So, it’s pretty true about Jake and Paris and Sky, right.
Yvonne: Well, everyone will agree.
Mrs. Natad: Ok, class. Sit down. We are starting.
Mark: What about Sky, Paris and Jake?
Mrs. Natad: Paris and Jake came down with a cold and they are not coming. Sky……
Sky: (Gasping) Sorry, I’m late!
Mark: (Whispering) Do you believe they are really sick?
Yvonne: Maybe they are having a date at Mid Valley now.
Sky: Who is sick?
Samuel: Jake and Paris.
Sky: (Raising his voice) Paris is sick?
(Everyone looking at Sky)
Sky: Sorry!
Fanny: Jake too.
Sky: (Sigh) If only I had not borrowed Paris’s raincoat. She will not be sick then.
Mrs. Natad: Repeat what you say, Sky!
Sky: Do I have to?
Mrs. Natad: You know the rules.
Sky: (Sigh) If only I had not borrowed Paris’s raincoat. She will not be sick then.
Mrs. Natad: Everything happens for a reason. And, do all these gossiping after class and
share with me!
Whole class: (Laughing)
Mrs. Natad: Enough! Concentrate!
Yvonne: Let’s visit Paris at erm…. 7.00pm?
Mark, Fanny, Samuel & Susan: Deal!
Emilia: What about you, Sky?
Sky: What time?
Samuel: 7.00pm.
Sky: I can’t. I have to go for tuition.
Mark: Since when you have tuition at 7.00pm?
Sky: My mum just enrolled me today.
Susan: Too bad then. You badly wanna visit her, don’t you? I mean….There’s my mum.
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Chapter 4

Paris’s mum: Hey, children! Are you here to visit Paris?
Samuel: Yes, we are.
Paris’s mum: She’s in her room with a visitor.
Yvonne: Who?
Fanny: Anyone but Sky.
Paris’s mum: Did you say Sky? Well. That’s his name.
Mark: But it’s 7.05 pm!
Susan: No way!
Paris’s mum: You kids are going up, right? Take this for Paris.
Yvonne: Ok, Aunty!
Samuel: So? Up or not? Majority.
(Voted and counted)
Fanny: Damn! Equal!
Paris’s mum: I thought you are going up!
Mark: In a moment!
(Went to Paris’s room.)
Susan: Wait! I have this.
Mark: A see trough wall sunnies? I thought girls don’t like all these stuffs.
Susan: Well, I don’t but Paris does not mind having them.
Yvonne: The problem is, only one person can use at a time.
Fanny: Not fair!
Samuel: Bother not! I have this.
Susan: Ew! Get the stupid bug off me!
Mark: It’s not any bug. It’s a spying video cam.

Paris: I’m kinda bored, you know!
Sky: My goodness! I forgot to give you the present I got for you!
Susan: What is it?
Paris: (Very happy) A whole bunch of my favourite magazines! Female, Total Girl, Cleo,
Girl Power, Barbie Mag, Goody Bag Mag, Winx Club. The whole set of Winx club
and so much more! The whole set of Sweet Valley High? Incredible!
Sky: There’s more!
Paris: No way! All my favourite movies?! Where did you get these stuffs?!
Sky: Well, they are my older sister’s. She’s married and does not want all these stuffs
anymore. She wanted to throw them all. There are six big boxes all together. I
thought you will want them, so, I saved them all for you! I will ask my driver to pass
them all to you!
Paris: Thanks, Sky! (Send a sms to Sky)
(The sms writes: Look at my door! Juz Look! Dun stare!
Sky replies: They are spying on us!)
Paris: (Grins) You wanna play a game?
Sky: (Grins back) Like?
Paris and Sky: Dancing, kissing?! (Laughing and smiling)
Sky: Let’s dance.
Paris: What dance?
Sky: May I have this tango dance?
Paris: Certainly!
Mark: I’ve never ever known she would make such a fine dancer.
Yvonne: I’ve never ever known he would make such a fine dancer.
Susan: I’ve never ever known they would make such a fine dancer.
Samuel: And couple!
Paris: (Whispering) Now pretend to go. (Louder) Sky….Will you visit me again?
Sky: Well…erm…….
Paris: Please!
Sky: (Kissed Paris) Whatever you say, baby!
Fanny: Burst in! Now!
Samuel: (Knock the door)
Paris: Come in!
Mark: What a surprise to see you here! What happened to your tuition?
Sky: Well….erm……
Samuel: You didn’t have tuition after all?
Sky: Argh! Busted! You got me! Anyway, bye! Paris, see you in school!
Fanny: How long was he here?
Paris: 15 minutes before you came.
Susan: Only?
Paris: 15 minutes before you really came.
Mark: Huh?
Paris: Freshmen! You don’t know my room well enough! Look at my door!
Yvonne: Argh! Busted! We are sorry!
Sky: (Crossed-handed and leaning on Paris’s door) So, was it fun being fooled?
Samuel: You mean you guys were pretending?
Paris: Duh! Do you even bothered to think we will make up?
Yvonne: Ouch! (winks at Sky)
---awkward silence---
Fanny: Whatever! I’m just glad you haven’t forgotten Jake!
---silence again---
Mark: (Cleared throat)
Paris: Yeah! Very funny!
Yvonne: You guys will get the role of the main characters audition for the “Valentine
Day” play competition. You acted really real!
Susan: Are you sure they are acting?
Paris: Of cause we are! What were you guys thinking?! Right, Sky?
Sky: Uh-yeah. Sure. I guess........


The gadgets are so childish ideas! XD I was into spying at that time...After I watched Get A Clue, i think! XD
And the gifts that Sky gave Paris...OMG! I guess that at the time I wrote this, I really wanted them ! XD
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Chapter 5

Miss Sue: Class! I have an announcement! Oh my gosh! I’m so excited! Look what I
have in my hands! The list of…..
Paris: “Valentine Day” play competition’s crew and cast?
Miss Sue: Paris, you are a born genius or gypsy!
Paris: I rather be a genius.
Cassie: Unfortunately you aren’t!
Miss Sue: Aw, stop being so nasty, Cassie!
Cassie: Me? Nasty? Excuse me!
Miss Sue: Whatever, Cassie!Anyway, The main characters are Paris and Sky!
Sky, Paris & Cassie: What?! No way!
Mark: Made for couples!
Cassie: Sky and Paris? Maybe Jake and Paris but definitely not Sky and Paris! Ew…!
He’s too perfect for her. And how could she be chosen to be the main character?!
Paris: Why are you so upset and concerned about Sky? Are you having a crush on him?!
Marcial: Paris! How can you miss it? It’s super obvious and everyone knows it!
Paris: Oh shoot! How could I forget it?!
William: Anyway, Cassie would never make Sky’s girlfriend.
Cassie: Obviously! Cos I’m gonna be his wife! Not a girlfriend!
Sky: Only by arranged marriage that can never be broken!
Cassie: Really? But I’m sure it didn’t come from the bottom of your heart!
Jake: Hey, I thought those were Paris’s words! Do you think she’s cool and want to
follow the way she talks?
Cassie: No! Who will ever follow some loser’s words!
Paris: Then, dare you swear you didn’t get that idea from me?
Miss Sue: Anyway, Paris got chosen cos she was the best at audition. Does that answer
your question, Cassie? By the way, I’m not done with the “Valentine Day”
play competition! I wanted to perform the most romantic, passionate and
expressional love story so, I chose “Romeo and Juliet”!
Paris: R and J?! But Miss Sue! That story is so… intimate and tragedy! How could
such a play be chosen for a school play?! Although it is the most meaningful and
logical love story!
Cassie: How you know the story is intimate or not? You watched it before? My parents
said children at our age should not watch it!
Paris: For kids who can’t think logically and kids who are “monkey see monkey do,
children see children do”.
Yvonne: Better example? Cassie!
Miss Sue: I haven’t finished yet! The edited R and J story! Means no intimate scene and
tragedic ending.
Sky: Awesome and sounds better!
Paris: Awesome but sounds hard!
Miss Sue: I believe you can do it and…intimate as in body to body!
Paris: Don’t tell me there are French kiss and lips kissing scene!
Cassie: French kiss?
Paris: Ask your mum if you must!
Miss Sue: Well, there are at least 8 times you guys will have to kiss.
Jake, Cassie, Sky & Paris: No!
Marcial: What upset you, Jake and Cassie? It’s about Sky and Paris! Not you!
John: Unless….
William: Cassie is obvious and true. Jake? You wanna say something?
Evangelina: I bet he doesn’t!
William: How you know?
Miss Sue: Class! Do all these debating thing during recess or I will not finish telling all
the info bout the “Valentine Day” play competition. Now, not anyone
interrupt! Just say “no” and “yes” in your heart! Well, actually, no. Reading
the cast and crew take long! I will pin up the list at the notice board. Those
who have something to do with it have to stay-back on Tuesday and Thursday.
While waiting for the period to end, 5 more minutes, Romeo and Juliet! Show
some acting skill of yours! Here! Act this! It will be part of the play, just for
your info.
Paris: This can’t be true at all!
Sky: What is the matter?
Paris: See for yourself!
Sky: Do we have to do this part?
Miss Sue: Yes and make it real!
(Sky and Paris did act that part. Well, it was a heart to heart conversation with lots of kisses)
Emilia: Now that’s a real kiss. Not like that one of Jake and Paris. Oh shit! I said the
wrong thing, didn’t I?
Susan: Yes, you did!
Emilia: Oops!
Miss Sue: You two are born actor and actress! Except that kissing part! You need to
work on it!
Paris: But Miss Sue, you don’t expect us to kiss like real kisses in front of everyone,
Miss Sue: You will have to do it too in future with more audience so, what you think?
Do it again! Quick! I don’t have much time!
Sky: (Whisper) Gosh! Doesn’t this sound stupid!
Paris: (Whisper) What you thought?
Miss Greemt: What am I looking at?! Kissing in school?
Miss Sue: Its part of the “Valentine Day” plays competition.
Miss Greemt: Really? Actually, Paris and Sky, you did a great job. It looks real.
Sky & Paris: Uh….Thanks? (blushes)
Paris: Deep in my heart, I’m so doomed.
Sky: We are. Not just you.


I can't believe I wrote that! That is sooooo.......... Goodness!
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Chapter 6

Mr. Wallace: Children! It’s now time! The winner of this “Valentine Day” play
competition is “3-1”!
5 SS: Yahoo………….!
Sky & Paris: (Hug each other)
Sky: We did it! We won!
Paris: I’m so happy!
Others: Woo…..wheet!
Jake: Hey! Do you realise what you guys are doing?
Cassie: Paris! Sky!
Paris: Huh? Oh!
Paris & Sky: (Push each other away)
Mr. Wallace: Ok, children! Nothing big with that! They are just too happy!
PA system: Miss Sue, Paris and Sky from 3-1, come to the principal’s office!
Principal: Your play was a success. It was fantastic but there is something I want to say
about. Paris and Sky, or Romeo and Juliet, there were quite a number of
kissing scene in the play. Yes. It is just a play. Don’t do all those things in
real-life. Now, I mean. JHSPE is next year. You don’t have long.
Paris: Don’t worry, Madam! I had wowed that I will keep my virginity until I get marry
and be involved with girlfriend boyfriend things after High School.
Principal: Hmm…..You did read my mind. Are you a gypsy?
Sky: Well, that’s what we always said about her but I doubt it’s real, right?
Principal: Which means, your thinking is mature, Paris.
Paris: (Smiled)
Principal: What about you, Sky?
Sky: Well, I don’t want to be a father at 15. It’s too not me. It’s a responsibility that is too
heavy and grown up for me.
Principal: I’m pleased with your answers and make sure it’s not just a lie that I hear
almost everyday. You can go back to class. The last thing, you will have to
perform your play on “Prize-giving Day” but that is months from now. So,
don’t worry!
Sky & Paris: Thank you, Madam!
Principal: You are lucky to have them in your class.
Miss Sue: I’m very proud to have the two top scholars in my class.
Principal: Yes but top scholars are still human. They do mistakes. As their teacher,
guide them well. Don’t let them be involved with those love stuffs at this age. I
heard lots of rumors from students in your class. Especially Cassie, Jake, Paris
and Sky.
Miss Sue: I know but I think it is not something very bad except for Cassie’s case.
Principal: Why is it so?
Miss Sue: Well, Cassie loves Sky is heard everywhere you go. It’s true by the way but
you never heard Sky loves Cassie. All you will hear is Sky loves Paris. Well,
Cassie is spoilt and it’s obvious. I am just afraid she will bring Paris to trouble.
Not only Paris. Anyone! I said it is not something very bad because if you
go to my class when they are gossiping, you will notice how great they were
when they debate and it’s not easy to gossip. You need to find informations.
Not easy. You need to stand for yourself too when they talk about you.
Principal: Miss Sue, you always look into the good way but it does lead to no good if it
continues. Children at this age can’t be stopped from gossiping but don’t let it
lead to fights.
Miss Sue: (Blushing) Honestly, I love it when they have a mouth-fight. They can stand
for themselves and come out with facts and words in less than 10 seconds.
Principal: I’m impressed. I will see for myself in future. Ok, you can go to your class. I
took up 7 minutes.
Miss Sue: Thank you, Mrs. Herdegon.

What Miss Sue said was exactly what one of my teacher said to us! XD About the debate thingi, I mean....
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Chapter 7

Susan: (Teasing tone) Paris and Sky!
Emilia: (Teasing tone) Paris and Jake!
Samuel: (Teasing tone) Paris and Sky!
Mark: (Teasing tone) Paris and Jake!
Fanny: (Teasing tone) Paris and Sky!
Cassie: (Teasing tone) Paris and Jake!
Paris: Everyone! Freeze! I can’t take this any second more! I gotta know the damn truth!
Jake: Paris!
Yvonne: Calm down, girl!
Paris: Whatever! Jake! Sky! Come to the front of the class n-o-w now! Admit it! Are you
having a crush on me?
Jake: Well……yes.
Sky: It’s obvious!
Cassie: No way! Your heart is reserved for me!
Sky: What?! In which “Dreamland” of yours?
Paris: Whatever! My friends! Now you know the truth, please pretty please stop
gossiping about me. Us, in fact.
Fanny: So, Jake or Sky?
Paris: Maybe Jake, maybe Sky, maybe neither.
Fanny: Maybe Jay Brummert.
Paris: Fanny!
Fanny: Just kidding! What’s life without jokes?
Paris: Everyone knows I am boy-crazy but a boyfriend at this age, so not me. And, you
know my parents, don’t ya? They will slaughter me if I have a boyfriend.
Susan: Fine.Whatever, Paris. So, who is it?
Miss Sue: Sky, Paris, Jake, sit down. I have something to announce. We have a new
student. Leonardo Zues Carpio Ellis Leagerdy III.
Paris: (Whispering) OMG! I thought Stephie’s name is the weirdest but I never knew this
guy will break her record.
Yvonne: Totally!
Fanny: He’s such a rich kid.
Susan: Obvious.
Paris: Maybe even royal.
Susan: Royal? Why?
Paris: Who is Carpio Ellis Leagerdy? Number two, look at the library.
Yvonne: Oh my gosh! It can’t be him!
Paris, Susan & Fanny: Who him?
Yvonne: Nevermind.
Miss Sue: Leonardo, you can sit there.
Leonardo: I am certainly not those physically joker type. That seat? It is not fit for any
soul. Thus I am not resting on that undergrounded seat.
Fanny: What? Whatever he said?
Yvonne: He does not joke a lot and that seat is not fit for him.
Fanny: Oh my god! You actually understand what he said?
Yvonne: Duh! It’s palace language.
Miss Sue: I’m sorry, Leonardo but I seriously don’t get you.
Leonardo: I mean…
Yvonne: It means he does not joke a lot and that seat is not fit for him.
Leonardo: My soul is saved by your pleasant kindness. Thank you. (Kissed Yvonne’s
Class: Woah!
Yvonne: 3-1! (Curriesed low to Leonardo)
Leonardo: Have I not met you before?
Yvonne: Your highness, you might have got it wrong. I am Yvette Elizabeth Handerson.
Leonardo: Yvette Elizabeth Handerson? Sir Handerson’s youngest beautiful daughter?
Yvonne: Your highness, I am Sir Handerson’s youngest daughter. Unfortunately,
beautiful does not describe me.
Leonardo: Never crossed my mind I will meet you.
Miss Sue: Leonardo and Yvonne, you have plenty of time to chat. Now, I have to assign
Leonardo to his seat.
Leonardo: Yvette, mon but hereis de se faire des amis et de connaître une Homme du
vie. Ainsi, mon nom est Leonardo et ne pas répandre mon secret.
Yvonne: Fine. Perhaps you should stop using French or palace languages. No being here
understands you.
Leonardo: Advice accepted. I mean you are totally right. And oh, Miss Sue, I am totally
not sitting there. Under the sun and away from the fan. Fan?! Where’s the
Paris: None! It’s good enough to have 4 fans. Others have 2.
Leonardo: May I know your name?
Paris: Paris. Paris Cassie Scene.
Leonardo: Un tel nom parfait pour une telle beauté
Paris: Yvonne! Translate!
Yvonne: Such a perfect name for such a beautiful girl like you.
Paris: Really? Thanks. But it is weird. Nevermind.
Leonardo: I do love your seat. For me as a gift?
Paris: In exchange for your beautiful words? No!
Leonardo: Too late! It’s mine. So, move your stupid ass from my seat now.
Yvonne: Leonardo! Mind your words.
Paris: It’s okay. So, Leonardo Zues Carpio Ellis Leagerdy III., just because you are
Carpio Ellis Leagerdy’s great-grand-son, doesn’t mean everyone have to bow
down to you. You might be royal-blooded but down here, there’s no difference
between you and me. No use having 4 body-guards. My advice, let then do other
jobs. Trust me. If you go around with 4 body-guards, people will gossip. In fact, it
is more dangerous.
Leonardo: A reason why I should listen to a commoner like you. None. So, move!
Paris: Whatever but that is so not me.
Miss Sue: Paris, be nice to you new classmate. Please. For me?
Paris: (Take a deep breathe) Fine. Where’s my new seat then?
Leonardo: There.
Paris: What?! Nevermind. I will prove that that seat is not a disaster.
Leonardo: Whatever you say. (Grins and chuckles)

Did you laugh at Leonardo's name? I did! omg! That is like the weirdest name I've ever heard! XD
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Chapter 8 - The Last Chapter!

Leonardo: Hey, beautiful. What’s up.
Paris: Oh, it’s Mr Perfect. Well, I’m trying to edit out school yearbook so, would you do be a huge favour and chaio?

Yvonne: Paris, you so have to make your decision.
Paris: About?
Yvonne: Trouble in paradise that comes in 3.
Paris: Three? Two. But, I’ve made my-
Yvonne: Leonardo and Yvette (Sighs dreamily)
Paris: Yvonne, what did you-
Everyone else: (Gasp)
Someone on the scene: Way to go, Sky! Kiss the girl!
Leonardo: Sky, step away from my girl.
Jake: Your girl? Fat chance, Leo!
Paris: Guys, stop it!
Leonardo, Jake and Sky: No way!
(They started fighting and someone accidentally poured hot soup on Paris.)
Some guy: Paris, dear! (Rushes to Paris and held her hurt arm.)
Paris: Justin-
Justin: Guys! Get a life! Be a real man! Have a fair fight and not murdering each other!
Paris: Justin, I-
Justin: Hush.(Carries Paris)I promised to protect you and I will. I love you. (Kissed Paris)
Jake: What on-
Leonardo: Earth!
Sky: Paris?
Paris: I’m so sorry, guys, I should have told you sooner. Justin is my boyfriend. We are
together for almost five months now.
Leonardo: Then why didn’t you-
Justin: Let Paris get her treatment first, will you people?! Fanny, you tell them the story!
Fanny: Okay, young master.
Jake: Young master?
Fanny: Yes. You heard that right. I’m Justin’s assistant. He is Paris fiancé.
Sky: Fian- since when, Fanny?!
Paris: Since birth.
Jake: So, all this while, Paris was being- friendly to us, she-
Fanny: They didn’t have a good start. Didn’t you ever wonder why someone as wealthy as Paris is in this school? Sure, there are people from out circle who are rich but, Paris’s practically a billionaire!
Sky: Beats me. I wonder about that like 2 million times a day.
Fanny: The truth is, she was supposed to go to Danellonte Academy. In fact, she was there for a year but she and Justin- They were always fighting and everything. So, Paris told her parents and they made her made a decision. Be free here or stick with Justin in Danellonte Academy.
Jake: She chose here.
Fanny: Yes. But, while they were separated, both realized they love each other and-
Leonardo: That’s how they started.
Fanny: And ended. So, you guys, please let her go. It’s Justin that she really wants.
Jake: Okay.
Sky: I guess so.
Leonardo: (chuckles and winks)
Fanny: Leo? No way! Yvonne?
Jake: You have a crush on Yvonne?!
Leonardo: Why haven’t you guys wondered why a prince from France would want to come here?
Yvonne: Leo?
Leonardo: I’ve waited long enough, Yvette. (Takes out a ring)
Yvonne: (Gasps)



The ending's so unexpected, eh? I could go on and on but I am lazy...Haha!
Hope you enjoyed.... =)
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