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GAME: A Sunshine Girl'z Top 10

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Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08

hallow! da jia hao my dear sunshine girlz...!
i decided to start this new sectionon our
forum to get to know each other a little bit more
also, to see our similarities and differences...
simply list here your top 10 of whatever-things you can
think of, 10 being the lowest and #1 being the highest
be creative and explore yourself... open up and shine...
bring out the sunshine girl in you...

to enlighten your thoughts... here's my top ten favorite calvin pictures

i like this pic because it's so cool when
i saw calvin as wang ya se wearing this
disguise and i like him wearing his cap

simple reason why i like this...
look at his smile...
so natural it made him shine!

i like this because he so fine...
the character wang ya se suits
him well... so so fine!!!

i feel in this picture how warm
calvin's personality is...
his warm aura was truly captured...

i so love him with his cap and sun glasses

i like pink on him..
and his smile here is just.. ahh.. **faints
again, his warm aura was captured...

calvin as nanfengcai..!
OMG three letters.. H-O-T

calvin is just so adorable here...
i love staring at this picture alot...
(FYi : this is my cellphone wallpaper...)

belive it or not this is my no.2 because
it show his funny side and one of the reasons
why i love him is because he is so funny
(FYi : this picture has been my wallpaper for months now,
causing me to laugh everytime i open my laptop)

and my #01
this is the most common picture of calvin
that i use because he just looks so damn good!
sweet smile... **faints again!

so start making your list girls... make as many top 10's as you can.. ;D

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33 / F / Venezuela, South...
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08
I love this topic hahaha we should have like a week theme LOL this week can be errr I don't know anything else hahaha Ok I'm gonna go with the flow for now

I have TONS of fav piccies but let's make an effort here haha

# 1 This is one of my fav fav fav photo. I love his smile here, it's so sweet and so natural.

# 2 Once again, his smile is just so beautiful...if he looks at me that way, gosh I'd faint.

# 3 I love his role as Cai and this piccie is one of my fav from that drama. He looks so serious and so grown up here....he is very handsome. I love that mysterious look!!

# 4 I also love how he looks wearing sun glasses and caps...HOT!!!

# 5 This one is so cute!! I look at him and I just could eat him haha

# 6 I love purple for some reason I think he looks good there lol just dreamy I guess

# 7 Some of my friends say we smile alike hahaha lol I really like this smile in particular. Some ppl spend their lives living misarable...sad..upset...sometimes over the stupidest things ever but he is different...he smiles with passion..."smile like you mean it"...exactly like that.

# 8 I still remember that scene haha I LOVED IT!! I was so so drooling all over the place when I saw him haha

# 9 I loved this picture since the first moment I saw it...he looks very sweet and serene.

# 10 Just cuz his arms...skinny and all but I ADORE THOSE ARMS!!!!! they drive me CRAZY!!! most of the time I'm very calm but GOSH I get so errr horny?? LOL haha

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24 / F
Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
# 10 Coz he has in this picture secret look in eyes

# 9 Coz he have nice smile in this picture

#8 He look so happy coz he´s baking

#7 This coz he has charming smile

#6 This is sooooo cute coz he have two teddys

# 5 This coz he is funny

# 4 This coz hes look so sweet

# 3 This coz hes look handsome

# 2 This coz he has that cute stuffed animal

# 1 This is so cute picture, coz he look like prince

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24 / F / Indonesia
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/9/08
#1 Because he is so handsome here

#2 He is so cute,look at his lips,so0 cute

#3 Love his sunshine smile,so natural

#4 He is so cool,hao ku

#5 He is so charming

#6 Because he is so cheerful

#7 Because he is so adobrable,look at his lips

#8 Because he is so tall

#9 Because he loves reading and he is so smart

#10 Because of his eyes,look at them

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28 / F
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08









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32 / F
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08


# 2 coz he's charming

# 3 just simply hot

# 4 sooooooo kawaii

# 5 because he is adorabl

# 6 because of his beautiful smile

# 7 he's soo HANDSOME

# 8 hi love and remember the name of all his fan ones u tell him

# 9 coz he is soo funny

# 10 because he is CALVIN CHEN YI RU
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/16/08
a new week.. a new theme...
(guys, you can start your own theme here...
it would be better to keep this forum alive...)

only material things okay! you cant use people
or natural things like air & water & also food!

10. my forever-reliable PSP!
when i'm dying from boredom, it's my PSP that saves me!
and also when i dont have my laptop with me i can easily
surf the web with it... sheer-genius! hahaha i love my PSP

i drink sleep-aids whenever i cant sleep, and voila!
im dreaming in seconds, but im not taking them recently
because i'd be too busy dreaming when i need to get ready
for school already...

8. MY TV
seriously, i need it alot! first to entertain myself when there's
nothing better to do, second, i need to be updated about news
cause it's a requirement in my college-course. lastly, to learn
tagalog at home! but man, the host on variety shows are
always talking fast, so i end up watching foreign channels instead!

gosh, i use it to call everyone, send SMS to everyone
contact my mom and dad for emergencies, or my bro
if my car breaks down, or my sis when i need extra cash!
hahaha... and ofcorz to keep in touch with my friends

even if it is so hot, i really need my jacket bcoz even
though i grew up in the states, i still feel cold easily,
so i have like already 80++ pairs of jackets, because

thank god for VISA!! haha... i have everything i want
not because i have lots of money, but it's because of
my very handy credit card! you're gonna freak if you
see me shopping... i am sort of a shop-a-holic, once
i start swiping, i never stop,, (making my famiy go broke! LoLz)

well do i need to say more? im a dancer...!

i am having a hard time taking the train or the taxi,
or whatever form of transportation here in the phils.
so i cant survive without apple, i cant go to school
or to wherever i need to be..!

well, because i have everything in my laptop,
and losing it would kill me! i have my pictures, music
video, school files, everything i can encode in a harddrive
and ofcorz i wont be able to chat in CR always without it!

seriously, who can live without money now adays???
my gosh, especially here in the philippines
although the best things in life are free (like meeting calvin and my potato)
still it's money that u need to practically survive!

some pictures i took, some i didnt.. ;D
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29 / F / ♥Choi Shiwon's he...
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 5/6/09
My top 10 things i can't live without.,!

10. my diary
ds is wer i can say wtever i want, state those people who i hate d most, i can cry in front of it while writing.,! gosh, it's so hard without it.,!

9. my bags
i love collecting bags, especially those green bags.,! this is wer i can put my "kikay kits", i can't go out without bringing bag.,!

8. sleepers
i love wearing sleepers, it feels so comfortable, u know.,!

7. dvd
i love watching movies, i can always watch Calvin, Shiwon and Minho by using ds one.,! ahehe.,!

6. my accesories
i really can't live without my accesories.,! i don't feel comfortable without wearing any of dem gosh.,!

5. microwave en oven
before i eat sumthing it shud b placed in d microwave first, wen i eat, i want it to b hot,.,! i also use ds wen baking, i love sweets.,!

i love music, wen i feel bored, i-pod will accompany me 4 sure.,! ehe.,!

3. my pc
without ds one, i can't do all my research work, i can't chat, i won't meet my CR sisters, en last, i won't get ol d informations about Calvin, Shiwon and Minho.,!

2. my cp
i really can't survive without my cp.,! ds is my life, without ds i can't talk to my relatives in diff. countries.,! en without ds, i don't have my bf ryt now, ehe.,! (iLuvu hun)

1. money
i agree with pau jie, money is wat really matters.,! u can't really survive without ds.,! ehhh, if i don't have d money, i can't buy sleepers en shoes, i can't buy bags (can't do dt), i can't load my cp (really can't i), gosh, i really need ds precious thing.,!

it's ur turn sisters.,!!
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28 / F
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/15/08
My top 10 things i can't live without.,!

10. dancing
i love dancing it make's me happy specialy when sis dance with me coz i just laught out lound ^^

9. my cell phone
like tht i could talk with my best friend ^^ coz he leave far away so stell connect at phone ^^ and i give my number just for my best friend and i'll give u all my num later ^^

8. mangas
i always read manga ^^ even now if i watch same drama i found it its from same manga i've read ^^ i've read this year more then 87 mangas(its a lot ^^)

7. clothes
i just love it i bay a lot of magazines clothes like that i know i know more about mode ^^ thats why i want to be a fashion designer ^^ just LOVE IT

6. my accesories
its my fav specialy hello kitty accesories ^^

5. Sweets(chocolats)
its all what i eat(well almost) specialy chocolats

4.MP 4
i just can't live without it i always listning to music even b4 i go to sleep ^^ i use it 24/24 ^^even when i shower haha

3. my TV
coz i always fell bored so i watch a lot of TV its like my 3rd life after pc

2. my PC
without my pc there is nothing i can do coz right here i know a lot about my news best friends(the sunshine girls) and there also my sisters and also without it i wouldn't know about calvin^^ and i wouldn't read a lot of mangasmy passion)

1. money
i agree with my 2 sisters, money is what really matters.,! caz where i live is in middel of malls super markets i live in a prety city where u can see a lot of clothes...... i just love money

it's ur turn sisters.,!!
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32 / F
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/16/08
My top 10 things i can't live without.,!

10. my magasines
when i feel bored or there is nothing to do my only frends that time are my mags

. money
money are importent but they are not everything to me how dosen't like money every one work for money studing f getting better jobs for money everything is for money why is that?

8. parfums
i love parfums it's something that i don't live without spesialy fruits smeal ^^

7. basketball ball
i love playing basketball with my friends and to compet someone who's better than me in the game so i can do all my best it's realy great

6. my accesories
i really can't live without my accesories.,! i don't feel Girly without them well i prefer fancy one and the same time simple

5. cooking book
i loooooooooove cooking and food i can't see my self without cooking a meal for my family it's like a hobbie to me

4. TV
i love TV it's something that's important to me it's my other vew for the outside

3. my pc and interenet
without ds one, i can't do all my research work, i can't chat, i won't meet my CR sisters, en last, i won't get ol d informations about Da Dong and Calvin and all other stars i like

i realy like coffee it's an important think for me i can't be in a good mood if i didn't drink my coffee so it relax me

1. cakes and sweets
i love eating cakes and desserts i just can't live without it and chocolate , ice cream , well anything tast good

it's ur turn sisters.,!!
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33 / F / Venezuela, South...
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/16/08
My top 10 things i can't live without.,!

First of all…may I say this is really hard?

10. Umbrella: Even tho Venezuela is a tropical country and it’s hot 24/7, 365 days…we do have a period in which it rains a lot and I can’t go out without my umbrella…I don’t like to get wet, especially if I had my hair done recently so.

9. My bed:
I do everything on my bed...I sleep there...I eat on my bed...I read on my bed...I watch tv on my bed...I study on my bed....that's like my fav place in the whole appartment haha lol

8. My car: My dad bought this car for me almost two years ago and I learned how to drive last year and although I use it to go everywhere I want I’m not that into my car…I love my car…I can be myself while I’m driving…singing…shouting haha but I can take the bus hahaha

7. My pills…I’m allergic and I have to carry my pills with me…everywhere I go in case I get a sneeze crisis or something. I also carry out my headache pills and all kind actually just in case.

6. Money: Cuz just like Pau I love to go shopping and I always need stuff…I’m not working right now but I hope to find a job soon so I can pay for the things I need without asking my mum to lend me money. When I don’t have any, I don’t shop…and sometimes when it’s a difficult time for my mum and I, I just save and don’t go out…that’s why I put this as number 6…I can live without although is hard.

5. Movie theater: It sounds weird but I love going to the movies…I’m a movie fanatic 100% and I’m proud to say that haha I go to the movies every week with my mum…even twice a week…cuz we both love it…I can’t live without going to the movies, seriously.

4. Cellphone: I have ALL my friend’s cellphone…professors…family…etc in there. I spent like 2 days without it and I was like dying haha.

3. Watch: I can’t go out without my watch…I feel like I’m lost…I have to check the time like every hour haha

2. TV: Again…I’m a tv fanatic…I love watching tv…all kind of shows…tv series…documentaries…anything you can think of. I don’t watch Venezuelan channels…I watch international’s instead....SONY, Warner Channel, CNN, Discovery, Animal Planet…even Disney haha.

1. Computer: I have everything in my pc…music…pictures of me and my friends…poems…school files…my thesis….EVERYTHING!! ergo I can’t live without my internet either.
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24 / F / Indonesia
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08

1.My spectacles
My eyesight is bad so I can't live without my spectacles
2.My Laptop
I can't browse the internet without my laptop
I always look at the time whereever I am
When I watched The X Family and KO One,I always used the mandarin dictionary and when I dun browse the net I often read my dictionary
Money is not everything but it is important for us
When I am bored and sad,I always listen to Fahrenheit's songs,so music is very important for me
7.Story books
I love reading story books,especially DORAEMON,I love it so much
I used this to call and sms everyone,and also play game and listen to music
9.My house
I always stay at home,except when I go to school,english course,and when I go out for important things
10.My TV
Altought I dun love watching Indo flim and drama,but when I buy DVD or VCD,I always watch it from TV
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26 / F
Posted 7/17/08 , edited 1/2/09

lets start...

i just cant live without one.... life would be meaning less without it!!! hahaha... nd i cant go OL withougt it!!! ;D

wahh my celphone... i luv it!!! even though i sumtyms dnt have load hahah!!!!! ... i use it to comunicate with mah friends... nd... joke around!! hahaha

wahh dnt yah know without my pillow i cant sleep well!!! hahaha even when i was being hospitalized i brought it in the hospital!! hahaha ;D bed!!!
nothin cant replace my nice comfy!!! bed!!! hahaha ;D.. i dream bout cal in my bed!!! hahaha

5.i pod!!!
i cant live without it!!! my day will not be complete... coz i just luv music!!! TV!!!....
without tv.... no... life!!!! hahaha........ SNEAKERS!!!!! nd my ONE AND ONLY.... havaianas slipper....
my sneakers!!!... i even begd!!! nd plead!!! for all of my sneakers!!! hahaha.... my slipper...i luv it!!!!... i luv the color!!! hahaha.... and its my first!!! ;D...(im requesting for another one!!!) GUITAR!!!..
hahaha.... i luv my guitar so much!!!... a week wont pass if i dont get to play with it!!! hahaha... but before it was worst... a day cant go without me touchin nd playin with mah guitar!!!!!!

9.ummmm wot else....phh gosh!!! my WATCH!!! hahaha
i cant live without my watch!!!... i need it so that i wont be late for my post!!! i need to be early... so that i cant get any DEMERITS...

10.nd electricfan!!! nd my AC!!! hahaha
i cant sleep without any!!!.... if no ac!!! i want the electricfan to be steady !!! i dnt care with my other companions bwhahah!!! *so bad!!*

... ;D
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26 / F
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08
Hellow guissess!!!... hahaha.... another week has passed.... by the way.. hows... everybodys week??.. hahaha... so since another week is startin.... ill be startin.. a new... topic....


1.when my band mates and me performed in school.....
hahaha... i never will forget wot happend!!! hahaha we were performing then our sound was not that good!!! hahha
it was such a shame... hahha.. well it gave us experience...

2.when my precious guitar was broken in school...
aiyo!!! that was sooo bad!!!... nd it happend HOURS BEFORE WE WILL HAVE OUR RECITAL!!! i really hated my classmate that time... bt then it was also good coz.. my mom bought me a new guitar and it was way better!! hahah

3.when i was calling sumbody... then the person that i called was the wrong person..
hahaha... it was so funny coz in the canteen i was calling sumbody.... then i was shouting out loud then when that person faced front it was nt the right person!!! hahaha

4.when it was club time already... i went i nto the classroom without knowing that they were not dismissed yet...
hahaha... they were like who is this?!?!?! why is she here!!! hahaha

5.when i was scolded for being so noisy...
bt it was not really me... it was my seatmate!!! hahaha

6.i was dancing with my classmate...... then... i was dancing a dance for the little ones in public..... hahaha

7.when i was climbing up the stairs to my room... i was so sleepy (it was early mrnin then..) then....
hahaha i stumbled down!!! hahaha than i became so awake... hahaha

8.i was singing to the whole class..!!! hahaha... i was so shy.. at that tym..... hahaha

9.i was singing in the cr out loud!!! then........ a person was there inside hahaha... i was so shoked... coz i was expecting i ws the only person in the cr!!! hahaha

10.we had an experiment in the lab... then while we were doing the experiment suddenly..... the beaker break!!!! wahh!!! we were so shoked...nd i even cried!!! hahahaha

yah turn sis!!!! ;D
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29 / F / ♥Choi Shiwon's he...
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08

10. When i was in 2nd year HS, i was reciting ds stupid poem,, den suddenly i forgot the 3rd lines,, i was like hmmm,,hmmmm,,hmmm,, ahaha..,!!! Den my teacher told to look in my notes,, ahaha.., so embarrasing.,!!

9. When i unintentionally enterd boys comfort room.,, i was so shocked den,, my boys mates were der,, dey told,, hey watcha doing here,, i felt dt my face was really burning with shyness dt tym.,, so stupid.,,!! ahehe,,

8. It was Valentines Day den,, my crush saw d notes i wrote,, i was so shy becoz he knew dt i liked him,, after dt i don't have d face to talk with him,, ahehe,,

7.aha,, wen my mates dumped me in d pool.,, it was our Acquintance Party den,, dey were so so crazy for doing dt to me.,,

6. i will never ever forget d times i had introduce myself in front of my classmates,, coz it made me sick,, always en forever we always had to do it.,, i hated it so much.,,

5. owh,, while we were having our Lab.,, i cut my fingers.,, i became so weak wen i saw d blood coming out from it.,, (blood can always make me so weak, dts why i hate it),, fortunately my groupmate lend me his handkerchief,, and asked me to go to d clinic to get some band aids.,, ahehe,, he's so sweet.,,!

4. ahehe,, wen i was asked to go to d Principal's office,, becoz i had a very bad fight with my stupid classmate,, ds hapened wen i was in grade 5.,, i can be bad girl sumtyms,, if i NEED to.,, ahehe.,,

3. When my crush (3rd year HS),, became my seatmate.,, i was so so happy.,, ahehe.,, he's so nice,, he even sang a song for me.,, ahehe.,, i loved all my moments with him,, unfortunately it was too late wen he told me dt he love's me as well.,, so slow.,, aizzz.,,!!

2. my goodness.,,!! i will never forget d time i joined ds stupid pageant in school.,!! my Dean and Professors forced me to.,, i even wore a bikini (can u imagine me with dt).,, ahaha.,, it was so embarassing.,, (shy).,, ahehe.,,

1. ds is my MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT in school.,,
Wen my BF (Archie).,, gave me roses, chocolates, baloons and everything in front of my classmates.,, it was Valentines Day den,, i even jumped becoz of happiness.,, i never imagine dt he can do dt becoz he is so quiet,, at least he has proven to me dt he loves me.,, ryt?? ahehe.,,

Your turn dear sistahs.,,!!
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