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Post Reply GAME: A Sunshine Girl'z Top 10
Posted 7/24/08 , edited 7/24/08
i went to like ten million schools and i think i have a thousand and one embarassing moments.. well im gonna expose the worst ones... so stop telling me im lucky because really im not.. hahah.. here are the reasons why...

my top ten worst and most embarassing experiences that happened in school

LOL next thing i knew the school-guard was looking for me everywhere.. hahaha before the 3o'clock someone was announcing over the school speakers in tagalog (which i never understood) "will the owner of the blue, honda civic car, plate no. blah blah blah... parked in the professor's lot please report to the office of student affairs right away! man! my friend was like, "girl, that's your car!" LOL... lesson learned: always read parking lot signs!

here's the scenario, our class was having the exam and our seats were arranged in a very weird manner some facing north some facing south, east, west... the person sitting beside me has this really cute PEN, and it has feathers and a bell and eyes and it was really cute and it was GREEN.. she was using it to answer her exams so i was staring at her pen not realizing that my teacher was looking at me already and out of nowhere i herad her say "miss go-tengco i am very disappointed in you!" and i was like "huh?" LOL... everyone was agitated and started staring at me, i was like "uhm.. uh.. hey! i was staring ta her pen, besides im smarter than her!" LOL... i think it was really stupid that i said that..! lesson learned: mind your own paper during exams!

this happened in grade school, i was about 9 or 10 i guess, and i puked on my classmate's bag because i was not feeling well and boom! i just threw up.. too bad for him, his bag was in front of me..!

my last year in highschool, we had this term paper.. i didnt know the first name of my teacher who looks like a cat... so i asked my classmate what our teacher's name was... my classmate said "muning" so my termpaper has this "SUBMITTED TO: Muning Dela Rosa" my teacher saw it and got mad at me because of it.. turned out her name's CARMELLA and "Muning" is a term used to call cats or kittens... i totally got mad at my classmate! lesson learned: make sure you know the real name of your instructors

now, this is really stupid... i was in school with my best friend,, i made her order food and i went to the ladies room, i was heading back to the table when i saw her walking back to the casheir, she said she's gonna ask for sugar and that i can go ahead and start eating because i was really hungry.. so i sat and start eating my burger, then i was thinking that my friend ordered the wrong burger but hell im hungry so i kept on munching, then this girl came to me and said that i was eating her burger,,, i was like "what??" and then i saw my friend coming.. she said "girl, our table is right over here!" BWAHAHAHAH.. i was really embarrassed at the girl, but she said it was okay and that i can have her burger.. arrrgg...! i stopped eating, went to the counter and bought 2 burgers for the girl.. hahaha... good thing i haven't zipped on her drink! lesson learned: the brain can still function even when u are hungry, so use it!

again, in high school.. during volleyball training.. we were doing the slide and roll on the floor, during my turn i was really going for it because i was trying to impress someone in the bleachers watching me.. LOL... then out of nowhere, the moment i rolled on the floor, my team mate suddenly fell on top of me.. and i totally screamed so loud in a very very very very high pitch..!

so in high school again, while hanging around near the principal's office, i was joking around with my friend during break time and we started throwing scrunched-up papers at each other.. we didnt realize we were already making a mess in front of the office.. bad-timing, the principal went out and saw the mess.. she really got mad, especially at me because i just recieved an award a week before that and there i was making a mess, totally undeserving! so as punishment she made me and my friend sing the philippine national anthem (which i didnt know at that time!) and also the school's hymn during break time, AT THE CENTER OF THE SCHOOL QUADRANGLE! three embarrassing things at the same time 1. got scolded 2. singing in front of everyone 3. not knowing the national anthem! lesson learned: dont go near the principal's office! LOL

happened in high school during a volleyball match.. back then i used to be in varsity and we had this tune-up game with our rival team... so i was late for the game because it was my first time going to that place, my teammates are already warming up and i need to change my clothesmy coach said i should change in the locker room, so i went inside the NEAREST locker room., strip off inside a cubicle and started changing... i was wearing my shirt when i heard people entering.. man i was freaking out when i realized that boys came in.. man.. im in the boys locker room.. some one came to my cubicle and knocked he said "alex?" they thought i was alex! i was like thinking: who the hell is alex.. i just said... "im sorry, i think i entered the wrong locker room.. can you all go out for a while??" and they noticed my different accent so they said "are you an outsider?" LOL they wanted to chat so i said "WILL YOU JUST GO OUT? I'M LATE FOR THE GAME! I ENTERED THE WRONG LOCKER ROOM! AND I AM REALLY EMBARRASSED AND YOU STILL WANT TO CHAT?!?!?!" he said sorry and went out! lesson learned: im still not sure if i learned anything..

haha.. this happened during a barbeque festival in my previous school... we were dancing a very fast hip hop routine.. and i bought new shoes the day before that.. i really liked the shoes but they dont have my size so i bought the closest to fit me which is size 9 and my size is 7.5... so i wore my shoes, dancing... we had this step where we have to kick a little and then off it went.. my shoe flying up in the air... spinning and twirling and it landed and on the host's table.. everyone was laughing! but the show must go on so i kept on dancing... i ran to my shoe right after the last pose... and wore it... man, i think you can find my video on youtube, the students filming our performance uploaded it LOL... lesson learned: never wear shoes that aren't your size!

this happened in college, on the day of our pep rally we are going to perform our routine in front of the school-body before we compete the next day with other known universities... now i forgot my sports bra at home and i have nothing to use but the strapless bra that i was wearing that time.. at the end of the routine while i was on the second level of the final pyramid, way up in the air where everyone can see me, i lift my hands and BOOM! my bra fell down to my waist.. damn i wanted to die that time.. after going down the pyramid my coach ran to me and gave me my jacket... i was in the shower room for like 2hours.. crying out of embarrassment.. lesson learned: double-check costumes at home!

(FYi, it took me 24 hours to complete this because i had a hard time choosing my embarrassing and worst school experiences)

you're next sis.. ;D
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Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
sorry girls can't wrote about my 10 imbarassing and worst school experiences coz i have a lot a tousonte but can't tell coz i want to forget about them i'm learning to forgive and forget coz it hearts me sorry sisters
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29 / F / ♥Choi Shiwon's he...
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 6/28/09
Time to Update agen,,
me and pau jie decided to create new topic.,,


if u want to put pictures on it,, dts good,, if not den its fine.,,
i'L go first.,,

1. TAIWAN - i think its cooL der and also I want to meet Calvin der,, ds is my no. 1 place for now coz Calvin lives der.,,

2. KOREA - d main reason is dt i want to meet Choi Shiwon and Hwanhee der,, ahah.. im crazy over them,, LoL

3. Ireland - i've seen many beautiful spots der on internet and i want to see dem in person,, i also want to go der to meet Nicky Byrne,, u know him girls??

4. Morocco - my Gosh,, i want to go der just to meet my sisters.,, (Tifi Jie and Sarah mei).,,

5. Canada - i want to visit d school wer Calvin studied.,, i love d climate der,, so i have to feel it for reaL.,, hihi

6. Switzerland - i think ds country is very rich in nature,, i love nature.,, everytym i hear bout ds country,, first thing cums to my mind is "cleanliness",, i don't know why.,, i also love milk,, d best ever producer of fresh milk.,, hihi.,,

7. Japan - nah,, of corz not to forget d Mt. Fuji.. i love mountain climbing,, hihi.,, i also want to try siomai and sushi der,, im sure its yummy to death,, awww.,,

8. Mexico - i red dt foods in mexico are very delicious,, we studied also.,, i am really curious,, so,, if i get d chance i want to go der to conduct food tasting,, hahaha.,,

9. New York - d city dt never sleeps.,, ahaha.,,

10. Countries in Africa - me want to see d type of life dey hv der,, seeing dem makes me want to cry becoz dey r so pitiful.,, if i am a billionaire i will lend dem some help,, esp food.,, ds wat dey need d most "FOOD".,, huhu (sad)

ur turn girls.,,
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Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/16/08
1. JAPAN - specialy at tokyo i want to visit SHIBUYA 109 thats always my dream

2. BORA BORA - its a beatefl place specialy the beach and the sun


4. HAWAII- for surfing lolz

5. CALIFORNIA - jus want to go ^^


7. ITALY - i love italian food

8. L . A - visiting beverly hills for more shopping

9. PHILIPINE - to viste my sisters (pau and april...)

10. PORTO RICO - for more latino dance and air...
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Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/17/08

2- TAIWAN coz i want to meet DA DONG

3- PHILIPPINE coz i wanna meet my sisteres there

4-JAPAN wanna see the temples and the beautiful gardens

5- FRANCE i wanna study baken there

6 - ITALY i wan visite milan spesialy

7- malaysia it's just sooo beautiful

8- PORTO RICO for more latino air

9- MIAMI love the beach

10- HAWAII love the surfing
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26 / F / FaHrEnToWn ,,, =)
Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/18/08
good it's too much for me..i always do emmbarssing action everyday..ahahaha
10.i ever go to men toilet!!! and then i get a piieee in theree..ahaha...
lucky there is no one man in there...but the emmbarssing time when i want to exit the toilet and one man said to me " hey,the girl toilet is in there.." yaa..after tht i realize i get wron9 toilet..ahahahahha
9.I ever feltdown in front of many students who waiting for car to go home
yaa..after tht my knee pain, and bleeding..yaa until now still pain bcause the accident happened one week ago..i think i felt down with half mad reason..ahahha
8.i ever urinate in my pants because laughing so much and my friends play with me too overrr.
what can i do...?? so my pants wet..and my friends knew it..after that they said to me " big 9irls don't pie" the words means to mocking me..ahahah...
7.i ever send wrong messages to the person i love
i want 90ssipin him with one of my friend but i send to wron9 number...i realize it when my friend said tht she didn't receieve my msg..lucky,the person i love act like anything didn't happen before...lolz
6.errmmm i ever act like a lesbi person with my friend.,..
hug her,wanna kiss her.yha we act so crazy reaaly..u all will suprised if u see the video..bcause one of my friend recorder it...ahahahah
5.hmm..i ever act like little the center of my schooll-- class...

for 4,3,2,1 later...i have to go now....
wait for me...ok.??
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26 / F / FaHrEnToWn ,,, =)
Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/22/08
HUff..10 countries tht i want to visit..lolz..

==> 1. KoRea (seOul)
bECause there is city full of handsome boy..ahahah...the fashion cool too at much artist or boyband tht i wanna meeet....and if i go there i'll kiss all the handsome at there..lolz

==> 2.taiwan..
because i want to meet my prince CALVIN ..he waiting for his princess tht must be me..ahahah...kiddinx kiddinx..and many artist i want to meet s.h.e,jaychow, manny more.,...

==> 3.Japan
i dun know why..but everybody said it a nice place..also i saw in drama it's nice place too..ahahhaa...

Yaaa..i lIke tht..what a beautiful place..the city of fashion..and a romantic place..hope one day i can go with my boyfriend..ahahha...

==> 5. Bali ...
ahahaha...i already 2 years i never went to tht place..all of my sistaa ..u must try to go's a nice and beautiful place i thinx..

==> 6 .Medan..
i miss tht place... i want meet my family also my jeanne sista there,,,ahahahah

==> 7. italia..
ahaha..i heard that place so many classic music at ni9ht...reaaly want to visit..

==> 8.malaysiaa...
i want go to shoopping..hope next holiday i 'll go there again..

==> 9.AmEriCa
i dun know what country ...but if i go to one of that i think i'm a luck 9irl..(i heard california it's a nice place too..)

==> 10.aFriCa..
ahahah...maybe's good too..ahahah..

huff..soory all my sista i dun hav any pic..
ahahhaa...but i thinx the nice place is in my computer rooomm and chatting's impossible to me to go to korea or anyplace tht i wanna visit..ahahahahh...lolz...

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Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
I want to visit...
hhaha.. i wanna go there meet calvin.. then FRH..
its funny though.. I've been there... i just wanna go back.. and have a lot of time there.... like one week.. ;D
i wanna go to the place of my aunt... then go visit.. angela.. ;D
nothin just wanna go there...
i wanna go visit where cal stayed.. haha lol. bt they said it nice there...
i wanna experience royalty.. hahha.. joke joke.. ;D.. hahha.. i wanna visit there coz they say...its such a good country..
Italy... i wnt to eat their food!! haha lol... joke..
i wanna runn around korea.. haha lol.joke... ;D.... just wanna visit nd see.. korean things./place/food/face... hahah;D
i wan to go to the concert of FRH!!!!!!
haha... its always good to go around your country... and knw it better.. ;D.... i still have to see alot of things.. ;D

Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08

i think i need about atleast 80 years to go to places i wanna go to!
but here is my top 10 that i'll make sure im gonna visit before i leave
our dear mother-earth.. hahahah...

#10 PARIS, FRANCE particularly musée du louvre

this place is just filled with most of the historical things i wanna see...
and it's really a romantic place for me... so romantic...!

#9 COLORADO, STATE OF ARIZONA, U.S.A particularly the grand canyon

this is just art... and it is super beautiful! i so wanna see it again...
i have seenit when i was super young, but i haven't got the chance to see
it now that i can appreciate things like these...

#8 INDIA ofcorz, taj mahal

i wanna visit taj mahal because of this:

#7 MOROCCO particularly marrakech

need i say more??? food and scenery!!! i always tell our moroccan sisters,
i wanna visit morocco... the food, beach, everything i wanna see... i wanna
experience, the culture and all... aaaah! i hope next year i can convince mom!
djemaa el fna square, wait for me!!!

#6 ATHENS, GREECE particularly the acropolis and parthenon

another beauty, after watching "mamma mia!" (musical movie, stars meryl streep
and pierce brosnan) i so wanna see greece more.. it has a very beautiful setting...
and i just makes you wild on the sceneries... and i love greek mythology so much!


i wanna go on a safari! hahaha.. and i wanna see how they live in africa!

#4 SICHUAN, CHINA particularly the colorful waters of jiu zhai gou river

this is just super beautiful.. and so clean... experience tranquillity!!!

#3 AUSTRALIA particularly the great barrier reef

man.. this is beauty at sea.. if im a mermaid u know where i'll be living!
who wouldnt wanna see it??? i'd be heart broken if this gets destroyed!

#2 CAIRO, EGYPT particularly the pyramids and the great sphinx of giza

i always wanted to go to egypt to fulfill my cleopatra fantasies!
hahahhahahahaha.. but seriously, those pyramids, and that sphinx... beauty!
i like egyptian things too... i just love egypt! and i really wanna see the sphinx!
unclear info about this but again it has something to do with mythology so i wanna
see the sphinx "myth of oedipus rex"


it's like paradise! who wouldn't wanna be here? imagine ir you live in a place
like this? wont everyday be just as simple? aaaaaaahh... bora-bora wait for me!

places that didn't made my list but i wanna se badly too:
-the ermitage winter palace, st. petersburg, russia
-bali island, indonesia
-white immensity of antartica
-the sahara desert
-the great wall of china
-brazil, all over brazil!

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24 / F / Indonesia
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/24/08
10 countries that I want to visit:
Because I want to meet Calvin,and also Fahrenheit
It's a very amazing place,and it is very romantic there,and also i want to see the eiffel
Because Calvin was there for 7 years,haha,i wanna visit the university where Calvin studied
I dun know why,i just want to go there
Because i want to see The Great Wall(Chang Cheng) and I want to know the history of it
The Super Power,I wanna see the Liberty statue
4 years later,the Olympic will be held there,
8.Bora Bora
Because I wanna go to the beach there,it's really amazing and interesting
Because i want to go to the shopping centre and I want to see Sakura
The scenery there is very beautiful and I want to visit the beach
Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08

it's been so so so so long since we had a new topic so now,
i feel like it's time to start a new one.. and i think each and
everyone of ur can relate to this, since we are all busy...



damn, i miss my car so much, it's confiscated from me... almost a month now..
but im getting it back by the end of september.. waaah!! im gonna drive for hours
after i get it back from my mom!


so so so busy i dont have time to play my drums anymore...
i miss playing it like really early in the morning to wake everyone up!


my dad went back to bangkok for about half a month ago..
when he was here, i'd sleep beside him.. and now he's gone i miss
him so so so much...


this is one thing i really miss doing, i always watched diff series before school
started and now that i am busy, i can barely watch any series...


i miss seeing calvin and i wanna watch his videos i dont have that much time to
do it, i just browse on his pictures instead.. but still i miss him so much!


damn almost been a year.. good thing some of them calls me then some even came here!


im gonna see these guys soon! yay yay yay! im going to bangkok this coming semestral break!


i've started working as an choreographer for the company, i miss being the one who is taught
now im the one who is teaching, returning the favor for being a company scholar..
i wish our caoches would gather all 20 of us (the scholars) then train us again for more dance!!


i am usually OL but i rarely get to visit CR, i miss the times when im getting crazy, and i dont know
to whom i should reply first, and i miss opening my account and seeing i have 20 new notifications


OMg girls, there is no way i can explain or elaborate, or put in words how much i miss you..
our bonding moments when we chat, when we talk non-stop about our boys... when we extend
our love and care to everyone.. i really miss it.. i am very happy that i still get to chat with some of you
but still its not enough to fulfill the need to talk to you all again... *tear up.. haha.. i cant help it...

just take care always girls!! i miss you alot! this top 10 is for you!

ur turn sis...!
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29 / F / ┏┉иотнίиġ büт чоü...
Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/18/08
Hello there! this is my top list..its random!

# 10 my baby +_+ this was given to me by my ex this stuff...hihi

# 9 my classmates +_+ this was taken last aug.24 during our capping day..this was so memorable..

# 8 my bestfriends +_+ this is the first and the last pic with my bestfriends wen i was in 2nd yr college..really miss them so much.. MYLIN, SHANE, AILEEN, and ROANNE

# 7 my girlfriends +__+ they are so cool and i will call them stupid coz they make me laugh everyday..they are great and i love them so much

# 6 my groupmates +_+ they are always there for me when i had hard times and very cooperative..

# 5 my high skul bestfriends +_+ i miss them so much..RONA and SHAMAINE are forever my bestfriend...we havnt seen each other so long ago..T_T

# 4 Fahrenheit +_+ do i need to explain?? obvious that i really love them so much

# 2&3 CALVIN CHEN +_+ all i can say is "he's mine" haha..peace girls..

# 1 music +_+ i cant live without it..
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29 / F / ♥Choi Shiwon's he...
Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08

1st - my BF,, i really really miss him now,, i want to see him so bad,, it beaks my heart wen i think dt i have to be alone for a whole year,, take care der dear,, misyah so much,,

2nd - my sunshine girls,, im missing each en everyone of u,, i hope u r ol in good condition,, i will b out very soon,, can't go OL here,, i will miss u,, i love u girls,,

3rd - my family,, i miss dem becoz everytym im home from work they r ol olredi asleep,, i miss fooling around with my bro,, en i miss my mom's presence,, esp wen she's talking non stop,, hihi

4th - my Calvin,, i really miss ds guy coz i dont really get d chance to use d PC,, coz of my hectic sched.,, i really miss browsing his vids.,, i love u Calvin.,,

5th - my Thai Kingfom family,, i miss those guys becoz i haven't seen dem yesterday becoz of our interview in Baguio,, and now i just hv to spend 10 days with dem,, den im done with my OJT der,, im gonna miss "J",, ahaha,, some of u know hu im talking about,, hihi,, can't mention his name.,,

6th - my room,, i miss my room becoz i dont spend too much tym here,, unlike b4,, huhu,, im gonna totally miss ds wen i go to Baguio,, huhu,, i want to cry,,

7th - my free tym,, i miss d tyms wen i dont do anything,, just eating, sleeping and chatting.,, i want those tyms to b back,, ahuhu.,, coz i really hate my sched now,, always keep me busy and tired.,,

8th - my phone,, i miss my motorola phone,, it was broken,, ahuhu,, en now im using d nokia one,, aizt!! still love d motorola,, hihi

9th - my hobby,, i miss shopping and staying at d mall,, damn it!!!

10th - i miss staying at home,, b4,after skul i will rushed home but now after skul i hv to attend my ojt den wait for d ryt tym to log out den go home, i hate it,, i really do!!!
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29 / F / ┏┉иотнίиġ büт чоü...
Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
Top 10 things i love:

10. eating ---- i just love to eat chocolates, cookies, and a lot more..^_^

9. sleeping --- everytime i arrived home from skul or anywhere, i love sleep all the way till dawn..haha..

8. scrapbooking --- i used to love scarpbooking coz when i am doing this it makes my imagination works and tru this i cud really express my emotions..^__^

7. cleaning up my room --- i always find my room so messy thats y im always cleaning up my room and antoer factor is that im sharing the same rum with my sis..hate her coz she loves to mess up everything!!!

6. cooking ---- i used to cook my own food whenever im in mood and if ever im hungry..^_<

5. surfing the net --- wen i got home, and i know a lot of my friends are on in CR, ive always come in front of my computer and chat them all the way even without eating my dinner..haha..i love my buddies..

4. my pillow ---- love to hug my pillow..she's my comforter wen im sad..weeee..

3. my sunshine girls ---- i love them all..we share common new here but they all welcome me so warmly and i miss all of jie jie and my mei mei

2. listening to music ---- this is one of the most things i love to do...haha..even without comp or net or watever..i just want to lsiten to music everyday..

1. Calvin ---- he's awesome, smart and my prince..
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Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/25/08
<<<<<<TOP 10 I MISS>>>>>>>

10. PSP!!!... i miss playin the PSP.... coz.. when its school days.. totaly no psp.. so bad... i miss playin it nw.. haha

9. playin my guitar... i miss playin it coz.. my guitar is out of tune.. im still lookin for a person who cn tune it!! i miss playin it!! haha ;D

8. i miss my cousins!!.. i miss the times when i was with them last summer... too bad... we dnt meet always nw....

7. i miss reading BOOK!!.. ... i read it sumtyms only.. coz.. i am so so so busy.... nd i hate it!! there are still a lot of books to be read bt me no got tym... too bad...

6. i miss goin to the pool or beach...... wahh.. i wanna go swiming... coz.. last summer.. i dnt go to the pool... nd i only went to the beach once.. bt i want to have more time swiming!! haha

5. i miss my free tym doin nothin!!!... coz... now that.. school has started.. i am mostly busy.. so no more time to do nonsense things... coz.. i have no more time.. too bad....

4. i miss sleepin early... haha... coz... recently... i sleep so so so late.. haha.. its coz.. i am soin sumthin.. that makes me busy.. hha.. il try sleepin early today.. ahha

3. i miss chattin till dawn!!.. hahah.. i usually do that last summer... haha.. bt then... nw.. i cnt do that.. ahha.. bt i do that.. during sat. sumtyms.. haha...

2. i miss the tyms.. when.. all of the people are ol.. nd nt busy!!... coz.. look ate the people nw... they are so so so busy!!!... nd goes ol less... so its so bad...

1. i miss our one nd only sunshine boy cal!! coz.. i wanna see more vids of him.. bt me dnt have time anymore,.. haha.. nd he dnt have dramas anymore.. i hope.. he'll have soon!!... ;D

rock on guise.. ;D
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