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Final Fantasy Dissidia

Dissidia -Final Fantasy- is an action game currently in development by Square Enix for the Playstation Portable as part of the campaign of the Final Fantasy series 20th anniversary. It is unknown if the game will be released outside of Japan, although the trademark Dissidia was registered by Square Enix in North America on April 6, 2007.

Dissidia's genre has been described as "dramatic progressive action" and its graphics will be three dimensions with the ability to level up characters like in RPGs. The game will reunite characters from other installments of the Final Fantasy series. Chaos will make an appearance as the god of darkness, while a new character, Cosmos, will appear as the goddess of light. Character designs will be handled by Tetsuya Nomura.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy made its playable debut at Jump Fiesta 2008, December 22nd 2007., and the game is scheduled to be released sometime this year, as confirmed at the end of the latest trailer.

This is a story long steeped in Final Fantasy, a history of conflicting opinions. Originally, the goddess of order, Cosmos, and the dark god Chaos were both equal in power.

However, the forces of evil have threatened that balance. The most infamous villains of the Final Fantasy series have united under Chaos to take control of the crystals. If they succeed, they will have the power to change their fates and plunge the Final Fantasy universe into eternal darkness.

To prevent this from happening, Cosmos has summoned 10 warriors to protect the crystals. Each warrior must once again face their greatest foes in the ultimate showdown.

Now, a new battle begins...

So far the plot revolves around a pairing of one hero and one villain from each of the Final Fantasy series. Although designed by Tetsuya Nomura, their clothing heavily reference, or in the case of the Pre-VII games, completely reference Yoshitaka Amano's original illustrations of both heroes and villains.

As the game's title implies, the story revolves around the conflict that each of the paired characters has that makes them unique. The story will unfold both outside, and in the middle of battles, marking a unique style of story telling.

Final Fantasy

* Warrior of Light: A warrior bears a crystal to give him the means to protect a world shrouded in darkness. Carries a sword and shield. Can Class Change into a Knight.
* Garland: An evil fallen knight who is master of magic, wielding a massive segmented sword into battle, which can split into multiple blades, one or more of which are chained.

The conflict between Garland and Light Warrior is a heavy reference of the "Cycle" that the four fiends used to prolong their rule in the very first Final Fantasy. Warrior of Light challenges Garland to end the cycle of evil, claiming it is endless.

Final Fantasy II

* Firion: A young warrior from Fynn. He is able to change his weapon in the middle of the battle, and his appearance is heavily based upon his original character artwork. He carries numerous weapons such as his sword, an axe, a dagger, bow and arrows, and a spear.
* Emperor Mateus Palamecia: The dark Emperor of the Palamecian Empire. He uses a scepter, and his appearance is heavily based upon his original character artwork. He can transform into the Emperor of Hell.

The conflict between Emperor Mateus and Firion revolves around opposite ideals. Firion, seeking The Wild Rose, is a metaphor for seeking freedom from oppressive rule. Emperor Mateus however claims that all must bow down to his law and order. They represent iconic values of Chaotic Good vs Lawful Evil, hallmarks of most roleplaying games.

Final Fantasy VII

* Sephiroth: A once great SOLDIER , now driven mad. He fights using his nodachi, the Masamune. Minor changes has been made to his appearance, notably a belt on the outside of his overcoat and new shoulder guards.

Final Fantasy VIII

* Squall Leonhart: A mercenary SeeD with a mighty gunblade. Slight alterations have been made to his outfit to resemble his original 'concept' form but his overall costume still remains similar to his in-game appearance. He can preform his Renzokuken attack on opponents, as well as transform his gunblade into the Lionheart.
* Ultimecia: A fearful Sorceress from the future. She is able to halt time. No physical changes have been made to her original appearance. Screenshots reveal she is able to summon and possibly junction herself unto Griever.

These two have a one sided conflict, or rather it is a rehash of Squall's past personality prior to the ending of FFVIII. Ultimecia uses mind games and deception to try to crush what little heroism and good values Squall may have buried under his no-nonsense personality. Squall for his part seems focused only on protecting the crystals.

Final Fantasy IX

* Zidane Tribal: An optimistic young thief with a weakness for girls, with great speed and dexterous use of his twin knives, which can combine into a swallow. Can transform into Trance Zidane to use Dyne techniques.
* Kuja: A young man whose soft face belies his brutal demeanor. Though he has no weapons, his powerful magic makes up for it. Can transform into Trance Kuja.

The exact nature of their Dissidia conflict is unknown. They banter in a poetical fashion. It is assumed they are continuing the struggle of which brother has the right to exist at the cost of the other.

Final Fantasy X

* Tidus: Star player of the Zanarkand Abes. His appearance has been heavily based from his original artwork more than his appearance in Final Fantasy X. Famitsu magazine screenshots reveal he is able to use his Overdrives, Slice & Dice, Energy Rain & Blitz Ace.
* Jecht: Tidus' father who had become the Final Aeon. Famitsu magazine screenshots reveal that he is able to transform into Braska's Final Aeon.

Why these two characters would want to fight on opposite sides is very questionable. Throughout the course of FFX, Tidus does show hatred for Jecht, but not vice versa. It is speculated that Jecht is still under the control of Yu Yevon, as evidenced by the fact that he can transform into the Final Aeon. The creator's themeselves state that their relationship will be based on a "What If" situation, of how they would behave together prior to the ending of FFX.

"The scenes with Tidus and Jecht should be quite an interesting expansion. In the main FF10 story the two only got a chance to talk together in the final scene. This time we're telling the parts of that story that couldn't be seen before. There will be quite a few. But what we're doing is fine tuning the original story details behind the characters' births, relationships, interactions. Tidus has a connection with the heroes, while Jecht is tangled with the characters on the Chaos side." -Takeshi Arakawa (Game director)

A new Dissidia: Final Fantasy poster drawn by Yoshitaka Amano has surfaced online, and seems to feature several new villains, which will be included in the game. The current list of characters is as follows:

· Final Fantasy - Warrior of Light, Garland
· Final Fantasy II - Firion, Emperor Palemecia
· Final Fantasy III - Cloud of Darkness (New)
· Final Fantasy IV - Golbez (New)
· Final Fantasy V - Exdeath (New)
· Final Fantasy VI - Kefka (New)
· Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth
· Final Fantasy VIII - Squall, Ultemecia
· Final Fantasy IX - Zidane, Kuja
· Final Fantasy X - Tidus, Jecht (New)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy's genre has been described as "dramatic progressive action" and its graphics will be in three dimensions. It will have wireless one-on-one game play and fights revolving around the use of individual special skill sets of characters to do damage to opponents. Players can also customize their characters with equipment.

Characters movement is navigable within the three-dimensional field map. Characters are able to perform special maneuvers such as running on walls and sliding on rails by pressing the triangle button on the PlayStation gamepad whenever a guide appears in the field map. There are also field elements known as Dejon Trap which decreases a character's Brave points.

The overall objective of the game is to reduce the opponent’s HP to zero. This is done by attacking him using either of two attack types; the single-hit HP attack and combo-able assist attack; using the square or circle buttons on the PlayStation game controller respectively. HP attack drains the opponent's HP while assist attack drains his Brave while increasing their own. Brave is the stat that determines each character's attack power. Depleting the Brave stat enables a character to enter a state known as Break.

Another element known EX mode enables a character to inflict massive damage to an opponent. Each character has an EX gauge that increases by obtaining an item known as EX force that appears in each stages. A player enter the EX mode by pressing square and X on the gamepad when the EX gauge is filled. Performing a combo during EX mode allows a character to unleash an unavoidable EX burst special move, similar to the limit break in the Final Fantasy series.

There are several tactics the player should be aware of in battle. Moving around and jumping is essential. Some characters even have triple jumps. The characters have a different set of attacking methods: HP attacks and Assist attacks without pressing a direction, HP attacks and Assist attacks while pressing a direction, HP attacks and Assist attacks in the air and so on. These attacks are significantly different from each other as some attacks are short range while some are long range, some are fast to initiate, while some are slow. The R button is guard and pressing X with R is a quick dodge. Certain Characters can dual-wield by pressing the R button and the triangle at the same time.

On April 6, 2007, Square Enix filed for United States trademark registration of "DISSIDIA"; the mark's relation to Final Fantasy was omitted. Some sites speculated this was an edition of Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII. The title was connected with Final Fantasy when Square Enix introduced Dissidia: Final Fantasy on May 8, 2007 with an official Japanese website. The game is being directed by Yousuke Shiokawa and will feature music by Takeharu Ishimoto. Takeshi Nozue will be the movie director.

Character design is handled by Tetsuya Nomura. Nomura comments to the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that Tidus is designed to look younger than he was in Final Fantasy X to "match the design touch of the rest of the Dissidia" cast.

Final Fantasy Dissidia Album

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woh woh woh... trailers ? and Images
All FF lovers must love this!
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is this.... are they gonna.... as in... are they gonna be aware that they are characters in a game?? lol wonder how the story will go....
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I like this game....except for the part where Squall fights Sephiroth one on one. With Sephiroth's power, it's hard to think that Squall can beat him....except if he found and junctioned an uber-GF and used Lionheart Limit Break till kingdom come.
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