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Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08
thx 4 waiting again

••.•´¯`•.•• (chapter 4 ) ••.•´¯`•.••

Amal: my name is amal ~!!^^
Yamada: nice name~!!^^ n my name is yamada ryosuke <<<u don’t hav to tell me ur name I kno who r u !!!! hehe^^
Amal: I kno u Yamada Ryosuke~!!^^ btw iam big fan of u hehe~!!^^
Chinen: heheh heres ... another fan~!!!
Amal: n iam big fan of Chinen Yuuri too...^^
Yuto: heheh n it’s not just yamada’s fan it’s chinen’s fan too heheh^^
Amal: n iam a big fan of Nakajima Yuto too~!!^^
Yuto: really? Iam a big fan of food too*sooo big smile*I like chocolate cakes n u kno how to.......<< no-stop talking about food~ <.< xDDD
Amal: really me too iam big fan of food too~ but I never taste Japanese food~ is it good?<<< go on the conversation gone crazy~ xDD

I forget I hav no place to go. cuz iam totally forget the hotel (bad memory) .
I tried to remember the name of hotel I totally forget it.
I wanted to cry. But I didn’t cry in front of them I was smiling n talking happily (iam always like that)
But suddenly......

Yamachan: oh I forget... where r u going to sleep? U got lost ne? so do u remember the hotel?
Chinen: right . do u remember the hotel ? or the name of hotel?
Amal: *I looked down* sorry 4 the truble but I hav bad memory I can’t remember the name or where is it, gomenasai~.

I really made a big trouble a big trouble ~
I should do something but I don’t hav anything to do my memory is bad n I got lost *where is that annoying?*

Yuto: ohhh ohh I hav an idea~ .... yamachan...?
Yamachan: really, what is it??
Yuto: u hav extra room in ur house ne?
Yamachan: yh we hav extra room, mom wanted a extra room..... so what the idea
Yuto: why don’t u let Amal-chan sleep in ur house?? Just 4 while we found her sis. Oki?

I was O.O n O.O I really screamed in my heart (xDDD).
Kyaaaaaaaaaaa in Yamachan’s house..... Who don’t want to stay in yamachan’s house??O.O

Yamachan: yea.. u r right? She can stay in our house with my sis~. Is it okay with u Amal-chan?
Amal: O.O EHHH!.... ohh.... ye..s it’s okay... sorry 4 the... trouble...
Chinen: wooosh .... we solve that thing....^^

I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous
Omg omg omg omg~~~~~<<xDDD

We were going to yamachan house but we played little ~ <<<they were sooooooo cute hahah^^
Then we arrived to his house~ I was pretty small <<<cuz in our country we didn’t tried to stay in small house hehez.
I was soooooo wet cuz it was rainy~ ^^

His mom welcomed him saying...

Yamachan: tadaima~!!^^
Mom: okaeri~^^

I was behind him, I was shorter than him so his mom couldn’t see me ~!!^^ ehehe

>¨°o.O (END) O.o°"
What will happened next?
Will his mom welcomed me??O.O
Wait 4 next chap~^^
I mean 4 silly chap hahah^^
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