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Post Reply is there anything that you really like about this band?
Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/24/08
I really like the fact that they are willing to go all out for their songs, and don't restrict themselves on any level.
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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/30/08
I've always liked Dir en grey. They introduced me to rock music, and I love it all. Diru did worry me a bit since Marrow of the Bone came out, but I like their sound better now. Now, I don't know if Diru actually did get sucked into mainstream American metal (which I am not too fond of), and I wish I could say not, but I couldn't even read Kyo's lyrics in the lyric book, so I have no opinion on that album besides it being a bit too heavy for me.

However, Kyo has always used his words in a beautifully poetic way. It's hard to explain, but understanding Japanese, his uses of words are are unique and give me the energy of the emotion being sung. I've also always loved Diru's variations in songs (I especially like Die's songs--not that I can tell what's written by who anymore). I've checked out some of the lyrics from their new album, UROBOROS, and I find many songs to be pretty deep. I like deep songs. It sets them apart from many bands in Japan.

So what do I love most about Dir en grey? Their lyrics and how they portray what the lyrics is saying through music and Kyo's different voices.
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Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
I like every inch of Dir en grey!...........^o^

Their music, how Kyo wrote the lyrics, the wide range voice of Kyo, their emotions, as in everything about them..........^o^

And most of all, they are TRUE to themselves. They're not performing to like them by their audiences but rather they're performing to show the REAL Dir en grey......-^_^-

Wrist cut show!.................^o^
Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/7/08
There are a million things I love about Dir en grey but one thing I really love is how much emotion Kyo puts into his singing. He is truly an inspiration to me as a vocalist. I tend to forget how powerful his vocals are until I see Dir en grey in concert. He really inspires me to go further with my singing. I also love how not only does he give his all with his voice but when he sings his entire body is completely into it.
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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/9/08
Just about Everything makes me love Diru. After seeing them live, I realized how truly amazing they are. They put on a very good performance. Kyo can sing for so long. it was crazy since I got tired and lost my voice before the concert was over. Everyone was so beautiful. *returns to Diru dream world

And they're music style is so unique and even a bit incomparable. I wish they come visit Texas more often. I've been searching for other bands to add to my playlist for variety (since all my songs seem to be performed by Diru), but nothing comes close.

By the way, Shinya is gorgeous live. I can't believe a man could be so beautiful even without makeup. Toshiya was badass, beautiful and creepy at the same time. Kyo... no words for the man, but I love him so much.
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Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/18/08
Yes, I'm a Toshiya fan-boy, but oh well. ^.^
Would love to write a bit more, but I honestly have to get ready for a final in class atm.
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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/3/09
What don't I love!
Kyo's voice is so unique! The music/lyrics speak on a level that gets to me... For a short and over 30 year old man... he's hot!
Kaoru has to be one of the funniest people in person... my friend really wanted to hug him and he acted so funny about it...but let her!
Die is just plain hot in live concerts...and in pictures...he was my first dir en grey crush... him and Kaoru are the best guitarists.
Toshiya is so awesome and kind... he was the sweetest to me backstage... I got to play with his hair, so i love him!
Shinya will always and forever be my favorite, along with Kyo, Then Toshiya, Die, and Kaoru! Hot in lives, hot in person/pictures.... I have a lot in common with him... his drum skills are kick ass! Yea I'm in love with him! my friend hugged Kaoru but I hugged Shinya! WOOH! GO DIR EN GREY!!!! <3 forever and always!
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Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/21/09
I love just about everything from this band.
I find that Kyo is a great vocalist. Toshiya made me love and appreciate bass and let me see a whole new level of the bass.
Kaoru and Die inspire me since I'm a guitarist myself. And Shinya, just made me want to learn drums more and more.
Although the music, just reaches out to me in ways that I can not explains into words.
Also, with time, their music is just getting better and more powerful per album.

Live, I love how Kyo has the crowd controled. He has the whole crowd hypnotized in the palm of his hand. He could probably make anyone and everyone do what he wants, not only the fangirls and fanboys that true fans would love to kill ^^'.
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Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/21/09
i like the progessiveness and how every song is interesting.
i also love how they are making the music for themselves (especially kyo)
and also how they don't seem to want to be idols even though they're so inspiring!
and Die...i suppose!
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Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/8/09
i have always loved rock music, but i never really crossed over to asian music or anything else before. i stumbled over dir en grey, when i was listening to tokio hotel and cinema bizarre (don't ask, lol!)...and i was like WHOA! this is my kind of music...their lyrics are amazing and true, they are genius! even though i can't understand japanese well, the song itself is ear catching and kyo's vocals is amazing....i fell for his voice, and he can REALLY sing, dang....MY ONLY WISH NOW is to see them saving up to go to japan, hopefully, crossing fingers...DIR EN GREY POWER!!!
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Posted 10/26/09 , edited 10/26/09

join us! see us!
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Posted 3/9/12 , edited 3/9/12
their talent just flat out amazes me!!!
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