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The thread name is self explanatory, so no need to waste my breath.

My favorite Square Enix Game? I honestly don't know how to answer that, since I like pretty much everything they produce.

The best game? Without my personal feelings, so far I guess it would be either the Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts franchise.

The worst game? I guess that would have to be Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus. It pretty much ruined my image of Vincent, who I used to think was really cool, I still do, but the game kinda made things screwy if ya get what I mean. Besides that, I don't hate it much.
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Fav game : FF7
Best game : World ends with you
Worst game : FF12 - Square just seemed to have lost that battle system.. (I cant evade attacks and lost to a boss <<< Reason)
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My all time Fav. would be...FFVIII. I know what most of you are gonna say but it's not because of the whole love story thing...really it's not.
The best game: The game that I find myself playing the most is...Kingdom Hearts II.
The Worst game if I really have to choose it would be...the Fullmetal Alchemist games. I was expecting a fighting game or something. I mean I still passed it and all but...I was more like a chore
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Favorite? That would be Chrono Cross.

Best game? Valkyrie Profile really pulled me in.

Worst game? ... nothing in particular. I havn't really encountered a Square Enix game i have truly "despised".
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Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08
Fav- Final Fantasy VIII

Best Game- Final Fantasy X & X-2

Worst Game- none so far
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Fav- Final Fantasy VII (mainly because it was the first Square Enix game i picked up)

Best Game- Kingdom Hearts 2 (must agree with songofdestiny)

Worst Game- FFX-2- i have two reasons for this. 1~I absolutely hated the way the battle system worked, they made it way tooo easy) 2~Changing dress? Whats that got to do with anything, i was utterly lost.
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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/14/08
fave - ff VIII
best - kh,ffX-X2, valkyrie profile and suikoden
worst - final fantasy XI
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my fav is ff7 ( was the first ff game and first RPG i ever played ) along with ff7 Crises core of course

worst are ff12 and ff10-2 i i felt that i wasnt playing an ff game...

best : ff8, ff10, shadow hearts2, KH
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fav: final fantasy, star ocean, valkyrie profile and kingdom hearts series
best: final fantasy and kingdom hearts
worst: ff 12 - because the story's so short.. XD
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Fav hate to go against the current of none likers but FFXII
Best probably Kingdom Hearts 2
worst: Dawn Of Mana i mean the graphics r good but the plot is weird and u dont keep ur lvl. ups
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My bests and favorites games are Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts!! Their stories are just great, both games have made me cried!! so far i havent encountered a worst game.
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My Favorites are both Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts.
Can't decide which is better though. lol
They shear a Unique storyline (kind of similar in a way) and great Game play, to boot.
They will never die in my book.
They definitely have a Deep Spiritual message behind them.
But most people don't look at that anyway. lol
Can't wait till the 13's come out.

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Favorite Game would be a toss up between Chrono Cross and FF VIII
Best Game would have to be FF VIII
Worst, haven't had any complains on any Square games.[/
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Favourite game:FFVII and ofcoarse FXII i liked the new idea of the game u guys r too closed minded @[email protected]
Best game:well im sayn for now FVII but FXIII look frikin hardcore x3
Worst game:all these FFVII spin offs i just want them to remae the original not these frikin spinoff crap!
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