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Random Kpop Update (Extras)
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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08
SUJU LeeTeuk, “Those who pick at fandom, go look in the mirror”

Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk, left a sour comment on his mini-hompy about Korea’s performing arts culture and of its audience on July 19, which is causing strife amongst netizens once again.

Leeteuk wrote,

“You people who nit-pick idol culture and fandom should go think about it yourself. You can’t even see your own self, and you are pointing fingers at other people.. Go look in the mirror.. I really hate this.”

His surprisingly harsh tone has got many fans and netizens alarmed and curious why Leeteuk exploded. Many are attributing his invective at the recent “Cass Tok Concert” held on July 18, while others are blaming anti-fans who left him rude and hurtful messages on his mini-hompy; I’d say it’s an culmination of both and Leeteuk got fed up. But his message is more relevant to the recent “Cass Tok Concert,” where some of the audience left their seats when Super Junior was performing.

The Incident (Testimony from a concert-goer)

The “Cass Tok Concert” was a concert restricted to people over 20 years of age, which meant that teens, who make up the majority of SUJU’s fanbase, were no present. Therefore, most of the concert-goers were adults in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who were mostly intoxicated from a few drinks. Many hip-hop artists were lined up to perform for this event, which makes Super Junior stand out with their teen-pop genre. But SUJU-Happy was lined up to perform last. A few jaded concert-goers decided to leave early because it was getting late; however, there was a segment of the audience who cussed out SuJu Members as they left their seats, emptying the front rows. Despite the shelled-out front rows, SUJU members had to continue with their performance, and SUJU’s leader Leeteuk could not face the crowds as he performed. Acknowledging the fact that the concert was open, allowing revelers to exit freely, the members of the audience who left early are not at fault. Therefore, Leetuek wrote his sauerkraut message, addressing the few members of the audience who left shouting obscenities at SUJU members.

Source: Naver blogs, sookyung.wordpress
Credit: soyboy

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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
Super Junior number 1 on Thailand and Taiwan music charts, Tuesday July 22, 2008 Korea

Idol group Super Junior has once again occupied the number 1 position on Thailand music chart.

Super Junior Happy was also number 1 on G-Music and Five Music chart in just one week into the release of their first album “Cooking King” in Taiwan.

Super Junior Happy topped the total album sales for Asia Music chart for 3rd week of July (11th - 17th July) on G-Music (風雲榜). They have also won the number for Asia album section of Five Music’s weekly chart.

Also their first live concert album was also number 1 on Thailand B2S Chart for 3 consecutive week for the international music section (from 23rd June - 13th July).

Super Junior members said “We like to thank all the Asian fans who had given us a lot of support and concert. We will work harder in the future to bring to everyone a better Super Junior.

source: kbites
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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
Super Junior Eun Hyuk finds WonderGirls YooBin’s elbow pretty, Wednesday July 23, 2008 Korea

Super Junior’s Eun Hyuk said he find WonderGirls‘ Yoobin’s elbow pretty.

Eun Hyuk will be the MC on MBC Every1’s Idol Show on 24th July. And he will be performing HOT’s “We Are The Future” and “proposing” to Yoobin.

His reason for his proposal, “She is like my ideal type - Son Yae Jin - her elbow and Son Yae Jin’s elbow look alike.”

On the same episode Super Junior Lee Teuk will also be dancing to HOT’s “Candy”. The other members will be dancing to the remakes of their SeonBae’s songs. In addition, the only gagman in the MCs Jang Dong Min will be doing a parody of Big Bang TaeYang’s “Look Only At Me” with Shin Dong on the episode. They will also be dancing to WonderGirls‘ songs.

source: kbites
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
Big Bang Tae Yang loves Wonder Girls but not SNSD?

Tae yang of Big Bang should be public enemy number 1 of the crazed SNSD / Girls' Generation fans.

In a recent interview on the KBS Yoon Do Hyun Radio Show, Tae Yang was put on the spot by Yoon Do Hyun. He was asked, "Who do you think is the better group? The Wonder Girls or SNSD?" Tae Yang hesitated and stated that it's very hard for him to choose, but he said he preferred the Wonder Girls over SNSD.

Tae Yang said he chose the Wonder Girls mainly because of the many collaborations they've had with each other in the past, and that they are close friends.

Yoon Do Hyun continued and asked if Tae Yang had any friends in SNSD. Tae Yang said, "No, but I would like to be friends with them" and giggled like a little school girl.

Hmm... choosing between the Wonder Girls and SNSD shouldn't be too difficult. On one hand you have 4 mediocre girls and a hottie, Yoobin. In SNSD you have 6 ogres and 3 decent looking girls in Yuri, Jessica, and Soo Young. Usually I'd choose to be triple teamed, but this time around I'd rather Yoobin cum on my team... or rather my member. Her ass will be shaking more than a super cold night in December.

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Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/29/08

Hyori Wants To Be Kissed By Big Bang?

As many people know, the Kpop Diva Lee Hyori participates on a show called "Family Outing" on SBS. On the latest episode two special guests: Dae Sung and G-Dragon from Big Bang showed up. MC Yoo, Hyori, Dae Sung, G-Dragon, and several other Family Outing members / guests participated in a game called "sarang-hae" (meaning love you).

The premise of the game is simple. A member in the game has too look at the person sitting next to them in the eye and say "sarang-hae (love you)". The person who is receiving the "sarang-hae" must be silent. If the person is silent, the game moves to the next person. If the person makes a noise, they must receive kisses from the 2 people that they're sitting next to.

In a sly move, the Family Outing producers decided to put Hyori in the middle of Dae Sung and G-Dragon. When G-Dragon said "sarang-hae" to Hyori it caused to Hyori make a very slight laughing noise. Two of the Family Outing members said, "What is this? She's doing a fake laugh!" This caused Hyori to burst out laughing and she received a VIP's fantasy with kisses from both Dae Sung and G-Dragon.

Many people believe Hyori made the noise to receive a kiss on purpose because in the past she has confessed to be a big fan of Big Bang. She is lucky that the kisses were made by Big Bang instead of Super Junior, because if it were the latter the ELF would have her eliminated by now.


My comment: You guys know me well enough that im pretty damn jealous right now.....VIPz, lets attack! *grabs Mich to come help* xD .

Wow, if it was a Super Junior or Dong Bang Shin Ki member, Bye bye Lee Hyori. I'd be more happy if it was though(; I mean, I love Hyori...but you young...and jealous .
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Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/4/08
Super Junior's LIVE song performance...


here's the link~
Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08
b]Super Junior’s interview at MAA Press Conference

Welcome to the MAAs as first time nominees of Favorite Artist of Korea! The theme surrounding this year’s MAAs revolves around the letter ‘M.’ What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the letter ‘M?’
Siwon: Super Junior – M!
Leeteuk: Music! MTV! Man!

You’ve always had radical hairstyles and outfits. With the constant changing of image, what is the real Super Junior like?
Eunhyuk: The hairstyles and outfits have ranged from cute to wild. But we’re more colorful and are much more multi-faceted in personality and character than that.

Having said that, your new album is a remarkable departure from the bubbly image of your first. What are some of your thoughts on this change?
Leeteuk: The first album portrayed us as more boyish and adorable. As for the second album, we have grown up a little more, and so this is us in a more manly sight.

Right now there seems to be quite a large number of Korean boy bands coming, and they’re mostly all going down the K-pop and ballad route. So how do you distinguish yourselves from them musically?
Leeteuk: Well first and foremost, we have 13 members. So that’s already a huge difference, and a memorable one to boot. And each and every one of our members has a different and unique voice. Aside from that, we also do other stuff like acting and DJing. So we have a more well-rounded portfolio.

Speaking of which, I think one of your most memorable shows has got to be Full House, the home-stay chronicle with Anya and Eva. I’m sure a lot of us are curious to know how that came about, and whether Super Junior is planning to open their home in future again.
Leeteuk: The Full House experience was a very moving and rewarding one. We learned a lot from it, and we’re also really glad that we’ve been able to share a bit of the Korean culture with our foreign friends. If there’s ever the opportunity, we’ld definitely like to be doing this again.

Erm..Well actually I didn’t think of that but now…Let’s just move on, eh? With 13 people in a band, the leader (Leeteuk) is usually the one who’s the main spokesperson. And some of the members are also more outspoken than others. So in that case, how do all the members get equal representation in the band?
Eunhyuk: Well, each of us have our own talent and contribution to the band. Kyuhyun is vocally powerful, Sungmin is our poster boy of cuteness, Donghae is a good dancer.
Donghae: Shiwon has the global face, and Euhyuk is known for his rapping. So in a way, we all get a fair share of showing what we’re good at.

What about the younger ones then? Donghae, Sungmin and Kyuhyun. Do they get bullied all the time?
Leeteuk: Yes. It’s mostly what they’re there for! [Laughs]

Living and touring together all the time, what are some of the weirdest habits of some of the members?
Siwon: Every time I go on a holiday, I always carry the most bags.
Sungmin: He brings almost everything possible, and he organizes them neatly.
Leeteuk: So if we need exercise equipment, or even some kind of medicine, we’ll just go to him. He’s the best possible roommate to have.
Siwon: We always have some kind of a bet to see which roommate we’ll get.

You’ve been on the tour the past couple of months for the Super Show. Why isn’t Singapore one of your stops?
Leeteuk: Well yeah, we’ve actually been going to a lot of other places in Asia. We did the first show in Thailand, and we’re planning nine more stops. We’d actually have loved to make a stop at Singapore. Why haven’t you called us?!

Ahhh I see. Our bad. Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to speak to my boss about it.
Super Junior: YEAH!!!

A lot of your songs talk about love. What exactly does it mean to you, anyway?
Kyuhyun: Love is sweet.
Sungmin: I haven’t really known what love is all about actually.
aww soon soon
Leeteuk: Love is being lovesick.
Oh dear. Why so negative?
Leeteuk: I haven’t had very good experiences with it. [Laughs]
Oops okay I’m sorry!
Donghae: Love is romantic.
Siwon: Love is patient.

Finally, tell us a little-known fact about Super Junior.
Eunhyuk: Well, in all our reality TV shows we are usually very honest about ourselves, and so our fans know most everything about us.
Leeteuk: Even to the point of knowing about Eunhyuk’s smelly feet. [Laughs]
Eunhyuk: No! No!

Alright, I believe you, I do! Thanks, boys, for talking to me. Good luck! And bye!

* The bold texts are from the interviewer
credit: + simply_diem @ soompi + sj-market

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