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Popular Anime that You Hate

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Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08

Eudd wrote:

mainimi wrote:

I don't hate OP, just don't watch it..

I don't like OP art style, not that is bad it just not of my taste, and while some characters are interesting, i didn't like Luffy, just didn't find him funny as he wanted to be.

If you don't hate OP, then what's the point of stating it in this thread? O_o. I mean... the thread's title is about an Anime you Hate. >_>

yeah but reading too much people bash without giving reasons made me want to post >_>
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Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08

joe3173 wrote:



Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08

CLAMPlover wrote:

I don't really like D.Gray Man all that much. I find the Full Metal Alchemist similarity kinda annoying, and the 11 episodes I have watched have been rather boring.

I don't like One Peace at all....I just don't think it's funny.

Naruto, although fine once in a blue moon, is not the best thing out there. The huge number of episodes and the fangirls are a major turn off. Not too mention it is filler to death.

Bleach I found borring.

Gundom series....I just don't like Mecha.

I find it funny when people who don't even watch half of a series think they've got the whole plot down and knows for sure that whatever shows they hate is supposibly boring. Fyi, fullmetal alchemist has more then 50 episodes and only watching 11 of those means you have no idea what you're talking about and your above statement has not merit >.>
Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
I can't let this thread live any longer

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