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Post Reply Lets invade the espada!!!
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28 / M / I wanna be in Atl...
Posted 7/25/08 , edited 7/25/08
Shinn: U cant beat me Garon...
Kakimushire, Ashisogi Jizō...
Shinn: !!! *blocks an attack*...So...ur still alive...
And ur getting more careless....Shinnosuke....
Shinn: I took down once...I can do it again...Kurotsuchi Mayuri!!!
Mayuri: Tch!....Ur even being complacent...Did being the general get to ur head or sumthing?
Shinn: U wanna find out?
Mayuri: Heh...I wont give u any chance boy...u got lucky the last time...
Bankai! Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō!!!
*a giant caterpillar in a red cape with a grotesque baby's head and a silver halo appears*
Wat r u gonna do now boy!?

Shinn: Ban....Kai....*a bright light came from the sword as it turns into a nodachi*

Mayuri: Hah! tat all!? I knw all ur tricks so unless u got sumthing good u'll never beat me...
Shinn: U dun knw wat ur up against dun u...
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23 / M / singapore
Posted 7/25/08 , edited 7/26/08
cool mayuri has TURN eViL!!!!
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38 / M / New Soul Society
Posted 7/25/08 , edited 7/26/08
Taigen: Arhhh i hate this place *carrys on walking and walking*
Akaichi: This place sure brings bak memories and didnt bring bak any of yours so shut up
Taigen: Damn that Ichimaru, throwin me down here
Akaichi: Watch out, more menos
Taigen: Damn it i dun wanna fight these weaklings
Scatter, senbonzakura
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38 / M / New Soul Society
Posted 7/25/08 , edited 7/26/08
Taigen: BYAKUYA!! How can it be?!?! i though that all the captains were dead!!! *sees byakuya in tattered clothes*
Byakuya: Never under estimate me, come follow me *shunpos away*
Akaichi: We better follow him...*shunpos with Taigen*
Byakuya: This is it...
Taigen: KOMAMURA!!!
Byakuya: Hes been in here longer than i have.. And wat's happenin in soul society? Why are you the 5th squad captain now.
Akaichi: Long story man it was li...
Byakuya: Disrespect, i wasnt talking to you.
Komamura: Loosen up byakuya.. Go ahead and wats ur name
Akaichi: Im Hyouto Akaichi and thats Hitsugaya Taichou.. and now the long story *tells long story*
Byakuya: Hitsugaya i see, wats ur actual name?
Taigen: Taigen...
(Remember to catch the next episode of bleach 'The Captains Return')
(Ending song)
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28 / M / I wanna be in Atl...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/26/08
Mayuri: Is that all u have...u pathetic being...
Shinn: *makes a dome around him and Mayuri*
Mayuri: Wats this...u gonna kill urself?
Shinn: .........
Mayuri: A pity...since u couldnt save ur dear sister in time...
Mayuri: She be released...even in her condition....
She a bitch.....

Shinn: ........u despicible bastard...
Mayuri: Wat r u gonna do? Ur gonna die anyway...
Go get him Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō!!!
*Jizo charges towards Shinn...creating a blast filled wif toxic fumes*
Hahahaha!!! Jizo must have eaten him up!

Shinn: U jus dun u? *appears behind Mayuri*
Mayuri: !!!....So...u relying on cheap parlour tricks now!?
Shinn: Kongouseki.....Hokori *Nodachi disappears into diamond dust*
*nothing happened for a while*

Mayuri: Heh!....Jus as I said...ur pathetic being....
Devour him Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō!!!
*Jizo charges but suddenly stopped*
Wats wrong!? I said attack!!!

Shinn: How much air have u breathed in?
Mayuri: Wat did u say!?
Shinn: This air is filled with poison...and also dust....diamond dust....
Wen u breathe goes in u and tears every single organ...
Jizo must have breathe in quite a lot

Mayuri: Jizo!?
Shinn: Having the dust hitting ur organs is painful enuf...but the most painful part is wen they leave a wound
*snaps fingers* Return!
*Diamond dust came out frm Jizo's mouth destroying him*

Mayuri: My Jizo!!!
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38 / M / New Soul Society
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
Byakuya: Taigen, i just don't trust you. Bankai, Scatter Senbonzakura Kageyoshi
Taigen: Dammit!! (already in bankai form) *shunpos around dodging all the atks* i dun wanna fight you!!!
Komamura: I don't trust you either! *faces Akaichi*
Akaichi: Damn you!!!
Komamura: *strikes down on Akaichi*
Akaichi: Shit!! (unaware)
Taigen: *shunpos and blocks hit* HEY STOP IT!!! Akaichi knows the way out..
Byakuya: You do? Then bring us.
Akaichi: Why should i when you almost killed me??
Razon: Ahhh i see, a tea party.. Oh and with Byakuya and Komamura still alive?? I see, hmm... i cant possibly fight all of you at the same time can i? then i will jus fight you!! *looks at Akaichi*
Akaichi: *blocks* You sure you wanna fight me? I mean even after you kill me there will still be 3 other captains... Not wise at all, UTTER STUPIDITY!!! I don't wanna waste any time here, Taigen, let's go...*shunpos*
Byakuya: Now taking orders from a vice-captain Taigen?
Taigen: ill leave that for me to decide. *shunpos*
Razon: *shunpos and follows*
Komamura: Erhh wat now?
Byakuya: Let's go too *shunpos and follows with Komamura*
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23 / M / singapore
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
*after sometime of shunpo-ing (lol) *
Akaichi: the exit should be right around this corner.......WAAA where the hell is the exit!?!
Byakuya: YOU IDIOT do you think we did not know about this exit!?!? It got blocked off a long time ago thats why we are still staying here after all this time!
Akaichi: Oh...... wad?
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38 / M / New Soul Society
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
Razon: I know the way out, but why should i tell you?!?!
Taigen: Let's kill him already, we can find our way out. *holds sword agaisnt Razon's neck*
Komamura: I would rather Akaichi fight him openly, let's combine our strengnt to break it! BANKAI!!!
Byakuya: Bankai!! (3rd stage)
Taigen: (already bankai mode) Tsuki Bakuha!!!
Akaichi: Bankai, Chi gokai Kyuketsuki!! Chi Bakushin Danmuku!!!!
Taigen: All together now!!!! GO!!!!!!!!!
Razon: You will never get through!! HAHHAHAHA
*BOOM, lots of smoke around*
(Catch the next episode to see if they breaked thorugh, The Next Episode 'The Great Rock Barrier')
(ending song)
(feel like making a REAL anime, based on this)
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28 / M / I wanna be in Atl...
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
Mayuri: Wat did u do to my Jizo!?
Shinn: Killed it of course...its a pretty annoying sight...not to mention...utterly disgusting
Mayuri: Why you!!! *charges at Shinn*
Shinn: Heh....*makes a sword out of spirit particles and blocks attack*
Mayuri: *keeps charging and attacking*
Shinn: *keep blocking and evading*
Mayuri: *panting*....Damn you!
Shinn: Ur breathing quite heavily...
Mayuri: Stop f***ing around!!! *begins to charge then suddenly stops*
Shinn: finnaly hits the spot...It takes a minute for our blood to complete one cycle from the heart and back...U have been breathing for more than 10 minutes...diamond dust should be clogging ur heart rite now
Mayuri: Urgh!...
Shinn: Now the most painful part...
Mayuri: !!!
Shinn: *snaps fingers* Return! *diamond dust spewed frm Mayuri's mouth while he bleeds and falls*
*restores back his Nodachi*

Mayuri: poison...
Shinn: Oh about that...wen I made the dome I also made a barrier around my mouth...So I wont breathe in the toxic fumes...
Mayuri: !!! Damn you!
Shinn: Now die!...*stabs nodachi on Mayuri's head*
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38 / M / New Soul Society
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
*the Rock didnt break*
Taigen: i see it isnt so easy huh Akaichi let's do it! Bankai LEVEL 2 (explained before)
Akaichi: Bankai LEVEL 2 *vampire fangs and wings start growing all around me*
Byakuya: Oh, i see you have a new tecnique!
Taigen: It isnt a tecnique, its something we were born with..
Komamura: What reiatsu!!
Taigen: Let's try it again, now Razon watch..
Razon: *thinking: shit they are gonna break through*
Taigen: Ahhh i see light, now Akaichi, pls carry on with it!!
Akaichi: Yes, sir *disables lvl2 bankai and goes bak to normal bankai* i wont need it Razon..
Razon: Dammit!!!!!!!!!!!! *charges*
Akaichi: *blocks*
Taigen: Ahhh Ichimaru, where were we? *disables lvl2 bankai and charges*
Ichimaru: I believe we were at the part where you were dying, shoot em down, Shinso
Byakuya: What reiatsu even without the lvl2... Same goes for Ichimaru and the espada!
Komamura: Looks like everyone got better when we were down there!
Shinn: What the... 2 more captains are alive?!?!?!
Taigen: ill explain later, im kinda busy now *gets suppresed*
(Remember to catch the next episode of bleach 'NO TITLE')
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23 / M / singapore
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
* the battles begins between me and razon*
Akaichi: Lets not waste anytime now shall we
Razon: YES....lets NOT
* Razon increases reiatsu *
Razon: Otakebi, Tetsu Tora
* Huge Iron claws appeared on Razon hands and feets *
Razon: This is my realease form, you will be surprise off how strong i am in this form, HAHAHA
* an intense battle soon begin *
* razon keep slashing with his claws while i could only keep blocking*
*razon jumps back and fires a cero and i got blown back and smashed into a wall *
Razon: Now try this * increases reiatsu* Tetsu Yajuu Shindou ( one of his attacks )
Akaichi: Damn it!
* explosion *
Razon: hahaha weakling
Akaichi: Im not dead yet
* lose rises. my whole body is covered with a mass amount of blood*
* blood came out from the tooth of my zanpakutoh and heals all my wounds*
Razon: bastard you cant heal thats cheating
Akaichi: Says its my turn
* shunpos all around razon while slashing him continuously, razon managed to block due to his big arms *
Razon: Enough!!!* charges a huge red reiatsu between his hand* Grand Rey Cero
Akaichi: Chi Bakushin Danmuku
* due to the huge amount of chi bakushin, i managed to cut through the grand rey cero and continue my attack on razon*
*razon blocks it with its two arms*
*cracking sounds*
*razon was blown back into a wall*
Razon: why you!!!!! gasps * more cracking sounds and cracks start to appear on his arms, soon after, his arms cracks and breaks*
Razon: wad broke my zanpakutoh.......* in shock *
Akaichi: pant pant time to finish this pant pant * was exhausted due to the attack * one more final attack! Chi Bakushin
Razon: Weeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr
* explosion *
* after the smoke clears, razon was no wear in sight*
Akaichi: i guessed i finally killed him

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38 / M / New Soul Society
Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
Ichimaru: You're so slow *increases speed*
Taigen: ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *falls on the sand so hard i get cuts everywhere*
Ichimaru: Shoot em dead, Shinsou
Taigen: *uses sword to block the atk* ARHHHHHHHHHH *zanpakutoh breaks and pierce through my stomach* dammit, shit i dun feel anything! *faints*
(in the world of Tsuki Tora)
Taigen: This is the world of Tsuki Tora, this is so humid i hate it..
Tsuki Tora: Shut up its my world!!!
*forest burns everywhere*
Tsuki Tora: How can you die?!!? Weakling
Taigen: Shut up... lies down, so be it im dead and so are you!!
Tsuki Tora: What so its my fault now?!?!
Taigen: Well who broke???
Tsukia Tora: ROARR!!! shut up... now think of a way to survive
Taigen: Why should i??
Tsuki Tora: Who died cause of lack of skills?!?!
Taigen: Yea right so its my fault...
Tsuki Tora: *stabs Taigen stomach with claws*
(suddenly goes bak to real word)
Taigen: *sees Shinn healing my wounds and byakuya and Komamura fight ichimaru* tks Shinn
Shinn: Shut up and rest.. so Akaichi, tell me wat happened
Akaichi: *long story, uses kidou to help Shinn* and yep thats bout it..
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28 / M / I wanna be in Atl...
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/1/08
Shinn: Ok ur ready to go Taigen...*goes to byakuya and komamura*

Byakuya: Wat r u doing here!? Get back!

Shinn: Oh shut up Byakuya, u knw ur cherry blossoms r no match for me...

Byakuya: !!! Why you....

Gin: Hooo~~ looks like the new general wants a fight...
Shoot to kill, Shinso

Shinn: nice try...*dissapear, reappears in front of gin and punches his face*
Go back...and tell Aizen...and his son, Zennkimura... Hueco Mundo is going down

Gin: Heh...u think u can take all of us-

Shinn: *appears behind Gin* I dun think...I knw...*slashes frm behind*

Gin: Damn...I'll get u back for this...*wraps and dissappears*

Shinn: We'll make a base camp here...and wait for other officers to find their way...
Akaichi...use kido and send the coordinates of the camp to all captains and vice-captains...
Taigen...I think its time we made a plan...

Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/2/08
(alright this is a new arrancar a level 17 arrancar)

Falzel: So you think you can just barge in seems youre lost hahahahaha i will kill you before you get to your buddies...

Agami: Hmm well then i guess i'll dispose of you fast...

Falzel: What hahaha you may be a captain but just to let you not weak (appears right in front of me and slashes me but then i block it with my zp)

Agami: hahaha well then (covers face and takes off hand revealing vizard form)...Now you die (a slash appears and instantly kill falzel...

Agami: hmmm that was easy (reverts back to shinigami form )...well now to find the others...
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26 / M / X- 231, Y- 457
Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/3/08
Ted: *walk*
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