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Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
When i met someone
i never thoug she was my love
the life is Unpredictable!!
But that's not the problem!!...
i was with her so much time
and Tha't what love Means

Then I hang out
I go to the movies
I buy so many things each other
I'm so happy together...
...But the history doesn't end here!!

Before all the love,I met another person!
and I hang out with that person...
still knowing that I Have Girlfriend,
if i can call her like that!!
or u i some love to her...
even if it is used

With butterflies in my stomach
and fire in my mouth i kissed that second person
she stole it for me...the same as me
and i loved it!!
But that's no the point...i was wrong!
...And i knew it

At the moment i'm in house!
i looked my celphone,
and i realized that u "Girlfriend" called me
i realized all what happened!!!,
and I noted that I was Being Unfaithful!
and it destroyed me inside

Why did I do that?
Why did I do that?
...And so many time more!!
Why did I do that?
I just knock my Head, and asking me the same!
both are Beautiful for me,
But I can't being Unfaithful with both at the same time!
my heart can only have one person to care it
what do i think they're going to do if they know
....that's my answer!

I need to confirmate it to both...
I just need to be honest
So i called them and they came
as fast as they could!
I told them What i did,
My "Girlfriend" just standed up
and hit me on my cheek
the other just laugh...and she said she always knew it
she just used me to be jelous with my "Girlfriend"
i was in shock...i couldn't move myself in that moment...
and then i felt another hit from my "girlfriend"
the other was laughin' and she told this to everyone she knows
but i know that she was ashamed inside
at the moment she saw the tears of my "Grilfriend"

She was gone...Both of them
of course i tried to stop "Grilfriend"
wow...that really hurts, being used...
but i really deserved it
i just hope that i can talk to her again...
and try to start all over
and with the other i'm not going to talk to her
but here i jsut want to talk to her

I hope U like it ^^
Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
nice poem david keep writing =)
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