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Feather Dusterof Doom
Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08

Incontrovertible wrote:

kino_neko wrote:

Incontrovertible wrote:

I'm guessing you got Dim Sum from Romeo Must Die since thats where I've heard it. Considering its from that movie its not a compliment at all.

Feather dusters? hangers? brushes? Wow. Thats pretty weak. No one ever got hit by pool sticks, belts, etc? Those hurt much much more.

i forgot about the belts....damn those like really hurt....esp those thick leather ones...omg those

They create welts sometimes.

There are a lot of hitting your kids type threads so reported.

oh i know...i would hurt for like the whole day...but i learned my
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Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
belt and water hose for me
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