Post Reply [[Game]] Good,Bad,or Worse
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/8/08
This is a game called "Good,Bad,or Worse"
if you guys dont know how to play this is how you play!~

The first player that startes the game names something good!~

Good:I find 1 million dollars on the ground!

then the next person after me puts down something bad

bad:you find the owner and doesn't give it back,the owner beats you up

then the next person after this would be worse and they put something down as a worse

worse:the owner calls the police and you get sent to the police station!

then when it hits worse.
we start all over with a good then a bad then a worse and repeat!
one person can only go once in a row!
they cant go twice in a row!~
so i guess ill start!!~
and please but good,bad,worse in the front so it wont cause anyone to be confused!


Good:i find a plasma tv in front of my house door!
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