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34 "Really!? Big Adventure of the Haunted Mansion!"
"Maji!? Yūrei Yashiki Daibōken!" (マジ!? 幽霊屋敷大冒険!) Hiromitsu Kanazawa Makoto Nakamura May 31, 2008
Saaya tried to use the machine invented by Yamabuki Concern for catching ghost in the known for haunted house, but it eventually failed. Amu and the Guardians have a meeting after school, and except for Amu, they all agree to go to the house the next day. After the meeting, Rima gets hit by a boy, Shota, and Shota left a painting, which makes Rima want to return it. The next day, Amu was scared and she didn't want to go. She was scared by Rima a few times, but they all still went into the house. They found that the house was a bit creepy, and there wasn't anyone inside the house. Ran, Miki, and Su saw an artist shugo chara which was going to disappear. Not long after, Shota came home and Rima talked to him.

Shota feels angry because his parents argue and also because of his grandpa's death, and Rima understands that. After returning the painting, because of his feelings, his shugo chara, Kuuta, turns into an X character and Amu does a character transformation with Miki, Amulet Spade. After that, Shota understands everything. And after all, Shota's house didn't have a ghost.
35 "The Wedding Cake of the First Love!"
"Hatsukoi no Wedingu Kēki!" (初恋のウェディング・ケーキ!) Yasuhiro Matsumura Mitsuru Shimada June 7, 2008
Amu and her family go to see Shuu, Amu and Ami's cousin. He is preparing a wedding cake for his upcoming wedding. Upon hearing Su's voice, Miki realizes that Shuu has created a Heart's Egg. The wedding is for him and Eriko, a woman he fell in love with at first sight. Eriko is depressed, but her mood lifts after seeing Amu as Amulet Angel (a short time later as herself) and talks to her. When Amu gets to the kitchen, her cousin's egg became an X character. Amu transforms to Amulet Clover and purifies his Guardian Character. The next day, Eriko, Shuu, and Amu prepare the cake, and the wedding is held; ending with Amu running in embarrassment after catching the bouquet.
36 "Golden Prince! *Prequel*"
"Ōgon no Ōji! *Zenpen*" (黄金の王子! *前編*) Yuji Himaki Michiru Shimada June 14, 2008
Shuraiya, a prince from a faraway country, has ran away from home and comes to Seiyo Elementary. Everyone, including Nikaidou, are surprised as the prince and his servants arrive via helicopter. Right as they were exiting the helicopter, Tadase noticed that the prince has a guardian character, Ramira. Almost all the girls develop a crush on him, with Saaya determined to win his heart. After seeing Amu purify an X Egg, the prince proposes marriage to Amu. Naturally, Amu rejects the proposal. One of the servants, Pearl, has a crush on the prince and tries to tell him, but he seems uninterested. His interest seemed to be in finding the embryo, since that is what he immediately starts to help the guardians with right afterward. In a different scene, shows Easter trying to create the embryo, commenting on some of the methods Nikaidou used while he was still an employee at Easter.

Later that night, Utau appears in disguise and hands the prince a pendant. The prince believes that it is the embryo.
37 "Golden Prince! *Sequel*"
"Ōgon no Ōji! *Kōhen*" (黄金の王子! *後編*) Mamoru Enomoto Kazuhiko Inukai June 21, 2008
The pendant Shuraiya was given in the previous episode has been giving him dark powers, making him behave differently, and weakening his Guardian Character. Amu decides to investigate and learns that the Prince also has a crush on his servant, Pearl. After the Prince leaves, Ran senses the pendant's dark energy from the X egg's power. Due to Shuraiya's negative feelings, he turns Saaya and her troupe's eggs to X Characters, and captures all of the other Characters and the Guardians in a giant genie-style lamp. Soon after, he turns his own Shugo Chara to an X egg.

Amu tries to convince the prince that pendant is not the Embryo. Pearl tries to get Shuraiya to stop, but is surrounded by X characters. The Lock reacts, freeing the Guardians and bringing out her own Guardian Character. The newborn character gets the remaining characters out by praising the X characters. Amu turns to Amulet Heart and purifies them all. Pearl confesses to Shuraiya, which he accepts. The Prince leaves with his feelings and problems resolved and a newfound love to go home with, but not after a celebratory "king's laugh" with Tadase.
38 "Key, Lock, He and I!"
"Kī to Rokku to Aitsu to Atashi!" (キーとロックとアイツとあたし!) Susumu Tosaka Kazuhiko Inukai June 28, 2008
El takes the Humpty Lock along with her to a secret Guardian Character meeting. Easter Company is on the verge of completing a new project. One of the scientists is trying to impress Yukari, and goes so far as to steal the lock from Kairi after a brawl with most of the Guardian Characters. Ikuto becomes Black Lynx, chases him down, attacks his car, and threatens him. He fainted at seeing Ikuto's claws, and Ikuto reclaims the Lock.

When Amu catches up, the Lock and Dumpty Key are reacting. He tries to put the key in the lock, but Amu's feeling stop both items from reacting. At the end, the project Easter was working on is complete and "Black Diamond," a CD, is ready to be shipped.
39 "Character Transformation! Platinum Royale!"
"Kyara Nari! Purachina Rowaiyaru!" (キャラなり! プラチナロワイヤル!) Hiromitsu Kanazawa Makoto Nakamura July 5, 2008
The episode starts off with Utau standing on top of a building, with her music CD "Black Diamond" playing in the background. Tadase is having flashbacks of when he was a younger kid. These flashbacks, and his conversation with Amu in the planetarium, cause Kiseki to go away from Tadase for a short while. When Kiseki comes back, he leaves again since Tadase's mood hasn't changed. Tadase finds a Black Diamond CD in his carrying bag which was put there by Kairi earlier. Tadase and many other people are then drawn toward a van with speakers; all of them have been clouded by the song.

Due to this song, Kiseki is closed back into his egg. He goes to seek Amu for help, and they both get to the place where Tadase and the other people are. As soon as they get there, Kiseki's egg begins to turn to an X Egg. Kairi, feeling remorse, also heads out to this place, but instead of intervening, he watches as Amu transforms to Amulet Heart and goes to Tadase. Tadase notices Amu right away, but since she was in her Amulet Heart transformation, Amu's message got through to him more effectively, and Tadase character transforms to Platinum Royale. Seeing all the X Eggs above them, Amu uses Spiral Heart Special, and Tadase uses White Decoration, showing a Saturn-like formation. Amu then uses Open Heart and cleanses all the X Eggs. In the eggs, there is one egg that is glowing really bright, implying that it might have been an embryo.
40 "Rima! Unlock The Heart!"
"Rima! Kokoro no Anrokku!" (りま! こころのアンロック!) July 12, 2008

41 "True Self!"
"Honto no Jibun!" (ホントのじぶん!) July 19, 2008

42 "Utau Hoshina! The Last Fight!"
"Hoshina Utau! Saigo no Tatakai!" (ほしな歌唄! 最後の戦い!)

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ty for spoiler!~

lol im weird like that....i luv spoilers..it makes me wanna watch the episode even more XD
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tnx 4 the SPOILERS~!!!!!!!
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