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Posted 7/8/08 , edited 8/6/08
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

( Since i'm quite curious as to what do you do in your daily life including on how DBSK affects your daily life, i created this new forum so that we can know each other more!!! )


>>> who knows? we might have the same habit like sleep walking or sleeping (w/o clothes) and got sick because of that... KIND OF THINGY... kekekeke~


How to write:

Just think of this as a DIARY forum... you write what happened to you at home or while you are outside your house..!! It doesn't matter if it's a useless post or anything... JUST POST WHAT YOU WANT!!!

Use the following ICONS to describe your MOOD when posting...
(yes, i know it's quite boring to upload icons every time you post.. but bare with it!)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Use this format when writing...




Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/8/08

Title: Working hard today!


==>> yayaya~ i'm so happy!!! i made so many changes inside the club within days!! XD
hmm.. i'm actually.. feeling quite creative.. i wonder why.. o_O...
omo... now that i remember... preliminaries are coming!! AHHH!!
im slacking off too much in school... no.. i can't keep that up....
My schooool..!! my exaaamm!!!! my college life!!!

(edited my post)

anywaiz... here i am... currently VERY HIGH (just like saki)... maybe i ate too much sweets??? or maybe not... i'm not into chocolates.... But anything when it comes to strawberry.... i tend to eat A WHOLE PACKAGE... mwuahahahaha..

10:30 pm... tuesday...

no.. i'm so tired after draining all the ideas out of my brain to create some new pics... and this forum.. LOLOL..!! (i don't like writing manually, so i prefer typing HERE rather than writing in my diary) kekekekeke~

omo... now i'm starting to get.. drowsy... *yawns*
but i shouldn't sleep!!!
i need to finish the chapter of the fic i am doing!!

time i started writing: 7:00 pm
current time: 10: 33 pm

WTH.... AND I ONLY WROTE 2 PAGES!!!! *slumps*

ahh... i gotta finish this... or else... [nina] would scold at me again... and YES.. nina sometimes scold me.. LOL
omo... do i have to end my entry here??
ok ok... nyt2 everyone...!!!!

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27 / F / Living with yunni...
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/8/08

-------- OH. EM. GEE! BLOG BAR!!!!!!!! XD LOL
i dont think i'll mention whether i sleep naked tho [which i dont] cause tats tooooooooooooooo private LOL
ok.. i shall talk abt wat i do before i go to sleep.. since i am posting this and then going to sleep! ^-^ im a good girl!
going to bed.... past midnight LOL XD

ok ok... since my mp does not have in-built speakers... so i bought some CHEAP mini speakers so tat i can listen to music as i sleep... and who do i listen too?? ^o^ a wide range of various artists LOL.

ok it doesnt sound like im high.... but I WAS! ask wolfie.. she's my witness! XD
reason for my hyperness... i was staring at my avi of sungmin. OMG HE IS SO DAMN CUTE!!!!!!! X3
i blame wolfie for giving me this habit of staring at my screen with a cute/hot guy rite on it! XD LOL
i was even staring at my avi on msn wen chatting.. cause the pic i hav on there is a very HOT sungmin! XD

omg.. i am obssessed! LMAO XD i think i have a problem... ok I WILL ADMIT MY PROBLEM!
i have a problem! i shld also mention im a chocoholic... ok i just did! XD
i shall also mention... im a DONG BANG SUJU HOLIC.... hmm.. lets try it all in one! ^o^
DONG BANG SUJU FT SHINEE BIG.B HOLIC.... i have just discovered a serious problem/disease or wateva
ok maybe not just a new name for the known disease of girl fandom! XD LOL

ok ok... now to end my blog entry... i shall tell u wat i was doing today! [so much for ending my blog entry here... ]
i was pic hunting! of who or what?? SUNGMIN!!! x3

omo... i am in danger! ok.. my comp is in danger actually...
yes i am staring at my screen! LOL
i feel like... latching on to it?? pouncing it?? SUNGMIN IS JUST SO DAMN CUTE!!
but i cant help but wonder why... i found so many pics of sunghyuk and dongmin! WHY?! TELL ME WHY?!?!
you see my hyper-activity now?? ^o^
wolfie will be proud of me! XD
and maybe bb too! ^o^ and nina!
maybe not yola or kaori or novi.... hhmmm... i apparently tie them up wen im like this.
and mich wil be proud of me wen i succeed at stalking someone [namely wolfie] LOL XD
I AM A FAILURE TO YOU MICH!!! *bows down repeatedly... bangs head on the ground*

speaking of which... i slipped on the stairs.... again. =.=
BUT! this time instead of landing on my side.... like last time. i landed on my butt.
and now my butt hurts.. T^T LOL XD

ok ok.. ive typed a lot. i shall now end it here!
be prepared for another installment!!! FRM ME!
the [not so] ALL POWERFUL [clumsy girl] SAKI!!!

p.s: u mite want to ignore the abover last few bracketed words! ^o^
p.p.s: sorry i wrote so much
<-- my msn avi
NOW u see why i was staring at it whilst chatting on msn!!!!
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24 / F / jaebum's bedroom...
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/8/08
Title:My Saki Is Faithful.
- - - - - - -

Post=OMO! After reading above, im so surprised how faithful d\ear Saki is to Mr.Sungmin.
I mean, wow.....I can NEVER do that. I have to switch guys every now and then or else I may die of torture of staring at only one piece of hotness!

MY SAKIII~ You are my new idol(: YES DAMNIT MY SAKI. MY MY MY. In your face Sungmin! HMPH! I OWN EVERYONE HEREEEEE~ MY Unnies <3 I shall kill any boy or man in my way. *glares at Sungmin&Evan* MUAUAHHAA

Maybe my mood isn't amused -.- Okay, yeah im amused at myself for being so greedy today. Ohhhh~ And im watching Cheaper By The Dozen Two, and Taylor Lautner (spelt wrong?) , Is totally hot. LOL. I also like John Cena, this professional wrestler O_O

Yes, your BB is the youngest almost and is still so non-innocent. LMFAO. Omooo~ I really need MSN, I feel like im missing out on alot. *sigh*

I feel like writing more, but im getting tired. I ran out of things to say. OH YEAH! Im having a waterballoon fight today, hopefully I win and crush everyone. Im also entering a talent showwwww<3 xD Hopefully I win . Yes, I like to win. It's my goal in life. I don't like loosing >//< .

GAHH! I've learned that I have to wait at least til ten o'clock to catch Saki&Wolfie, and a little longer to reach Nina. I havent seen my Changmin lover in a long time >.< . Gahh, I miss you guys. MY unnies. MINES MINES MINES~ Angal can't have them >:D Joking. But seriously, im greedy. Saki, Wolfie, Mich, Yola, Novi, Nina, and all my other unnies are MINES. I will go through Sungmin, Evan, TOP, Junsu, Hankyung, and Changmin for them! MUAHAHAHA >:D

Should I end my entry here? Yeah, before you guys think im some crazy lunatic ill just end it here. Cya peopleee(: Ill probably post again or edit after my uhmmm Water balloon fight~!
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25 / F / California
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/8/08
Title:Sleep All day long and a peaceful day!!^^

Well Last night me and Wolfie unni was talking and talking and she goes somewhere!! and Cuz like I'm bored I made something weird till unni comes back!! ^^ Wolfie unni have a lot different time!! so I waited for her!! till she come back!! and after she come back she came with an Idea!! That's about this forum!! We discussed about it! blah...blah...blah... yeah and she said blah..blah...blah.... (cuz It's long I can't remember it!!) yeah so she make this forum... Then I went to sleep like 5:08 A.M so I went sleep!!

Then on 9 A.M my friend called me and talk about her classes that so bored for her!! And I ate pancakes and then went to sleep!!

It was to hot to go back to sleep!! Till my mom told me to sleep in her room... Witches cooler and yeah... Then I went sleep there and dreamed about SOMETHING ABOUT YOU GUYS AND YOUR PARTNER HERE!! (Witch mean DBSK or SUJU or BIGBANG or R-eal) Yeah... and I dreamed like..... blah...blah...blah... I forget already I sleep to much!! ^^ Well I sleep till like 12 at first and then I opened my eyes and then feel so sleepy so I went back to sleep.... It was so peaceful that I can sleep for like 12 hours!! And no one disturbed me!! So I was thinking that wow... I was lucky I don't have a pet or a little sis or bro!! Cuz If I do they gonna disturbed me!! LOL... hahahahahaha... and I wake up!! (well I just wakeup now!!^^)

Yeah after that I walk straight to the kitchen get some food and It was like nothing to eat so I my mom cook something for me!! And I walk straight back to my room and start my Laptop!! Well It's kinda scary cuz.. yesterday I dunno why they frezzed so I was kinda scared cuz yeah my dad just bought me this laptop about 6 months ago!! lol.... yeah So I was happy cuz this laptop back to usual hahahaha.... yeah... that was it!!

This is the end of my DIARY!! Hope It's Useless!! -.-" Well i was happy being in this group!! So Yeah.. I'll write it again when my day is done!!! ^^ Annyong!!
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/9/08
Title: Weird.... that is so weird...

Last night... i slept about... 12 in the midnight because i was talking to saki and then i read 5 chapters of the fic (My New Secretary) because i weren't able to read the updates for the past days.. so the chapters all pilled up..

now! when i slept... i was drawing DBSK..!! ok... not DBSK actually.. more like... yunjae?? o_O.. *cough*
and i have this habit of dozing off while doing my stuff and leave the lights open all night.. oh! and i always play my ipod in a speaker all night too.. so.. yes, it's noisy inside my room.. (but not so much)

(i was wondering... i was listening to DBSK music ALL NIGHT and i NEVER dream about them.. o_o.... oh well.. i only dream when i wake up and then sleep again.. kekekeke~)

So!! the my main post is!!!
it's really weird.. o_O..
some knocked like.. 1 time in my door.. and i suddenly woke up.. because i heard the knock.. it was kinda loud... i looked at the time in my cellphone, 6:15 am.. =__=".. (which is today and is TOTALLY LATE)

so i thought... it was our maid or my guardian that knocked, but when i woke up. there was no one around?? o_O..

i went tot he kitchen after. then i saw our maid outside, then i asked her. "Did you just knock in my door earlier?" and she said "Huh? no, i didn't?" so.. i thought it was my grandma or granpa.. (cause i'm living with my grand parents).. but our maid said "No one came out of their room" ... and then i realized... if it was grandpa, then he should be in the toilet when he wakes me up. or in the kitchen.. BUT I DIDN'T FIND HIM ANYWHERE!!

so... it's weird... just sharing what experienced FIRST THING IN THIS WEDNESDAY MORNING...
lolol..!! and now... MY GRANDMA JUST CAME OUT of her room.. and my WHOLE DAY got totally ruined... LMAO..!!!

anyway... i'm ending my post here...
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24 / F / jaebum's bedroom...
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/8/08
Title: Drenched and Bored.

Just came back from my so-called waterballoon fight. It wasn't really a waterballoon fight because people brought HOSEs and WATER GUNS. So basically, I got drenched. I ended up lying on the floor in the sun trying to dry my self.

After that, I went on Winglin to check up on some fanfics, and nothing was updated so I went to Soompi Forums to see if any PMs for the fanfic updates, and there was none, so I went to youtube. There, I watched DAGHYUNHAJI where Changmin faced Jaejoong and he used the "Mian he" attack.

Then when Jaejoong was talking about how Changmin writes his diary, I decided to come here. "Today, I ate this, this was good, that was good too."-ends here- . Changmin really writes his diary like that?! If he did, I would be laughing. I wonder how the rest write entries....I think Yoochun's would be the most romantic and deep one O_O . Junsus would be really random. Yunhos would be so leader-like (: Jaejoong would probably be about how he can get better looking then Heechull O_O . xD

Yeah, so Im just really bored. And decided to blabber about random stuff. Im busting a Junsu right now. Have you guys seen Junsu imitating Zaraki Kenpachi from Bleach? After he did it, Yunho got up and apologized for it. xD Ohh, how DBSK makes my day. But they went Japanese on me -.- It isnt K-POP anymore. LOL . Some people that were DBSK fans, became Super Junior fans and called DBSK traitors O_O There so weird.

THEY CAN NEVER CALL THEMSELVES CASS. Hmph. Anyways, im pretty bored. No-ones online. And I just found out me and Wolfie unnie read the same fanfic. I think im getting hungry. I just ate an ice-cream sandwich though....-sigh-
Im really hungry. I want some bulgogi beef and sticky rice. Or some pork dumplings and fried rice. Or or or, sushi. Yeahhh~ I want sushi with wasabi,. MHMM. And some curry. GRAWRRR >:[ I need food.

Wolfie Unnie~ ship me some food. xD OOHH~ Have you guys ate kimchi? I wanna try it. Is it any good? Well of course its bound to be good. And I wanna try some of Jaejoongs cooking! Cooking?! Cooking! AHAHAH. Everytime I hear the word cooking, Super Junior pops up.OHH~ And about me entering the talent show, I wanna do it to BALLOONS. Or any other korean song I know. It has to be SuJu, DBSK, or Big Bang though. Because thats my limits. xD

-sigh- Guess ill end my blabbing here. I just write whatevers on my mind, so dont blame me if you read it and think im some crazy person who talks about anything O_O. Because maybe I am. Yeah....most likely. Well, okay......Cya guys from here. Going to wait til someone replies or comments me ^^
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25 / F / California
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/9/08
Title: Hot Weather, Korean Food and Funny Voice...

Well today is so so hot!! -.-" While my mom watering the plant and the tree and it's dry after 15 minutes!! cuz It's to hot I decide to do something fun! It's watching X-man with DBSK!! that's funny! hahaha... I've watched ti so many times!! and then my mom was watching TV about judging and then I was watching it too!! while watching x - man!! then there is one black guy he talks funny and yeah... he talked like a girl!! like Junsu's dolphin voice it's that's high!! hahahah...

Well For Ashey... Kimchi is a good food!! LOL.... Well ate Spicy noodle remember the Banjur drama of DBSK the one that called unforgetable Love yeah!! They ate spicy noodle right? Yeah... that's spicy noodle is super good!!

Well That's all I have In my mind right now!! I'll continue that later when I have a new story about my day!! ^^

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27 / F / gathering of trees
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/9/08
mood:uncomfortable,happy?content.hurt. (icons will not upload for me, computer=stupid)
mood: title: grrrr.......!? friends on cr=<3!
Post: well last night i got back from seeing my sister in UTAH...she had a baby in april and i held it! he's so cute!!!!! anywayz, you how sometimes you sleep weird so that when you wake up, some part of your body is sore? yeah i did that last night. when i woke up my neck really hurt and it still hurts!!!! ahh. oh i saw someone today at the grocery store......who i'm not on good terms with. actually i really don't know haha. it's like sometimes i get along with her and other times i don't, like everything i say to her is wrong, not good enough for her. i wish the friends i had on cr here were the ones i hung out with at school, the group i hang out 24/7. b/c, well the my group of friends have been friends since they were little, they know each other so well and i feel like i'm nothing to them, b/c i only just really started to become friends with them and hangout with them. and i know that when highschool is over, my friendship with them will be over.i blame myself, i could be more talkative, more outgoing, but it's just that they're alreadly best friends w/ one another, it seems pointless. they ask why don't i talk to them, hangout with them during school/summer....that's why, b/c i the friendship is pointless.i love you guys, i don't know how i would have gotten through everything i went through this year during school. but anywayz angie's b-day is coming up! and then a few days after that so is mine! yay! i'm gonna get all the big bang cds for my b-day. and lots of other stuff too! so excited! and i really really wish with all my heart that i meet at least one of you someday! and that somehow in some weird way that i'll get my date with wolfie! you know the one where we kill sharks!!!! :))))). oh and i'm probably going to go to the hollywood bowl next year! 70% chance right now. hehe :)

cellphone! i seriously wish at least one of you lived near me.....and if it didn't cost alot of money, i would give each and everyone of you my cellphone number so i could text you 24/7. i hope our friendships never die.
i like the icons wolfie!!!!! they go with the group! i'm not comfortable sleeping naked! seriously sometimes i don't have pj pants to wear 'cause they're dirty so i'll sleep with none, and i wake up constanstly! i don't like it!!!!! saki, i right with you. i'm diseased seriously, TOP, can't stop staring at him! i mean i wanna do something, idk what, lick,pounce,hug,kiss the screen, i can't decide!!!! ahh we all need practice when it comes to stalking, but a little secret about me.....i can only cyber stalk, i can't actually stalk someone in real life, you know what bani posted in my stalker group? yep that me in real life when trying to stalk someone.hehe

same here bb! i only have yahoo, still can't get msn messenger....but still yahoo allows me to talk to one of my best friends on here! so i'm very greatful for yahoo! but idk....if TOP is in my way of you might take me longer to get to you!!!hehe :sweatingbullets:.....yep i really miss nina!!!! i haven;t talked to her in seems like she's never on when i'm nina! i will stalk you until you get on! seriously..i'll have another tab open to your profile until you get on....and when you start to talk to someone i'll know!!!!!...hehehee you can't escape! oh and i drank some sour milk today......i wish for no one to ever experience what i experiences...hmmi feel like writing about you guys..i think i will! but not my fav.buddy page...which needs updating. badly.....i miss bani!!!!..... i'm going to update my profile too! add pics of hotties!!!...we'll see if my lazyiness gets in the way of that. ><
-end of post-
p.s-i'm unnie to everyone here except for saki and novi! but soon! me and saki will be the same age...what the word for that? korean word i mean....just you wait saki! 7 days! july 15! hehe
lol i keeep on updating this..hmm forgot what i was going to say...oh i know! yeah...well you see lately, i've been cleaning my buddies, removing people that don't talk to me... well the funny part is, some of the people i remove, and keep on removing, they keep on requesting to add me as a buddy yet they never talk to me! ahh it's like i'm an idol? are they stalking me!?!?!?!!?!?!!! ahh so scared!!!! yes even as a stalker i'm scared of stalkers! actually even more scared 'cause i know the signs of being stalked! ahh........people scared seriously, i'm so scared of so many things!
things i'm scared of: faces,eyes,mouths(all mouths) dogs.....not small ones....knives....the dark,basements,attics,spiders,anything that has a mouth,anything that could be possibly creepy....I BLAME HORROR MOVIES...I WILL NEVER HAVE A CALM/"NORMAL" VIEW ON ANYTHING....
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27 / F / Living with yunni...
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/9/08
Title: My Moodiness! ^o^

-------> wen i say moodiness... i meant my mood swings of all three of the above! ^o^
ok so last time i posted something very long and very... unique?? ^o^
BUT, now im not as high... what ashame.. *sigh* LOL
oh now would probably be a thing to mention and ask as to WHY AM I YOUNGER MENTALLY TO EVERYONE IN THE GROUP?! >.<

is it because of my "unique" side as to how i react to yaoi moments?? its not my fault!! >.<
i DONT HATE it... BUT i dont like it too... i just choose not to read it
even nina and bb are older than me mentally!!! its not fair! >.<
ok... i see everyone's point. LOL. and it doesnt really sound like im content or amused or giddy.. ok maybe giddy...
but i shall display them now!

lets see... BB!! MY LITTLE BB! [who is older than me mentally <.< LOL]
you are so cute!! x3 i love you too!!
i love everyone here!! all my precious friends!
and yes i do wish we all lived closer together and we can do wat mich suggested! ^o^
but im a very clumsy person i dont want to hurt my friends due to it... or make them worry... ^-^

oh yes... i tripped today... AND NOT ON THE STAIRS!
this time i just... tripped... <.< dont kno how tat works but i did!
oh.. and i bumped my head on my desk! T^T
i was under it picking up something and on my way out i bumped my head...
i wonder if sungmin will kiss it better? ^o^
*glooms in the corner* i keep scrolling up and staring at my previous post.. squeeling

shld i seek help for this problem?? narh...
me and mich will deal with it together! and by tat i mean we will be squeeling and searching online for more photos! XD

ok i have nothing else to write abt... oh wait!
besides my breakfast.. well lunch.. but i wwake up late so i guess its my brunch! XD
i have been having brunch for the past week and a half! cause i sleep in so late! LOL
and today's breakfast was DELICIOUS! sorry brunch.. not breakfast.. brunch! LMAO XD
i dont kno wat its called its some sort of pizza snack .. tats chicken?? hard to explain ...
omg.. i want to eat some now! lol
i also want to have some hot chocolate!! OMG! HOT CHOCOLATE!! XD
im an addict to those wen it comes to winter and cold months/nites!

ok now to really end this post! ^-^ i shall post another pic!
so i can stare at it later.. XD LOL

OPPA!!! TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT! sorry... just had to say it! XD
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25 / F / California
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/9/08
Title: My New School

Well You know I'm just moved from LA to Hanford and If you was thinking like where is Hanford is.. It's near Fresno where there are one good school that I really want to go to!! but I was thinking why do i have to live far away from that good school!! Even when I'm in LA I live far away from the good school!! T^T that's why I feel so confused!! T^T and totally sad sad!! Well I was just hoping that this time I'm gonna go to the good school!! T^T I was thinking to go to that school cuz they have Japanese and Korean class witches the languages that I want to learn when the first time I know DBSK!! Well Now I was hoping that I an go to that school or.. When I grow up I go to Korea or Japan and Learn the language there!! and Now I'm still confused and totally being hopeless girl!! ^^

_End Post For Today_
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24 / F / jaebum's bedroom...
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/9/08
Title: Teletubbies Are Only Cool When Junsu Sings The Theme Song.

Okay, so I forgot to mention this in my earlier post, but ever early in the morning, Teletubbies play, and this is the weirdest show EVER. They talked about the color purple OVER AND OVER again until I couldn't stand it and I shut the tv off. Teletubbies are now only cool when Junsu Oppa sings the theme song! "Lala~ PO." xD Only part I remember.

Im now peacefully writing this entry, sitting on the chair, drinking orange juice. For some reason, I want glasses O_O. I mean like JUNSU, JAEJOONG, YOOCHUN, look so awesome with glasses and they're influencing me to get some

I wanna do a Korean song for the talent show!!!!!!!!! But I have no K-Pop friends, and they wont let me do it because it has to be a language they know so they can detect any foul language. GRAWRRRR. So I might just get the instrumental version of like Super Junior or Big Bang or DBSK, I might do Noona Is So Pretty too(: Cause I just recruited a guy into the group! But his reply to it was...

"YOU THINK I CAN SING IN KOREAN?! DO I LOOK KOREAN TOO YOU?!" Gahh....who knew guys can freakin PMS. Sheesh...annoying, I swear.

PMSing guys, stay away from them. I know guys cant PMS but this guy like totally changed my view on that. His girlfriend's one of my friends too...thats the only reason im nice to him. But today, he got me mad, and then my friend(his girlfriend) said... "OMG A COCKROACH!" and she freaked out, so I took a magazine and squashed it >.<

Then the guy, said " IM A COCKROACH!" and I just stared, amused...but then an idea popped into my head. I gave him an innocent smile then BAM! I wacked him, saying.... "Cockroaches need to be squashed." then, he annoyed me some more, so I kneed him in the stomach. Then he said "IM A BEE~" and then I sqeezed him together saying BEES NEED TO BE TERMINATED>

So yeah, that was a violent day... But now im peacefull, watching some guys beat up people for a gang anitiation (Did I spell that right?) Its really scary....and the kids only EIGHT years old....I wonder how I can be so peaceful watching this....

Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08
My day is a mess...

=> aish!!! earlier, before when i went to school.. i got lectured AGAIN by my grandma bec. of writing in here and still not taking a bath... 20 min. more before time.. and i don't know why i have this freaking habit of mine where i tend to run all over the house because i'm a 30-min-before-i-do-my-stuff-first KIND OF PERSON... and yes, i always come to school late which is VERY troubnlesome... o___O..

today.. when i came to school, i was late and the lecture was already starting (and the first thing that greeted me where numbers all over the board) after half an hour of blabbering about numbers which sounded like allien language to me had finished, THE TEACHER GAVE A QUIZ and totally gave me a shock...

"I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT NUMBERS!!" i kept hissing at my seatmates... =__="...

And now, the moment has finally arrived!!!

the teacher told us to get a whole sheet of paper and started writing the problems on the board.. it's five items but each item are 15 points... i felt my soul leaving my body little by little.. i kept on staring at my blank paper until 1ou out of 48 students where left inside the room... i was already panicking if i'll pass my paper or not!!!

but...i didn't pass it to my teacher.. T^T.... goodbye 75 points... it was a quiz... WHAAA!!! I FEEL LIKE BANGING MY HEAD OVER THE WALL..!!!

i got depressed after our class and went to the gym after to attend my PE class.. i only told about it to my 4 classmates and they had this "WHAT?!" expression drawn in their faces while looking at me.. LOLOL..!!

well.. today, i only have 2 subjects.. first it was COMPUTER LECTURE (yes, even computers have damn HARD math!!) and then P.E. after... good thing i enjoyed my PE..!!! our PE btw is all about cheering!!! and i was the one who was shouting and was really enjoying while i danced "TELL ME STEP" (BY: wonder girls) and singing our cheer!!


ohohoho~ this is getting kinda long now..
gotta end my post!!!
next time ya'll..!!!
<3 ~
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32 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08

omomoomom....but i'm sad too!! know..if i starts my internship...i maybe can OL at night T^T
and i can't meet most of everybody here T^T

ahh but i still meet you guys on weekend ^^
but still...T^T

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27 / F / Living with yunni...
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08
Title: what to do.... T^T


-------> *sigh* im more of a tired than exhuasted but there wasnt a tired so i used exhuasted...
even tho exhuasted and drained are very similar... tired.. is also similar, but its not tat much.
ok on with wat i was originally meant to post

AIYAH!! >.< my holidays are coming to an end and i have to go back to school which means i wont be online during the afternoon
or wen mich and bb are regularly on T^T
not only tat but i still have a ton of homework i still need to do!! >.<
i dont think i will be on often now... T^T

i have no one to blame but myself... T^T i procrastinated and was being lazy! >.<
but i just had to talk to you guys!! i love you guys!
no matter wat happens i can count on you guys! i will never forget you! T^T
i miss bani too.. damnit! >.<

i kno wat u guys are thinking.. i was all happy and "giddy"/ high in my previous posts and now.. downsville.
sorry... T^T some things have happened and ive realised my reality.. and i dont want to face it!! >.<
cause if i have to face it tat means i wont be able to come online often and get to talk to you guys!
now im depressed... not even looking.. ok staring
at sungmin pics is cheering me up. no matter how damn cute he is! >.<
i really do wish we were all together in one place and so we can contact each other during the day without the mix up of time differences and we can also see each other during the day!
wldnt tat be cool?! going to school together! all of us! ^-^

my hopes are high and im back to reality again.. T^T
i'll end it here guys.
see you tm!
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