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27 / F / gathering of trees
Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/20/08
mood:confused and depressed.
title: acquitence and friends.
sorry guys i jsut really need to get this out of my sytem.
wow. that's all i have to say. do you care? probably not. would it matter to you if i said.....what can i say? you're mad at me for no reason. you're mad 'cause of this one class i failed. well i'm sorry for failing that class. and why are you letting that one class kill our friendship? i guess i mean nothing to you. i guess you mean a lot to me. 'cause your the one person i wanted to hear happy birthday from. i'm understanding what my brother meant. he said he only had one best friend and then the rest of his group was just acquitences. well same for me. and the day that i realized it was painful. but now i'm laughing and very happy that i only have that one best friend.
novi, can we go shove our faces with ice cream? and watch movies? i still haven't seen the shutter yet. dee made afraid of it. haha.
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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/21/08
^ ahahaha no we can't mich..but it's okay if you wanna try XDXDXD

Title: just posted my second attempt >___<


=.= today i just receive the campus letter for my internship. and i just WALKED about 500 M to go the second international hotel i applied.....omo....-.- what an attempt....
not tomention lots of people taking that dan bus so could imagine how suffer i was in the bus =.=

tm i'll post my pplication letter to the 3RD COMPANY!! 3RD!! and THIS ONE BETTER WORK!S!! >___<
I hope i'll get the hotel one, but WHATEVER!!!


i'll end it here!!
see ya tm minna!! ^^
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24 / F / California
Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/21/08
Title: My Comeback!!

Minna Guess what I'm back!! well yeah it's been a while since my laptop got error and now it's back but what's really annoyed was that this connection a bit error now!! not my laptop but my connection i guess it's so slow!! and whenever i click something like when I want to see my pic I can't see all of them!! yeah!! and well I lost all my pics in my laptop yeah!! and I was about to upload DBSK pic the new one!! but it got deleted! so yeah and i forget where I got that for!! -.-" and yesterday when I went to wedding party and I didn't even know whose wedding is that!! And when it's start and the bride Mother came with her brother and thenI notice that her brother is my old friend from indo! and i remember that he once ask me out but cuz I need more time to think about it i forgot to gave him an answer yeah and now we met again and he have to go back to Indo and before it happened he gave me a ring and a hug!! >.< That's so embarrassing to tell u guys but I was about to faint when he hugged me and when I got home I can't go to sleep even through I'm so tired!! -.-" well that's it!! That's all I want to shared about!! ^^
Posted 7/21/08 , edited 7/21/08

TITLE: Nothing.........*sigh*...and my NIGHTMARE!!!

POST: well..another week for me....*sigh*'s very tiring in school...well.......yeah im very tired, stressed....*sigh*.......but thanks to our supreme student council..coz they are having their campaigns for the different positions and we dont have much lesons today....hehehehehe!!!.......and we only talk about dbsk...hehehee!!!....and i teach my two classmates to dance tell me (by wonder girls)........hehhehe!! and...and...what will i do??...coz on wednesday is the election....who will i vote...??? im so confused coz im only a new student....and i only knew few of the candidates........i dont know if the others are responsible...*sigh*.........
and guys.....i'll share u something.......i've dreamt about dating on earth........and....and....on my dream...i was watching arirang and....and...they broadcast the dating on earth, they said the date when will that drama will be aired....and....that's a happy event right.....but the the dating on earth is released.....DBSK will's a finale for them, like also a farewell for the fans.....then i was like...WAAAHHHH NO!!! i immediately woke up.....and i just realized its a dream....but.....even if it's a dream....waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! its a nightmare to me....A NIGHTMARE!!!*sniffs*

well i end up now here.....=_=
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24 / F / California
Posted 7/21/08 , edited 7/22/08
Title: Weird Dream

Well I usually woke up at 9 - 12 PM and then today I dream about something weird too and then I woke up at 7 AM I was so shock cuz It's my first time wake up that early and I ask my mom what time is it?? This 7 Am in the morning!! I was like what? I wake up this morning?! Well Yeah that really shocking but I dreamed about DBSK too just like Yesa!! So I was dreaming first I came back to Indonesia and2 I went to see my cousin and then I took a shower in a badroom that have a shower!! and then I was about to going to church and when I get to the church there's DBSK I just saw Yunho, Junsu, and Micky!! I didn't see JJ and Changmin yet!! And then some how.... The church change onto a bus and then they go down and suddenly I was stop there too and walking and I saw Changmin covered his face with a mask and I was so surprised!! But after that I was really shock and woke up and I know that I woke up that early cuz I dreamed about it!! ^^

Oh and you guys know I was planing to beg my mom to buy me the earings tomorrow!! hahahahaha... And I hope she gonna buy it for me cuz she promised to me!! And guy I'm just gonna pray that she did buy it for me and we didn't get any trouble!! T^T OmO.... oh that dream well I saw Changmin open his mask but... that come out weird changmin with colorful hair!! yeah maybe that's why I dreamed about him wore the mask!! ^^
Posted 7/22/08 , edited 7/22/08


well... these past weeks.. i had this habit of sleeping during afternoon.. so!!! like always.. i slept today!!!
hmmm... i visited CR and then went to school after... then~ when i got home after 6 hours in school, i went straight to my compy and wrote my fic update.. O___O... after that... i went to sleep.. cause i was sooo bored!!! and no one is online in CR... *sniffs*

my main post is...
while i was in tra la la~ land... I DREAMT ABOUT DBSK... omg!!! dbsk!! *jumps up and down*


well.. first it goes like this...
i was walking along the mall.. and i suddenly bumped into YUNHO.. yes!! the great dong bang leader U-KNOW YUNHO!!! and i was like *jaw drops*.. and then... no one was looking at him and i thought to myself (in my dream) "no ones knows him? omo! CHANCE!!"
then... uhm... i dun remember what happened next.. but the thing is.. while walking... IT SUDDENLY TURNED INTO OUR HOUSE... *bangs head over wall*
and.. yes... I DID YUNHO'S MAKE-UP AND ALL.. lmao!! i got to touch his pretty face and fix his short hair (yunho's current hair) it was... his hair was... black on the inside and brown as the outside layer...
and.. then.. and.. then... there!! THERE!! while doing make-up.. i was running all around like crazy because i couldn't find the right things i need.. @[email protected]
and there!! SUDDENLY POPPED UP KIM JAEJOONG!!! bwuahahahaha!!

(oh.. jaejoong's hair was high-lighted brown in my dream)

*cough* anyways... there... kim jaejoong.. suddenly popped out from beside me... and i was like *dazzled* but... i kept my cool and told him "Kim Jaejoong?" then.. then.. HE SMILED!!!! *faints*
and guess what happened next.. i hugged both of them... (impossible but to tell you the truth... i actually felt hugging them in real life) weird isn't it?
and... the best part is... while hugging them... i suddenly squealed.. "YUNJAE!!!" in front of them and then let go.. and continued squealing...
as far as i can remember... i squeeled YUNJAE because when i both hugged them at the same time... they touched skin and then i saw it.. my eyes widened and then i shouted ""YUNJAE"".. then i woke up.. T^T... *sniffs*

well.. weird isn't it??
yola and me both saw dbsk in our dreams.. O_O... but only saw JJ ang YH..

kekekeke~ ending my post here!!!
actually.. i felt really refreshed when i woke up after, and i was smiling like hell.. XD

wow.. even in my dreams.. i am being haunted by YAOI and YUNJAE couple... =__="..
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08
Mood: MOODY~~~~~ (<< sorry i cant save pictures my computer has a virus T^T)

Title: ........................ (<<random title)

Post: HAIZ~! im getting moody since monday.. i dunno why..
PLUS ++++ our teacher get mad of us because we are noisy but not that loud.. so she said we will go home very late.. my eyes widened like an owl.. "what do we do..??" i scream in my mind.. we do not do anything bad.. we are just making a small LITTLE noise then she get mad already..?? F***..!!! she is a perfectionist.. HMPF..!! hate that kind of a thing..

++++we take down notes in our notebook all the important details in our book.. after taking down all the important details my teacher said that we will have a seat work about we take down notes.. and i was like WTF..!!! he didn't discuss anything about that notes then he want us to answer those kind of numbers... what a kind of teacher is that..

++++^but before that happens.. I saw a little good thingy made by my best friend.. she has a intermediate paper and in that paper my name is written there and theres a big balloon beside my name and it was writtten there the name of CHANGMIN..!!.. WHHHOOO..!! i was so happy about it.. even if that is only a little thing i appreciate it SO MUCH..!! hehehehe~!

~~~~and im so happy that the suitor boy doesn't annoying me anymore.. ^-^

-this is the end of my post... >.<
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08



Well...i enjoyed this day so much....because we only have 2 or 3 classes in the afternoon.......we only stay in the classroom the whole day wating for our turn to vote for SSC....*sigh*....well it's kinda boring but....i have no choice but to stay in the classroom becoz its very hot outside...well yeah...its always very hot in saudi....hehehehe!!!.......*sigh*...we only listen to music.....i wrote poems.....and chat with my classmates.......then when its 12 pm, we went in the canteen...i met some of the second year students....also...they are dbsk fans........and...they kept on calling me and ask about latest news in dbsk.....and.....they ask me.........."Ate(means older sister)how's your boyfriend???" .....then i suddenly asked them...."Huh??...i dont have a bf"....... they said...."'Whoooo!! have....Changmin right???"...then i suddenly laugh.....i said....."yeah he's fine..he's just busy"...hehehe!!....well...that's the way we joke to each other....hehehe!! one time i asked my other friend...who is a jaejoong fan.....i asked her...."'s ur bf......??" then she suddenly pretend that she's crying....just like she's acting.....then she said..."We broke up....i cant do this anymore, i cant stand this long distance realationship.."..i'm shocked becoz i'm really asking about her real bf...then....she said again...."JAejoong...why???....why???'re always busy....!!!"" .then...after that ..i suddenly laugh and..i gave her a round of applause....and i shouted..."WOOHHOO!!!...BEST ACTRESS OF THE YEAR!!!"....hehehe!!!.....well..if u really met me in personal especially for the first so quiet time goes'll know my true color....yeah...i have a dorky and cheerful side too.....hehehe!!!

Ohh and last night.....i dreamt about dbsk again....and its Changmin......(that's the effect of thinking about dbsk)hehehe!!...well it goes like this....i was walking along the street,,,i think its in korea...coz i remember its like in Seoul.......well...i dreamt that my korean friend...ask me if i can accompany her on a party...i think it's like a reunion....then when we went to the party i saw Changmin...then i was like....WOOOAAAHHH....!!!! what is he doing in here???.......then my friend.....introduced me to him...then...i was like a statue infront of him.......then he smiled at me........then..i was like......waaahh!!!.....then...there......i woke up....aiiisshh..that's a nice dream....but.......i suddenly woke up.....!!!hmph...

well i'll end my post here....

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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 7/25/08 , edited 7/25/08
^ =.= everyone dream about dbsk lately...............

Title: AHHHH!!!!I GET MYSELF AN ADMIRER!!!! ADMIRER!!!! *shakes everyone* oh wait......2 ADMIRERS!!!!! @[email protected]



*cough* the point is........
..................................................................*wind blows*
(playing: Noona you're so pretty by SHINEE XDXDXD >> sorry i can't help it =.=)

yeah my dongsaeng told me that.....yesterday
and i was like.....what the hell??
i mean..they're just 17 (SEVENTEEN) years old!!!!!
well one of em is cute actually XD i know why they always calls me when they come to our house and smiles....=.=
i know something must be fishy around here =.=
now wat should i do??? >__<
i mean........well i just can't stop blushing everytime they call me and smiles to me....'s like i'm the one who likes them.....
but seriously.....


ahh i'll end it here
sayonara =,=
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08

Title: ahh what a wonderful day..

Post: ayayayaya~! IM SO FULL..!!! i ate fried chicken with rice with a gravy with matching coke float drinks.. (<< McDonalds) ahhh.. i feel like im in heaven... WAIT..!!! *slaps myself* YAH..!!! WHY DID I EAT TOO MUCH...!!! *bangs head on the wall* OMG.. IM GETTING MORE FAT IF I WILL CONTINUE EATING TOO MUCH.. T^T

and hell.. i have slept for only a 30 mins then i have dreamt already..?? ayt~! BTW~ MY DREAM WAS ALL ABOUT WOLFIE..!!! wolfie~ read this~~ this is my dream- " im running.. then suddenly CM pops out from nowhere.. then we are in church already.. and i have dressed with a gown.. Changmin in his tuxedo.. i saw that wolfie wears a WEDDING GOWN..!!! WITH JAEJOONG..!!! *faints* i saw junsu, yoochun and yunho... and all the people in the church was wearing gowns and tuxedos.. after that wolfie starts walking in a red carpet going to the altar.." and that was my dream all about.. YAH WOLFIE..!! YOUR SO LUCKY..!! T^T thats my dream but the main character is wolfie and not me.. *bangs head on the wall*

done posting..
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24 / F / California
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/28/08
Title: What a Weird Mood!!

Post: Well I'll tell you guys first why I'm really excited!! hahahhaha.. Guess what I'm going to a trip for a very short time! lol... well I hope It's really short time cuz I can't just let my laptop off for a week!! and I'll miss my Unni and Dongsaeng If I took a long trip!! Well That's what I mean By exciting part now the next was....

You Know I did dreamed about DBSK again but I didn't see them this time but I see the antis DBSK! LoL... In my dream I saw them talking like we should kill them cuz they are a god from south or something like that!! Then I was so shock and then I wake up!! Well That's not the end!!

After that I dream about DBSK again but this time I saw DBSK was like whoa!!! Damn it!! They pretty sexy singing and dancing!! well I know it's usual but the one that make it sexy and hot it cuz that They dance In front of us!! LOL... Well yeah I was like whoa we can get together and watch their concert together! and We talk with them and blah blah!! Yeah... That was it!! hahahahha....

PS: Nina... Why is only wolfie unni and JaeJoong how about you and Changmin, me and Junsu, Novi unni and Yoochun oppa and Ashey and Yunho?! WeW!! Just Kidding! hahahaha.... Wolfie unni is always lucky!! lol...

And That Was The end of the dream I wrote!! Well when I have the new one again I'll post it again!! I just Don't know why I so dreaming this month! LoL but It's okay!! That's make me happy hope the good dream comes true!! huahuahua... Miss you all GUYS!
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
Super high...!!!


To write my little blog-post.. THE CHANGMIN WAY!!

ok.. start!!!

Today... I ate a lot of cheese along with bread, rice and other food..

Yesterday, i ate a lot of cheese.. AND I'M STILL EATING NOW...

The past two days, i had been eating a lot of cheese.. but today is different...

. . . . . . . . it's because i ate a Different kind of cheese than what i usually eat...


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24 / F / California
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/29/08
Title: What Is That?!

Hahahahaha... Well.... Now I want to laugh cuz of someone called me Shinobu!! Well That's kinda funny cuz I'm not that kind of character!! Then I'm happy cuz Of I dunno Just want to post something here! hahahaha... well I miss all my Unni and Dongsaeng!! Done!!

Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08


POST: here again... this day is so nice...hehehe!!! we have a surprise party for our class first we plan on how can we distract her because we're still preparing....then my other classmates went in the faculty and act there....they act our calssroom is divided into half..i mean the other group and our group and they say that my other classmates kept on bullying us..which is not true and its only an act....after a few minutes....our teacher came into the classroom...and all of keep quiet.....she told us....that we shouldn't fight...and she keep on asking on what really happened...well we keep on inventing things...and we keep on saying words on the other group.....then one of my classmate...really cried and she went out then my two classmates followed her......our teacher still dont know that its only a joke...then when my classmate enter..she said...happy birthday...then we all stand up and greet teacher suddenly cried...coz she thought that we really had a big fight.......yeah...the party was really great and we didn't take our filipino and history class...hehehe!!!

i'll end up here......hehehe...

miss ya guys....*hugs*
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24 / F / jaebum's bedroom...
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/30/08
Title: Basketball game, MY UNCLE DREAMT ABOUT DBSK~

Post: Okay, so this is an old story, but it came to mind when all of you guys were talking about dreaming Dong Bang Shin Ki. So instead of ME having the dream, MY UNCLE dreamt about DBSK~ . It's a really sad story, and im very ashamed of how I acted in this dream...-sigh- IM SORRY DOLPHIN! I LOVE YOU~~~~ (Brotherly way,no worries Yola..) I DIDN't MEAN TO BE SO RUDE TO YOU! Anyways....

So basically my uncle was at the park with me, then all of a sudden Kim Junsu pops out of no-where. And since my uncle knew he was a Dong Bang Shin Ki member, he quickly called me over to meet him. So I come over, and I see Junsu and instead of how I expected to squeel like a little fangirl, I SCOFFED. I didn't want his autograph because I didn't like him? IN THE DREAM. Dont think I dont like our beloved Dolphin. So then, Changmin pops out of nowhere.

So once Changmin appears, I give a smile, and get an autograph. Then Yoochun comes, and I give him a hug and take a picture. Then Jaejoong comes and I squeel like crazy and hug him/autographs/photos. Then YUNHO comes and I totally freak out that I POUNCE on him. ahaa(: But I felt really bad when I heard about it because I was like "ITS KIM JUNSU! ITS FREAKIN KIM JUNSU AND I DIDNT FREAKIN FREAK OUT?!!!!!!!!!!" was what I yelled after he finished.

So sorry Dolphin-ah. ^-^ . Anyways, we didn't make it past the semi-finals of the talent show, but we made it to the Basketball tournament, and beat EVERY SINGLE TEAM WE PLAYED by a two digit number. Well thats because those girls are very um..okay, they know NOTHING about basketball.

So tomorrow is the final rounds, Imma be breakin sweat T-T. Hopefully when I get home, it'll be aruond the time Novi comes so yayyy(: lols. Ill end my post here, bye bye!
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