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Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/8/08
some of you do know and some of you don't. There is a new ps2 Evangelion 2 game, in this game you will learn secrets you can't find in the manga or the anime; direct from the creators of the anime themselves. Here is some of the info you would not know otherwise.

Eva 01 :
- It's once again confirmed here that Eva 01 does indeed contain Yui's soul. Also, SEELE consider having Shinji as its pilot a danger to them, for Gendo has his own purpose for it.

Yui :
- Yui is the daughter of a powerful member of SEELE, and she knows about SEELE's plans. This is why Gendo deliberately wants to get close to her.

Gendo :
- It's again confirmed that Gendo's ultimate plan for human complementation project is to meet Yui, and that he did graft Adam onto his hand for this purpose.

Human Complementation project :
- It's a project to elevate humans into a being close to gods. S2 unit is the "base" of god, and Evas are the "body" of god. Once the human souls are merged into them both, and our "last natural enemy", the fail safe device Longinus spear is destroyed, nothing then can stop the process of the complementation. SEELE consider themselves superior humans and our "guides" for completing such process.

NOTE : This is very interesting info, particularly that the Longinus spear can be considered a fail safe device that may be used to stop the complementation. It could be the reason how Shinji is able to reject it, since the spear is merged with Eva 01.

AT field :
- It's confirmed here that when AT field is being expanded into infinite, humans will revert into LCL. ie. A being close to god considered by SEELE.

Angels :
- Angels are Adam based life forms, where humans are Lilith based life forms. It's said here that a planet cannot handle 2 kinds of life forms. It's described that the Angel's actions are basically survival instincts. Some with purpose to access with Lilith, which will "reset" all life (thus give them rooms to start over? not sure exactly what this means), some with purpose to retrieve their own "creator" Adam, and some just don't think about anything. Overall, Angels are sent to ensure the survival of Adam based life forms on Earth.

Note : Extremely interesting bit......finally shed some lights to angel's mysterious actions.

The First Ancestor Civilization :
- This is the "being" that created Angels (and humans).

- It's described that they are "aliens" which spread their "seeds of life" throughout the galaxy, for what purposes or reasons are unknown today. It's said that it's pure "bad luck" that there are 2 seeds spread on the same planet, which results the conflict between Adam based and Lilith based life forms. The 2 seeds are white moon (Adam) and black moon (Lilith)

- The first ancestors are able to make a moon like, hallow carrier of life, and able to send it across the universe. With such technology, the first ancestors are considered as gods to both humans and angels.

NOTE : By far the most interesting bit of all files, the creators actually went towards a more Sci Fi explanation here......certainly gives us more to think about.
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