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Posted 7/18/08 , edited 7/18/08
"You gave us a scare there Dahlia." Jazen had just finished applying the last bandage to her body. "Worry not my medical skills are as good as my strategic skills, you have nothing to worry about." Jazen applied the last bandage.

"You were lucky, if i wasn't here you'd be dead. Hellrox coats its blades, arrows, and spears in a deadly poison developed by my father, if you don't know the exact antidote you die." Jazen washed his hands in a tub of water. "We have fully taken over the Western Kingdom."

Jazen walked to the edge of the tent. "We are headed back to Cross Kingdom to discuss the next phase of our plans. You are welcomed to join us"

With that Jazen exited the tent and went on his way back to Cross Kingdom...
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Because they didn`t trust Jazen generals IMMEDIATELY get into the tent, when they saw Dahlia was taken care off they felt easy. Their princess was now peacfully sleeping.
"Uhh, that scared me.." said Shin heaviliy breathing.
"How did he passed the guards?" added Say.
"More important, why did he dress like a medic?" asked Un.
All of them looked at entrance of the tent.
"Now the most important thing is that princess is fine, we must prepare to go back to North kingdom, she will travel in carriage.

After few days of traveling they arived on country border and Dahlia was a bit recovered they told her everthing about Jazen and her wound. She was lost in her thought while she look at beautyfull landscape.

"oh how I missed all of this" she were thinking.
Soon they arived at the palace and she could comfortly relax in her bed, she just snugle in pillows that were covered in roses because they come victorios.

Suddenly maid barge in her courtes
"Sorry your majest"-she deply bowed"but this arved from master Bohan few days ago"she then aproched to Dahla and gave her the letter
She imidiatly opend it

"Dear child i`m in good health don`t worry, your councel is what worry me more, bevar of that snackes, i know you will have strenght in you and because you want to be free spirit this is job for you,you need to pass that spirit to everyone,especialy in this times, as it for Jazen he was wonderes all the time i think he is like that even now,don`t get too close to him, I know you are his good childhood firend and that you are good firends even now but his character is what worries me mybe he will be in state to hurt to just for well beeing of his kingdom...but for now you are safe.we will meet in your coronation"
"Uh, now i fell much more easier" , she thought.
"You may go no" she dissmised the maid.
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Raid just glared at the girl trough his mask.

"Here." he draw the sword and gave it to Tren.

"The curved sword has been the sword of the mounted warrior in many places and for many years. A curved slashing blow is very damaging, and even if it does not kill, it can render the victim unable to continue the fight. Against infantry, the curve allows the cavalryman to strike a strong and effective blow that does not imprison the blade and cause it to be wrenched from the hand. Against other mounted troops it provides effective offense and defense. Sitting astride a horse, the sword is easier to handle in cutting motions than the unnatural thrusts that a straight blade requires." he explained.

"It will help you with the enemy." he turned and galloped towards the fortress cutting away the Hellrox's swordsman on the way.

...couple of hours galloping later...

This is it. he said, looked around then got off the horse.

Raid left the horse tight up to the nearby tree.

"I'll be back soon." he pet the horse and then run towards the rear entrance, and stood before the door.

"The place look familiar, yeah like the good old solitary prison, I'll make sure that the hospitality that they provided during my imprisonment will be returned... in kind." said Raid sarcastically.

He entered. "This looks like an basement of the fortress. Good it's a clear place to start."

Raid then examined the whole area, touching the walls.

"Thick walls and loads of protection. But every chain has a weak point and I'll find this one. I better consider every step I make in this squeaky old castle." Raid then draw his swords.

"The guard is coming. Better make my job quick." he smiled
He crouched silently behind the corner wall.

Raid then stood, and slowly moved through the shadows right behind the guard, with every step he make he was moving faster. Before guard could turn around to see what's happening, Raid priced guard right through the heart then turned the blade around, counterclockwise, and pulled it back really quick. The blood started flowing rapidly and body hit the floor.

"A mess. Again?" said Raid with the sadistic smile on his face.

He then dragged the body behind the corner wall.

I can use this, he took the keys from guards pocket. "It would be better of like this, less commotion without breaking in and more time without lock picking.."
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Jazen wondered the grounds of Cross think of new ways to conquer the South and East Kingdoms. "I suppose i can use my contacts to start problems in the East, but i have no hold in the South." Jazen pondered to himself what to do.

A meeting of Generals took place in the throne room.

"We can't stand for this! Jazen has gone too far this time." One General argued.

"He wouldn't have if you had him killed as planned!" Another General snapped.


The generals turned around to see thier King. "Sir i..."

The King looked into thier eyes.

A few moments later. A guard entered the throne room.

"The preparations are complete."
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Tren was surpised as the masked assasian gave her a sword. She was in shock as his horse galloped away from where she was, she didnt even have time to say thank you. She'd have to thank him later for now she was going to put his blade to good use. She cleanned her blades and put them in there wheat rendering only the new blade in her hands, it felt good to hold such a blade... She took one hellrox down after another. She needed to get to the fortress to find Jazen... How pathetic it was. It proved how much of a commener she was needing stricked orders and only breaking out when she need to feel free...
Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
The preparatin for coronation were oved, councile decided that is in the best interes to be secrec coronation, so they didn`t sent any invitation to other countries.everthing was done in a flash and Dhalia realised that she becomed queen when she steep in her couters. She took off the tiara and start crying, now she know that she is bounded toi this land till she die
Bohan entered the room and saw her crying
"This is for the best, you know that, war is just begining"-and by saying that he left the room.She ran twords him but he was gone.
"your majesty"said maid
"WHAT'-angry asked Dahlia
"this letter is left for you, and this alsow"-she gave her letter and show the spear that was packed with note

"rule forever"
She took the spear and went to room to read the letter, it was invitation to kingdom Cross for another meeting
"Prepare my horse"-comanded she
They brouht her beutyfull horse that was proclamated the fastes in the kingdom, in couple of days she was in Cross.
In the entrance in the palace she looke at sky and said "We will make it"
She entered the throne room"Am i first here again?"

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Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/20/08
When Dahlia entered Jazen was looking out the window behind his throne.

"Beautiful isn't it Dahlia." Jazen though you couldn't see it, he was crying. "Silly isn't it. That this world will die young, because so many people make war."

Jazen forced a smile. "Silly isn't it. Im helping, and just think it didn't have to be this way."

Jazen calmed himself. "Now down to business. The Eastern Kingdom's General, is planning an attack on the North Kingdom as we speak."

As Dahlia turned to hurry back to warn her people, Jazen appeared in front of her.

"Out of my way!"

"My forces thier have exposed themselves and are fighting to keep the Eastern Kingdom army at bay until our forces can arrive."

Jazen summoned 2 generals. "Are the forces ready?"

"They were dispatched at once."

"Good. Dahlia, i have sent for the assassin and Arex, They should help out. A unit has been sent to inform Tren to head North to protect the border between the North and East Kingdoms."

A group of guards entered followed by a young man.

"The last battalion is ready we should get going."

"Thank you Garzell, i have sent word to your people they should be aware of the situation now. But there is no time we must go!"

Jazen, Dahlia and Garzell, headed for the Border between the North and East Kingdom.

Hellrox is being held off by Jazen's arrows, but for how long. The Hellrox General calls for his archers. "Let's see which of us is"
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------meanwhile at Dahlia's tent in north-east border---------------------------
"This has taken too long if council find out"said Shin
"Screw the council look what we have here"Hellrox is coming because we helped him"said Un
"That is enough all of you, I aware of fact what will happen if my next move if wrong, but for now they attacking us and we are defending that is all council need to know"said Dhalia
"Yes your majesty" said three generals in one voice
"Now i need report i doubt that Jazen can stole them much longer"
"Well it no good it seams they decided to overrun us with this massive army"
"If they have such an army why don`t the overrun us as you say"
"I don`t know"
"It`s a test, that bastard is testing our power"
She stood silent for second

"We will go like this firt off all i need you to evacuate nearest villages, Un you will that part, I don`t need hot head in this feeld
"But madam.."-but on her look he sow there is no questioning this issue.

Now on the battlefield i need you two to distract their left wing so my division can almost clearly move forward to their main forces and right wing is most consist of archers so that wont be problem for us, got that
"Yes you majesty"
"Good assemble the troops and we will be off"
When general left the tent Dahlia put her armor on but then she turned and said
"How long do you plan to stay there?"

------------------------------In front of tent-------------------------

Troop assembled and were prepared to take of.
Un took his direction to evacuate the villages and Shin and Say assembled the troops for attack
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Posted 7/21/08 , edited 7/22/08
The battle on the border was not going well.

The Hellrox forces continued thier onslaught trying to over take the border with thier shear numbers. Jazen's forces were bogged down, but were putting up one hell of a fight.

"Hey, where is our reinforcements?" Just then the ground started to shake as Jazen's reinforcements arrived.

The troops ran through the Hellrox forces creating an opening for the archers.


Arrows rained from the heavens and taking out a good number of Hellrox troops.

Jazen knew that his current reinforcements wouldn't be enough. He needed her help.
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Bohan appeared.
"I can`t fool you, can`t I?"
"I thought I must join"" Dhalia nodded her head l"Let`s go"
Dhalia went outside and ordered them to move. Her army arrived just in a minute

Dhalia jumped over her horse and started killing Hellrox warriors

Sjin Say i want that archers down
the flow like the wind

Bohan started killing on his own clearing the path with Dhalia

They cleared the path all the way to Jazen
"you just planing staying there leaving me all the fun"said Dhalia while cutting down Hellrox soldiers
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Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08
Tren reached lord jazen, she looked behind her to see Dhalia and her soliders cutting through the hellrox and comming to jazen. With them nearly there she desided to help by keeping what was on this end at bay. "Jazen Dhalia is almost here! She and her soldiers..," Tren tried to tell Jazen but he was deep into battle and wasnt sure he heard her...
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Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/19/08
A soldier rode up to Jazen admist the fighting. "Sir, we have word that Dhalia and her forces are coming."

Jazen yelled to his troops. "Hold the line!!! Reinforcements are on thier way!!!"

Jazen's troops continued to fight, but it was only a matter of time until the lines were broken.

"Where is Arex and his troops?" Jazen wondered as he cut down enemy after enemy.
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Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
Arex was on top of a nearby mountain looking down at the battle.

"My lord should we not be helping the fight?" asked one of the Officers.

"Thats were you are right, I need to wait until they open their flanks to attack." said Arex seeing his chance.

"Launch full attack against their left flank now." said Arex. The Officer signaled the rest of the force and they begun the attack against the other Hellrox army.
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Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/5/08
The Hellrox General watched as Arex's troops were lead into a trap.
"You have my brother to thank for this."

As soon as Arex's troops minus him, his reserves, and a few of his highest officers, entered the zone there was an explosion.

The sky turned red, the land filled with fire, the screams of the dead died and the screams of the now dying filled the air. Most of Arex's attack force was wiped out. Jazen saw this and ordered his catapults launched. What was launched was a special liquid that grew if water was used to stop it. The liquid was set ablaze when Jazen ordered a group of his archers to fire fire arrows into the enemy. The Hellrox front line broke down. With no where to run or hide they were being pushed back. Jazen decided to send in only a few of his troops in the front lines to take out the remaining troops in Hellrox's front line. Then...

The troops Jazen did not advance got caught in an explosion. The shockwave tossed Jazen off his horse. Hellrox's forces continued to advance. They needed reinforcements.
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Raid successfully infiltrated the area where few Hellrox Generals arranged a meting, now only thing left to do is to eliminate them one by one. Raids moved silently towards the doors making no sound and place his eye onto the lock to see what is going on.

"So General Bering... it seems that Cross Kingdom has finally showed up at our very doorsteps..." Edward spoke and stood up.

"I was right, as always." Bering responded arrogantly.

"Enough of foolishness. Let's continue developing our plans." commanded the leader, Ali.

"Aye, aye... just stop nagging Ali, can a maid bring us something to drink?" asked Edward. "My throat is dry."

"Maid?" Raid thought, "This may be my only chance."

Raid stood up and run towards the staff room that was across the hallway. He noticed that a worker left his clothes on the table so he took a chance and disguised himself as a chief. Now he was free to walk into the kitchen, he pour some poisons into the wine bottle and shook it so the liquid will not be noticed. Careless maid walked into the kitchen ignoring Raid. She picked up the wine bottle and carried it to the Generals.

Maid walked into the room where Generals are.

"So the refreshments have arrived." Ali smiled.

Maid poured the wine into cups.

Generals dismissed the maid and picked up their cups.

"Let us toast now, for Hellrox!"

All there Generals drank the wine till the last drop. At first nothing happened, Generals simply returned to their discussion.

After few minutes suddenly they grabbed their chest and started suffocating, few moments later their death was assured. Their lifeless bodies feel on the floor.

In the meantime Raid took of his disguise and left the castle. The assassination worked out well even trough it was not his style.

"It has been done. Now to find out more about that mysterious blade." Radi got on Mal Jin and rode off to meet Jazen and bring him news of his success.

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