Be careful what you say
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Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08
Donghae Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk Donghae. Where ever one was the other was sure to be close behind. Everyday both of them would be seen helping the other. Whether it was with picking out an outfit or helping with their hair and makeup. Everyday was like that without fail but this day where our story begins was not like any other day.
Eeteuk nearly had a heart attack when he awoke suddenly to the sound of screaming and things being thrown.
“Hey,” Eeteuk screamed, “im trying to sleep.”
Eeteuk walked into the kitchen and immediately dropped to the floor to avoid being hit on the head with a piece of burnt toast.
“You know how I hate burnt things. You’ve known me for at least 4 years. You know I hate it!” Donghae screamed at Eunhyuk.
“I didn’t do it on purpose,” Eunhyuk, screamed back, “Heechul probably messed with the buttons.”
“I don’t care,” Donghae, screamed, “You should have checked them before making breakfast! I wish you would just . . . “
“Morning” Eeteuk broke in trying to stop the two from yelling, “What’s up?”
Both Donghae and Eunhyuk looked at Eeteuk with faces that said “if you get close we’ll rip you in half”
“Nothing’s up” Eunhyuk said trying not to yell at Eeteuk.
“Except the smoke levels in the room,” Donghae said with a humph.
“It wasn’t my fault,” Eunhyuk screamed.
“I don’t care! I hope you get severely injured!” Donghae screamed with tears coming to his eyes. Eeteuk tried to grab Donghae as he rushed out but Donghae just pushed him away.
“What the flip happened?” Eeteuk asked Eunhyuk who was standing in the center on the kitchen with his head looking down.
“You know that bread that only Donghae eats?” Eunhyuk asked with tears in his eyes and a quavering voice.
“Yeah about it?” Eeteuk asked.
“Well there was 1 piece left and so I was going to make Donghae toast but I burnt it and so Donghae freaked out.” Eunhyuk said with tears rolling down his face.
“That’s what this whole thing is about?” Eeteuk asked Eunhyuk as he turned around a looked at the piece of toast that had nearly clobbered him on the head earlier. “That’s not so bad”
“Well Donghae always eats that bread. It’s his favorite and now that I burnt it he didn’t get to have it and now he wants me . . . “ As Eunhyuk tried to finish he dropped to the floor and began to cry “I DON’T WANT HIM TO BE MAD AT ME!” Eunhyuk screamed so loud that every one in the building could hear.
“Don’t worry about it. In a week Donghae will have forgotten all about this.” Eeteuk said sounding quite positive.
But after a week Donghae had not forgotten about it. He avoided Eunhyuk and didn’t even want to talk to him. Eunhyuk was so upset. He wanted to make the situation all go away. He bought Donghae’s favorite bread for him but what ever Eunhyuk did, Donghae didn’t care.
IT had been 9 days, 14 hours, 6 minuets and about 17 seconds since the fight and Eunhyuk was keeping track of every second that went past.
It was midnight and Donghae couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about that day. Eunhyuk had given him a huge card that said “Sorry” in his own handwriting. Donghae wanted to forgive Eunhyuk but the situation was so big he just couldn’t get up and forgive him.
Donghae got up and walked over to the window. He expected to see a ton of fans outside of the apartment but when he saw no one he figured Hankyung had got them all to go home. Then something caught his eye. It was a person. It was Eunhyuk. Donghae sighed and put on a jacked and went out to Eunhyuk.
“I still haven’t forgiven you” Donghae said, “But what the flip are you doing out here alone?”
Eunhyuk was standing in the middle of the street. During the night no cars ever came on the road. Donghae saw Eunhyuk turn towards him. Eunhyuk had been crying and tear streaks were on his cheeks. Slowly Eunhyuk turned away from Donghae and Eunhyuk’s arm slowly lifted to point to something in front of him. When Donghae looked to see what Eunhyuk was pointing at he couldn’t help but forget about the situation.
“GET OUT OF THE WAY!” Donghae screamed but Eunhyuk just stood there.
A car was racing down the road oblivious to Eunhyuk.
“MOVE IDIOT! MOVE!” Donghae screamed again.
The car was now about 50 ft from Eunhyuk and Donghae reacted. Donghae leapt out in front of the car and shoved Eunhyuk out of the way. Donghae felt a blast of wind blow past him as the car zoomed by missing them by only inches.
“ARE YOU INSANE?” Donghae screamed at Eunhyuk.
Eunhyuk just sat there dosed. He wasn’t sure what just happened but he was sure the Donghae saved his life.
“ARE YOU INSANE?” Donghae asked again.
“No” Eunhyuk finally said, “Why did you do that? I thought you wanted me to get hurt badly.
“I did at first but then I realised that the whole matter was stupid., and knowing Heechul he could have messed with the buttons.” Donghae said with a little grin.
Eunhyuk and Donghae talked for a little bit longer about the situation then headed back to the apartment to go to sleep.
The next morning Eeteuk nearly had another heart attack. Donghae and Eunhyuk were yelling again.
“What are you to arguing about now?” Eeteuk asked.
“I’ve done it!” Eunhyuk screamed “The perfect piece of toast.”
“So you two made up? You forgot about the fight?” Eeteuk asked hoping for a good answer.
“Donghae and Eeteuk just looked at each other and laughed. No one else but the two of them knew what had happened last night.
“What fight?” They both asked together.
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Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/10/08
soo funny lol~~....
cant stop laughing!!!
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Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08
Lol funny!!! The magic that a little piece of toast can do
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Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/9/08
I got the idea from my brother who always has toast in the morning and if you burn it he freaks and has a horrible day. The whole story was pretty much a reenactment of a morning when you burn his toash except for the car part (^_^)'

Oh and here is the image of the burn toast
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