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Chapter 2

Now in the modern times, in the morning:

*In their heads*

Serena: "Mizuki-chan, can you hear me?"
Mizuki: "What!?!?! I was sleeping!!!"
Serena: "It’s the first day of high school Mizuki-chan!!! I’m so excited I’ve never been to a school before. When we get there it must be beautiful!!"
Mizuki: "Why do you have to mingle with the humans on earth! I mean when I turn into myself I don’t! We still need to find out clues to help us separate each other !! Got that, you naive angel!!"
Serena: "LaLaLaLaLa … ~~"
Mizuki: "I had to be bound to you! It could have been anyone! God why did you have to do this! Wait I don’t believe in God…. What am I saying!! I'm a vampire!! Bleh Bleh."
Serena: "Dear God, let me have a safe day!
Onegai-desu. Let’s go Mizuki-chan!"
*Serena heads to school cheerful, she even saves a cat on the way*
Mizuki: "Ugh. How did I get stuck with this person. Calling me with a –chan on the end."

Serena: "Look-desu. It’s the school! Mhmm, Sakura Garden Academy!"
*They arrive at the front gate*
*Serena pokes through the crowd*
Serena: "Who’s that?? Just a boy-desu?"
Fan Girl 1: "Just a boy !?! He’s the super hot Kaname-senpai!!! Not only cute, but has a great personality and good at sports! I heard he was in training to be a model?! Are you new to this school?"
Serena: "Yes-desu. I see…"
Mizuki: "Just some arrogant bastard."
Kaname: "Ohayo my girls!" * chuckles*
Kaname * in his head *: "Annoying every morning they do this! Why can”t they just can”t get a life… *sees Serena and smiles at her* Mhmm, looks like we have a toy Kaname.

Serena: *shivers*"Mizuki-chan something doesn't seem right about that boy…"

Mizuki: "Who cares! Now stop bothering me I have to sleep for my patrol tonight!"
*bell rings*
Serena: "ehhhhhh!?"
*run toward school and bumps into Sensei*
Serena: "Can you help me find my class? I'm in class 2-A."
Sensei: "Seems like you're in my class… Are you a transfer student?"
Serena: "Yes!" *smiles happily*
*Sensei leads first into class*
Sensei: "Class we have a new transfer student!! Hehehe she’s cute so treat her well!"
Class: "What a perverted Sensei!!"
*Serena walks in and falls*
Serena: "Owiiee-desu… Konnichiwa-desu!! My name is Serena-chan!! Take care of me- onegai!!"
*class whispers while Serena keeps smiling*
Sensei: "Well take a seat next to our hot… Kaname!!"

Serena: "Hai!"
*she hesitantly sits down*
Kaname: "Nice to meet you I’m Kaname."
(in his head): "She should be blushing by now, like all the annoying other girls do when they see me."
Serena: "You too-desu!!" *smiles*
* Kaname is stunned by her smile and surprised that she doesn't blush after she turns away quickly*
(in his head): "This girl may be very interesting…"
*Lunch bell rings*
Serena: "Mizuki-chan!! Lets go to the Sakura trees!"
Mizuki: "Do what you want… bleh.. I don't really care."
*Serena sits on the ground*

*Kaname stares at her from far away*
*Then he decides to get close*
*Serena gets up and falls*
*Kaname catches her by the waist*
*Kaname smiles at her*
*She stares at him*
* All of a sudden Kaname feels embarrassed like he never has been *
Kaname: "Are you okay?"
Serena: "I think so.....Thank-you for catching me by the way"
Kaname: "No problem"....*blushes*
Serena: "Can you please let go of my waist?"
Kaname: "Ohhhh yeahhh.... Sorry. I forgot."
*Serena walks back to class*
*Class ends*
*Serena is walking back home and sees Kaname*
Serena: "Hello Kaname!"
Kaname: "Can i walk you home?"
Serena: "Okay...."
*He walks Serena home*
Kaname: "Good-bye Serena.. I'll see you tomorrow in class..."
*This girl doesn't seem to fall head over heels for me so easily*
Serena: "OK!!"

*When the moon comes out*
*Serena changes into Mizuki*
Mizuki: "Finally, it's my turn to play!!"
Serena: "Ne, Mizuki-chan... Don't stay out all night, ok..."
Mizuki: "Be quiet, you annoying angel!! Go to sleep, so I could be alone already!!"
Serena: "Hai~!! Good Night, Mizuki-chan!!"
Mizuki: "Finally..... Now to go on patrol for some food..."
*Walks around til she finds a person that looks good*
Mizuki: "Hmm.... There's a person, right there...and she looks good to eat.."
*Walks to her and surprises her*
Woman: *shocked and scared* "Who are you?? What do you want with me??"
Mizuki: "Oh, nothing... Just that I'm a Vampire!!"
Woman: *screams*
Mizuki: "It's too late now..."

*Mizuki bites into her neck and drinks her blood*
Mizuki: "Ahhh... Now that was good..."
*Mizuki leaves the body there and leaves*
Mizuki: "Now, I better go back to that annoying angel's house before the sun come up."
*She goes back*
*The sun comes up and Mizuki changes back into Serena*

The next day:
*Inside their heads*
Serena: "Good morning Mizuki-chan!!"
Mizuki: "Shut up!! Can't you see, that I just started sleeping!! Geez, what do you want?!?!"
Serena: "Sorry Mizuki-chan!! I forgot!"

Mizuki: "Yeah, just don't bother me again."
Serena: "Today is another day for school."
Mizuki: "I know! I know!"
Serena: "la la la la~"

[At school]
*Serena tried to get through the crowd to get to class*
Mizuki:*in head* "It's so annoying these girls!"
Serena:*in head* "Tell me about it!"

[At class]
Kaname: "Hey Serena." *smiles*
Serena: "Hi Kaname desu~" *smile back*
Kaname: *in head* "She's still not acting like the other girls....."
Kaname: "So you have anything to do after school?"
Serena: "No. I have no plans desu~"
Kaname: "Do u want to meet up later to hang out?"
Serena:*in her head* "Oh no. I forgot! I change back into Mizuki at sunset."
Mizuki: *in head* "Oh look someone asked you out. hehe too bad because I come out to play at night."
Serena:*in head* "I know desu~"
Serena: "Um, no actually Kaname, I got other plans sorry."
Kaname: "Oh, okay. That's too bad."

[School's over and sun setting]
Mizuki: "hehe, Now it's my turn for an appearance." *smiles*

*She jumps onto the roof of the house and makes her escape*
*Just then a shadow appears and disappears*
Mizuki: "What was that!? Ehhh forget it I’m hungry!"
*She stalks on the roof for awhile*
Mizuki: "Now, where is my next destination? Hehe"
Serena: "Mizuki-channn~ Go on a diet and just spare a life. You can live on artificial blood desu~…"
Mizuki: "You don”t know how it feels…"
*Just then Kaname walks by the house*
Kaname: "I hope I can see her… That new transfer student… haha I feel like a stalker!"
*All of a sudden he sees a shadow on the roof*
Kaname: "What the!!"
*Dark hair swishes around Mizuki*
Kaname: "Is that Serena!? *yells* HEY!! GET DOWN!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!"
Mizuki: *quietly* "Hmmm.. What do we have here?" *licks lips*
Kaname: *In his head* "What a beautiful girl… That’s not Serena… It looks like her, but its so dark I can’t see…"
Serena: *gulp* "I hope you're not thinking about…"
*Mizuki stands up and get near… stalking closer and closer...*
Serena: "Mizuki-chan, stop! You can't do this!"
*Mizuki smiles gently*
Kaname: "Lonely eyes… She has it…"
*Mizuki about to jump*
Serena: "Mizuki-chan!!!!!!"
Rika: "AHHH! KANAME-KUN! What are you doing out so late!? Wanna have some fun?"
Mizuki: "Insolent little brat… *copies rika* AHHHH KANAME!!… hahaha My god.."
*Kaname turns to Rika for a second and when he turns back, Mizuki is gone*
Kaname: "She’s so mysterious….. Who is she?"
Rika: "Who? Who? Nyaaa~ Don”t look at other girls while your with me … Kaname-kun!^-^"
*Kaname stares straight----with no emotion*
Rika: "Kaname-kun…."
Kaname: "Hello. My pretty…"
Rika: "Kyahhhh~!!"
Kaname:*In his head* "Irritating… Shut up…"
*Kaname walks Rika home*
*While this happens Mizuki got another prey*
*When Kaname makes it home*
*He daydreams and then goes to bed… with Mizuki on his mind as well as Serena..*

End of Chapter
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it's getting interesting! ^^ can't wait for next
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nyaaaa~ i love our story =)
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i wanna read more about it!! can't wait..
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wow!!it just gets better n better!!haha!!great job!!^^
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I love this story nyaa~ I just can't wait for more! ^ 3^
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Nyaaaaaaa I love it
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