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The world is cruel.

In its grips, it holds you tight.

It does not let go.

You cannot breathe because satan has you.

You struggle yet you fail.

There is nowhere to go.

Nowhere to hide.

Satan will always find you.

Yet as you gasp for a final time.

Hope comes. Descending from the earth.

In front of satan, Jesus stands.

His arms reaching for yours.

The battle begins for your soul.

You are so confused.

Which side do you choose?

“Come daughter… come.”

“Liar… don’t listen to him.”





Tears fall so fast you do not know what to do.

You spend so much time scared.

You do not have a clue what is wrong and what is right.

You have been stuck in your own shadow with satan’s grip still attached.

“Come… you’ll be safe!”

You turn your back.

Follow satan.

You look back once.

His arms still reaching for you.

Tears are in his eyes.


You walk away without saying a word.

Fourteen years later

Fire burns your skin.

There is no hospital here.

No doctor. No nurse.

The smell of rotten meat lingers in the air.

You do not hear Jesus voice no more.

You in hell! No connection at all.

You want to go back and change your mind.

You won’t to be received with open arms.

You regret your decision.

Jesus said, “Come” but you did not listen.

He cried yet you dismissed them.

You go in a corner.

Roll in a ball.

Cover you face with your dirty hands.

A rumble comes from your chest.

It feels raw and new.

You let out a cry of agony.

Wishing you took his hand.

Wishing you had said, “Yes I will come.”

I would not call this a poem but a story in a different format. When I started writing this story, I cried and let tears come. I felt like I was comparing this story to my own life. My own life had been a in a wrong path. It had been in such a mess. I am so glad that the love of Jesus rescued me from that path.

I hope this story brings a value and meaning to your life. I also encourage you to read the Bible… for it is the truth and life. Do not read a book that a pastor wrote or a book about encouragement from a random stranger read the Bible. It is full of fascinating stories about the love of God and the love of his son Jesus Christ.


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Posted 8/18/08 , edited 8/19/08
Yeah, everybody needs the bible. It has every answer to all our problems and encourages us even more than those motivational books.
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