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Vampire Knight Novel
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Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/10/08
KYYAAA! There's a Novel that has come out...What do you guys know about it....?

Here are some images from it...

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Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/16/08
i wish i could read the novel!
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F / In my fantasies.
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08
I want to read the novel too... but sadly, i have no information to share with you guys. this is the first time i heard of it. T_T
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08
is that yuki's best friend hugged by hanabusa????????? where did you get it????????
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08
where can i get my hands on it?
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Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
that's cool hopes it gets licensed ^^
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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08

takuto4mitsuki wrote:

is that yuki's best friend hugged by hanabusa????????? where did you get it????????

I know that its definately not yori-chan but its a new character in the novel that likes kaname and the story is set just after the night class was established...

and i got the pictures randomly...
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24 / F / New Zealand!!!!!!...
Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
I want to read it!
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24 / F / New Zealand!!!!!!...
Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08

Sophisticated_Panda wrote:

KYYAAA! There's a Novel that has come out...What do you guys know about it....?

Here are some images from it...

Those pics look cool
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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
i thought it looked like the manga --"
okay. maybe i'm wrong.
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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice sketch
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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
where can found it !? =P
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Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/3/08
Here is a translated preview that I downloaded, somewhere...I kind of edited some bits cause it didn't make sense...

Vampire Knight – Sin of Ice Blue

Original: Matsuri Hino
Author: Ayuna Fujisaki
Translated: Tomi


If she did not have that encounter…
How things would have been different for her now…
His mind wonders idly like that as the rain keeps falling on him.
It’s meaningless to think all those 'If's…
Because it’s too late since it did happen already in the past…
Since I've already met her…
Falling rain stings his eyes. Pieces of ice break away…and the sand melts away to nothing along with the rain.
And he just keeps standing there…unmoving…
It all started...just a few months ago...


Wow… Why does everyone seem to so high?
That’s what she, Fuuka Kisaragi, was thinking.
It was the night before the entrance ceremony for Cross Academy. She and the other new students were attending an event called “An Evening of Socializing”. However, the level of excitement among those students was bit too much for such a get-together, she thought. As she looked around, she noticed that most students who were noisy with their excitement seemed be the girls who graduated from Junior High.
“Finally, I can see those in the Night Class in person~!”
“Rumor says, they are all elite and good-looking. What should I do? I’m so nervous~!”
“Hey, is it true that there are only gorgeous people in the Night Class?”
“Yeah! My sister is in high school division but according to her it is true. They are unreal!”
“Gash, I’m so looking forward to see them~!”
People in Night-Class division…?
Fuuka, who attended a different Junior High, was wondering what those girls were talking about when lights on stage came alive.
And there appeared…
“Hello to all you freshmen. Thanks for attending this event tonight. I’m Hanabusa Aidou.”
Under the bright light, he lightly brushed his hair and posed for a moment.
“I’m Akatsuki Kain,” said Kain as he stood there looking uninterested.
Waah~! It’s true. They are so handsome!
Fuuka was awestruck.
“They are really, truly handsome!”
“I’m so glad I chose to come here!”
The appearance of those two gorgeous guys was enough to cause excitement in the audience - Aidou smiling brightly, and Kain trying to hold his yawn.
“Which blood type is more common among this year’s freshmen?”
With Aidou’s this sudden question, people fell silent for a moment.
“Is he a type who believes in the Blood-type and Personality compatibility?”
“I wonder if he likes some fortune-telling.”
“Ah, that’s so cute!”
Girls who are out-going started to respond to him immediately.
“I’m a punctual A-type!”
“I’m a rare AB-type!”
“I’m a laid-back O-type!”
“I see. I prefer…A and O-type…, and B and AB, too. Guess I like them all so it doesn’t matter. Seems there are lots of cute girls this year. So let’s make our school life fun one!”
With that, it seems a fan-club for all those girls who fell in love with Aidou was created. Also, the temperature in this auditorium rose about 5 degree, it seems.
“Can’t keep up with this…” Kain said with a sigh, as girls let out another scream for Aidou’s bright smile. That’s when another handsome guy appeared onto the stage.
“Hey, Aidou. Take it easy. I’m Takuma Ichijou, the vice chairman for the Night Class and also a vice officer for the Moon dormitory.”
“He looks like a Prince~!”
Hearing more delighted screams in the audience, Fuuka couldn’t suppress her surprise.
Another handsome guy! What is this? Is a rumor of NC consists only the beautiful people really true? Are they choosing who attend Night Class by their looks?
Ichijou continues. “Unfortunately, you, the Day-Class and we, the Night Class have very little contact with each other which I’m sad to tell you.”
With this comment, Fuuka noticed the mood of audience fell crashing down. She imagined that most girls in audience wished they, too, were in Night Class.
“Thus, I hope we can still get along well. So, it was great to meeting you! Now, I understand you will all be a student of Cross Academy after tomorrow’s entrance ceremony...“ continues Ichijou with a smile.
“I hope you will enjoy the fulfilling school life… Hey, what? Kaname?”
With a shock, he almost dropped his microphone.
At that precise moment, she was hit with such intense ecstasy she almost felt dizzy.
What is this?
Seems my heart could stop now…


Fuuka couldn’t take her eyes off from the person who just appeared on the stage - she didn't even blink.
What a beautiful, black-hair - a splendid color of darkness.
He was like the ruler of the night. Standing there smiling gently with elegance and dignity. And Fuuka was at loss. Lost in his beauty, she couldn’t help but to be drawn to him…
What a beautiful person…
The world was turning to his color… I can hardly breathe now… But I feel such happiness at same time…
What is this feeling?
My heart is pounding so hard now… My cheeks feel hot… I’m embarrassed see him straight… but can’t look away, because it’s too precious…
This feeling….What is it?


Mean while on stage, Ichijou tried to gain a control of himself even though it was obvious that this person’s appearance did shock him greatly.
Why Kaname is here? This is just a social gathering for the show and there is no need for him to come…?
Then, just as he read what was in Ichijou’s mind, Kaname smile and said, “I just wanted to congratulate all new students… Shouldn’t I have come?”
“No, way~!” replied girls in the audience, before Ichijou could.
Next, there appeared other members of Night Class - Ruka, Shiki, and Rima - Seeing such gorgeous faces, it was almost a dream-like view on the stage.
“Hey, Ruka. Why didn’t you stop Kaname?” whispered Ichijou.
“I did think that Kaname-sama should not be bothered by these low-life humans, but…” started Ruka angrily.
“…Well, there is nothing we can do to stop him anyway…“, added Shiki.
“Gee…” With a sigh, Ichijou finally put his smile back on his face and turned to audience.
“…As you can see, our Night Class’s chairman came to say his congratulation to you all. Kaname, take it away!”
Kaname took the microphone from Ichijou’s hand, and slowly moved it to his attractive red lips.
“…I hope you have a wonderful time at this school.”
And that was the end of the evening gathering. Members of Night Class left the stage leaving girl audiences in love-struck mood and boy audiences in silence.
“Ah~ They went back…” The atmosphere suddenly got depressing as Night Class disappeared from view.
“That’s right. We do use the same classrooms as Night Class. If we wait for them to come out of their dorm, we can see them again!”
“I’ll be there everyday!”
“Me, too. For Aidou-senpai!”
“What? I’m all for Kaname-senpai!”
“I like Kain-senpai the best!”
“Me~! Ichijou-senpai~!”
As girls started their confession to each other…
Fuuka was still left in her dream-like state.
Was it Kaname’s beauty she was attracted? Or was it his beautiful blood?
This was the day that changed Fuuka’s destiny forever…


On the way to Moon dorm, Kaname suddenly stopped in midway.
“What’s the matter, Kaname?”
Then, he looked up at the night sky as though something was in his mind.

The wheel of fate began to spin…
No one could stop it now...

A few months later...
With a tiny hope burning in her heart, Fuuka hurried down to the Moon Dorm…
Her fate…shall

Continues with VK – Sin of Ice Blue Novel

Novel “Vampire Knight – Sin of Ice Blue” will continue from here on.
What kind of fate awaits for Fuuka, a girl who fell for Kaname?

Because her heart was completely taken by Kaname’s presence, a Day Class first year student, Fuuka Kisaragi, decided to sneak into Moon Dormitory a night before The Saint Chocolatle Day. There, she met her fate…and…
It happened a year before Yuuki and Zero entered high school. Aidou, Ichijou, Kain, Shiki, and other students in Night Class show their true self as…
Who the vampire is… or human? What kind of relation between these two can exsist? Revealed in first time, one of legends of Kurosu-Gakuen that was sealed in the past!!

The Second Story – Setsuna no Toki (A moment in time)
It’s a story of young Zero. How was he when he was young?

(Young Zero said) “Why vampires always harm human?”

“Setsuna no Toki” is the second story in the book along with “Ice Blue no Tsumi”. It’s a story of an incident which Zero experienced when he was 11. At that time, he was entrusted under Master Yagair’s guidance, to become a professional hunter. At there, he meets a boy named Kaito, who is 4 year older than Zero and also was training to become a pro-hunter. It’s a story from hunter-side that has never been told before…

What was a hunter apprentice, Kaito, facing in his life???

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Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
But doesn't kaname like yuuki?im totally confused right now...
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Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
So it's a novel, but it's full of pictures?
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