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The North Blue is one of the 4 Blues in the world. Beside him, there is the East Blue, Blue West and the South Blue. The North Blue borders with the West Blue in the second part of the Grand Line, the New World, where the Blue East and the South Blue in the first part of the Grand Line border. To this date, the storyline has not said much about the North Blue,But we do know it's the home of the legendary Liar Norland,the first blue sea inhabitant to discover Skypiea.

Places to Visit:

Lyneel Kingdom:This is where Montblanc Norland is born and and died there. This is also Montblanc Cricket's anciental home.Lyneel appeared fully in the Norland Flashback during the Skypiea Arc. It appeared as a rolling green hills with buildings that rescrambled as a northern European style. It is not known if Lyneel was the member of the World Government yet the King of Lyneel has to ask Mariejois permission first before entering the Grand Line.

Micqueot:A city of the northern soil. It was metioned once in the story, Fullbody made a comment on where the wine comes from. Other than that, it's unknown where the city is located.

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