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The Grand Line is the ocean current that follows an imaginary line that runs east to west across the middle of the world and perpendicular to the Red Line. In effect, it's the equator in the world of One Piece. The Red Line is a vast continent that circles the globe from north to south and functions as a Prime Meridian. These two Lines divide the two oceans of the world into four seas or Blues: North Blue, East Blue, West Blue, and South Blue. This stretch of ocean is said to be the most dangerous place in the world, and is sometimes referred to as the Pirates' Graveyard because of this reputation. Most believe that it is impossible to safely leave the Grand Line save at its beginning and end; however, the World Government regularly sends ships across the Calm Belts by coating their hulls with Seastone - this renders them invisible to the Sea Kings.

Places to Visit:

Reverse Mountain:Reverse Mountain is a mountain at one of the points where the four Blues meet and is one of the two known entrances to the Grand Line. This place is unique in that rivers from the Blues flow up the mountain, meet at the top, and then flow down into the Grand Line. This is due to the fact that the mountain, being a "Winter Island" using Grand Line terminology, is much colder than the surrounding sea in the Blues but not in the Grand Line.

Cactus Island: is an island with several cactus-shaped mountains, with the "spikes" being tombstones. These mountains were never fully explored, so it's unknown how one can climb these mountains. This is one of the first islands reached in the Grand Line. This is the location of the Whiskey Peak arc.

Whiskey Peak:Called Misty Peak in the English dub, is one of the major cities (an only city fully explored) located on Cactus Island. This city is inhabited entirely by bounty hunters working for Baroque Works, who capture any bounty heads that land here. Apparently, everyone in the town is now dead, thanks to Roronoa Zoro.

Little Garden:Is an island on the second row of islands in the Grand Line. Due to the climate, Dinosaurs still are alive here.

Drum Island: is a Winter Island, located on the Grand Line. This is a snow-covered island with a chain of drum-shaped mountains, and is where Tony Tony Chopper was born. Years before the present timeline, the Drum Kingdom had a kind ruler.Currently, the island is ruled by the Sakura Kingdom, headed by Dalton.

•Drumm Castle:The castle is a huge palace on the highest mountain in Drumm.It was developed by Kuleha over after Wapol fled to the sea.

•Bighorn: is a town near the coast of Drum Island. This is where Dalton lives.

•The Drum Rockies: are a chain of drum-shaped mountains on Drum Island. The middle one is the largest.

•Cocoa Weed: A small village at the foot of the mountain to Drumm. Here are Dr.Kuleha and Chopper for the first time.

•Gyasta:The third village on Drumm.. It is located north of Cocoa Weed on a small lake. There is allegedly a lot of ice.

Ice-Road: The ice road is an area of the Grand Line. It is located between Water Seven and the mysterious triangle.As the name suggests, it is near an island winter.It is very cold and snowing constantly.The greatest danger, however the huge icebergs, which constantly collide with each other.If a ship between these advised, it would be crushed immediately.

Alabasta:Is a Summer Island roughly half-way through the first part of the Grand Line. Alabasta has a long history. It is located in Sandy Island.

•Albarna:Is the capital city of Arabasta, and is rich in culture. It is an extremely large city, on a huge rock. Stairs are carved and paved for entrance to the city. It is extremely circular, and features both a clocktower and the Arabasta Royal Palace. Just outside the city exist the Royal Tomb, there is a forest where Zoro got lost in, and the Arabasta Poneglyph Chamber.
••The Alubarna Clocktower:Is an extremely tall building, resembling Big Ben in England. There is a large open area at the very top of the tower. The top of the clocktower can only be accessed from the stairs on the bottom floor, and going up the stairs for the building it rests upon will get you nowhere. At the time, Sir Crocodile planned to launch a bomb from there, due to the large open space and the close proximity to the Central City Square.

••Central City Square:This is a large, circular area where people can meet. It resides just outside of the Arabasta Royal Palace. The first and final confrontation between the Rebel Army and the Arabasta Royal Army took place here, at the climax of the Arabasta Arc.

•Nanohana:Is a port-town in south-east Arabasta. It is the central port city, and handles the most import and exports in all of Arabasta that goes to outside. Nanohana is the "Little Flower" of Arabasta. Nano is an english word for "very tiny", and hana is the Japanese word for "flower". This possibly hints the city may have many cultures within it.

••Spicy Bean Tavern: The Spice Bean is a Tavern in nano Hana,where Ace met his little Brother Luffy and where they ran into Smoker.

•Yuba:Is a small town, only about 8-10 years old. It was started by Toto and his son, Kohza. It has a very unique, dirt like style of architecture. This town was abandoned (except by Toto) after many sandstorms came. The Rebel Army relocated after this to Katorea.

•Erumalu:An ancient city, it is all ruins. It was known as The Green City. The city itself resides in a region that lacks large amounst of rain.

•Rainbase:Is one of the few thriving towns left. The casino, Rain Dinners is here, and under it is Sir Crocodile's base. A pyramid-shaped building, it seems like a normal casino, and acts as one. Behind the scenes, Crocodile was secretly scheming against the King.

••Laburnum Casino: The gold rain casino by Sir Crocodile is located in Rain Base, and it serves as base and headquarters of the Baroque company.

•Katorea:This city is only seen very briefly. It is just north-east of Nanohana, a short ride away. The only view shown is in a filler scene where Chopper accidentally falls asleep in the back of a caravan and travels there, where he meets Eyelashes the camel.

•IdoIdo:Is an anime-only city in the One Piece anime. This town was visited by a group of con men led by Kamyu who came here to take free food while posing as Rebel Army men.

•The Spiders Cafe:Is a cafe near the coast of the island of Arabasta, but still in the desert. The cafe is owned by Paula.

•Mausoleum:The Mausoleum lies west of the Royal Palace. To get into the secret underground tombs advance must be a certain stone figure rotated.This mechanism opens a hidden door ground, which in the deep rocks, on the Alabasta.

•Tamalisk: A port city on the east coast in Alabasta.The rebellion was the meeting place of the Navy.

Jaya: is a forest-covered island that was once much larger than it is now, due to over half of it being launched into the White-White Sea by Knock-Up Stream. The island was ruled by the Shandians four hundred years ago, who guarded the Poneglyph located in their city of gold, but they too were launched into the sky. In the present day, however, the island is mostly uninhabited other than a few towns. The island seems to be a major base for pirates

•Mock Town: Mock Town is a city on the island Jaya, which is a major criminal energy series.Here it only as swarms of criminals and murder is not an isolated case. The streets are lined with bars and restaurants, where the pirates prefer drunk and wild parties to celebrate.Mock Town visit to the lives of pirates and the entire structure is on the "Tourism".

•Mount Cricket's House: Mount Crickets house is a small house that had 2 floors, but no stairs.This is because 400 years ago the house in the middle has been separated, Half with the part of Jaya transported into the sky.

•Tropical Hotel:The Tropical Hotel is the only quiet place in Mock Town and was completely by the pirate gang Bellamy booked . It has many tropical plants and a Mediterranean flair with lagoons and palm trees. Spector is an employee there.

Skypiea:Skypia (Skypiea) is in the white sea and is the legendary country in the sky.The entire island is a cloud and everything else is from clouds formed It hovers over the sea near Jaya, from where you only with the help of the knock-up streams and the South Birds in the sky.Nobody really believes in this country,

•Shan Dora:Shan Dora is the name of a 800-year-old golden city. The name means something like "The right eye of the Totenkopfs" . Shan Dora was 400 years ago to Jaya. When the island was still completely, and as a skull looked like the city was in the right eye this Totenkopfs be found

•Angel Beach:The "angel beach" is the coast of Island Angel. . It consists of marine and island clouds. At this beach Skypias anchor the straw hat band first. It is very similar to a holiday paradise with palm trees and sunshine and almost always good weather.

••Lovely Street: The Lovely Street is the main road and the main shopping street in Iceland Angel. Even the shops here are from clouds or float on them.You can use this road with a pedestrian zone compare shops are everywhere and people are talking on every street corner.

•Cloud's End:The Clouds End is a large gate, through which one, if it was Skypia in the blue sea.

•The Light Of Dora Shan: The light of Shan Dora is a giant bell of pure gold! It was 400 years ago in the midst of the golden city Shan Dora.In its foot embedded is a Porneglyph that the ancient weapon Poseidon reported. The inhabitants of the city, the Shandia, never knew the contents of the inscription of the Porneglyphs, but it listed with their lives.

•White Sea:The White Sea is a sea of clouds. It is 7,000 meters above the blue sea, as the residents of Sky Iceland the sea under the clouds.

••Sky Roads: There are a total of 4 Sky Roads.One, the white sea in the Upper Yard, and then split into 4.On each of 4 small Roads are the intruders other dangers.Each is in fact one of the 4 Priest guarded.

••Milky-Way:The Milky Way is a Sky Road, the Himmelstor in the white sea up to the snow-white sea. Only the lobster Express creates there vessels up to 3,000 meters transported.This is fairly rapidly, and due to the many curves is a rollercoaster ride the same.
•Snow-White Sea: he snow-white sea is 3,000 meters above the sea of white. So 10,000 meters above the blue sea. By getting too deep, falls into the sea below. In snow-white sea Skypia the sky island, and the Upper Yard, the land of God. One way the White Sea to reach the knock-up stream. In this method, either all or none. There are other methods, but only a small percentage of travellers arrive alive.

•Gan Fort's House: Gan Fort lives something away from the rest of civilization Skypias, where he is usually the pumpkin crop is dedicated.

•Giant Jack: Giant Jack is a huge bean stock, in the midst of the Golden City stands up on the cloud cover also grown.

•God's House: The church is the palace where the gods Skypias reside. Prior to Enel was Gan progress the last God, which Skypia reigned from here.There he was until he Enel and the priests and attacked the house of God was distributed.

•Heaven´s Gate:The Heaven's Gate is the gate by the white sea up to Skypia to 3,000 meters higher snow-white sea. There lives the guardian named Amazons.We must usually 1 billion Extol as entry fee per person to pay. If one crosses without pay, it is a crime 11st Grade .The penalty is that the 10-times the fee.

•Upper Yard:The Upper Yard is holy, God forbidden island of Enel. The four priests, the direct subordinates of Enel, live there and make the visitors traps. The island consists of proper land, the residents Skypias as Vearth call and a gigantic forest stands on it. The island is of Sky Roads through.

••Sacrificial Altar:The sacrificial altar is situated in the north-east of Iceland Angel in the middle of a huge forest of Upper Yard.The altar is located in a lake, where many bloodthirsty Sky sharks live.

Bilka:Is a sky island like Skypiea. It shares its name with an ancient city on the moon. The island is where Eneru and his men came from.

Navarone Island: is taken up entirely by the Marine base, G-8. This is the location of the G8 Arc.

Pineapple Island:The Pineapple Island is a small island on the Grand Line.It is an oval-shaped island in the middle of a big mountain, the shape and appearance of a pineapple.At one end of the island are huge broken stone arches in the water, the leaves resemble a pineapple. In the tropical forest surrounding the rocks almost exclusively to grow pineapples.There are a lot of monkeys.

Longring Longland: is a chain of ten islands in a ring shape, with a path between the islands that surfaces once every year.

Water 7:Water 7 is the city of water, because this city is moved by small channels.
•Pucci:Is one of the cities conected to Water 7 by the sea train.It's mayor is Bimine .His daughter Marmieta and her manservant Yamenahare dwell there as well.
•San Faldo:Is one of the cities conected to Water 7 by the sea train.
•St. Poplar:Is a town connected to Water 7 and Enies Lobby by the Sea Train tracks. It is notable as being one hour by Puffing Tom between Water 7 and this island. It's nickname is the "Town of the Spring Queen.

•Blue Station:The Blue Station is the station of Water 7. From here you can get on Puffing Tom.

•Bleunos Bar:A bar in Water 7 underground.

•Cashing:This is where gold can be exchanged for cash.

Dock Number 1:Where the Galeey-La company is located, there are 7 other docks.

•Franky House:Franky's and his family's house outside of Water 7.

•Galley-La Company:Is the home of the best shipwrights in the world.

••Galley-La Swimming Pool: The swimming pool of Galley-La at the bakc of the company.

•Water 7 Sword Shop:Water 7 sword shop, where Zoro buys his swords.

•Water 7 Timber and Hardware Shop:Water 7 timber and ardware store used to repair ships and buildings.

•Tom's Worker:Where Fanky and Iceberg used to work with Tom in his Shop.

•Shipyard:The ship value of Water 7 is the best around the Grand Line.It is a merger of 7 formerly competing shipyards, by Mr. Iceberg united.

•Waterways:The waterways through very Water 7.With Yagara Bulls can these waterways in order to navigate from one place to another.

Enies Lobby:Enies lobby is a court island of world government and is also known as the island without night, because they are always surrounded by light and there is never dark.

Marine Hedquarters, or Navy headquarters:Is the headquarters of the Marines and seems to be where the Admirals reside, along with the Vice-Admirals and any other lower officer when they aren't assigned to another base.

The Holy Land of Mariejois:Is the capital of the World Government and serves as another gateway to the Grand Line. The Government's HQ is there and the Council of Kings meets here.

Fog Island: The island is on any map because they are behind a fog field. It is largely uninhabited except for a flock of goats and their "chief" Zheny. The island is sickle on it and there is a well-shaped mountain.

Fishman Island:Is an island which dwells underwater,It is located 10,000 meters under Mariejois, in a giant hole that goes under the Red Line, it serves as an underwater gateway to the New World.

The Florian Triangle:Is the stretch of sea that one has to cross over to reach to the Fishman Island. It acts as a Bermuda Triangle of One Piece World.

Elbaf:Is the name of an island inhabited by giants.

Shift Station:The station shift is a marine station, which in the open sea, and only on rails with islands.

Holliday Island:Is an island located somewhere in the Grandline. This is where Mr.3 and Miss Goldenweek took their day off when they're not on a mission. A hotel with a giant pool can be seen in this island. Many visitors comes to this island.

Vira:Is a location in One Piece. Although never seen, Nami reads in the newspaper that is was recently overthrown. Vira is a small country in comparison to somewhere like Alabasta.Later in the Jaya arc this place was also mentioned in one of Norland Montblanc's journal entries. 400 hundred years ago it was described as a sunny town.

The Red Line:Is a long continent that stretches across the entired world, from North the South, along the equivalent of Earth's Prime Meridian. While the continent appears unpassable for any boat wishing to cross between the seas or to certain sections of the Grand Line, there are certain pass points which a ship can cross between the Blues: up and down the waterways across Reverse Mountain (typically used to enter the Grand Line by pirates

Fireworks Island:There is only one city on the island.Each year there are on the island a huge fireworks festival.

Rukurka Island: Ruruka Iceland is a small island on the Grand Line

•Rainbow Tower: The rainbow tower is located on the island Ruruka Iceland. Wetton had to let him set up in the rainbow fog off the coast of Iceland Ruruka to penetrate, where many ancient treasures can be found.

•Hideout of the Gourd Pirates: The hideout of the gourd pirate gang-is located just outside Rurukas, on the coast. Here played Rapa Nui, Pukau, rongo, Akibi and Isoka together with Henzo, always when they were still children. It is a cave in the cliff by a rope with a very large rocks in the sea.

•Wetton's VIlla:Wetton lives as a tyrant of Ruruka Iceland in a magnificent villa on a hill, from which a panoramic view of the sea.

Scorpio Island: The real name of this island is not yet known. It is located on the Grand Line.It's trademark is a big rock, which is like a scorpion's tail.

Banaro Island:Is a island that recently was ransacked by Blackbeard and his crew. He also fought Ace here.

Bartigo Island: Iceland is also Bartigo island of white earth, white was to include rock and soil.It is located on the Grand Line and houses the headquarters of the revolutionaries.

Cape Of Twins: This is the area of La Boum.The Cape of twins is at the foot of River Mountain at the exit to the Grand Line.
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