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Shit what do you know it did exist just no one uses it lol.

Hmm, oh well it seems i am unable to report this thread for some reason so i'll just wait for a mod to delete it. Untill then use it for random stuff.
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Well I guess just use this one lol! because the other Naruto Discussion is waaaaaaaay to old to post in so just use this one I guess....
About Naruto Then:
I like it cuz of the plot Sure it is un-original but its a kind of plot thats decent.
Animation -I mean c'mon a three year old can Draw better then that...
Charactars -I sometimes hate some charactars in the anime like Sakura and Shion ugh they're so stupid
I guess thats all I have to say.... >w<
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yeah ill agree on littleanimefan2 the story plot is alright but the anime grapfic of naruto just sucksi guess they need to refresh their drawing board cause its just too lame..........and i hate naruto cause so damn weak an retard and stupid and idiot and every bad thing that i can think of he has everything...
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Please use the Anime Discussion thread

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