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Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/14/08

Arc00 wrote:

Um If You Took World History, You would have studied about Ancient Mesopotamia and the Sumerians. This talks about City States such as Uruk for example and that Gilgamesh was a king who was 2 parts God and 1 part Human and that he was evil King. Refer to the Ancient Literature "Epic of Gilgamesh" which myth says that Gilgamesh was the king of Uruk around 2600 BCE.

True but this is a bit of a reversal since, King Gilgamesh here, started out as young hero not unlike Gil but apparently has become somewhat evil. Although it is still to early to tell if he is really evil, after all the guy that he killed was implied in the flashback to be the one that set his son up to die. Maybe he has a good reason for lying to everyone about the Blue Crystal Rod.
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Posted 12/31/08 , edited 1/1/09
The trailers are out, They say January 2009.
im just so so happy
Posted 8/23/10 , edited 8/23/10
You know what really sucks, the second season is available in my region though the first isn't. A serious let down, who the heck begins on the second season then goes and visits the earlier season?
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