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**Academy Fantasia season 4 (18 June - 8 Sept)**

The 20 people who had been selected to be an Academy Fantasia superstar for season 4 are.

V1 Nat
V2 Jack
V3 Papang
V4 Ae
V5 Bomb
V6 Eing Eing
V7 Eaw
V8 Music
V9 Tol
V10 Namfon
V11 Cat
V12 Tee
V13 Man
V14 Anti
V15 Dew
V16 Jo
V17 Lukpong
V18 Puifai
V19 Pong
V20 Dear

*Week 1*

- Song used in their first Audition
- V4 Ae, V10 Namfon, V14 Anti and V20 Dear have been eliminated

*Week 2*
- This week song is a Best of me song
- V5 Bomb, V7 Eaw, V13 Man and V15 Dew have been eliminated

*Week 3*
- This week song is a Luk Krun song
- Pong V19 was eliminated

*Week 4*
- This week song is a boy band/girl band song
- The Korean band called Super Junior came before the end of the concert
- Cat V11 was eliminated

*Week 5*
- This week song is Luktook song
- Jo V16 was eliminated

*Week 6*
- This week song is the cover hits song
- The most shocking thing is Jack V2 was eliminated

*Week 7*
- This week song is a Super Stars Super Hits song
- The most shocking situation happen again Puifai V18 was eliminated since she did an excellent singing on that day

*Week 8*
- This week song is Tele Song or song about telephone
- Eing Eing V6 was eliminated

*Week 9*
- This week song is Cheer song
- The unbelieable and shocking event happen when Tee V12 was eliminated since he is the most popular person in this season

*Week 10*
- This week song is No/Karaoke Theme song
- Nobody was eliminated and since Nat V1 have the most popular vote. He get to choose two people to come back into the Academy Fantasia contest again. He chose Pong V19 and Cat V11 since they both have been eliminated faster than anyone else

*Week 11*
- This week song is dance music song
- Cat V11 was eliminated

*Week 12*
- The announcement was

1st Nat V1
2nd Tol V9
3rd Papang V3
4th Music V8
5th Lukpong V17
6th Pong V19

- There will be the 13th week called "The Best of AF4" where all AF4 superstar include all eight people who have been eliminated from the Audition and Best of Me week too.

*Week 13*
- This week song is "The Best of AF4"
- Jack V2 is the person who have the most popular vote in that week
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From AF4...
I impress the voice power of Eing Eing, Puifai and the personality and decision making skill of Nat V1.
Nat V1 really deserve 1st position though he is not so strong in singing.
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