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Posted 7/11/08 , edited 8/2/08
**Academy Fantasia season 5 (12 June - 2 August)**

The 16 people who had been selected to be an Academy Fantasia superstar for season 4 are.

V1 Prink
V2 Beer
V3 Tab
V4 Benz
V5 Beau
V6 Micky
V7 Nan
V8 Pump
V9 Nimv
V10 Good
V11 Deer
V12 Ron
V13 Nat
V14 Kee
V15 Wahn
V16 Green

*Week 1*

- Topic - My Song & Your Song
- V7 Nan and V11 Deer have been eliminated

*Week 2*

- Topic - Your Request
- V2 Beer and V4 Benz have been eliminated

*Week 3*

- Topic - Killer Songs
- V9 Nimv has been eliminated

*Week 4*

- Topic - Dance Songs
- V15 Wahn has been eliminated

*Week 5*

- Topic - Love couple
- V1 Prink has been eliminated

*Week 6*

- Topic - Asanee Watson
- V13 Nat has been eliminated

*Week 7*

- Topic - Indy
- V6 Micky has won "The Protection cup". However, on that day, V3 Tab has been eliminated

*Week 8*

- Topic - luktook
- No one was eliminated, and all AF5 singers are to return to the competition. Next week, the person who hasn't been eliminated with the lowest popular vote will be leaving. On the other hand, the person who has been eliminated with the highest popular vote will be returning as a AF5 candidate.

*Week 9*

- Topic - My Favorite song
- V13 Nat has returned as an AF5 candidate. On the other hand, V5 Beau has been eliminated

*Week 10*

- Topic - Korean Song
- V6 Micky has been eliminated

*Week 11*

- Topic - Battle
- V16 Green has been eliminated

*Week 12*

- Topic - The Final Battle
- The announcement was

1st Nat V13
2nd Ron V12
3rd Pump V8
4th Good V10
5th Kee V14
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