Koge donbo-sensei's Recreation
Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08
Koge-Donbo is the creator of Digi Charat,Pita-ten, Kamichama Karin and more cute animes! Did you notice that she recreates some characters or some characters look like her previous works? Then heres a special news by Kazusa-chan for Anime Dream only please continue to read!!

Sugar of Snow fairy Sugar and Misha from Pita-Ten look a bit alike. Its because their creator recreates them again in other animes she makes. Take a look of some of the spoilers and you'll see what we mean. But please don't take the pictures, Kazusa-chan took a hard and long time finding them.

It is rumored that Magical Usamimi Girl is her next signature anime/manga. They bring Karin, Misha back to life with different names and history with same or alike looks. Nanao Kaga is actually the recreated Karin Hanazono-san from Kamichama Karin and Chu while Misaki Kanda is really Misha from Pitari Tenshi or also known as Pita-Ten.

'~`***Kazusa-chan***`~' ----> Misha___chan
Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08
Here are some more that I saw, please do not steal it was found by Kazusa-chan only!

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