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Posted 11/2/08 , edited 11/3/08
Wha-? K-kill new-comers? Alessa thinks, she stares wide-eyed in the direction of the departed wolves.
"Alessa?" the polite man, with red-bronze hair asks. Alessa is frozen in shock.
H-h-how does he know my name? I should've stayed home, Alessa thinks as she whimpered.
"Oh, Alessa, I'm so sorry about before!" Amber cries, she hides her face in shame.
Alessa's form is still. Suddenly she bolts away into the trees.
"Where's she going?" Emmet asks, looking at the bronze haired man.
"She's going to change. She wants answers," the man replies.
"I suppose she must be very confused. Another girl werewolf," an older looking man says in understanding, his honey-gold eyes troubled.
"Another?" Alessa asks, she stands in the fringe of the trees, hesitant.
"It's alright, dear. We won't hurt you," the kind looking woman says.
The older blonde man looks to be the leader, the kind woman is standing next to him. Another blonde man is tense, he stares at Alessa intently, he is standing next to the short girl and Amber. The bearlike man, Emmet, is standing next to a blonde beauty. They all must be paired, Alessa realizes.
Alessa stares at the young baby. She looks like the woman who is holding her, and the red-bronze haired man next to her.
The red-bronze haired man follows her gaze.
"How?" Alessa asks, she remembers in the stories, that the women were frozen in their state, they could NEVER have babies. How?

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Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
"hahaha" the beautiful women holding the baby chuckles "I can see you have some questions. Perhaps you better join us for dinner so we can fill you in"

"I'd better call Jacob, he's proabably better at explainning your transformation than I am" said the male Alessa now knows as Edward.

The baby seemed to smile at the name Jacob. Odd, Alessa thought...



A dark mysterious figure moves in the shadows, It's eyes locked on Alessa. It's paws are light as it glides through the forest to the town known as La Push...
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Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/5/08
Alessa followed the Cullens, she didn't feel afraid, she felt as if she could trust them.

A smile curved Edward's beautiful lips, he nodded. "If she feels that way, Jasper."

The bear-like man --- known as Emmet --- looks exasperated. "What?"

"Alessa trusts us," Edward said, he turned halfway to look at Alessa. Alessa's face grew hot,

she looked away from him.

So you can read minds? I remember the stories of . . . vampires who had extra abilities, Alessa

thinks, she turns her attention back to Edward.

He puts his arm around the woman holding the baby. He nods.

So that baby is his, and hers. How? Alessa muses. Wait, they said the name Jacob. I remember

hearing that name a while back . . . a week before I decided to come here. Edward? Why did you say

his name earlier on? Is-is Jacob a leader?

Before Alessa gets her answers, the kind leader speaks. "So what can we do for you now, Amber?"

"Um, Carlisle, I'm having a hard time . . . adjusting," Amber says, she is clinging to the kind looking


"Well, that's understandable, dear. All of us do," the kind looking woman says.

Carslisle looks back towards Alessa and smiles. She hesitantly smiles a tiny smile. "We're . . .


Some of the vampires chuckle --- sounding like a harmony of instruments. An inside joke.

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Posted 11/6/08 , edited 11/7/08
"hmmm, it seems we are being watched" said Edward quiet calmly

"Garet seems to be out in the woods over there keeping track of the newly transformed werewolf. Haha his mind is quiet full of questions, he is angry that we intruppted him. He's not the type to..." Edward cut of mid sentence

A questioned look took over his face.

"Who's that? Garet what are you doing..?

RUN YOU FOOL!!!" Edward barked the last pharse and he tensed up with his fangs gleaming brightly.

He leaped to the door in and instant and went through it, not bothering to open it. His brothers dissaperead right after him with Rosalie and Alice. Bella seemed to be trying her best to keep the baby quiet, but the baby had a look of pure horror on it's face.

Alessa phased and took off after Edward with Amber right on her tail.

They arrived on the scene soon after the Cullens.

A beheaded wolf lay on the ground, slash marks and cuts dug into his sides everywhere. Several bones were broken, but the wolfs severed head was nowhere to be seen. What was there tho, was a blood trail, left purposely along the trees. Blood splatterd the trees leading deeper into the woods and away from Forks.

"Well, what now?" muttered Emmet

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Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/8/08

Alessa's horror was clear on her canine face. A strange loss ripped through her being, her eyes

widened as she sank to the ground next to the wolf. She stared at the blood in disbelief. She

howled for the lost brother, the brother she never knew. Her howl was close to a sob and was

broken as one.

WHY!? she shouted in her mind. Th-that -

"Alessa, NO!" Edward shouted, seeing what plan she had formed halfway.

She lunged forward, sniffing the air for that vile leader. Edward had said Garet's name.

"Emmet, stop her!" Emmet did as Edward said. Alessa's breath was knocked out as Emmet

tackled her to the forest floor.

"Alessa, I know you're angry, but killing Garet won't bring him back! You thought it yourself!

You didn't even know him!" Edward said.

Alessa's anger faded away, the loss took its place. T-tell Emmet to get off me, please.

"What's she sayin'?" Emmet asked, half annoyed.

"Okay, I guess you can get off," Edward muttered.

Emmet jumped to his feet, Alessa laid there. He grinned at her. "At least the infant didn't bite


Why? Why did he do it? Alessa growled, trying to keep back the painful yowl.

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Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/8/08

"Perhaps I better do some explainning of things"

The sudden voice shocked Alessa and Amber as they turned around to see who had spoke

"Ah it's about time you made it here, Jacob Black."

Grinning, the tall shirtless male moved towards the Cullens.

Amber's nose wrinkled when he walked by her, and Emmet let out a chuckle.

"So how's Bella and Nessie these days Edward?" said Jacob

"Cut to the point Jacob" replied Jasper in an almost threating manner "what's going on?"

" pack has teamed up with the pack of La Push. We' war" said Jacob

"War?!? With who?!" yelled Jasper

"Well, it's not so much a war, as an invasion"

"An invasion? by whom?"

"Them." Jacob pointed his finger at the eboney wolf laying on the ground. "They're quiet strong, and they all seem to be the same color. All eboney. I don't really have any idea where they came from, but a sudden wave of them attacked La Push the other day. We got one of them but Seth is pretty beat up. They worst part is, they seem to be lead by an actual Child of the Moon."

"An actual werewolf?" said Carlisle astonised


"Before we do anymore explainning, I think we better go back to Bella and Renesme" suggested Edward

"Agreed" replied the Cullen family all at once

Alessa and Amber followed dumbfounded on what they had just heard as the Cullens and Jacob made their way back to the house.

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Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08

They stopped in front of the Cullens' house.

Wha-? Jacob? So you're a leader? Wait, so that was a real werewolf? Wh-why didn't he harm me?

Alessa thought, astonished as Carlisle looked.

"Er, I think Alessa should change," Jasper muttered, feeling her mood.

"Alessa? So where'd you come from?" Jacob asked, looking back at her from his long strides.

The Makah Rez, Alessa thought.

"Hmm, so you don't have anymore clothes?" Edward asked.

Alessa shook her head and bowed it. She felt embarrased to have no clothes and maybe have to

ask complete strangers for clothes.

"Don't worry about it," Edward smiled. Alessa froze.

Er, okay . . . um, Alessa thinks, her thoughts were scattered by that one smile . . .

Edward stopped suddenly, Bella was tense at his side. Everyone of the vampires went frozen, stiff,

but remained in protective stances. Bella to protect her and Edward's baby, Edward to protect Bella.

Esme, Emmet, Rosalie, and Amber were warily confused. Amber was the only one unprotected by a


"They're coming," Edward spit.

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Posted 12/5/08 , edited 12/24/08
"Alice!" Edward shouted.
Alice danced her way to his side in a heartbeat.

"Alice," Edward said with disgust in his tone.
"What is happening? Who ARE they?"

"I-I, I'm not sure Edward. Surely they are not human. They have incredible speed. Dark eyes, very much like Jacob.. yet somehow different."

"I see." Edward sighed

Alice shuffled her way to the front of the group.
"Does anyone know about this? Who these people are? where they have come from?"

Just then Alice noticed Alessa's eyes flutter to and away from hers. She was nervous, maybe she knew about them? What was she thinking? Surely Edward knew. And if he wasn't suspicious, neither was she.

A dizzy motion almost had Alice falling over as she peered into the future.

Suddenly, Alice's eyes widened with horror as she saw what was to come. Jasper raced to her side and whispered in her ears soft enough that no one else could hear. Alice nodded and ran to Amber's side, her being the only one unprotected.

It was time to fight. And WE were ready.

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Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/6/08
Alessa's mind was muddled. What's going on? could somebody at least try to explain?

Edward gave her a fleetling glance. He shook his head. "Not now."

Every one of the vampires looked confused at Edward, but didn't ask any questions. A new voice

was suddenly in Alessa's mind.

Hmm, Jacob said, going through Alessa's past thoughts.

What's going on? Alessa asked Jacob.

Jacob's face was grim. Interesting . . . another one. Okay, here's what's going on - since the Cullens

won't explain - there have been different wolves coming around. They are different from us. They

are probably . . .

"Children of the moon," Edward finished Jacob's sentence.

Children of the moon? Alessa asked.

Jacob went up to her and nudged her shoulder. It's okay. I'm glad you came here, but you don't

have to fight. Crap! Where is Seth and Leah when I need them? Man, Sam better bet here quick.

Jacob's thoughts turned down an unfamiliar path, Alessa stopped paying attention.

Jake, what's going on? a familiar voce inquired. Alessa's ears perked as a black wolf approached.

Finally, Sam, Jacob said. He began to tell Sam what he told Alessa.

There were other wolves behind Sam, all sorts of colors from a silvery gray to a sandy brown.

Wow. Alessa thought, she felt intimdated and shrank behind Jacob.

Who's the new girl?

Girl? a woman thought, she sounded surprised at that.

Hey, focus! Jacob thought. The thoughts were silent now.

Alessa noticed that the packs were sitting seperately. Four wolves were sitting closer to Jacob

and a couple of others were sitting closer to the one called Sam.

Two packs? Alessa thought. She stared around. Why are things so different from the stories?

"We don't have time, Alessa," Edward reminded her.

Jacob and Sam looked at her.

Alessa, follow some of the other wolves back. You're no trained to fight, Jacob said, he

looked at the sandy brown wolf. Seth, take her and the others somewhere else.

Seth whined mildly, but took off in a run. Alessa listened to Jacob and followed Seth and the

other smaller wolves.

I hope they'll be okay, Alessa thought, she glanced back at the small crowd of allies. Wolves

and Vampires . . . .

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Posted 12/14/08 , edited 12/15/08
Alessa paid too much attention to the green path she was running on. Carefully avoiding any plant

or stray root.She knew Seth was behind her; she could somehow see into his eyes also. He was

wondering who she was, why she came. She sighed quietly, following the wolves that were small

as her. They all had their thoughts on her, wondering quietly what was going on. Alessa permitted a

glance back towards the allies of wolves and vampires.

Hey, it's okay, Seth slowed into her stride, looking into her eyes and smiling a wolfy smile. They

know what they are doing.

Alessa looked into his dark brown eyes, she nodded and trusted him for an unknown reason. They

ran, leaving the others behind, until they reached La Push. As they stopped somewhere beside an

ocean --- Alessa could hear the waves roar --- they sat down in a small circle. Some of the wolves

were pacing.

The second smallest wolf there looked at Alessa. Where did you come from? he asked, but he

didn't wait for an answer. He was already sifting through her mind, just like Jacob.

Maka Rez, Alessa answered, feeling somewhat awkward. She didn't know anybody, and hated

it. Why couldn't she have just stayed home and been normal?

Seth nudged her shoulder. Nobody's normal.

She hesitantly smiled. That was true. In Forks, everybody was either human, a werewolf, or a


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