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Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/7/08

black_cat1514 wrote:

Angam wrote:

chloe_aka_sakura wrote:

Angam wrote:

~Can change people who are dying.
~Won't slash off your face when they get mad.
~Are very romantic
~Hotter than a werewolf (if u know what i mean.. )
~Don't have to breathe
~Can swim
~Don't explode
~Stronger than Werewolves
~Drink Blood instead of scarfing down a lot of food...
~Are really dead
~Can resist blood (if they're strong)
~Run faster than a human... XD
~Vampires are more famous... (you hear myths about Dracula and other people.)

er... i can think of more but oh wel... >.<

i agree too....but i like the way they drink blood.... its so erotic!!!

XDD *laughs my head off* hehehe, thanks.. i wonder how blood tastes................... XD

i like the taste of blood...=D

XDD really...? o.o :P
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