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In the Lightning Country, Suigetsu interrogates a Cloud ninja about the Eight-Tail’s location. The ninja says he won't betray his comrades. Sasuke says that fear can be exploited and activates his Mangekyou. The man is shaken and Karin tells Suigetsu to let Sasuke handle it.

The ninja reveals the Jinchuuriki's location and appearance, a man who wields eight swords and bears an "iron" and bull horn tattoos. He passes out and Team Hawk, wearing Akatsuki robes, heads out. Suigetsu contemplates that Sasuke will be an even bigger handful with his new eyes. Karin once again blushes at Sasuke's coolness and Juugo thinks the atmosphere of the country could help him relax.

The team continues on through the cloud covered peaks of the Lightning Country. In Konoha, Fukasaku reads the code and thinks over the past battle. He states the code is too vague. He knows Pain can revive himself and it's too dangerous to face him now. Kakashi asks if the autopsy would help, but Sakura says that will take time. Naruto demands to know how much but Sakura says the process is intensive, it takes awhile. Tsunade offers a week at the earliest. Naruto states he'll tell them to hurry up but Sakura yells for him to leave Shizune alone. Naruto states he will avenge pervy sage and that he can't sit around.

Fukasaku offers that with the code decoded Naruto has nothing left to do. There's no way he can beat Pain so he should come with him to Myouboku Mountain to learn the sage techniques like little Jiraiya did. Naruto is taken aback and asks if that will be enough to beat Pain. The toad says he doesn't know, but his current skill level definitely isn't enough. Tsunade says it's okay for him to go and the toad says the training will be tough, so will he do it? Naruto offers that the pervy sage went through it, so he can too.

He agrees and the toad contemplates being entrusted with the child of prophecy. In Lightning, multiple tentacles retract into a figure training in a cave. From out of the darkness emerges the Eight-Tails Jinchuuriki, cursing the pain of the daylight on his eyes...

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