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Bingo Book: The Key 4

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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/29/09

Sirberius and the others stood outside of the ruins of the Mystic Hall and faced the people that had gathered from everywhere. The news of Sirberius still being alive spread across the Mystical Community like a wildfire. The people in the crowd seemed astonished to see Sirberius, but at the same time, enraged.

“How can you call yourself a leader if you let an evil person join your Council?”
“This is your entire fault. People have lost loved one and family because of your stupid mistake.”
“You are unfit to be the Grand Mystic. I say that you leave that position to a more worthy person,” said Espion, Dante's former aide.

Sirberius closed his eyes, still seeming calm. Then without any sign of change, he was in his Complete Hybrid form. He opened his wine red eyes and yelled out into the crowd.

“SILENCE! I will not tolerate any of you questioning my position, or how I plan on running the Council.”

Everyone was taken aback by these words. But the members of the Council were shocked way worse, having really never seeing Sirberius so upset that he shout. Sirberius himself was shocked at his actions. He was full rage, then it all went away and he could think clearly again. He shook his head and looked back at the people.

“What I am trying to say is that at the time that I met Dante, he was pure of heart and his ambitions were on the right track. And besides, it wasn’t even his fault for having turned on the Council. It was Draethius’s influence. The man that I left in the Death Dimension was the very same one that I had met so long ago. So please. Do not hate him.”

The crowd, still in shock, nodded their heads. Then Sirberius turned and left. The members of the Council were right behind him. They all went to the Castle in the Sky and found Valentine in the throne room. Sirberius walked right over to the table and sat in a chair directly in front of Valentine.

“Something wasn’t right with them today. They have never questioned the way I’ve done things, let alone blame me and say I should give up my title.”
“That’s because they weren’t themselves,” Valentine said quickly.
Youichi said down at the table beside Sirberius, “What do you mean they were themselves.”
Valentine turned and faced both of them, “It’s so easy to figure out. Just think about it, they seemed very wrathful, very enraged at such a very small thing that was resolved with minimal damage if you ask me. And there was one Sinner that you guys failed to catch or kill.”
Tenkai looked up at Valentine and then at the others, “I know who he’s talking about.”
“Who is it Tenkai,” Sirberius said as he reverted back to his normal state and Zane and Sparda appeared behind him.
“It would have to be Azriel. The Sinner of Wrath.”
“Ah crap, it would have to be the sin Wrath,” Sirberius says scratches his head. “Can’t we ever get anything easy for once?”
Youichi smacks Sirberius on the forehead and causes his chair to tip over, “Can’t you ever act like you are a leader and not some child looking for something to play. I liked your Complete Hybrid self better; at least then you were serious.”
“Oh come on Youichi, you are so cruel.’
Valentine laughed, “Well I wouldn’t stop complaining just yet Sirberius.”
“Not like I was gonna anyways, but let me ask why not,” he said as he peered over the table.
Valentine’s facial expression became very serious, “Because it would seem that Azriel got his hands on four of my old experiments. And I’m not talking about potions of anything of that sort. I mean an experiment that can cause some real damage.”
Sirberius fell back into the chair once he sat it back up, “Oh great, can this get any freakin better. I mean, all of this right as the Mystical Community begins to hate us. So what kind of experiment is it?”
Valentine sighs, “Well, the experiment was called, Key 4. It is composed of four monstrosities whose purpose is to cause pure destruction to anything and everything within the Mystical Community.
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Key 4 must be eliminated. After all four have been defeated, a chance to take on Azriel de Ira, the Sinner of Wrath, will be possible

(this is Sirberius) All targets must be team kills, since there is only four targets. Azriel will not be someone at random

Wes, the Evening; the Key to the Western Gourd Sirberius and Tenkai's target Killed
Tsae, the Dawn; the Key to the Eastern Spike - Envy and Valentine's target Killed
Norbert, the Left; the Key to the Northern Cell - Larac and Yugo Bloodmare's target Killed
Sutherland, the Sun; the Key to the Southern Obelisk - Kett and Rubi Killed

Azriel de Ira, the Sinner of Wrath - Kira and Vincent's target Killed
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28 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/17/08

Valentine, Envy (who changed her name to NV), Sirberius, Tenkai, and some others arrived at Mirage Island. If anyone was unknown about The Gourd, Mirage Island would seem perfectly normal. They docked at the island.
They began to walk towards the mansion.
“So who are we up against?” asked Tenkai.
“Key 4 consists of four members,” said NV. “They are Norbert the Left, Wes the Evening, Tsae the Dawn, and Sutherland the Sun. Each has a different power. Norbert can make things disappear. Sutherland has control over Hellfire. Wes can control people by their shadows. Tsae can control temperature; basically over hot and cold.”
“Who thinks of these names?” wondered Patsu.
"No idea. . . Bastards name their children with bastard names" Patsu giggled to Larac's reply
“It’s from the Epitaph of the Holy Lord,” explained Valentine,
“ ‘The group was ambushed by Key
First was Norbert, the Left
Next was Tsae, the Dawn
Then was Wes, the Evening
Lastly was Sutherland, the Sun’.”
Sirberius had heard of the Epitaph of the Holy Lord. It was a story believed to have been written by Eon, a god killed in the Battle of Swawns. No complete copy had ever been found. It was said that the Fallen Order had torn up all complete copies as instructed by Draethius but that was only a rumor Sirberius had heard in the Death Dimension.
They reached the mansion. Guarding the elevator was Tsae the Dawn.
“You go on ahead,” said Valentine, “we’ll deal with this guy.”
“You better survive,” said Sirberius.
“Don’t take me lightly.”
Sirberius led the others to the elevator. They went down to The Gourd. Tsae flexed his knuckles.
“I think it’s time to heat things up,” said Tsae.

The elevator reached The Gourd. The entry doors had a quote on it.
‘With order comes chaos, with chaos comes destruction, with destruction comes death, with death comes new order.’
They entered the entry chamber. There were three hallways.
“It looks like we split up,” said Tenkai.

Both Valentine and Tsae attacked the other with ice attacks. They both dodged them easily. Valentine tried to consume Tsae with sand while Tsae used fire to consume Valentine. Luckily both had been using replicas.
“It seems that magical attacks won’t work,” said Tsae.
“Of course they won’t,” said Valentine, “you were engineered to be oblivious to magical attacks.” Valentine and NV took out Envious Scythes. “I’d say we should keep cool and dance.”
Tsae grinned. “My thoughts exactly.”
Tsae took out a lance. Valentine and NV tried numerous combo attacks. Tsae was barely keeping up.
“How good did you make him?!” demanded NV.
“He’s second to Wes,” said Valentine, “he’s good at short range destruction rather than far off attacks.”
That gave Valentine an idea. He whispered something to NV.
Valentine did a quick Fatal Attraction at Tsae. Unlike most opponents, Tsae wasn’t killed by the immense pressure but it made it hard to move. Valentine froze Tsae’s legs. Then Valentine and NV ran off in different directions.
It took a while for Tsae to melt his legs. When he was done he only saw Valentine who was waiting at beach.
Tsae’s heat abilities were bad near the water. Unfortunately for Valentine, Tsae’s freezing abilities were excellent near water. When a wave came, Tsae froze the water, trapping Valentine. Valentine seemed calm.
“Gotcha!” yelled NV.
Tsae, still in his freeze form, turned around. Crashing out of a window was NV. She threw an exploding note at Tsae’s chest. The blast severely damaged Tsae.
The trapped Valentine turned to sand for it was only a replica. The real Valentine came in with the two Envious Scythes. He handed one to NV.
“ ‘The group defeated Key
The people refused Holy Lord’s existence
They attempted to kick them out
One was unaffected
Rac L. realized the truth of Draethius’.” Valentine quoted from the Epitaph of the Holy Lord.
Valentine and NV both decapitated Tsae using their scythes.
“That was fun, we should have these kinds of dates more often,” joked NV.
“Yes, that would be fun,” agreed Valentine. He looked at the elevator. “Maybe we should check to see that they are alright.”
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Sirberius and Tenkai vs Wes, The Evening

It had been a few minutes since we had broken up into teams of two. I teamed up with Tenkai and took the middle hallway. We had been running non-stop ever since then.

“It seems like this path goes on forever”, I groaned.
Tenkai looked at me with no sign of emotion, “You know, you really could stop complaining. It would at least make Youichi refrain from hurting you anymore.”
I smile widely, “I know, I just like irritating her. And I also can’t help it. Being childish is the nature I was given as the main personality. So it’s not really my fault.”
“Ha, I guess you are right.”

Then suddenly I sense something sinister around us. I looked over at Tenkai and saw grey aura traveling the wall right next to him.

“Tenkai, get down!”

He turned to me and then looked where I was staring. The grey aura shot out of the all and hit him dead on in the chest. But instead of flying off into me, his body turned to water and splash against the wall. Then it all gathered together and rose up to form his body.

“Well that could have ended way worse,” he said once he was whole again.
“I know. But I wonder what the hell that was.”
“It was something of mine,” came an unfamiliar voice. We both turned around and saw a guy standing in the middle of the hall.

It was a guy, a strange looking guy, but a guy nonetheless. He had black bat wings, pitch black eyes. His arms lay to his side, tied to his waist by a band, or rope of some sort.

He looked at us separately for a moment, and then took a bow, “Name’s Wes. I am know around here as The Evening, and also as the strongest of the Key 4.”
I grinned, “Really, the strongest.” I broke four of my restraints and a white aura started to form around my body. “Well from where I’m from, I’m known as the strongest. I wonder who will win in a battle against the two of us.”
Tenkai put his arm out to stop me from moving, “Don’t be so quick to fight him. Remember that Valentine created them. There is no telling what he is capable of doing.”

Tenkai unstrapped the case on his back and broke the seal on it. Then, while he opened it, a white aura shot out and formed a scythe in his hand.

“Now let us cleanse the world of this evil soul, my Deadly Goddess.” He turned to me and nodded his head, “I believe that it would not go without just for you to use your Complete Form”

I smiled and started to recite the incantation, but the grey aura that had tried to attack Tenkai appeared below me. I tried to move, but for some reason, my muscles wouldn’t respond. I looked up and saw Wes smiling. Then my body, acting on its own accord, pulled my dual handguns from their holsters. As soon as they touched my hands, my power flowed into them and transformed them into Heine’s Shadow.

Tenkai looked at me and then looked at Wes. Suddenly he started to smile and laugh.

“You made the wrong move by taking over him. I would have been the best target since he wouldn’t have tried to kill me. I on the other hand have no problem laying Sirberius to rest.”

He turned to me and tapped his scythe to the ground. The handle changed, the blade flipped up, and his scythe became a spear.

“Actually that won’t be necessary,” I say to Tenkai.

Suddenly Sparda came out bursting from the shadows within the wall, wielding Shadowy Death.

“This is where you meet your end.”

He swung the scythe but it just seemed to phase through him. Then his body disappeared. Sparda touched the ground, and then he looked as if he was frozen there. My body started to feel numb, and I was suddenly in control of it again. I looked up at Tenkai and he was already waiting on me to make my move.

“Sorry Sparda but this is gonna hurt a bit.”

I let a large wave of lightning streak from my body in all directions. They each hit the walls and bounced around. The lights shattered above and we were through into complete darkness. I could then feel Sparda’s power flow through my body once again. Tenkai’s aura turned white and emitted the element of light. In a flash, we were thrown into a light so bright that there were no shadows anywhere. And Wes was left out in the open. He seemed shocked himself and turned to run, bet met me in the process. I had finished my incantation and was in my Complete Hybrid form, wielding Heine’s Obliteration. The barrel was pointed right at his chest.

“Checkmate, my friend. Infinity Cannon.”

The barrel and the translucent blades turned red and I pulled the trigger. A beam of fire shot out and hit Wes. He flew back with the beam and as he streaked down the hall, Tenkai was there wielding his Deadly Goddess in his Enraged Hybrid form.

“Take this, Dragon Twister.”

He launched his spear at Wes and it started to rapidly spin. The air around it twisted with it and became visible to the naked eye. It looked as if a dragon with a pointed head was hurtling at him. The spear hit and shot through his body, while pushing Wes backwards through my fiery Infinity Cannon. Once the attacks disappeared, Wes’s body was nowhere to be seen.

I smiled as my body reverted into my True Hybrid form and as Heine’s Obliteration dissolved into fire, “I guess we overdid it a bit.”
Tenkai walked over to me and continued down the hall, “Yea I guess, but we have no reason to think badly of it now.”
I turned around and followed him, “Eh I guess so.” After a few more minutes we were still walking down the hallway. “Oh man, HOW LONG DOES THIS DAMN HALLWAY GO ON!?!?!?!?”
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They escaped the ambush .Larac and Yugo. They accompanied each other in the tunnel; walking endlessly. Larac was fairly annoyed of Yugo's endless questions. He could do nothing but to listen and answer. Ezra could not accompany Larac because she was helping Youichi with some tasks.

"so even though it's illegal to murder here it's ok if your a council member?" Yugo asked
"No you idiot, it's ok to murder those that are against Sirberius" Larac replied
"so, it means I can't kill anyone unless they try to kill Sirberius?" asking Larac another question
"Yes thats it. No killing. . . Also if someone tries to kill me too"
"Your lying. . . ."
"Nuh uh. You can't find your brother if I'm dead. Am I correct hellspawn"
"oh, hai hai. So then I get to kill you when I kill I find big brother?"
"Yes, you can try. . . . fuckin devil"
Yugo paused as he sensed something. "I just noticed something. . . " He said
"Woop dee doo. You want me to give you an award or something" Larac sat down and drank his bottle of beer
"Theres another being with us, following us. I think hes with the one who ambushed us" Yugo looking at Larac
"Don't cha think I know that. I'm just calculating our chance to survive"
"HAHAHAHAHA, omg. You think I will die?? Now I know why your the fun one in the group"

A strangers voice suddenly echoed in the tunnel. The two did not have any reaction to the voice, they just listened to it speak.
"strangers. . . trespassers. . . intruders" The voice said
"Is that you Norbert?" Larac asking with a motherly like tone
"Haha, is Norberto iscared??" Yugo shouting to the tunnel
"Idiot. . . You better hope that this enemy of ours is dumber than you" Larac pouted.

A spear suddenly dashed towards behind Yugo. A purple light suddenly deflected the spear, causing it to fall and slam to the wall. The spear floated again, its as if someone is holding it and in a stance position. Yugo was not aware that someone tried to attack from behind him.

"Huh. . . it seems Norberto is behind me" Yugo quickly materialized his sword and started slashing near the spear. He then bumped into an invicible wall.
"LOLZ, OMFG. I never thought I'd see an idiot from hell" Larac clearly pointing out to Yugo.
"Wha?, you know, the name calling thing is starting to get old. . . " Yugo said as he was staring on the ground

A red eye started to appear and fired lazers at Larac. Larac dodged quite a few of them but still sustained some damage from the ones that hit him. A green lion then jumped at Larac pounding him to the ground, trying to bite his head off.

"Hey you fuckin moron" Larac said as both his hands occupied the lions mouth "I'm not the enemy here"
"He's not my enemy too" Yugo playing with Larac's hair "now why would I kill someone who I don't know"
"Kill me, then kiss your ass goodbye in seeing your brother" Larac stretching his arm, grabbing Yugo's shirt while he shapeshifted two extra more to hold the green lion
"Well I suppose your right, but I'm bored. I got nothin else to do"
"You can fuckin play with Norbert and be his fluffer you nutter" Larac shouted
"huh? but hes already bleeding? No fun taking a life of a weak and dying being" Yugo replied

The lion stopped and returned to Yugo's pocket in a green form like energy. All of Yugo's weapon dissapeared "What do we do now big brother" Yugo asking Larac. "Don't call me brother you fuckin hellspawn, I need to find Norbert before he can heal himself"
"No need to do that" Yugo said "He's coming right behind you"

Suddenly Larac pulled out his blade. His weapon kept clashing with the air but it sounded that it was against another metal weapon. Yugo watched as Larac tried to defend himself with an invisible attacker.

"For fuck sake. Help me out YUGO!" Larac dodging and backing off
"Hey Larac, how come you know where to block and dodge?" Yugo asking at a wrong time
"I change my eye's anatomy to see heat. Yugo, if I die you'll be having a lot of trouble finding your brother"
"I guess your right, but it seems you got it under control. btw, they are starting to grow in numbers"
"Dont you think I know that already!! git me the fuck outta here!!!"
"*sigh* ok. I can't see half of them anywas so im at a disadvantage too" Yugo went close to Larac, even though he could not see the invisible attacks, he was safe because of his weapon Sugilite who protects his back and sides. Yugo hugged Larac and covered himself and Larac with his wings, a vacuum of wind sucked the air. They teleported to the docks standing in the sand. Larac started to heal himself. While Yugo played with the crabs.

*mumbling* "Idiots, Idiots, I D I O T S." Larac said as he rested for a few minutes
"Haha, for a guy who has vast connections in hell you sure do suck at fighting" Yugo said as he slowly open the crab's shell
"You know, if your brother didn't request that I escort you and be your nanny. . ." Larac could not finish his sentence because an explosion occured destroying the beach side. Sands fell from the sky, and the invisible men was clear because of the sand on their bodies. They wiped off the dirt, giving them their invisibility again.

"Fuck, the suns too hot. I can't tell where they are" Larac said.
"HAHA sucks to be you" Yugo laughed as he played with the beach sand
"Hey Yugo"
"What? what? You want me to take you out of here again?"
"No, how about we play a game" He said as he smiled devilishly
"ooohh, I love games, but your in a middle of a fight?"
"No its ok, I bet I can kill as many as you can" He smiled
"HAHA no you can't. Besides, I got nothing to bet" Yugo said as Larac started to move avoiding the attack of the invisible men
"Whoever the loser is, he gotta do one favor to the winner" The two of them smiled widely. It was an obvious agreement as Larac quickly shapeshifted into a sandworm, digging deep into the ground. The worm Larac started to burst out of the ground and started attacking the enemy one by one. He could sense every movement of the enemy because of his sandworm anatomy. While as for Yugo, he changed into his devil god form. Red eyes started to grow in his skin with tentacles, his color changed into white and his exterior to bone. The eyes started to fire Lazers at random places. The skulls of the invisible soldiers started to explode on their own because of Yugo's mind bomb. The lazers moved on their own turning right or left. Larac was losing in the game but winning in the battle. For every 2 of Larac's kill Yugo would take 13. Yugo laughed and enjoyed the game of taking lives, as Larac enjoyed his easy battle because of Yugo. Four spheres appeared surrounding Yugo, there was black, green, Purple and blue. The green sphere started to grow roots and started to entangle the enemy, strangling them and wrapping them in roots. The black, purple and blue fused together and started create a sudden vacuum force at random areas. The force pulled sand blinding the enemy or remove them of their battle positions. Larac grew wings and flew high above the beach and cut his arm slightly. He dropped some of his blood to the battlefield, the invisible soldiers started to fall down and losed their ability to be unseen(Larac's ability - Blood Pollution).

Yugo fell to his knees coughing and losing his ability to see. "WAT DA FUCK did you do to me Larac" Yugo shouts as he fired his Lazers to Larac's wings. Larac fell down hard, and was laughing. "I am sorry, I never thought youd be affected. I mustve placed too much dose into the virus" Larac repied. The green sphere then appeared and fused with Yugo. For a few minutes Yugo was already back in shape and standing again. The beach became quiet because Yugo and Larac stopped.

"Well, who won Larac?" Yugo asked forgetting about the incident
"Can't you tell?, it was me" He said as he wiped the dust and the sand
"No it can't be. . . "
"We can distinguish if its either you or me who killed these sods. And a lot of them is mine"
"It's because most of the ones I killed turn to ash or melted away" Yugo pointing his argument
"Tsk tsk, no excuses" Larac said "You killed only 42 while I killed 59"
"No fair, count the ash pile too"
"Nope, body count only. Hey, do you sense our dear friends energy signature around these corpses?"
"I dunno, I don't remember weak energy signs, like yours. HAHAHA" Yugo laughed maniacally
"Yeah yeah, shove it up your mothers happy hole"
The two of them laughed and had a hard time breathing because of their happy bliss
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Rubi Delacoure and C. Ling Kett vs. Sutherland, the Sun

Kett, as a rule of being a gentleman, did not talk much to women he did not know, especially those that were already engaged.

As for Delacoure, she was normally quite silent as well, and this was a mission, so...


In absolute silence, the two walked through the corridor they had chosen. It grew gradually darker, but that didn't bother either of them. Rubi's cat eyes served her well, and Kett simply didn't care if he bumped into walls. Then there was a flash of light, and the two found themselves in a well-lit room that looked like an oversized and very empty kitchen. Rubi narrowed her eyes and glared at a cupboard that was several times her height, even in Dragon Form.

"I sense Sutherland," she whispered. Kett nodded and yawned.
"Do you want the honor of defeating him? Or shall I?" he asked. In response, Rubi shrugged.
"Don't care, so long as he gets killed."
"Good." said the Maester.

Then, still yawning, he said, "Shred."

The volume of the word was as if it had been roared by a thousand lions as the entire room was indeed shredded. Rubi stared, and it was one of the few times she would be caught speechless. She had thought, of course, that Kett was far below her. He was not a member of the Mystic Council, and before this moment she had never even heard of the Maesters before. Yet, with one word, he had destroyed the kitchen completely.

The Maester cleared his throat, and smiled at her apologetically.
"This ability is the 'Solid Word.' It automatically acts as if what I said was an order to nature itself." Then he turned toward the demolished kitchen. "Sutherland, come out!"

A dislodged cupboard opened up in front of the two and a jet of black flames exploded out. There was no heat, only a sense of emptiness. Both instinctively took a few steps backward. The flames shrank into what looked like a fox.
"You are powerful to destroy my home, but I myself shall not be destroyed. I am Sutherland, the Sun!" The thing said in a rumbling voice. Then it moved.

It flowed like liquid fire across the ground, and the flames that were its fur spread toward Rubi and Kett.
Rubi quickly changed to her neko form, allowing her to jump far higher than the flames could reach. A pair of dragon wings spread out from her back as she made a raking motion with her hand. Sutherland leapt away as gashes appeared in the ground, the result of wind-enhanced cat claws.

"Cat's Cradle," the neko/dragon said, and the gashes in the floor spread in a latticework of cracks as more wind energy raked through the ground. Sutherland quickly jumped up to land sideways on the wall.

C. Ling Kett was ready for this, and he cried out, "Drench!" as the fox-creature landed on the wall. The letters of the word "DRENCH" appeared in midair as block letters made of some kind of fluid, before flooding the wall. It was a bizarre sight, water settling sideways instead of downwards.

Sutherland growled, and the area around him sizzled with a blackened fire that protected him from the water. His claws lengthened into human hands and his head became many snakes, each spitting at one of the attackers. Rubi quickly shielded herself with scaled wings, but found to her surprise that the spittle was not venom, but instead something that erupted into hellfire over her wings. Despite their toughness, they were melted like butter. She screamed in pain and fell from the air, her claws flailing.

Sutherland laughed. "One down, one-" he got out before being sliced in half. Although he had destroyed Rubi's wings, her flailing claws were not in desperation. They had actually been imbued with wind energy and aimed to gouge into the fox-creature.

Kett made a quick sign with his hands and said, "Let her landeth without perilth, for gravity shall be annulled to planteth her there injuries without, and I is not eated that gravity nor her."
That was his second ability, the "Voice of God."
Instantly, Rubi fell slower, and the ground beneath her seemed to soften, the rocks wobbling like a springy mattress.

However, in helping Rubi, Kett was going to get consumed in the flames! He was about to try to protect himself with his arms when he realized that the fire was gone. Had Sutherland's control over them been lost when he was cut apart?
He cautiously walked up the wall toward the fox's body (or what was left of it). It seemed dead enough. That was when one of the hands twitched, and started to burn. The fire grew larger and Kett saw that a head was beginning to appear in the center of the fire.

"What the-?"
"I am like a flame. Even if a small part of me is undamaged, it can ignite once more and become my heart!" Sutherland wheezed. Then he spat out a tremendous ball of flames towards Kett. It was point blank, and Kett cried out in pain as his skin started to wither into nothingness.

By now Rubi had landed, and she could see what was happening on the wall.
"Kill it to stop the flames! NOW!" She cried, and Kett complied. With a click, a long blade popped out of his cane. A few slashes, and Sutherland was in pieces again. This also put out the torturing flames that were eating into his shoulder. Vigilantly, Kett looked to see if any of the pieces were igniting. A part of the finger was. With finality, Kett cried out, "Crush!" and a crater appeared in the wall, leaving no trace of the finger.

He carefully said a few words of cleansing, and his blade was freed from the hellfire as well. Then, with a wince, he pulled off the dead skin from his right shoulder and arm, clenching his teeth to prevent from yelling out.

"Rubi!" he called between gasped breaths. "Are there any pieces of the fox on the ground that are burning?"
The girl scanned the kitchen floor and the walls (all unrecognizable due to being burnt, cracked, and very wet). She saw several burning pieces of the fox, but the moisture prevented them from growing and they soon died out.

There was one fire that seemed to trying to wriggle away from the water onto a dry piece of rubble. Rubi walked over and blew it out. It was only due to her enhanced hearing that she could hear the tiny
"noooooooooo!!!!" that escaped from the flames.

"He's done, eh?" Kett said, landing next to her on the ground.
"Now, to get out of here." The Maester looked around, and said, "Let there appeareth to us a doorway out of this place, and i shall not eated the door."

A door appeared, and the two left. They were the first to exit the mansion. Unfortunately, they walked out over a cliff.

Rubi was part cat, so she wasn't afraid as she fell, knowing that she would land safely.
Unbelievably, the great Maester C. Ling Kett was reading a book while falling, though not before uttering the command "I shalt land not harmfully, and I shall not eated the ground."

And so they fell, though neither was concerned.

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28 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
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Yugo and Larac met up with Rubi and Kett. They ran into Sirberius and Tenkai in a large chamber. A glass glowed. An elevator lowered and out came Valentine and NV.
“Hello,” said Valentine.
“I thought they were suppose to be strong,” said Rubi, “the Sinners were stronger then Key 4.”
“ ‘The group was ambushed by Key
First was Norbert, the Left
Next was Tsae, the Dawn
Then was Wes, the Evening
Lastly was Sutherland, the Sun

The group defeated Key
The people refused Holy Lord’s existence
They attempted to kick them out
One of the group was unaffected
Rac L. realized the truth of Draethius’,” quoted Valentine.
“The Epitaph of the Holy Lord?” asked Tenkai.
“Correct, Key 4 got there name from the Epitaph villains. The Four Heavenly Rulers, based of the four Words, and the Sinners of SALIGIA are from the Epitaph.
“ ‘Death, pain, suffering
Twas of the Third Word
Twist could Phaethon, the Third Word
Death is only the beginning
With destruction comes death

Phaethon tried to kill the group members
He was defeated by his own sins
Repented did Ashley, Noah, Diva
And Valentine, Dominique, Leonardo, Dominic
The third wave was rung’.”
“I thought there was never a complete version of the Epitaph of the Holy Lord ever found?” asked Yugo.
“Do you know the origins of the Epitaph of the Holy Lord?”
Valentine explained that the Epitaph of the Holy Lord was written before the Battle of Swawns during Draethius’ uprising. The identity of the author is unknown but believed to be the work of the god Eon, who was killed during the Battle of Swawns. It was believed that those held all the pieces of the Epitaph of the Holy Lord could control the world but Valentine, among many others, think that part is false. Some say the Epitaph is a prophecy while the other is the story of the Holy Lord. Valentine was the owner of the most sections of the Epitaph of the Holy Lord which he sometimes uses as codenames for his projects like Key 4 and the Epitaph Project.
“Sirberius, do you know where your title and Larac’s comes from?” asked Valentine.
“I’m going to give a random guess it’s the Epitaph,” guessed Sirberius.
“Correct, it is from the Epitaph.
‘The Holy Lord sent out Zein, the Savior of Twilight
Joining Zein was Rac L., the Shapeshifter
And the brothers Daniel and Francesco
Zein made a pact with Draethius, the Demon Lord
The others were Zane and Sparda’.”
“Zein!” exclaimed Tenkai, “that’s the name of that doppelganger from Shadow Imperia.”
“Correct. Zein and two other doppelgangers created from another lab were given those names from the Epitaph. However Duo swayed them from my grip and became his servants. When Zein came to meet with Dominic, I created a Frozen Sand Replica of Sirberius in an attempt to defeat Zein. However, just like my experience at the Rocain ruins, I could not copy the powers of the Kim-un-Kurs efficiently, thus the replica was destroyed.”
“So that’s what we saw,” said Larac.
NV pointed to the golden archway which had the phrase ‘Rivalry, Envy, Competition, Disbelief, Lie, Trickery, Death, Pain, Suffering, Multiple, Copy, Rebirth’ engraved on it.
“Beyond that door is the master control room,” informed NV, “Azriel is most likely beyond that door.”
Sirberius and Rubi went over to the archway. They opened the door.
Suddenly Damien burst out. He threw NV to the floor.
“NV!” shouted Valentine.
Valentine opens a lab door and goes in. Kett and Sirberius battle Damien.
A minute later Valentine runs out with a huge sword. It was the experimental sword Azure Nine. Rubi helps NV up.
“Me and NV will take on Azriel’s lacky,” said Valentine, “you guys go on ahead.”
“Good luck,” cheered NV.
Sirberius, Tenkai, Larac, Yugo, Kett, and Rubi ran past the archway.
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Chains which kept him still, even his power as a God could not break them. They had been made of another God's flesh and bone, something which repulsed him. But it was his weakness, he had made a pledge to never harm a fellow Endrown.

So, he could not break them. For breaking them would mean he would have to break his promise, and his honor was all that he had left. If he ever escaped that bastard Azriel would be destroyed, nothing in the whole of creation could stop him from achieving this.

He could see the smug face of stupid confidence, he was so close. But these damn chains held him still!

A door opened, six figures walked in. Not Azriel's henchman. "Hey you, get me down from here!" He yelled from his chain coccoon, wiggling around. "Damn it, hurry up!"
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Sirberius and the others walked into the control room. It was empty.
“Where’s Azriel?” asked Larac.
Rubi noticed the explosives and timer.
“Hit the dirt!” yelled Rubi.
Everyone ran out of the room. The control room blew up.
“He escaped,” cursed Sirberius.
Valentine and NV ran through a corridor and ran over to them.
“Damien escaped,” said NV.
Valentine looked at the smoking control room. “I see Azriel fled too.”
A siren went off.
“Well, I don’t know about you but I’d rather not be here when The Gourd self-destructs.”

Five of the intruders to Vincent's prison were holding strange weapons. The sixth removed his mask. The face was similar to Valentine’s.
“My name is Kira,” said the Valentine-look-alike, “I too bear a grudge against Azriel.” He took out a key. “Will you help me?”
Vincent grinned. “How… Interesting.”

Azriel was escaping in an emergency tunnel when the area in front of him exploded.
Vincent appeared out of the smoke.
“It’s time to pay you back,” said Vincent.

Sirberius and the others watched from the beach as The Gourd and the mansion were engulfed by flames.
“Hello, brother,” said a voice behind them.
They turned around to see Kira wadding in the ocean.
“Kira,” said Valentine, grinding his teeth.
Kira took a glove off. He showed an ouroboro tattoo on his hand.
“What is that?” asked Kett.
Rubi showed her hand. She had the same symbol. Valentine had it too.
“It’s the stigma of a Sinner,” explained Rubi.
“Meaning Azriel is dead and Kira is the new Sinner of Wrath,” said Valentine.
“That’s right brother,” said Kira, “why do you think I chose the name Kira? Because it means light but also had the word wrath in it.” He looked at the ground. “After Leonardo’s death, it should have been me who became the Sinner of Wrath, not him.” He looked at Valentine. “You could have persuaded Dominic to do so but you chose not too so I’m going to make you suffer. Not just you, brother; your friends too.”
Kira snapped his fingers and he was gone.

At Duo’s temple, Vincent was walking with Kira.
“So what exactly do you want from me?” asked Vincent.
Kira picked up a scroll. “Have you ever heard of the Epitaph of Blue Satan?”
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"Nope, I've been in Azriel's prison for a long time." Vincent said looked at the scroll, before his mind wandered. This was a God, with a serious case of A.D.D.

After returning from his trip from lala land, Vincent shrugged. "Mind explaining it to me?" He asked as he played with a piece of rubble.
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Kira sighed. "Do you know why demons rebel against the gods. It is because of Blue Satan, an entity believed to have defeated Holy Lord, the god's master. Whether Blue Satan or Holy Lord actually existed is uncertain but the legend remains. The most known is the Epitaph of Blue Satan, the polar opposite to the legendary Epitaph of the Holy Lord. It goes as such:

Once there was a divine entity
He proclaimed himself Creator
The maker of dimensions
He took up the name Holy Lord
He lived in the Twilight

Holy Lord ruled the universe
Holding it with an iron fist
Manipulating even the heavens
No mortal opposed Holy Lord’s will
All except for a powerful demon lord

Blue Satan rebelled against Holy Lord
He rallied the hordes of darkness and exiled
Ashley and Diva were summoned
Valentine and Dominique were called
Leonardo and Dominic were hired

Holy Lord was furious beyond belief
He sent his servant to fight Blue Satan
Sent to battle was Zein, Savior of Twilight
Joining Zein were Rac L., Daniel, and Fracesco
Both sides fought fiercely

Blue Satan sent his Words
Nemesis was the first word: rivalry
Athius was the second word: trickery
Phaethon was the third word: suffering
Duo was the last word: copy

Nemesis attacked Zein’s group
Daniel and Francesco were killed
Others defended Zein and Rac L.
Zane and Sparda slayed Nemesis
The first wave was unleashed

Athius disguised as Draethius, Demon Lord
He joined Zein’s group
He set a trap in Kaidva
Wes, Norbert, Sutherland, Tsae
All four were defeated by Zein’s group

Draethius tried other plans
He sent Vincent who failed
He sent Okuram who failed
He sent Rac D. who failed
He sent Gregorovitch who failed
Time was running out

Rac L. discovered Draethius’ deception
Zein dueled with Draethius
Draethius escaped to the realm of the dead
With Draethius gone, his wave was freed
The second wave was unleashed

Phaethon went to seek revenge
Blue Satan’s soliders betrayed him
Repented did Ashley, Diva, Valentine
And Dominique, Leonardo, Dominic
The third wave was unleashed

Duo found his opportunity
He sent his leagues of exiles
They attacked the home of the gods
Zein returned to Twilight
Rac L. journeyed to Bloodshire

Holy Lord defeated Duo’s hordes
Survivors fled from Za World
They formed into Nirvana
Zein fought and slayed Duo
The last wave was unleashed

Blue Satan’s Words were gone
He went to confront Holy Lord
Holy Lord ordered Twilight’s evacuation
Only Holy Lord and Zein remained
Twilight was sealed away

Blue Satan fought with Holy Lord
Zein was mortally wounded
Blue Satan split Holy Lord’s soul
Kira and Kurai were born
Zein knew what he must do

Zein used the power of Rebirth
Kira and Kurai were incarnated
They lived outside the Twilight
He then destroyed Rebirth
Zein breathed his last and died
Blue Satan knew he would die
He created four seeds from Words
Using Oracle they were brought to past
With his end he became like stone
Awaiting eternally for resurrection"
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Vincent was paying attention, sorta.. He was mostly looking at a piece of the chain that bounded him for so long, grabbing it he held it in his hand. It slowly sunk into his skin, it was not made of him but of someone close. "She's long dead, its something even Gods have to deal with. Death, the only sure thing in this world."
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"Actually not," said Kira, "unknown to most, the Dynasty Elder Gods guard an item called Rebirth. If you were to kill the Dynasty Elder Gods then the power over death will be yours. And you're in luck, Rebirth can only be usable by one person at a time. Seeing how you killed Azriel, the angel of death, Rebirth is for the taking."
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"Dead is dead, once dead.." Vincent said as he looked as the spot the chain sunk into him, before looking Kira in the eyes. "You can't bring that thing back, nothing can ever change that.. Not even the Great Creator could bring back the dead." He said yawning.
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Kira began laughing. "For a god you are a fool. 'Death' is a complex created by Holy Lord so obviously he has a way to undo it. And that lies in Twilight: the Rebirth."
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