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Bingo Book: The Key 4
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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 9/30/08 , edited 9/30/08
The Dawn of the Dark Age

I laid frustrated in the The Castle in the Sky's garden area. I stared straight up into the cloudless sky while thinking of our next move. Youichi and Rubi had been set out to check out how the current change in Sinners had affected the Community.

"Damnit. I can't believe that Kira killed Azriel. This is gonna mess up the entire vision of peace that I've been trying to make for all these years."
Zane appeared next to me, just as irratated (if not more) than me, "And those damn Elders are never gonna get off our back because of this new growth of power."
Then Sparda flashed into sigh and leaned up against a tree, "We need to choose our next steps wisely, or it could mean the end of everything that we have accomplished here."

Then Larac came bursting through the garden area and ran right past me. Then he jogged a few steps backwards and walk over to my location.

"What seems to be the problem?"

He caught his breathe and spoke quickly, "It seems that there are some lesser demons that seem kind of like the things we fought at the gourd. Most of the people in the Community are taking them out by themselves but there are a few select with the powers of all four that are causing the most destruction and mayhem."

"Ok," I say standing up and going to the main chambers. "I'll deal with these nuisances myself. You and the others keep looking around for anything that can lead us to Kira. And take out any of these pathetic creatures that you can or want to."

"Ok man. Just take it easy."

I grabbed all of my gear and jumped over the edge of Castle in the Sky and plummeted straight down. As i came down i spotted a few of the Demons that Larac spoke of below me. They were chasing people around the city. A few of the city people had already taken their mystical forms and were fighting off a few of them.

“Zane, Sparda, it’s time,” I say inside of my mind.
Then Sparda spoke, “I am darkness in your soul, the evil of your heart that you willingly show.”
Then Zane said, “I am the light that guides you from above, protecting all these you care for and love.”
“I am the balance between dark and light, using the skills of both to protect and fight."
“Divinity and Demonicy is what we seek, so we fight all opponents at our peak, and though while separated we are weak, by combining our power’s we become complete," We all say in unison.

My power started to elevate while all three of our auras start to glow around my body. Zane’s white aura, Sparda’s black aura, and my red aura. The cross started to shake violently and then it cracked. Dante quickly raises his sword and slashes sideways at me. But the immense amount of energy that was issuing rapidly from my body stopped the blade before it got anywhere near my skin. The cross broke I was left suspended in the air, while my arms and legs spread out. All three auras swirled around my body and where absorbed into it. My power started to increase drastically. My muscles started to get stronger as my height increased by 4 inches. My hair grew out a bit and become more unruly. My clothes were burned away as the red aura cover my body. It disappeared and revealed a black short-sleeve shirt that was kinda like a cloth jacket because it had a zipper and came down to my knees, black, baggy pants that were tucked inside of my black boots, and I was wearing black gloves.

I clutched my fists and admired my forgotten strength. Then the black aura wrapped itself around my waist. A red waistband formed around me. Then the black aura formed two separate pouches. I knew right off the bat that they both contained pieces of my Death Penalty. Finally, the white aura wrapped around my neck. It solidified and formed a silver, skeleton chain. At the end of it was a shuriken like pendant that glowed white. This was my second most treasured item, the necklace that Rubi had given me so long ago. My thoughts started to disappear, even my memories started to fade. Soon, my mind was blank. Suddenly, it filled back up with more serious thoughts and memories that had lain dormant for so long. My ‘childish’ attitude disappeared and my complete attitude resurfaced. I was now, my complete self. Heine’s Shadow, Heine’s Invasion, and Heine’s Zero appeard in the air around me me. They gathered together and started to glow. Once the light subsided, my weapon, Heine’s Obliteration appeared in my hand.

"Time Spell," I say using my wind control to send everything flying and swirling into the air as i hit the ground. "Standstill."

In the blink of an eye, everything stops. I split Heine into dual gun-blades and unleash a flurry of energy bullets that hit everything that i sent into the air.

"Time Release."

Time resumes and all the demons hit the ground and disappear in a puff of smoke. Suddenly, a demon jumped out from the shadows and lunged through the air at me.

"I don't think so ugly."

Tenkai came streaking out of no where and impales the demon with his Deadly Godess in it's Spear mode.
"Hey man what are you doing here," I ask him surprisingly.

"These things were getting a little too close to my home town, and they started to really piss me off."

A few more of them started pouring out from all around us. Tenkai turned his weapon back into a Scythe and yanked one of the demons toward my. I did a backflip and launched him into the air as i fired a stream of bullets into a few of the demons behind me as i completed the flip. Then i took aim upward and fired four shots into his chest. When it came down, i did a roundhouse kick and sent him streaking into the crowd of demons. I snapped my fingers and the body blew up.

Tenkai turned the Scythe into a broadsword and was moving about, faster than lightning, cutting through all the demons in one well placed swing. But it seemed that the more we killed, the more they doubled their numbers.

"This is seriously getting us no where."
Tenkai looked over at me, "How much power are you putting out?"
"The standard 21%."
"Try going up to 83%. Cause right now, I can tell you that I am more powerful that you are at that level."
"But I can't handle the power it gives out at that level."
"Well you'll never be able to do it unless you practice, and what better practice is it than these weaklings."
I raised my eyebrow, "Ok, if you say so Tenkai. Complete Hybrid Form, power output 83%."

Heine's Obliteration burst into flames, and the flames formed Death Penalty around my hands. I reached up to take of the chain Rubi had gave me. Just as my fingers touched it, the pendant started to glow red. A burning feeling streaked through my body and i doubled over in pain. Tenkai ran to try to see what was wrong, but as he bent down to grab me, i flung me arm out and struck him in the chin. He did three flips right over the demons and landed hard on the ground.

I clutched my chest and rolled around in pain while gasping for air. A red aura started to seep from my body and it covered me entirely. Then black and red dragonscale armor started to form around my body as if i was going into my Reaper form. but spikes started to form outward at my elbows and knees. Two horns shot out of the top of my skull and bent backwards while a dragon tail covered in the dragon scale armor grew out from my tail bone. My hands became dragon claws while my feet turned into dragon talons. My teeth sharpened, my sight improved greatly, and my face grew out a little bit as if it was going to become a dragons head. I could feel my hair grow out a lot more as it became unruly. Then the red aura covered my entire body, and that's when i lost myself in the power.

Pure hatred and anger took over every fiber in my being. I fell down onto all fours and looked around at the demons, snarling madly at them. Death Penalty had disappeared from sight, and the pendant was now in the chest plate of the armor glowing a bright red. One of the demons found himself brave enough to step foward and lung at me. He found it a mistake once i jumped into the air with him, curled into a ball, and started spinning. The red aura, in reaction, turned into a trail and line of spikes along my spinal cord and down. I tore straight through it, straightened myself out and landed on all fours.

All the other demons started to back away slowly, but i was not about to allow that. I threw my arm out at the, andthe aura responded by stretching itself out and grasping hold of four of them. I pulled them in and tossed them into the air. By opening my mouth wide, i fired a beam of pure fire energy at him and burned them all to ashes. A few of them jumped at me from behind. My tails twisted around fours times to reveal that it was made of four smaller talls. They all grabbed the demons, banged them together and snapped them in half by braking their backs. Suddenly Tenkai came flying out of the fray with Deadly Godess of his head in sword mode.

He looked as if he was moving fast, but to my eyes, he was barely even moving. i reached up and grabbed the blade with one hand. Pulling back, the sword flew straight our his hands and stuck into the wall of a nearby building. He jumped back and darted off to the left. I raised onto my hind legs and formed two fire orbs in my hands. i tosseds one into the air, just a bit before Tenkai.

"Pyroclasm," I say in a menacingly evil tone.

i launch the other like a cannon ball. it connects with the first and a chain reaction begins. Tenkai teleports away but the demons get a full dose of it's power. The orbs swirl around and then implode which makes a giant hole in space and time. all the demons are sucked into it and disapper, along with the portal. Tenkai was clinging to the ground for dear life. I walked up to him and raised my claws up over his head.

"Die, vermin."

As i struck down, Valentine appeared before me stuck his hand into the chest plate of my armor and pulled out the red pendant. The red aura suddenly vanished and i dropped to the floor and blacked out. When i came to, i was laying on the ground before the Elder Gods. i stood up and looked around the room.

"Sirberius," One of them said. "You have disobeyed us for the last time."
I stared at them, "What do you mean? I have done nothing wrong."
"You mean you don't remember what just happened?"
I started to think hard about what they were talking about, then images started flashing in my head, "I see now. I lost control again."
"That is correct. And since you did, you know what must happen now. Don't you?"
"Yes, I understand and know fully what must happen. But isn't there any other way instead of that?"
"We are afraid not. This is the only way, and it must be done now."

The black room started to spin around and i was suddenly on Castle in the Sky. Everyone was standing over me looking concerned. I stood up and brushed myself, looked around and immediately saw we were inthe garden area.

"Oh thanks goodness you are still alive," Rubi said with eyes full of tears.
"What happened down there," Tenkai said.
"The Ruby Lodis that is in his pendant caused his power to grow to a length that drove him into a state of power and anger. He basically became a beserker."
I looked around to everyone and took a deep breath, "Well what ever the case, it can not happen again."
"Ok, then i shall train you to learn how... "Valentine started to say but i cut him off.
"No, in order to preserve everything that we have worked hard to attain, i shall make a sacrifice." I looked up at Rubi, "I am going to leave the Council, and entrust the safety of the Community in the hands of you guys."

Everyone looked shocked, Rubi (of all the people) actually started to let tears drop from her eyes.

"You can't do that," she yelled. "It's unfair to all of us."
"Yea man, you can't just leave this responsibility onto us all. This was your vision, so you need to see it through till the end," Larac said.
"NO," I shouted at them, suddenly appearing to be in my Complete Hybrid form. "I am far too dangerous to have around here. Just from todays little outburst, the Communities mis-trust for the Council could be shot up. In order to show them that the Council is here only to protect, I must leave." I turn around and walk to the arch way leading outside, "This is the only way."

A few of them started to chase after me, but i raised up a wall of lava, filled with dragon magic so that not even Youichi could break through it. I turned my head, looked back at them, and walked out of the archway while absorbing my body into the shadows. Disappearing from the Council, forever.........

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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 11/15/08 , edited 11/15/08
The hatred toward Kim-un-Kur's revealed

I sigh as I mantain my altitude high above the ruins of Glycosa. The people below were working hard to rebuild the broken houses and statues.

"Look at them, working endlessly to restore what has been lost. Lending their hands and help no matter what race or clan. Using their true forms for ways of good instead of self gain and destruction." I turn around, "It looks as if we have done good in these longs years."

I look up at Castle in the Sky, sensing everyones signature inside of the main hall.

"I bet they are probably trying to figure out what is going to happen to the council now," I say scratchiing my head and smiling. "I guess i really should have told Youichi to take charge. She is the bossiest one of us all. But i guess with Valentine keeping everything in order and in file those two should be able to keep the Council running smoothly with everyone. Then again Larac might just mess it all up and cause Youichi and Calintz to go nuts and kill him."

Suddenly i got a feeling, something like being swallowed up in a large power.

"Zane, Sparda, it's time. They are finally summoning us."
"Well it's about time, I've been wondering why those irragant Gods were making us wait so long."
"Calm yourself Zane, there is no reason to show such open hatred to them. Do you forget that your actions reflect upon Sirberius?"
"Could you two focus for a moment. Should things go bad, you know what we must do," I said seriously.
"Yea, we understand," They said in unison.

Suddenly we found ourselves before the Elder Gods. Their hoods still covering their faces but their Ka'dai signatures openly shown and felt. It sent a shiver down my spine, but i caught myself before they could see that i was shaken.

"Sirberius Reono, 4th generation Kim-un-Kur and successor of Tenkai Hyachi.," one of the Elders said as he stepped forward. "I believe that you know you are here to be judged on what is to happen to you after you disobeyed our order and lost control of your powers."

I scoffed at this statement, "You say it so bluntly. I really get the impression that you believe i had a choice in the matter."

"Whether you had a choice or not does not matter to us. The fact is that you lost control and put others in harms way. So by looking at the situation and disussing with the other Elders. You are hereby sentence..... to death."

I stepped back in shock at this statement, "Death!? Isn't that a bit much considering everything I've done for you and the entire Community?"

"No," Another god said. "The Kim-un-Kur gene is an abomination. The reason we have judged you the way we have is for the reason that your power and your gene is getting out of control. It seems that Valetine did not do a good job constructing and copying the gene from the original clan. Besides, we have been looking for a way to dispose of it. This will serve to be that way we have been looking for."

"So that is what this has all been about, you trying to get rid of me," I said laughiing. "Well lucky for you guys, you aren't going to have to try and get rid of me." I snapped my fingers and in a blaze of fire my weapons appeared on my body, while Zane and Sparda appeard at my side holding their weapons. "Since i already suspected as much, you guys have a new goal to accomplish. and that's staying alive."

This time it was the Elder's that took a step back, "Would you really commit such treachery as this?"

I closed my eyes and let the fire of my Demi form change me as i raised my claws upward, "I would indeed, but it is not me that has commited treachery against anything." I point my finger out at them with a small flare on my fingernail, "It is you foolish godss who dare to deem me unfit to live after stabilizing what you could not! Now perish in your ignorance."

The flare on my finger flew out at them. The all moved at such a high speed, not even my eyes could follow. Me, Zane, and Sparda instantly stood back to back and watched around us as the Elders formed a circle around us. Our surroundings changed and we appeard to be in the Kaidva Dessert.

"So be it Kin-un-Kur Sirberius. Consider this your last fight ever."
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