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Akane Torio is a 15 year old girl, that is looking for somebody to love and plus adventure. On a cold winter night her parents got a disease called "Brea" and eventually died from it... Akane was all alone in the world. Living with her brother Ken now. Akane decides to run away. She doesn't like her brother at all. He doesn't care for anything. Not even their parents death. Heartless bastard. With her kind yet ghostly little friend. "Nemo". With a red ribbon attached to its neck. Meaning it belongs to Akane now. They venture into the unexplored "Apple of dimensions" to restore it to its original peace. Now, with Akane's brother as the enemy. She must stop him from totally erasing the dimensions. That's only half of the story though.

tags: shoujo, supernatural

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I have yellow-ish eyes. And blonde hair. My names Akane Torio. As the days went on by, sunsets became boring to look at. My brother hasn't even noticed that i ran away. I'm starting to realize nobody cares what i do now a days. Only Nemo seems to care... He carries a ribbon around his neck, a red one. Some people cant see him.. Because well hes a ghost. And its totally weird but only i can see him.. Hes the only one i have right now. And that's good enough. When i was walking the cold street late at night. I met a boy. His name was Max. He had light brown hair, and silver eyes, that actually looked a little blue. He told me we could be friends. And that we were similar. I asked hows that? He responded happily "Because i also ran away." How do you even know i ran away?! Akana says. Because im Nemo. The one that was always by your side, Akane. Nemo says. H-how is that possible? Akane says. Anythings possible Akane... You can do anything, Listen to me Akane, your bound for great things in the future.. Let me be your heart. Nemo says. My heart? What do you mean by that? Akane asks confused. After a while hes been inside me after that night. The kind ghost boy i knew was actually a human boy! Why didn't Nemo ever tell me this? But... i want to learn more about Nemo. screaming i shout NEEMOOO! Akane, I'll always be there by your side, whenever you need me. Nemo says. Why are you inside of me?! I don't get it... Akane says. Its the only way.. to protect you from him. I don't understand... Just get out of me! I want my old life back with my parents and brother! Akana says tearfully. Sadly Nemo says "you only have your brother now.. Stop thinking you can get your parents back." Tearfully Akane shouts "YOU SOUND JUST LIKE MY BROTHER NEMO!" Akane says angrily. Akane... W-what..? What is it? Turn around. Hm? Its your brother. Nemo says rather suprised. Ken?! Akane says. You sure do have a low presence, how dare you show your face?! Nemo says. My brother.. Ken, with grey-ish hair, and he has the same eyes as me, it runs in the family i guess. What are you doing here Ken? Akane says. That's what i was going to ask you. Ken says. Well if you came to take me home there's no way I'm going back to your so called 'care'! Akane says. That's not it at all. Brea is coming back. Ken says. You mean the disease that killed our parents? Akane says. Seems like it was born inside of YOU. Ken says. What... that's not possible! Akane says. You killed our mother and father! Stop denying it. Ken says. Akane... don't listen to him! Nemo says. That little annoying ghost friend of your is THAT disease. And i'm guessing if its not floating around you. Its already inside you, tearing you apart at this very moment. Ken says. That's all just lies! Nemo says. Ken... I'm threw with listening to your lies! You'll never understand a true human heart! Because you never had one! WHY DIDN'T BREA JUST KILL YOU ALONG WITH OUR PARENTS?! Akane says while suddenly gasping. He slightly smiles by saying "Have it your way then... You'll figure out the truth sooner or later." Ken says while walking away.



I will never trust my brother... Akane says. Akane... he's gone... Nemo says. I see, i just kept watching him walk away, at that moment the memories started coming up between me and him... How he used to be caring to me. Come with me, i have something to show you. Nemo says happily. Oh, what is it? Akane says. While they walk the cold rainy night Nemo takes Akane into a sacred forest... This is the place for people just like me. Nemo says. Just like you? Akane says. Yeah, ghost children. Hmm. Here come's my guardian mother. Nemo says. NEMO KUN WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN DEAR?! Nemo's guardian yells out. Akane, that's my "guardian" ghost... Kinda like my mother actually. Nemo says. Is that so? Akane says while slightly laughing. Yep. Its nice to meet you little girl, Nemo has told me so much about you, he really looks up to you.. Nemo's guardian says. Oh, does he really? Oh, and please just call me Akane... Akane says. Hah, stop embarrassing me already ma. Nemo says. Hehehehe. AKANE COME WITH ME. SINCE NEMO PICKED YOU, YOU MUST SEE THAT OTHER WORLD~ Nemo's guardian says. Wha...? Akane says confused. She makes no sense, i know. Just trust me and come with us. You have nothing to worry about. Nemo says assured. Okay.. Can this be Nemo? Its.. Akane says. Yeah i knew you would remember. Its the place where were first met. You see that apple on top of that tree? If you bite into it, it takes you to a completely different strange world! Nemo says. That's.. completely weird.. Akane says really confused. But i have read some legend about a magical apple. Shining bright red, never rotting. Akane states. Yeah, your parents told you that story.. Because they wanted you to discover me by yourself, For a reason... never forget that. Nemo says. The story tells of a red apple, Inside of that apple is a seed called the "Seed of Dimensions". And its said that those "dimension" are disappearing right now as we speak. That's right Akane. Says Nemo's guardian. We "Brea" live here. Waiting for the chosen one to help us out. Nemo's guardian says. Mother... you weren't supposed to tell her THAT! Nemo yells. So you all are BREA?! I don't believe this... Akane says astonished. Akane, the only reason Nemo didn't tell you this because he knew you would never forgive him for being around you. Nemo's guardian says. A-around me? Akane says. A Brea can easily kill weak humans. Just by staring into their eyes, And its just the fact that your parents were weak that they died.. you didn't because you really CAN help us out! Your brother didn't die along with your parents, There's a reason for that, but i'm not quite sure yet. Its time for your life to change, Akane. Nemo's guardian explains. My brother was right.. Nemo! You really did kill them! And i... trusted you! Akane says angrily.


[[CHAP. 2]]


Previously Nemo took me to a sacred forest, Alongside we met up with Nemo's guardian mother. Shes different... I'll tell you that much. With a sacred apple. A seed inside of the apple called the "Seed of Dimensions". Usually dimensions are like other worlds right? But it makes no sense to me... Dimensions inside of an apple? Seems more like a kids fairytale to me. I'm not a kid anymore, i should believe these things! But... it is true. While Nemo was explaining a couple things to me, I couldn't help but think of how my brother survived? Since he's so cold hearted i thought he would become my enemy or something. I couldn't face that. Because i knew the real Ken is inside of that monster...somewhere. I cant just force him. Nemo's guardian explained the situation to me. I cant say its simple, its actually really complicated. How am i the "Chosen one"? Furthermore; i decided to help them.. I wouldn't let my parents die for nothing... Alright Nemo, i'll help your guardian mother. Akane says. You will Akane? I'm glad, Because i was worried you'll refuse... Nemo says. Well you did kill my parents though... So i understand you would have some doubts about me accepting. . But, they died for a reason didn't they? So I've decided...Nemo you were always there for me, i know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me. Akane says. Nemo you found a really good one huh? Nemo's guardian states. What do you mean by that, mother? Nemo says. She decides to help you even though you did kill her parents.. Its noble of her. And brave might i add. Nemo's guardian says. I would appreciate if you changed the subject... And get straight to the facts. Like how how do i use the apple? Akane questions. Well to start of, do you like the taste of apples? Nemo's guardian says. Um.. actually no, they're sour. Akane says. ARE YOU FOR REAL AKANE... Nemo says. First off you have to LIKE apples at least, like we Brea do. Nemo's guardian says. But i cant change my taste buds just like that! Akane says. Hm well there is another way to make the apple taste to your liking. Akane, do you like "Kiwi apples"? Nemo's guardian says. What are those? Akane asks. They're like cherries, If you add the Kiwi flavor to the apple it'll taste like a Kiwi Strawberry. And nobody can despise the taste of that! Nemo's guardian says. Um alright... How do i get a hold of this Kiwi apple? Akane asks. Deep, deep in this forest there's a Kiwi graveyard. Usually they don't even grow in vineyards. Kiwi is rotten scent, but with your magical touch it would become its remarkable self again, for everybody to enjoy. Nemo's guardian says. Magical touch...? Akane says. Anyway, The Graveyard is located northeast. Nemo you take this map, and go with Akane and find it. Nemo's guardian says. Sure thing Nemo says cheerfully. Thanks for the help ma. Nemo says. Yes, now off with ya! Don't come back till you find the Kiwi. Nemo's guardian says. While Akane and Nemo leave for there first adventure, the map flew away, Maybe Akane should of held onto it?


I cant believe this! Nemoooooo~ Akane shouts. Uh i'm sorry Akane. I don't have that much strength if you didn't know. Nemo says. I cant believe the map just flew out of your hands! Akane says. Its still flying though! Nemo says. Yeah, go catch it Nemo you can fly cant you?! Akane says. Barely... Nemo says. You can do it! Akane says. Alright i'll try... Nemo says. While Nemo tries to catch the map i gaze into the night sky. Still confused on what my purpose really is here... But first things first Nemo you must catch it! I-I almost have it in my grasp! Just need to reach a little more... Nemo says. While Nemo was struggling to reach the map, The apple which was with Nemo's guardian, started glowing all of the sudden. Hm, whats this? Could this mean another dimensions has been erased? Those two really need to hurry up... Wait! Is-is that the map up there? Disappointed the guardian yells out Nemo your hopeless... I got it, Akane! Akane? Nemo says. Nemo, What's that shinning in the distance? Akane says. Hm what's that? Akane, none the less we need to find the Kiwi asap! Lets go. Nemo says. Ooh alright~. Akane says. While they head northeast toward the graveyard Akane shouts; Nemo... I never told you this but I'M AFRAID OF GRAVEYARDS! *Sigh* Akane... it'll be alright. According to the map its just a couple of feet away from us... Nemo says. Could it be...my parents grave stone? Akane says. That's it. I think that's the Kiwi right there! Nemo says. Akane, go get it. Nemo says. Okay... No... this cant be it, its just... coal. Why is there coal by my parents grave stone? Akane says. WHAT?! That cant be! Nemo says. And my touch isn't effecting it at all... Akane states. But the map said it should be exactly there... Nemo says. Does it have something to do with my parents death? Akane thinks to herself. Akane, we have no other choice. we must keep searching. Nemo says. While Akane and Nemo were looking for the Kiwi they heard something like sword clashes. Alot of them, And fire. Nemo, Lets get back! Akane says. Right! What's going on with this fire? Akane, its by the sacred tree! Nemo says. But where's your guardian mother?! Akane says. Nemo's Guardian started to fade away speaking her last words I'm sorry... you two... The real map is... What's happening to you? Your starting to fade away, and so is your voice! Nemo says. When i die here... You'll meet up with a certain somebody... That person will help you...Please, for me you both find the Kiwi together. WAIT!! You cant leave now! Akane shouts with a single tear falling down her cheek. We still need your help on how to enter those dimensions! Nemo says. With a fading voice she says you'll figure it out... I know you will. Thanks for believing in me you two. ...Akane says in a sad voice Nemo, she's dissapeared. What will we do now? The fire... it's still burning the tree! Akane, what were those clashes we heard? Nemo says. ...Wait is that Kio?! Akane says surprised. He's fighting somebody Akane! Nemo states. As it starts lightly raining; The rain slowly washes away the fire. Akane rushes somewhere. I'll go check it out, you stay by the tree! Please, don't follow Nemo.

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As Akane approached the two mysterious men clashing swords, she yelled out... Kio? Kio didn't respond but kept fighting, after that Akane got in the middle of the fight, literally. Kio and Kei, It's been a long time... hasn't it? Akane says to the two men. Akane what are you doing here? Says Kio. I was sent here to help Nemo's guardian mother... But that's not what's important right now... You two are still fighting... you always have been. Always fighting with each other to prove who's more worthy. Akane says. It's different now Akane says Kei. Is that so? Then why are you two fighting again!? Akane asks. We aren't fighting for any particular reason, its just practice, so if you don't mind, leave. Kei says without a concern. Your the same as ever Kei... But i cant leave i'm supposed to be looking for something... to enter the Seed of Dimensions. But i would like to catch up with you two as well... After all were best friends! Akane says. Seed of dimensions huh? Kio says laughing. Do you really believe in that? It's the truth! I have a Brea accompanying me! And not to brag; but im the chosen one! Akane says. Chosen one for what says both Kio and Kei. Hmph, i thought you didn't wanna know, well whatever i'm leaving i don't have time for this. Akane says. But weren't you the one who said you wanna catch up with us? Says Kio in a sarcastic voice. Oh, shut up. Akane says. While Kio catches up with Akane they start talking about the good old days. Akane met both Kio and Kei when she was only 10. They both had little crushes on her. At age 12 Kei had to leave town, he left without a reason. And he didn't know if he was ever coming back. There was only Kio and Akane now, but sadly Kio had to leave as well. Which only left Akane now, during that time Akane met Nemo aka Max. Kio, tell me what are you really doing here? I know its not just to spar with Kei... Akane says. Yeah that's true. Kio says. So why are you here?! Akane asks. Honestly, i always wanted to get into those other worlds. Kio says. Really? Well why don't we go together? It'll be just like an adventure... just like the old days Akane says happily. Akane, we were 10. What adventure's were we having? Kio states. You know what i mean Akane says laughing. I also have no idea how to get into those worlds. Might you know Akane? Kio says. Well, I have a clue. Let's go meet up with Nemo first. Nemo, Your Brea? Kio says. Yeah, but don't mention any of that. Because, i know the true reason why he chose me now. And i wont regret him ever killing my... parents. Akane says. He killed your parents, Akane!? Kio says. Yeah... but, just don't mention any of that to him, Just trust me with this Kio. Akane says. While Kio and Akane arrive at the Sacred tree Nemo was nowhere to be found. So where is he? Kio says. I... i don't know. He couldn't of went searching for the Kiwi himself... Akane says. Are you sure about that? Kio says. He must of took the map too... Kio can you help me find him? Akane says. Yeah, you know i will. But i'll be right back, i need to explain some things to Kei first... Kio says. Okay, hurry up. Kei... Akane says. Our Akane is planning on finding that Kiwi... Kio says. "Our" Akane? Well none the less go with her. I'll wait here for you two. And Kio, dont forget why your searching for Brea, its not to help her out, Your true goal is to find the Kiwi. You must get a hold of it, before the 'chosen one' does. Kei states. I know, I didn't forget or anything. Go now. Don't order me around, I'll do these things with time, Kio says while walking away. Akane...? Kio says looking around. Kio, over here! Come on we don't have all day! Akane says. Yeah, i'm coming... Kio says.


Previously; i met up with Kio and Kei, my childhood friends. Kio told me he also wanted to see the other worlds, i wanted him to see them with me. One more adventure together. But when we came by the sacred tree, Nemo was gone. So then we started searching for him. Luckily; we found him after some time. N-Nemo? Where were you? Why did you just run away like that? Says Akane with concern. I found the Kiwi! Nemo says. You really did? Akane says. Nemo, let me see that Kiwi says Kio. Who's this Akane? Nemo asks. He's an old childhood friend... Akane says. Oh...But first Akane has to cleanse it. Nemo says. While Akane grabs the Kiwi it starts to shine in her hands. What is this? Akane says. Akane, i think its working! Just think of PURE things. Nemo says. Yeah. Akane says. Well, well it looks like you ARE the chosen one Akane. Your lucky, now you can travel the worlds whenever you wish. Kio says. Hmm... no, because we'll go together right? Akane says happily. You just don't understand do you? YOUR the chosen one, i'm not. Kio says. So? That doesn't even matter! What are you getting mad about?! Akane shouts. Akane concentrate! The Kiwi... It's turning black again! Nemo says. See, this is all your fault for bringing up something so stupid, Kio! Is it just me or was this your goal? Akane says. I suppose... since the Kiwi is tainted black again, that you cant turn it back to its original form. Your no help then. I'll find somebody else. Kio says. WHAT?! You saw with your own eyes that it was shining in my hands! It was going to become pure again! My thoughts were pure. But you-... Akane says interrupted. Akane, Just forget it. Nemo says sadly. No way! Were also supposed to avenge your Guardian mother aren't we!? How are we supposed to do that if you feel sorry for yourself? Akane shouts. Akane, your too harsh. If you weren't so harsh the Kiwi would easily become pure in your hands. You wouldn't even have to think about it... Nemo says. But i'm trying, And you know it! Whats with you all of a sudden?! Akane says. How could you think i would EVER forget about my Guardian mother!? I'll avenge her without your help! Hmph. Nemo says while floating away. Nemo...Kio, they're both gone... Am i selfish? No, I am pure. I can make this tainted Kiwi pure again... I know i can. I just have to believe... Akane thinks to herself. Meanwhile; Kio... where's the Kiwi? Says Kei. It's alright if its in her possession for now. Kio states. Are you a fool, Kio? Kei says. Nah, she cant enter the worlds just yet... Kio says while walking away. What does that mean?! Kei says. Who knows. But i know she cant ever become a "pure" person. she's too selfish. Kio says. I see. Kei says. In a way you've completed your mission. Kei says. Yeah... Kio says. Sorry Akane, I never meant to say the things I've said... Kio thinks to himself.

*CHAP 4;

While Akane walks up to the sacred tree with the Kiwi in her hands, still tainted. She sees Kei lying on the sacred tree. Kei? Akane says with concern. What is it? Kei says. Have... you seen Kio? Akane says. Nah... why something happen between you two? Kei says. Not particularly... Akane says. But, you have the Kiwi now don't you? Kei says. Yeah, but. I cant make it pure again. Its all because of Kio... Akane says. Hmm... Tainted heart... Kei mumbles. What? Akane says confused. You should just apologize to him. Kei says. I have no reason to apologize, hes the one that should apologize! Akane says. But we know how stubborn he can be, if he were to apologize he would of done it already. Kei says. Y-yeah... Don't you... have a pure heart Kei? If so you can help me- Akane says being interrupted. No i cant, that's Nemo's job, I noticed hes not with you. Kei says. Yeah... Akane says. You shouldn't get into fights with him, hes really important if you wish to get into the other worlds you know. Kei says. So in other words... hes like a key? Akane says. He belongs to you and he always will. Go after him, and leave Kio to me. After all were best friends aren't we? Kei says. Mm. Thanks Kei. Akane says pleased. Oh and also... Kei says. What? Akane says. I think you should leave the Kiwi with me. Kei says. Well...okay. I'll be back soon. Akane says. While Akane leaves the Kiwi on the ground, she starts searching for Nemo. I'm positive hes at the graveyard... She says. Akane... your so stupid, unlike me i can sense the danger around you. Nemo thinks to himself. N-nemo? Akane says. Oh...Akane? Nemo says. I'm sorry... I shouldn't of been so angry at you, Its Kio i was mad at, not you. Akane says apologizing. Its okay... Nemo says. Is it really, Nemo? Akane says. There's still a few things i should talk to you about... Your in danger, Akane. Nemo states. Danger? What do you mean? Akane says. Let's talk about this somewhere else... I'm not sure if its true but the dead people here might be able to hear us... By the power of the Kiwi... we don't want any unnecessary things happening... Speaking of the Kiwi, Akane where is it? Nemo asks. Oh, i left it with Kei, he'll take care of it... Akane says. Akane... Nemo says. What? What's with the worried look? Akane says. Its nothing... Lets be on our way now. Nemo says. 'Kay. You know... Kei told me a while ago that your the "Key...". Akane says. I guess... that's a way to put it. I'm the only way you can get in the other worlds... Nemo says. I thought so, that's what he also said. Akane says. How does he know so much about it? Nemo says. I don't know... we'll ask him when we get there. Akane says. The Kiwi... Seems like Akane hasn't gained her powers yet... by not even sensing the danger that awaits her... Kei says. What did you say? Kio shouts. I've just had enough of cooperating with you! I'll tell Akane the truth this time! Kio says. No you wont... you don't have the guts, Kio. Its funny that she hasn't even realized her true potential by now. Kei says. She will! hand over the Kiwi, Kei! Kio says. Now what makes you think all the work i put up with trying to obtain it, that I'll just hand it over to you? Kei says. You did nothing but wait! Akane and Nemo were the ones who tried! Kio states. And they did well, Kio. Kei says. Akane... Kio says. Kio and Kei... I'm ready to try this again. And Kio, sorry for whatever i did, idiot. Akane says while walking up to them. What an apology. Kei says. Nemo starts to giggle. Akane your finally back to your normal self. Nemo says. Yeah... now i think i can do this! Akane says. Yeah we all know you can. Nemo says. Oh um... Kei? Akane says. Oh... you want the Kiwi don't you? Kei says. Kei, hand it over. Kio says. While Kei slowly starts to hand the Kiwi to Akane he silently whispers something to her. Kei, you don't have to tell me that. I knew ever since we were little... Akane says while blushing a bit. What did he say, Akane? Nemo and Kio ask. Kio, i thought you knew... um three letters... three letters? Akane explains. Oh i see now. Nemo says cheerfully. Well i still don't. Akane tell me! Kio says. Kio, your so clueless! Akane says. Am not! Kio yells angerly. Just tell me, Akane! Idiot... Akane sighs and starts to stare deeply into Kei-kun's eyes. Hmm? Kio says with some concern. Nemo starts to slightly laugh. You really don't know huh, Kio?



Kei; he used to have a crush on me when we were both little, in the past you can say we 'kissed' during a school stage kiss... I'm not sure if it meant anything. We haven't talk about it since then. I'm not sure about my true feelings for Kei... But I've changed since i was 10. I'm not the same... Does he still love me the same? I'm selfish, blunt, stupid. And i don't exactly have high self esteem... Akane! Kio shouts. W-what is it, Kio? Akane says. I still haven't figured it out yet! Kio says desperately. *big sign* I already told you... 3 freakin' letters! Akane shouts annoyed while laying on top of a tree. Get down from that tree and tell me! Kio says. ..."I love you". Akane says quietly. Huh?! Kio shouts confused. He said that! Akane says. W-why did he say that?! Kio says. What do you mean why!? Stupid... Akane says. Is that so... You should know something... Kio says. what is it? Akane says. Hmm... maybe you shouldn't know yet after all... Kio says. What are you talking about? Kio, tell me now! Akane says. No! Just forget it! Kio says. Huh? Akane starts to look around confused. Meanwhile in the forest; So that's what happened, Kei... Says Kio. You didn't tell her anything did you? Kei says. No... That's all we spoke of. Kio says. Are you concerned that i love her still? Kei asks. Its really none of my business, Kei... Kios states. That may be so, but if you do tell her that certain thing there's gonna be some unnecessary anger and pain. Says Kei. What do you mean by that!? Kio says. Let's just hope nobody finds out. Kei says. Hm... Kei there's something i should talk to you about... Kio says. So, pure and ONLY pure thoughts right, Nemo? Akane says. Yes, and once you do that soon you wont have to think of pure thoughts, it will just come to you naturally. Nemo says. Ah, okay i got it! Akane says. Meanwhile; Is that so, Kio? Kei asks. Yeah... Says Kio sadly. It's not that i didn't know, but i thought you left your feelings for her years ago... I guess your just like me now. Kei says. You got it all wrong, I'm not even close to being like you! We just have one thing in common; Akane. Kio states. Anyway... I don't doubt Akane will make the Kiwi pure again. Kei says. She WILL, and i don't plan on doing your evil schemes anymore. Kio shouts. "Evil schemes"? Now that's a little wrong. I Prefer more like changing the world to a more better place. Kei says. You couldn't do that if you tried... You know your own heart- its full of darkness, you'll just make the world even worse then it is now. Kio says. You know me more then anybody, Kio, and you know that i ALWAYS get my way. Kei says. This time Akane isn't as blind as she was before; she'll see the truth, and stop you! Kio says proudly. No one can stop me, not even Akane. Kei says. Akane, all you have to do now is bite into the apple of dimensions, Plus add the flavor of the Kiwi. Nemo says. How do i do that? Akane says concerned. I cant really explain it... you have to learn to do it yourself... its actually quite simple... Nemo says. B-but you cant tell me? What if i never find out!? Akane says concerned. I think you can figure it out EVENTUALLY. Nemo says. I-i'll try eating it! Akane says while taking a bite off the Kiwi. Noo! Nemo shouts in a panic. W-what's wrong? Akane says rather confused. You-you bit it... Nemo says. Uh wasn't i supposed to!? Akane says. No...! Nemo says. NOW YOU TELL ME, NEMO!? Akane shouts loudly. W-what do i do now? What's gonna happen to me? Akane says. Its not that much of a big deal... Nemo says. THEN WHY DID YOU SHOUT LIKE THAT?! Anyway... what will happen? Akane asks. If you didn't already know; Ever since this special world was created there has been only two different kinds of people, Light and Dark. I've learned it from my guardian; If you bite into the Kiwi at the graveyard you'll be able to see which group people are in. Dark or Light... Just by using your eyes. Nemo says. So your saying all i have to do is use my eyes and I'll be able too see what group people are in? Akane says. That's right... Nemo says. But what if they're in the dark group? What will we do then? Akane asks. I'm not sure what the chosen one is supposed to do, but cleanse their dark souls. Nemo says. Cleans their souls? That sounds... complicated? Akane says. And ONLY the chosen one can do this?! Akane asks. Yes... it's only a job that you can do, Akane... Nemo says. Its not fair! I still don't know how to add the Kiwi flavor into the apple of dimensions! Akane shouts. I-Im sure you'll figure it out. Nemo says worried.



Nemo's guardian mother, died because the sacred tree was on fire, that's what i think anyway, but I'm not sure how that even happened. For a second, and only a second i thought it was either Kio or Kei... Since they were the only ones nearby. I want to find out who did it, then avenge Nemo's guardian mothers' death. But i have no lead... I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually though... Maybe... it was just her time to die, i mean i think she as in a ghost; was about 100 years old? That's what i read in books anyway. I'm thinking way too much about it. Anyway previously i took a bite of the Kiwi and i guess i wasn't really supposed to, But now i can find the people that belong in the "Light or Dark" groups. I imagine they'll have a dark aura around them, and a light aura for Light groups. As i finished writing down all these thoughts of my adventure in my diary i realized this was just the beginning. -Day 5 Of My Adventure. Ohh Akane i didn't know you kept a diary? Nemo says. Yeah... I'm starting to write down all my memories into this diary once again... Once again? Nemo asks. Yes. I was so happy when i met Kio and Kei i started writing more of my thoughts and adventures with Kio and Kei. Akane replies. Hmm, what's this mean, Akane? The diary reads "Spring flowers, puffy clouds, Kei promised to marry me when we grew up together." MARRIAGE?! Nemo shouts. Hahaha, I'm sure he was just kidding. Akane says giggling. At that time he thought i needed marriage and somebody to love. Akane says. At that time? Nemo says. Yeah... It's a long story, we should probably go back to the sacred tree, and back to Kio and Kei by now. Akane says. Me and Nemo both live in the same house where my parents died... I know the right thing to do would burn the house... since my parents don't exist anymore, but me and Nemo aren't like that, were living in this house until it falls apart. We pretty much do everything for ourselves, were independent. Akane thinks to herself. Akane, i just remember something important my guardian mother mentioned with her last words... Nemo says. And what's that? Akane says. "When i die here... You'll meet up with a certain somebody... That person will help you..." Nemo states. Yeah... i remember now. Maybe it's somebody we know? Akane says. As Akane and Nemo walk to the sacred forest they meet up with Kio and Kei; Heeey! Kio shouts. Hey, Kio! Akane and Nemo shout back. Oh, Nemo! Akane says. What is it? Nemo says. I just remembered i left the Kiwi at home. Akane says. Don't worry, I'll be back soon with it! Nemo says. Okay. Akane says. Forgetful aren't you? Kei states. Well... i was actually planning on going out with you two like we used too... Akane says. Akane... I don't think now is the time... Kio says. Please, just for a while? Akane says. What do you say Kei? Kio asks. I guess, i have nothing better to do then sleep. Kei states. Alright! Then it's a date. Akane says. But what about Nemo? Kio asks. A-Akane! The Kiwi wasn't in your room! Nemo shouts. Are you serious!? Akane shouts. Ugh, so much for our date... Kio states. Maybe it was stolen? Kei states. Who would steal it though? Akane asks. You should of just kept it in your pocket or something Akane! Nemo says. Yeah, but it'll just fall out eventually! Akane says. Well... i guess the only thing we can do now is go back home, and try to look for it. Nemo says. But you already did! If it's not at home; then obviously somebody stole it! Akane states. But we have no idea who would do that... Nemo says. Are you sure about that? Kio says. Let's all just go to Akane's and figure this whole thing out. Kei states. Yeah, lets just go. Akane says. As Akane, Nemo, Kio and Kei arrive at Akane's place... Ahhh noo! Akane shouts. What is it?! Nemo shouts. M-my d-diary was stolen too! Akane shouts. Now, this is a mystery who would steal your diary as well? Kio says. This is getting ridiculous! Akane says in a panic. Calm down... It looks like this mystery is not going to be solved easily... There are no footprints OR hand prints. Kei states. Its just like he came to take the Kiwi and diary and then just dissapear. Kio states... Just what kind of person are we dealing with? Nemo says. Show yourself, now! Akane shouts. Nemo, and Kio and Kei have a confused look on their face. Meanwhile while Akane opens her drawer to find a piece of paper reading... "Meet me at the usual spot, little Akane, only you come. Tonite" Little? Nemo asks. Ohh... I know only one person that would steal things from me, and call me "Little Akane!" Akane says while putting the note back in the drawer. Who is it Akane, some sort of Ninja? Kio asks. Ninja? I'm not so sure about that, were dealing with nothing more then a little brat. Akane says. Is that so? Nemo says. Well I'm going to meet him, and he'll see not to mess with me no longer! Akane... just be careful, okay? Nemo asks. Don't worry, Meanwhile we can go on that date now, huh? Akane asks. Yeah, your right. It's only 2:01pm. Kio states. Well then lets go! C'mon Nemo you come too! Akane states. But, wait. What if the thief comes back and steals something else?! Nemo states. N-nemo can you do me a favor? Akane asks. You want me to stay here and keep a look out don't you? Nemo says. Yeah... I promise after i get my Kiwi back we'll spend a lot of time together! And I'll give you a treat too! Akane says while winking. Let's go already. Says Kei impatient. Where shall we go? Kio asks. I know a great place where we used to hang out! Let's go.~ Akane says while running out of the house in a rush. She hasn't even noticed yet? Even though she gained those eyes of hers... Hmm. Kei says thinking to himself...



Previously we found out that my Kiwi was stolen AND my diary. I mean who would wanna steal a diary? I know who it is though. A bratty "ninja girl" by the name Maiya. With dark black hair, and green eyes. She carries around a medium length sword she named it "Meri-Meri". She's such a brat, i would expect this from her. But we did used to be close friends- Go on "ninja" missions together, I was TERRIBLE at the whole ninja thing... failed every mission. Too bad i don't have my diary to write down all of this! I wonder, Akane what's the "usual spot" he was talking about? Kio asks. She's a girl, Kio. And I'm guessing the usual spot would be in her ninja village... "Kaika". Akane explains to Kio. Oh, I see. Is she an experienced ninja? Kio says. I don't know if she improved her skills or not... I'll just have to find out! Akane says while crossing her arms and closing her eyes while nodding her head. So, where shall we go Akane, the beach? Kio asks with a cute smile. Y-yeah. But i rather go during the night, when you can see all the beautiful stars! Akane explains. Hmm, there seems to be a sign. Kei says while standing and reading an old looking sign. Hmm it says "Want some fun? Come to our carnival just head north and you'll see! Enjoy yourselves." Akane explains with a deep breath. Shall we go there? Akane asks. So, its out of the forest, then going north? Kio explains. Lets go then! If its a carnival it'll be loads of fun! Akane explains with a happy attitude. Doesn't it seem kind of strange that their would be a carnival all of a sudden? Maybe its a trap. Kei explains. A trap? Kei, you think too much. Lets go check it out already! Akane says while running north, really fast. Akane, wait up for us! Kio yells from a far. A carnival! Akane thinks to herself. I've never been to a "carnival" just what is there? As a child i never had time to go to one. As Akane stops her running she realizes a dead end?! What the... Where did this dead end come from!? Akane screams in confusion, with an echo echoing. Akane! Kio yells. A dead end? As i thought, this may be just a distraction to get...Nemo. Kei explains. A distraction!? Wha- I never would of thought that! Akane yells. Do you think that ninja girl had something to do with this? Kio says. T-this is the last straw! She tricked me again! Akane says with a anime sweat drop. From a distance Akane starts to hear a girl laughing. Hahaha! I tricked you, Akane! Ninja girl laughs hysterically. MAIYA! Akane screams while pointing at her. Who would have EVER thought that YOU had a Brea accompanying you, chosen one! Maiya continues laughing. You forgot- If there's anything that involves me in it, I'll surely see you! And TRICK you again! Maiya explains. MAIYA YOU BRAT! YOU'LL NEVER CHANGE! Akane screams with her mouth wide open. I was ALWAYS smarter, and yes, that wont change. Maiya says trying to act smart. Just tell me what you want with me! Why did you leave me that note!? And steal the Kiwi and Diary! And make a fake carnival sign! Akane asks with a lot of questions, still yelling. What are you talking about!? I never sent you any "letter"! AND i did not steal your "Kiwi" and "diary"! Maiya explains. Huh? Kio says confused. Gosh, you two boys, accompanying Akane, that will make you stupid! Maiya says laughing. WHAT ABOUT THE SIGN LITTLE GIRL!? Akane yells frustrated. Yes, i did do THAT. I just wanted to see you again, Akane... Maiya says with a smirk. T-then who stole the Kiwi and Diary?! Akane says while looking to the ground. Another mystery... Kei explains. Y'know if your nice to me, i can find your mystery thief, for ONE condition. What's the condition? Kei asks. AKANE! You take me to the other worlds, please! Maiya yells happily while starts walking toward Akane. NO WAY! You'll just be an annoyance and a burden! Akane explains. Akane! Kio yells while punching Akane in the forehead. DAMN IT, KIO! What's your problem?! Akane asks Kio in his face. Mm, fine! Once you do find him, i just might think about it, alright!? Akane explains while getting back up from the punch. Yay~ Now off to Kaika village! Maiya explains. The thief is located there? Kei says. Yep, Akane come with me, it'll be fun to see our ninja village again! Maiya explains. B-but, everybody will make fun of me! My ninja skills weren't really that great, and if they find out that I'm the chosen one... Akane says with worried eyes. Its okay~ Come on you two boys! Your going too! Maiya explains with a big proud smile. So, Maiya what kind of person is this thief? Kio asks while Maiya carries everyone in mid-air heading for Kaika.



He... hes a Former ninja, Kio. Maiya explains. Former ninja, why's that? Akane asks while floating with Maiya aimlessly, and with the others. Well he did something no one was proud of... and now hes trying to earn my masters trust back... and everyone else in the village... Maiya says. What did he do? Kei asks. its a long story... I'll tell you about it when we get to my house. Maiya explains. Hm so how does he look like, Maiya? Akane asks. He has orange hair... and no one has seen his eyes, because they're always covered by his ninja head band... Maiya says. But if hes a former ninja, why does he still wear it? Akane asks. He's so determined to do good deeds again, hes never gonna take it off. He's really a fool for even trying to earn the trust of everyone back, impossible! Because we ninja's don't trust people easily... Maiya explains. Hey! I see a bunch of ninja's, Maiya! Are they your friends? Akane says pointing to the countless ninja's. N-no way! It's time... we must destroy those ninja's! Maiya explains. W-what?! Are they the enemy or something? Bakunin! Maiya yells while heading towards the ninja's. Maiya! You can't fight them all alone! Akane says while few ninja's disappear out of nowhere. Kio, Kei you gotta do something! Akane explains. Right! Kio and Kei shout. Meanwhile; Where is Akane? Nemo says impatient. It's been a long time... Maybe she found the thief? If so, shes probably in danger! I need to go to her! Nemo says while floating somewhere. What am i supposed to do? If only Nemo were here... Akane says silently. BA-KUN-IN! Maiya shouts again with a long breath. Akane looks at Maiya amazed. When she says Bakunin... the ninja's disappear! But there's still a lot more! From a distance someones clapping gets louder and louder while they appear before Maiya. Its you! Maiya shouts pointing. Well done Maiya, but how long do you think you can do that same technique? Mystery man says. Until they all disappear outta my sight! I don't care what it takes! Maiya shouts. Bakunin, Bakunin, Bakunin!! Maiya shouts. More... just keep coming, Maiya thinks to herself without any breath. AKANEEEE! Nemo shouts while coming toward Akane. N-nemo! Akane shouts happily. So, you were in danger, Akane! Nemo says. I'm not, Maiya is! She needs our help, Nemo! Akane shouts. I see... Nemo says. Damn, if only they would stop coming! Kei shouts while fighting alongside Kio. We... we aren't much help right now... Kio says out of breath. You idiot! What do you hope to gain sending all these Ninja's after us!? Maiya shouts. I didn't order them to do nothing... they just know a traitor when they see one... Mystery man says. I'M NO TRAITOR! Maiya shouts. Aurora? Maiya says while Aurora approaches. It's the Kiwi, Akane! Its in his hand! Maiya shouts to Akane. Okay! I see it, lets go Nemo! R-right! Nemo shouts nervously. Aurora with a slight chuckle, disappears before Akane gets to him... Tough luck... Seems like hes going to use that Kiwi for something... Mystery man says. What the hell's he planning this time?! Maiya shouts. You'll never figure it out... Your outta your league! Mystery man shouts while also disappearing, along with the rest of the ninja's. So... that mystery man sent those Ninja's... Akane says. We have to stop him no matter what! Are you all helping me or not?! Maiya shouts dangerously. Y-yeah of course... Everyone says cautiously. Who was that mystery man i wonder? Akane says. Just... an old, old friend. Maiya says. I'm not quite sure what's going on, but next time Aurora wont disappear so easily! I'll get that Kiwi back! Akane says. He has the Kiwi!? That's not good news... Maiya scoffs. Yeah... lets go to my home. That "Bakunin" technique you did was impressive, Maiya! Kio explains proudly. It doesn't do much... so don't get all exited about it... Maiya says sadly. It was still impressive, Maiya!! Akane shouts angrily. Whatever! Let's just get the Kiwi already! Maiya shouts. Maiya... what's wrong with her? Akane thinks to herself. Oh, and Akane! Don't forget your promise, once i get the Kiwi you have to take me to the other worlds! Maiya says. I said I'll think about it! And also I'm getting it back myself! Its mine anyway! Akane shouts. Who the hell decided that!? Maiya shouts angrily. Kio and Kei sigh. This is going to be a long day... Nemo says. Ergh... We don't have much time! Lets just go after Aurora now! Maiya shouts to everyone impatiently.



But...Maiya. Akane says while taking a long breath. He's not just going to hand it over to you... Nemo says. He speaks the truth... Kio agrees. I don't care! If you don't want to help me... that's fine! Maiya says while running off somewhere. Wait, Maiya! I'm coming with you! Akane shouts while following Maiya. You can't keep up, Akane! I'm too fast for you! Are you sure about that? Akane says while running ahead of Maiya. Looks like your running approved, Akane! You used to be slow as a turtle! Maiya shouts cheerfully. Yeah well, i just remembered we left Kio and Kei! Akane says with an anime sweat drop. Oh, that's okay! They'll catch up sooner or later! Maiya says. S-so do you have any idea where were going? Akane asks. It's just a hunch... but i might know where he is! Maiya shouts pointing left, and stopping. I-in there? Akane says. Yeah it's the Ninja's power hold. Maiya explains. What's in there?! Akane asks. Well- if my hunch is true, hes probably trying to open a portal into the other worlds'! Maiya says. If what your telling me is true, then we have to stop him! Akane states. Yeah, lets go! Maiya says. Kei, they just left us... Kio says with an anime sweat drop. Kei scoffs. I feel a strong power presence over there, they should be there! Lets go Kio! Kei says while pointing. As i thought. Maiya says. Y-you were right! A bright white portal was in front of us. But, maybe its a trap from Aurora! Akane explains. No... this is the real deal... You wanna go inside? Maiya asks. Could it really be...? Akane asks while walking slowly towards the portal. In a flash; Aurora appeared for a second and pushed Akane into the portal along with him. Maiya tried to go after them but it was too late, the portal closed in an instant. AKANE! Maiya yells. What happened, Maiya?! Where's Akane? Kio asks shouting. While i landed on the ground; All i could see was 3 big bright moons facing me, and a starry sky, there was at least a million. A-Akane? Where is this place? Nemo asks appearing before Akane. I-I'm not sure. Akane says surrounded by sparkles. It's the entrance. Aurora explains walking toward the moon. Yes of course, it must be the entrance's into the worlds! Nemo explains. So there's more then one? Akane asks while looking up at the moons with amazed sparkling eyes. It's either Light entrance, Dark, or Underworld entrance. But... its not that easy to go into either of them. Nemo explains. Why? Akane asks while getting up from the ground. Since only you and Aurora managed to get inside here- Nemo says interrupted. That's right! Why did you push me in!? Akane shouts to Aurora. Because... I'll need the Chosen one's help... Aurora explains. Y-you need MY help? Akane asks. That's right... Aurora says. Maiya... she wanted to be here so badly! Why did you close the portal!? I wanted to experience this with everyone! Akane shouts. They would just get in the way... burdens. There's no way out of here unless we work together... as much as i don't want to. Aurora says. This isn't how its supposes to be... i must be dreaming! Nemo, poke me! Akane shouts. Akane... I don't think its a dream. Nemo says with an anime sweat drop. Meanwhile back in the other world; How can that be? Kei asks. There's no way of getting in there without the Kiwi... Maiya says sitting on the floor. There MUST be another way! Kio yells. Akane's all alone in there with that guy... Kio says. Don't worry... nothing bad is going to happen to her, there's a reason he pushed her in there... Maiya explains. Well whatever he's trying to do, hes not getting away with it! Kio yells. Maybe there's a way at the sacred forest... Kei explains. If so, we should go! Kio says. Dear diary; I'm scared. With a single tear falling down my cheek i close my diary in my mind...


As Maiya approaches the sacred tree she touches the tree, and starts to see a visual of where Akane is. All i can see is Akane, Nemo and Aurora there. No audio. Maiya says. Maiya? Kio says. Did you not see Akane just now!? Maiya shouts. I didn't see anything... Kio says. Me either... Kei says agreeing. Hm... perhaps there's a reason only i can see them? I have to figure it out... Maiya thinks to herself. So, are you planning on helping me or not? Aurora asks Akane. Uh... yeah if its the only way! Akane shouts. Very well... when your ready to hear what we must do, you'll find me. Aurora says while vanishing. Strange. Nemo says. The 3 moons seemed to be born from inside of you, the day you started your adventure with me, Akane. Nemo explains. If that's true... somebody or something might of known i would come here like this. Akane says. Maybe its just destiny, Akane? Nemo says. Destiny huh? I don't believe in it. Akane says while walking. How do you not? It was destiny that made you who you are today- the chosen one. Nemo explains while following Akane. And was it destiny that Ken is the person he is now? Akane asks with a mean glare on her face. He's not part of YOUR destiny, so don't worry about it. Nemo says sympathizing. So, how do you know about Ken? Aurora asks from afar. How do you know about him?! Akane asks shouting. It's no use... If Akane doesn't believe... then she cant connect with us. Maiya says. What does she exactly need to believe in? Kio asks. That her destiny was already decided when she met Nemo, she will also need to believe in that, plus her guardian angels. Maiya says. Guardian angels? Kio asks. How lucky can she get? Kei states. Heh, shes the chosen one, luck is always with her. Maiya says. Tell me! How do you know Ken! Akane shouts again. I don't think I'm supposed to tell you yet. Aurora says. You will tell me NOW. Akane says with a serious look on her face. Hmm. Aurora mubles while turning around and walking away. If you don't tell me, i won't help you! Akane shouts. Akane, you need me more then i need you. Aurora says while vanishes. Akane blushes for a moment. If you keep making him do that, he'll never tell us how to get past here! Nemo explains. Huh! What are you talking about? Idiot, he pushed me in here for a reason, he said he needed ME. i don't need HIM. Akane says with a smirk on her face. Y-your really THAT clueless...Nemo says with a anime sweat drop. W-what?! Akane shouts with a vein popping out. He obviously doesn't want to hurt you! Nemo explains. Huh? Why would he have to do that? Akane asks. Well its obvious if he were to tell you anything about Ken it'll just make you angry, and then you wont listen to him, when he has the answer to get past here! Nemo says. Y-your obviously putting too much thought in that explanation... Akane says pouting. A voice from within Akane says, you go after your lover boy, Akane! H-huh!? Akane shouts in confusion. Hes not my lover boy! A guardian angle by the name of Mikkon appeared before her in a heart beat. I'm your heart Akane- Kind of like a cupid actually, i make decisions and get couples together! W-what!? Akane shouts falling to the ground. I came here to help you with your problem! Mikkon shouts cheerfully hopping up and down. I-i don't need any help, i don't have any problems! Akane shouts. This is great Akane! You've finally released your heart. Nemo says floating up and down with Mikkon. Nemo, stop making a fool of yourself! Akane shouts. Just let your heart do the talking and thinking from now on Akane! Mikkon says happily. That makes no sense to me! Akane shouts. Be nice to me or you'll never figure how do proceed from here! Mikkon states. W-what? You know? If so, tell me! Akane shouts impatiently. A simple kiss will do! Mikkon shouts in joy.



Somee Fun Factsss. :)


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[ __ Chap. ] Akane during the Proposal...*Someone proposes. ^^

Akane when she was a baby. Awww. >.< (born with redish hair.) dyed it when she grew older.

Akane meets Ayane in one of the worlds.

Akane & Ayane are actually long lost sisters!*


Enemies- Kei, Aurora, Kio, Nemo, Akane, Maiya.
Allies- Aurora.
Village- ____?
Age- 17.

Ahh what a cutie. ^^
He's Kio.
Kei's best friend.

Enemies- Aurora, Ken.
Allies- Akane, Kei, Maiya, Nemo.
Village- Miko Village.
Age- 15.

It's Kei.
Kio's best friend.

Enemies- Ken, Aurora.
Allies- Kio, Akane, Maiya, Nemo.
Village- Swordz City.
Age- 15.

The ninja girl, Maiya. [ chap 5. ]

shes; happy, funny, hyper, crazy. :)
Enemies- Aurora.
Allies- Akane, Kio, Kei, and Nemo.
Village- Kaika.
Age- 14.

Ninja Aurora. [ chap 6. ]

Enemies- Maiya, Akane.
Allies- Ken.
He's the one who stole the Kiwi.
Village- Kaika.
Age- 17.

Enemies- Maiya.
Allies- Aurora, Ken.
The "Mystery man".
Village- ___?
Age- ___?



Akane's guardian Angel; Death.


Akane's other guardian Angel; Heart.
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