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Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/13/08

Once there was an entity
It considered all equal
But it was truly alone
The source was nothingness
There was nothing but he

The entity decided to take action
With mighty powers he exercises
Za World is born
He occupies the lands with life
The beings divide into clans of power

The Ish’Rai ruled the demons
The Rocain ruled the vampires
The Kim-un-Kur ruled the shamed
The Orda ruled the humans
The Gods ruled the angels

His people loved him
They gave him a name and praised it
‘Praised be the Holy Lord’ they praised
Peace and prosperity was quo
But every light has a dark

The shadows were consumed by evil
Anger, sin, lie, and other horrible acts
Wars brew in Za World
Many were killed and many injured
The Holy Lord cried for them

However, shadow was born
Created from the lock of light and dark
It took a name that was Blue Satan
Blue Satan sent his Words
The Words caused chaos in their wake

The Holy Lord sent out Zein, the Savior of Twilight
Joining Zein was Rac L., the Shapeshifter
And the brothers Daniel and Francesco
Zein made a pact with Draethius, the Demon Lord
The others were Zane and Sparda

The mind was Daniel was warped
Influenced by the Words
He challenged Zein to a duel
Killed Daniel was by his stupidity
The group knew the Words were waiting

Rivalry, envy, competition
Twas of the First Word
Enchant could Nemesis, the First Word
Her lust for power laid no bounds
With order comes chaos

Nemesis attacked the group
Francesco was separated from the group
Zane and Sparda worked with Zein
Together Nemesis was slain
The first wave was rung

They went to Draethius’ home
The desert paradise of Kaidva
The people were strange
They didn’t believe in the Holy Lord
Here Holy Lord was a myth

The group was ambushed by Key
First was Norbert, the Left
Next was Tsae, the Dawn
Then was Wes, the Evening
Lastly was Sutherland, the Sun

The group defeated Key
The people refused Holy Lord’s existence
They attempted to kick them out
One of the group was unaffected
Rac L. realized the truth of Draethius

Disbelief, lie, trickery
Twas of the Second Word
Manipulate could Athius, the Second Word
Hooded in the eyes of Draethius
With chaos comes destruction

Athius destroyed the paradise of Kaidva
A baren wasteland Kaidva became
Zein fought against Athius
Athius fled from Za World
The second wave was rung

Death, pain, suffering
Twas of the Third Word
Twist could Phaethon, the Third Word
Death is only the beginning
With destruction comes death

Phaethon tried to kill the group members
He was defeated by his own sins
Repented did Ashley, Noah, Diva
And Valentine, Dominique, Leonardo, Dominic
The third wave was rung

The group traveled with the likes of the Exiled
The hearts of the Exiled increased
They began to rebel against Holy Lord and the gods
Poorly repelled they weren’t
A Word was the cause

Multiply, copy, rebirth
Twas of the Last Word
Confuse could Duo, the Last Word
Double in size was a trait
With death comes new order

The Exiled sieged Atlantis, home of the gods
The Holy Lord eradicated them
The group fought Duo
Zein slayed Duo and the Exiled remnants
The last wave was rung

All the waves crashed
The balance of good and evil shook
Dimensions ripped apart
Athius was killed in the terror
Holy Lord confronts Blue Satan

Two sides of the same coin
Their powers were equal
Zein and Valentine aided Holy Lord
The balance of power was tipped
Blue Satan was destroyed

One without the other
Such impossible phenomenon
Holy Lord began to fade away into nothingness
He told the gods to be just
And then Holy Lord departed from Za World

-Anonymous (believed to be the work of deceased god Eon)
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