2nd Season Characters Profile
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Setsuna F. Seiei
21 years old

A man who was fated to be a child guerrilla in his home, the Krugis Republic in the Middle East. During his time as a child soldier, he was rescued by the 0 Gundam, and subsequently became a Meister for Celestial Being.
4 years after the climax of the fight against the U.N. Military, The world has been united under the new Earth Federation, what does Setsuna think about it...?

Lockon Stratos
29 years old

A gunman-type member of Celestial Being who pilots the Keldim Gundam. He fights with the aid of a Haro.

Allelujah Haptism
24 years old

A Super Soldier of the HRL who used to pilot the Gundam Kyrios. After the fierce battle with the U.N. Army 4 years ago he went missing. He seems to have a past connection to the Super Soldier Soma Peries.

Tieria Erde
Age unknown

Badly injured in the final battle with the U.N. Army, he was rescued by Celestial Being. After rehabilitating, with the absence of the absolute guidance of Veda, he gropes for some meaning for fighting, and for himself.

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Sumeragi Lee Noriega
A former AEU strategeist and tactical forecaster of the Celestial Being's mothership Ptolemaios. Not a captain but essentially the top ranking officer on the ship, so she takes command. An alcoholic suffering from severe depression, Sumeragi quits Celestial Being soon after the first season, but is later re-recruited into the organization by Setsuna F Seiei.

Lasse Aeon
Miraculously coming out of the final battle unharmed, he returns along with the crew of the Ptolemaios. In place of Lichtendahl, on the bridge he not only serves as gunner but also helmsman.

Ian Vashti
The ever vigilant engineer mechanic stationed on the Ptolemaios. And once again he oversees the construction of the 00 Gundam and the other new model Suits.

Feldt Grace
Compared to her former self, her manner of speaking has softened and her facial expressions have become more womanly. She has changed her hairstyle in a way that she hopes will preserve the image of Christina in some way.

Mileina Vashti

Ian's 14 year old daughter who joins him in boarding the Ptolemaios. Though she's usually working as an operator, she has inherited her father's knowledge of machines and also works as a mechanic. With her air-headed expression and actions, she livens the atmosphere wherever she goes.

Anew Returner
A mechanic scouted by Wang Liu Mei soon after the activation of the 00 Gundam for Celestial Being's 0 Raiser and GN Archer support vehicles. She seems to know Linda and Ian well, and also specializes in regenerative medicine, astrophysics, mobile suit engineering, piloting and cooking.

Saji Crossroad
A resident of Japan, Saji is a senior high school student studying aerospace engineering who eventually realises his dream of being a space engineer. Having lost both his sister and his girlfriend Louise, Saji develops an intense hatred of Celestial Being.

After being pressed with false charges of cooperation with Katharon in the second season, Saji is rescued from execution by Celestial Being and, after much persuasion, eventually joins them as a crew member of the Ptolemaios II.
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Ribbons Almack
After five years having gone by, there is no change felt in his form. What does the meaning of the word Innovator have?

Regene Regette
The last character we saw at the end of the First Season. Wears the same clothing as Ribbons and has the same features as Tieria.

Revive Revival

Healing Care

Bring Stabity
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Arthur Goodman

Homer Katagiri

Li Zhejiang

Barack Jinin

Soma Pieres

Kati Mannequin

Louise Havaley
She devoted herself to the uniform of Arrows. Having lost her arm, she cut her hair short. What became of her former charming self cannot be told. (Notation: The text says arm, not hand.)

Andrei Smirnov
Son of Sergei Smirnov, the Wild Bear of Russia. Rank is 2nd Lieutenant.

Billy Katagiri

Patrick Colasour

Mister Bushido
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