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Post Reply Which KKM guy is the best Marriage material?
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F / Shinigami Aca...
Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08

princess802 wrote:

XDemonicX wrote:

princess802 wrote:

the one and only conrad-- if every guy was like him then we wouldn't have any problems lol ^_^

How'd you make the picture of Conrad?

I believe I found it online or I think I used photo shop can't remember well it was a while back sorry T_T

Ok. Thanks anyway
Posted 12/22/08 , edited 12/22/08
I think the best choice for a marriage-material is my sweet wolfram and murata!
Wolfram is protective,loyal,handsome,cute,cool,adorable,sensitive and loving and caring in his own way!lolz.heehee^^

And I simply love my sweet Murata too!fistly he's smart,loving,caring,kind,cool,calm,adorable,responsible,cute,handsome and he has a great sense of humor just like cute yuuri too!heeheelolz!^^

Wolfram Von Bielefeld and Ken Murata are the best marriage-materials for me!lolz!tee-heeXD!
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im ur neighbor!
Posted 4/7/09 , edited 4/7/09

no one can ever resist conrad and his charming eyes .... >_<

but i rather choose Wolfram >_<
whice is way....cooler than anybody ,protective ,cute, smart ,annoying , hard headed , responsible (for yuuri)

Posted 4/29/09 , edited 4/29/09
As much as i love Yuri i will have to get married to Conrart no ? asked. Then Yuri will be my son. Conrart is great and loves babies. I love boys with brown hair and Conrart is my man.
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24 / F / Frozen Isle
Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/19/09
Conrad - he'll make a good father, loving husband and a romantic lover...
All - in - one, what else can you ask for?

Gwendal - he likes children, so there'll be no problem on leaving him
with a child in case,you'll leave for an emergency.

He bakes good cookies and handsome too.
Murata - with a brain like that, he can really help you with finance
( he'll probably be a businessman or so)
Shouri - he's someone whose concerned about others' welfare,
caring, smart, and good looking...

But I like Conrad best...
Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/14/09
I really like Wolfram...
But he is already taken...
So my second and best option will be CONRAD...

He is definetly a husband material
I mean he is gentle,kind and very caring..
Not to mention a hottie...hehehe
So what could i ask for more?

He is already perfect...(But not as perfect as WOLFRAM)
And what is the best thing i like about him is that he is very good in swords fighting.
And ireally like the way he smiles....*blushing*
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