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Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/20/08
Mods are allowed to join too. They can either choose to be the Judge or the Participaters. We will put up the winner's entry as group info.

+Each person can only have 1 out of the following 3 entries (Story, Quote, Poem) If you submitted more than 1. We'll take the one that we think is better. (yes, we are really kind)

+There will be a winner for each entry.

+Mods are not allowed to vote for themselves.

+Please bear in mind that the theme is "Valentine" , please include that in your entries.

For any concerns or questions regarding the contest, feel free to ask the mods.

Be creative and best of all... have fun~!

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Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/20/08
Teehee~ i'm still the first one to submit! ^^

My Valentine
You're the one which sooths my tears
You're the one who's true
Who understands me when I'm in fear
And finds the dews of youth
Every petal you found for me
Means so much more
Then just colours of roses and lilies
You gave me the heart of yours

Every time I count the stars
Every time I cry and shout out loud
I know you’re here with me
No matter far or near
No matter how different we are
No matter where you are
You‘re my only
My one and only

Valentine’s the chocolate that melts in the mouth
Those which give warmth and sweetness
Though after the wash of time and tears
It shows a glimpse of bitter
But after time

May we be like valentine
May we live our live with a valentine
Search and then
You will find
Your only… valentine

Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
Horrible I know xD
I took some words from my songs, and i only write sad songs that's why it's kinda..... strange

We made it
I tell you I’m here
There is nothing other to fear
I’ll be by your side
Thers is nothing to hide
We made it here, We made it together
I’ll be here, I’ll be with you forever
I know the truth hurts alot of pain
I tell u I’m fine but inside I’m insain

Between uss there should be no wall
Looking into your eyes and just fall
Seeing your smile and feel high
Seeing your pain and just have to lie
Baby I’m sorry I didn’t mean to take you down
I just can’t see you cry all the way to town
I can survive just by seeing you glad
But seeing your pain makes me feel bad
Is this how it’s gonna be
I dont want you to leave me
Besides the smile there’s other things I can see
Happiness in your eyes after my love chocolate
Swetness on yout lips when i kisses you

But forget all about the things that happened
Cause now we're here
We made it together and will never part
We'll always be forever in my deepest heart
We made it
You and me love forever
and always together
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Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
my sweet,deer valintine
"My sweet,dear valintine"was the last thing I said to you befor I died.I wanted to tell you how much i miss you and love you.But now that I am gone how can I tell you.I wanted to say these strong true words to you on the day of love but all that came out was "My sweet,dear valintine".After that i collapsed to the floor to sleep forever without telling you how much I love you my sweet,dear valintine.

hope you liked it..... wasnt one of my best
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Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
title is really:my dear valintine
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