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Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/12/08
Here's the interview from the Hanako West magazine scans. It's a bit long but it's definitely a must read. It's hard not to love these guys.

[TRANSLATIONS] DBSK in July Issue of Hanako West magazine

[Take Note: I copied and pasted everything, so all of the side comments are the translator's own words.]

From the center of his eyes, (you can see) his talent for sexy... "If it was for the sake of being an artist, I'd endure any hardship."

The article starts off with how, during the photoshoot, Yoochun's expressions were the ones to change the quickest & experiment, more than anyone else's, even though they were supposed to be set out already/coordinated. The article, strangely, says that Yoochun is the leader of nonchalantly deciding what to talk about It also says his songs/singing is really cool, from his dark/depressing songs to amazing rap, that his approach is really sexy & R&B-influenced. Goes on to mention more about Yoochun's R&B influence, especially since he grew up for six years in a place called Virginia in America HAHAHAHA. At that time, his music was Ray Charles. Yoochun said, "ever since I was little, I really admired Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. No matter if I sold a lot of albums, or sold nothing, I truly wanted to become an entertainer. If it was for the sake of being an artist, I'd endure any hardship."

Then it goes on to say that three years earlier, he started composing songs and that it really made his heart feel at peace. It continues by saying how Yoochun's a really emotional person, how he's "both a crybaby, and a smile prince." Yoochun then talks about how much he loves taking walks with his Alaskan husky and also how he likes drinking coffee in a cafe and having a good view of the town. The town that he likes doing this in is Odaiba (a resort area in Tokyo Bay known for having a hugeeee ferris wheel ), especially since "being in the middle of the city with the view of the sea and the ocean breeze is wonderful."

The writer mentions that "since Yoochun has a fear of heights, riding on the ferris wheel (in Odaiba) is No Go (NG). Pity?" AHHAHAH & thanks to everyone who clarified for me!

Yoochunnie's interview was... really moving. ;_________; My love & fangirling of sentimental!composer!Chun multiplied so much after reading it.

To his fingertips, the conspiracy of love.
"I realized when I was dancing. This (dancing) I have loved since childhood."

Yunho's interview was... really amusing, in more ways than one. So first the writer of the article's all like, describing how nonchalant & casual he was in his jeans & T-shirt and also how "unexpectedly cool" he was, how sexy he was XD, how tall he was, how small his face was... on & on lol. Must've been one of his many, many ajumma fans. Anyway, so he talks about how he danced since he was young & how much he loved it but despite how much he wanted to sing and become a singer... "when I was young, I had throat surgery... so yes, practicing singing was a little painful."

Then they go on and talk about Beautiful You and how masculine Yunho is (the way she writes it is like saying he's almost too masculine), so much so, that the author wonders what kind of (strong masculine) aura/feeling Yunho's hero/the person he looks up to, has. ROFLMAO the author is really caking it on there's no doubt now it's an ajumma fan. Immediately after Yunho says, "I want to be a good father in the way my own father is. Even now, I am learning from my father, by doing volunteer work. My father has a big heart and he is the one I really respect."

Then Yunho says some super roflmao things like "as a man among men, I must bring out the coolness of my members..." The article goes on to praise Yunho's manliness some more, like how his sense of duty is so strong and then the article ends with "even though there's no doubt that Yunho will someday make a great father, of course we would like him to stay OUR YUNHO." AHHAHAHAHAH Beware Yunho's ajumma army!!

Did anyone know about his throat surgery? have never ever heard about it before!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Shyness. The prince of the star of the east.
"When I'm standing on the stage, I feel in that instant that I am truly living."

"Should I say that it's like I'm setting myself up when I don't even fully know myself? When I'm with an acquaintance or even a good friend, I (we?) don't talk much, in a way where we can't even say a joke." The article goes on to say how he patiently waits his turn for the photoshoot and wears his glasses and quietly goes on his laptop, and that even when everyone (I'm assuming it's the members) was gathered around him during his interview he said incredibly little. However, Jaejoong butt in and said, "Changmin is a person with great sense." Jaejoong also something about how he was the best one since the beginning at doing something but I couldn't read the kanji. Bigger scans pls!! ;___; Then it goes on to say, however, in front of the camera Changmin changes and has a variety of poses and expressions, that the shy & youngest (magnae) will also change immediately when on stage. Goes on to talk about how this 186 cm soaring vocalist with the remarkably powerful voice looks really cute when he looks bewildered. (LOL so trueee).

Then he talks about how his father opposed him becoming a singer and at first he also was very troubled (about becoming a singer). But then he says, "At that time, standing on the stage there and singing - that was when I first realized how happy I was. Now, from the bottom of my heart, I love my job. When I'm standing on the stage singing and dancing, I feel in that instant that I am truly living." Then talks about how even when the stress really builds up, as long as he listens to his music he can relax. The writer then says how she looks forward to seeing on stage Changmin's wild & strong performance on stage.

I'm really glad Changmin loves performing on stage (even though he still thinks of it as a job hahah)? I remember lots of interviews before where he said that in the beginning standing on the stage felt like a mistake & how he beats himself up over mistakes. ;____;


The beautiful voice that heals even goddesses.
"When I came to Japan I changed my style of singing. I practiced a lot to get to this voice I have now."

HAHAHAH the writer starts off by describing Jaejoong as... "with a pale complexion, and praised for his face that exudes an androgynous aura, he is certainly aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, his vocals seem as if delicately and transparently surrounding the listener. Certainly it was a gift from God, the heavenly timber of that voice. Thus, in that beautiful voice, Jaejoong talked about other episodes relating to music." LMAOOO, this writer seriously does not hold back, hahaha.

Jaejoong talks about how when he first heard the composer of Rising Sun's CD Yoo Youngjin, he was in a daze. He said, "when I tried singing it though, it was as if I was tone-deaf. So much so that it seemed that I could never become a vocalist. However, I listened to music a lot and practiced a lot - that's how I became this Jaejoong you see today. When I came to Japan also, I listened to a lot of J-pop and changed my style of singing. You like my voice now, right?"
Then they talk about fashion, and Jaejoong's trademark boots & accessories. Jaejoong says how he's obsessed with current fashion trends, loves shopping, and has a huge interest in Japanese fashion. Why do I find this very amusing? Also says that he "easily becomes lonely and that he's a demon at sending text messages with a lot of emoticons to the members."

Then they talk about Jaejoong's cooking and how he's good at it, especially jjigae. Says specifically, "I love to make and serve the members warm jjigae." Umma!Jae Mentions that if he has time he will try to cook Japanese food more. Then it says, "even though he's visual kei (NOT the jrock style lol), he is very much home-oriented."


The real singing angel upon Earth.
"I am able to sing now because God has granted my prayers."

The article immediately starts off with starts saying how Junsu, on television, always barrels into his oyaji gags, and is a boke (half of a comedian pair, the one who gets hit on the head by the tsukkomi - think Heyx3!) all by himself. The writer says that figure of Junsu is unexplainably lovable, especially Junsu's big fan Sekine Tsutomu-san (the famous comedian who was with them on Music Japan XDDD) who does imitations of Junsu.

Then they talk about how, once Junsu arrives on stage, he shows his high-toned, super vocals. The interviewer/writer writes, "whether husky or hyper, it all came from an angelic throat; I was able to hear the true talent of the owner of that voice who sang such songs. But that treasure was not easily given to him in the palm of his hand. When he was working towards his dream of becoming a singer, his voice started cracking due to puberty. In that condition, he couldn't continue singing for three years."

Junsu said, "When I was told by my doctor that he wanted me to stop singing, I thought it was all over. But everyday with my mother, I cried and I prayed. I am able to sing now because God has granted my prayers. I don't know when this will happen, but I want to come to the point when DBSK are called 'artists who have musically surpassed the label of J-pop.' That is the kind of artist I want to become."
Then it talks about before following his dream of becoming a singer, he wanted to be a soccer player, and still loves soccer. Junsu ends by saying, "I watch soccer games on TV, play soccer video games, and sometimes, I even play soccer together with all the Toho backup dancers!!"

credits: [email protected]
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