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Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/12/08
Jaejoong x Junsu x Changmin

[Your territory at home!]

Q: Do you have any place at home that you find exceptionally comfortable?
JS: I think it’s my bed; I place many pillows there, so I can put my computer on my bed and watch movies leisurely.

Q: Ah~ Because you can watch movies through your computer
JS: Yeah, lying down while watching movies, and I can even surf the internet, I feel very comfortable.

Q: Just asking, what color are your pillows?
JS: They’re light blue, it feels very comfortable.

Q: Has Changmin and Jaejoong seen Junsu’s bed?
CM: Yeah, I saw it before. It’s not bad *laughs*
JS: Actually, I saw Jaejoong’s bed, then copied his lay out.

Q: Ah, I see!
JJ: My bed is the 2nd level of the bunk bed, and it’s very long, so I place many thick pillows around the bed and the headboard.

Q: Pillows everywhere?
JJ: Yeah *laughs* But it feels very comfortable, it feels like it only belongs to me

Q: So, when you’re at home, you spend a lot of time on the bed?
JJ: Ah~ Yeah, I really know how to relax myself.

Q: What about Changmin?
CM: I think it’s the dining table. Although I think the most comfortable place is the bed as well, but I can learn Japanese at the dining table, practicing singing with the members and even play games.

Q: It’s really a multi-functional table! Is it very big?
CM: Yeah, it’s very big.
JJ: It’s twice the size of a normal 1.5meter rectangular table.

Q: Does everyone keep this table clean?
JJ: Changmin doesn’t clean at all!!
CM: No, no *laughs*
JJ: Although he uses it the most.
CM: No, I only use it occasionally.
JJ: It’s really rarely seen~ *laughs* (T/N: Jaejoong used a word with a double meaning. Changmin’s ‘occasionally’ and deliberately interpreted it as ‘rarely seen’ ) Although Changmin claims that he uses it for studying, but yet he often leaves food remains on the table. He does this occasionally IN ORDER TO *places special emphasis* study.
JS: Yeah, that’s right, Really rarely seen! He never cleans up after studying, and the next person will see this (the food remains on the table) *laughs*
CM: *Quietly* When they talk like this, it proves that their relationship (Junsu and Jaejoong) is very good.
JJ: Last time, he only cleaned his own cup and didn’t bother about the others. In the end, I had to wash the rest (of the cups)
CM: HAHAHA~ That really happened before *laughs* However, not everyday is like that!
JJ: (Immediately) But almost everyday is like this.
CM: HAHAHAHAHAHA *laughs* Sorry!!

Q: So who has always been the one in charge of cleaning up?
CM: *Slowly raising his hand*
JJ: AH~ That’s not good. Besides Changmin, everyone else will do a little of the household chores, but Changmin only looks after himself.
CM: Ah~~~ I really did help a lot in the end. Although that place is my territory, but when it comes to this sort of things, Yoochun is even worse~!!!!
JJ: That’s true……. *laughs*
CM: Ah~ Sorry, I’ll try to work harder in the future!

[Things that they bought recently!]

Q: Did you buy anything recently?
JJ: I recently bought a 320 GB hard drive for about 14,000 yen.
JS: My 150 GB hard drive is full.
CM: Are you showing off??
JS: No…… *laughs*

Q: What do you put in your hard drives? Music?
JS: Music, movies, dramas, games….
CM: Junsu’s hard drive is completely filled with games!!!

Q: What game do you like playing recently?
JS: Recently, I like playing [Warcraft]

Q: What kind of game is it?
CM: AH~ It’s not very popular in Japan.
JS: It really trains your mind, and you need to be very good in hand-eye co-ordination.
JJ: I see. It sounds boring. *laughs*

Q: EH! There’s no force involved *laughs*
JS: However, playing games really trains your mind. (I play) in order to increase my IQ!!

Q: So, what did Junsu buy recently?
JS: 3 pillows!
CM: Long ones?
JS: Yeah!

Q: If you bought another 3 pillows, then wouldn’t the empty space on your bed shrink?
JS: However, it’s more comfortable this way! You can turn here (left) and there (right), ah ah, they are everywhere~~ (Junsu was very excited talking about pillows!!!)
JJ: Your words are starting not to make sense! *laughs* If this was Junsu, then he will be surrounded by pillows, pillows and pillows. This is what it looks like (using the 4 cups on the table to demonstrate)
JS: It feels really comfortable! *laughs*

Q: Junsu’s room seems a little lonely! *laughs* So, what about Changmin? What did you buy recently?
JJ: The things Changmin bought recently…….is there anything?
CM: Phone card. Because international calls to Korea from Japan are expensive, so I bought a phone card.

Q: To call your family and friends?
CM: Yeah. However, among the 5 of us, I hardly use my phone cards.
JJ: I don’t really buy them either.
JS: I use more (than the rest)! *laughs*

Q: It’s because you’re not accustomed to living in another country?
CM: It was like that at first, but I’m used to it already.

Q: You’re very strong! Did you make any friends in Japan?
CM: No *laughs* Although I don’t have any friends, but there are many staffs around me….so it’s alright.

Q: You’ll start having more and more friends!
CM: Yes! I’m looking forward to it!

[Food that they can cook very well!]

Q: Does everyone cook often?
JJ: Yeah. I like jjigae (T/N: Stew) very much, that’s why I like cooking it. When I was younger, my dad wasn’t at home most of the time because he had to work, so I had to cook for myself when I was alone. I slowly started getting better at it.

Q: Have the 2 of you tried the jjigae that Jaejoong cooked before?
CM: I ate it before.
JJ: EH? Weren’t you eating it yesterday?? They just ate it yesterday~~ *laughs*
CM: Ah, he made some for me yesterday; and made some modifications to the jjigae as well.
JS: That’s right! I really want to see food that was cooked meticulously *laughs*
JJ: I cooked some yesterday, but Junsu wasn’t eating because he was on a diet. Yoochun and Changmin both tried it, Junsu didn’t eat so he didn’t see it. The reason why he didn’t eat was also because he kept playing that game.

Q: Were you playing [Warcraft]? Alone?
JS: Not alone
JJ: You were alone, YOU WERE ALONE!!
JS: I was playing with someone far away, because it’s an online game
CM: Online?? *laughs*
JS: I called all my friends on, and were playing online together, so it’s alright *laughs*

Q: So, was the jjigae Jaejoong cooked delicious?
JS: The soup was really tasty!
JJ: I’m very good!
CM: And how would you know?
JS: I tried it, although there weren’t any ingredients left, but the taste was really good

Q: Have you guys ever made anything for Jaejoong then?
JJ: They never did!
JS: No, we did! Like ramen and such
CM: But it’s just instant noodles *laughs*
JJ: That was so long ago! They are a bunch of annoying people *laughs*

[The instruments they are now practicing diligently!]

Q: Everyone’s learning some kind of instrument now. So I would like to ask how your lyric writing/song composing is coming along?
JJ: I’m working diligently in song writing, everyone’s doing it too! It’s a little harder because we don’t have much time. That…….inspiration?
CM: Inspiration?!!
JJ: I don’t really have any inspiration, that means I don’t really have the ‘song writing’ feel… Anyway it’s just more difficult. I really wish I had more time to listen to music. The atmosphere to stimulate the musical inspiration is very important. I’ll do some occasionally when we were rushing through our schedules, but it’s never enough.

Q: Do you let the other members listen to the songs you compose?
CM: Yeah
JJ: But if I let Changmin listen to it, he’ll never give a good reaction/opinion

Q: Changmin has a sharp tongue? *laughs*
CM: No!!
JJ: Yeah! Very sharp.
JS: I compose songs too, but recently, I’ve been learning Korean percussion instruments, like drums (Janggo- Korean traditional drum) (T/N: From Eunhyuk?? )

Q: Junsu’s sense of rhythm is very good!
JS: This… I’m not sure about that *laughs*
JJ: But he started learning at a young age.
JS: I’ve performed this in public before.

Q: Junsu’s drum playing…..are you very good?
JJ: I have never seen it, but I’ve seen him doing impromptu drum playing before. I thought it was pretty good.

Q: Please perform for us when the opportunity arises
JS: I don’t want to let everyone see this *laughs*

Q: Ah ah, don’t talk like this *laughs* What about Changmin?
CM: I haven’t been writing songs recently. I learnt the flute before last time.
JS: I learnt it before too, I learnt many instruments, I even learnt the violin before, but I gave up half way *laughs*
CM: Because of your lack of talent? *laughs*
JS: No, it’s not like that!! I’m very talented! However, it’s hard for me to choose what exactly I want to learn *laughs*
JJ: You should have decided before you even starting playing!

[Conversation between the 3 of them!]

Q: What do the 3 of you talk about when you get together?
JJ: Stuff like what we talked about in today’s interview
JS: It felt very normal
JJ: We either bully people or get bullied *laughs*
CM: We’ll chat

Q: Will you talk about singing or dancing?
JJ: We’ll talk about this when the 5 of us are together. When the 5 of us get together, then we’ll talk about THSK’s music. But when it’s 3 people, then we wouldn’t
JS: We’ll talk about the economy……

Q: AH? Really?
CM: That was a lie *laughs*
JS: Ah, ah! That was true! *laughs* We’ll talk about the stock market, the economy……

Q: I was a little surprised
CM: He’s sleep talking
JS: No, recently, I’ve been thinking about the problems the world is facing, and the future…
CM: Because of this, the other member’s have been worrying about Junsu’s future! *laughs* (T/N: Implying Junsu’s going mad )
JJ: HAHA, that’s true *laughs*
JS: And, what kind of person I must become ( CM: What kind of person will Junsu become? This question is really worrying! *laughs*

Q: Hmm, I can tell that the 3 of you seem very close. This is a good 3 member group!
JS: Yeah, very good!
CM: Thank you *laughs*

Arena 37C July [Yoochun x Yunho]


----- Do you or the other members have any habits?
YH: Firstly, my habit is, whenever I’m nervous I tend to touch my eyes or face *explaining with actions*

-----Will that help to calm you down?
YH: If I do this…. A little *laughs*
YC: I do that whenever I’m shy too *laughs* Whenever I’m nervous, I cough a lot

---Umm? Do you notice that amongst yourselves?
YH: Yeah. He does that before going on stage. Also, I’ll definitely pray before going on stage, hoping that the performance will go smoothly; I’ll say a chant as well. Now, before going on stage, I’ll chant ‘From now onwards, I’m the best’, then I’ll go on stage. After saying my prayers and the chant, it’ll be alright and I’ll be relaxed

----- Does Yoochun pray too?
YC: Sometimes, but there are times when I don’t do

------ There are many reasons as to why you decide when and when not to pray right?
YC: Ummm… For example, if it’s been a long time and my condition isn’t very good, then I’ll pray

-----So, your second live tour [Five in the Black] has begun, Did you pray before your first performance in Nakano?
YH: I did my chant. I really tried my best *laughs* Therefore the whole performance went smoothly

---- I watched that concert; the elaborate stage was way beyond my imagination
YC: Ah, you watched it?
YH: We were really nervous. But thanks to the chant and prayer, it went smoothly
YC: However I made a mistake, I forgot my lyrics

----- Ah, I see. Were you in good condition?
YC: I wasn’t as nervous as before, however, once I stood on stage, somehow all the anxiety set in *laughs* I was rather shocked myself

[Something you enjoy eating]

----- What do you like to eat?
YC: I…..basically like everything

----Ah, that’s good. You like vegetables too?
YC: I like vegetables

---- Meat and fish too?
YC: I basically like all fish. Compared to meat, I prefer fish and vegetables

----A healthy diet. What about Yunho?
YH: Me? I like everything *laughs* I don’t really dislike eating anything

---- When you first came to Japan, what did you find delicious?
YC: Practically everything was nice

---- The other 3 said they liked eating natto very much
YH: So do I
YC: I don’t really like natto. The taste isn’t that bad, the smell is so-so, but I just don’t like that feeling

------ You don’t like foods that are sticky?
YH: Yeah~~ The sticky sticky feel
YC: I’m actually okay with those kinds of food
YH: It’s the feeling you get when eating?
YC: Yeah~~ I can’t take it! But it’s better after a while. Now, I can eat almost everything. Ah~ What I find delicious after coming to Japan is ginger!

----The fine, red ginger?
YC: That’s really delicious
YH: I think katsudon’s really delicious

----- There isn’t any katsudon in Korea?
YH: Yeah, there’s no such thing in Korea. Only fried pork ribs

---However, it should be better since you don’t have any food you dislike. Then you can dine almost anywhere
YC: Yeah, I get excited each time we go somewhere to eat *laughs*

[What they do alone]

---- Do you go to restaurants or shops alone?
YH: I don’t go alone
YC: I will go shopping alone, but I don’t go to restaurants alone
YH: Yeah~ It’s okay to shop alone but I would like to dine with my friends

--Ah~~Compared to women, men prefer shopping alone
YC: Ah~ Even when it comes to eating?
YH: Korea is a little different compared to Japan. If you eat alone in Korea, it seems like you’re very pitiful.
YC: And there are more shops in Japan as compared to Korea
YH: I went to the movies alone before. It was raining and I ended up getting drenched. It’s very painful if you do things alone. *laughs* The move was [Thir13en Ghosts]. I was still a trainee then. A couple was sitting beside me and I was sitting in the middle *laughs* It was really painful. Looking back, it seems very comical *laughs*

---- If that’s the case, it’s better not to go alone
YH: Yeah *laughs* It’s better to go in twos, especially if you’re watching a horror movie

----- Yeah, so go with Yoochun next time
YC: Ah, we did go out together to watch movies before
YH: We went to watch horror movies together, and even romance movies…..

-----So, do you scream and cry together?
YH: Yeah, it’s very interesting~If 2 people go together *laughs* But I won’t cry

---- Because you’re shy or do you not cry while watching movies?
YH: Up till now, only one movie has moved me to tears. The Korean movie [Last present] (T/N: Korean title [선물]), I only cried when watching that
YC: Ah~~ You cried
YH: Do you know who Lee Young Ae is? She starred in that movie. It’s a tragedy about a comedian~ Ever since then, I never cried. It’s a really great movie. If you ever have a chance, please watch it

[Something they collect]

---- What do you collect?
YH: Yoochun’s collects the same thing as me. I like collecting photographs. I really like photographs.

---- Ah, photographs you take
YH: Recently, Yoochun has been taking photos too

---- Was it because of Yunho’s influence?
YH: Yeah…….Accomplice?
YC: Accomplice?? AH, you mean exchange. We often exchange tips

------ Yunho said he likes to take pictures of people. What about Yoochun. What do you like taking pictures of?
YC: People, and many other things. Recently, Junsu, Yunho and I took a picture of us jumping with the blue sky as the background

-----Eh? That’s a good picture. However, was it difficult to take?
YH: It turned out really well *laughs*

----- Aren’t you going to publish such a great picture?
YH: Yeah, we still haven’t published it

----- You’re just going to admire the pictures yourself
YC: Yunho made an album
YH: Yeah, I made an album. Other than that, I collect interesting stuffs. *talking while laughing* I collect shoes, spectacles, everything…. Spectacles, sunglasses, shoes, clocks….

-----That’s an expensive collection
YH: No. I don’t buy them myself. Those are presents I received from fans. Of course, I buy some of them myself but most of my collections are gifts from others
YH: Yeah, thank you everyone. Also, the fans have good tastes

------- Hasn’t Yoochun received anything from Yunho?
YC: Not yet. I’ll work hard from now on.

-------So, secretly…. *laughs*
YC: Yeah, secretly

-----Oh, do any of you collect plastic models?
YC: I had a lot of them when I was a kid
YH: I had a lot of robots, and Gundam

----- You even know what Gundam is?
YH: Yeah, it’s famous in Korea
YC: I also had toy car models
YH: Did they run on batteries?
YC: I also had the ones that ran on motors
YH: But I haven’t played with those recently….. Although I feel like playing with them *laughs*
YC: I know *laughs* Playing with them occasionally, recalling the old times… I think that’s pretty good

credit: pickleisgood @ soompi
translated by: Sparkskey
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