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Who here is considering adopting a tiny meow machine?
Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08

ralvyn wrote:

omg if i know your place i'll go kidnap him! or catnap!

er why do you have to take a picture of him with your.. err.. th.. tho.. inner wear? and in between legs?

There is a panty on me, no worries. The picture was proof that Sigmund Freud is a total cuddle beast.

Believe me now?

Soulcallibar wrote:

Sales on an anime forum? That's totally out of place. =.=

No man, not anime forum. General forum.

xdevilettebesideyou wrote:

omg, you're like really pretty!

Thanks, Kitty.

lilaznmidgetdude wrote:

Lucky cat LOL.

Isn't this a personal thread though?

Dogs > Cats Forevaaa!

EDIT: Woah first guy to say something. No wonder there's no perverted-ness yet =)

I agree. If I had such a hot owner, I'd be all over me too. HAHAHAHA

Posted 1/10/10 , edited 1/10/10
OP has nuked.
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