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Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/12/08
After reading the forum topic: "zomg! ikuto's singing utau's song" created by cookieluvr, I decided to see if there any more "Otoko" versions of songs on YouTube. Appearantly, there were. I decided to only share a few here, since I got a splitting headache from listening to most of them. The ones from Shugo Chara were really funny, and I thought Ikuto's voice actor was the one singing.

~Meikyuu Butterfly~ (It's already in the forum topic I described above, but I just wanna put it here)

~Minna Daisuki~ (This was just HILARIOUS! XD)

~Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!~ (This one made me laugh for about an hour XD)

Overall, I thought "Meikyuu Butterfly" was kinda okay. "Minna Daisuki" & "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" just had me rolling in pitless laughter XD. Unfortunatly, "Minna Daisuki" and "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" were gay-ified... Please post if you know anymore :3
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LMAO!!!!!! [email protected][email protected]
thanks for the share. if i find more, ill sure to post it. :]
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OMG..Lol..its so funny XD...cant stop laughing again~
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Meikuu Butterfly! now here's a cat =3
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That actually sounds good....
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