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23 / F / a place
Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/13/08
here we give each other! XD.

soo come on ppl give &/or ask 4 them!
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F / In a nutshell
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
Hint: Things to Try

Below is a list of funny and interesting things you can do in the game. Have you tried the following things? Have you...

* Been caught by the Goblins while riding the gondola?
* Fed the snake a Sleeping Mushroom?
* Tried the Goblin’s soup? With a Sleeping Mushroom? With a Coconut?
* Transformed a Goblin Totem as it sinks into the soup?
* Dived into the Fountain Guardian’s pond? Without water?
* Snuck up behind the King of the Jungle with a Torch?
* Tried to walk on water without freezing it first in Keeper of the Ice?
* Rocked the baby dragon or rubbed his head? Roughly?
* Escaped Rose’s airship without the map?
* Tried to Escape Rose’s airship without opening the hanger door?
* Transformed the Goon Totem you used as a bridge in Bridge of Doom?
* Transformed the Goon Totem stuck in the lava spout in Dragon Scales?
* Killed Rose and her Goons by dropping them onto a pit of spikes?
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