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Is there a Gokusen 4??..
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29 / F / kali~
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08

ChinatsuNakasone wrote:

oooh i hope they do a movie it would be the perfect opportunity for shin to come back from africa or whatever and hook up with yakumi! xD

of course i'd be happy seeing shin again no matter what. (:

omg, i soooo agree with you!! >< it was good to see that kuma at least was back in gokuen 2, but i reeeaallly wanted to see shin come back! they should totally do a movie or a long special at least!!!
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/30/08

hArUhI19 wrote:

because im not satisfied at the last episode of the 3rd one..
and someone said that there's gonna be a 4th season..
i hope so..

I don't think its a good idea to have a class full of girls instead of boys because the guys are usually hot lol. Gokusen 4 if their going to make such a season should put back Jun as a teacher at the same high school that Yankumi will be teaching at. This time they have a romance story and she actually gets a guy. The class she teaches should be 50 times worst that all the other classes she ever taught. What would be more dramatic is if Yankumi gets badly injured and ends up in the hospital *gasp*
I wish I could write the script.
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25 / F / soCAL
Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/31/08

the love life of GOKUSEN (GOKUudo(Gangster/yakuza) + SENsei =GOKUSEN

ahahah.. mmm.. i hope sawada shin will be there..
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32 / F
Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/4/08
yeah i wish there's a season 4
but i also hope shin sawada_matsujun is in season 4
doode that would be great
my world would be complete.......
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28 / F / the land of zorg
Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08
i really hope so! I WANT SAWADA to apear again! But it just seems to be goping on and on, the same things happen, just new (hot ) characters seem to appear, its kinda predictable now, they get into trouble, Yankumi saves them, they all get beaten up, Someone learns somthing, the end. WHEN WILL SOMEONE KISS OR CONFESS TO YANKUMI!!! soooooooo frustrating!
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Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/8/08
if they need to stick to an original storyline I think that a season 4 should actually be a co-ed school where yankumi has the most trouble with the only girl in 3-D and possibly be the reason might be because the girl is so much like yankumi in ways that she only was in 3-D because of what a teacher did or something and was pushed into D class because of her reaction of hitting the teacher for what they did to another student
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25 / F / near the ♥ of ma...
Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08

helloimhi6 wrote:

maybe but i think its gonna suck because if there is gonna be one, its probably just gonna be practically the same thing like gokusen 1, 2, and 3.......

i think it doesnt SUCK.. although the story are all the same.. its stil kawaii and kakkoi.. because of new faces and new HOT guys! ahahahah^^ =) agree?

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Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
Oh, come on, of course all of the series are going to be similar, if they changed it too much it wouldn't be Gokusen, there's only one manga that they can base it off. Even though the plot lines are VERY similar I think that Gokusen is a drama series I'd never get sick of. Well, I nearly didn't watch series 3 because I was kinda let down by series 2 but I'm glad I did now, it kinda made me like series 2 more for some reason. Though my fave will always be the first. Always.

The ending of three was very vague, and I'm going to admit that I love Miura Haruma, so I'd obviously want to see him again (is biased ).

I think they should do something that relates to the special 200 manga chapter(a movie), because I liked that chapter. I was sick of her falling in love with those people who helped her out, I really didn't like that.

And I agree, I would like to see Shin back, and Uchiyama, because I loved those two in the first series(And because I love Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun. And pretty much every series or movie that they've acted in. They're really good actors. )

A series of girls just wouldn't be the same, girls are much different to boys and personally I don't think it'd be quite as entertaining. And not because there'd be no hot guys to stare at.
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25 / F / !$#!%@
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
it would be nice, if it showed that yankumi's oji-chan was really ill. then she had to deal with competing yakuza families, and that they were trying to sabotage her students.. and then she would hav to make a decision wher she chooses between teaching and her family career.. or someone is trying to frame her or something.. that will be nice
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F / Ueda land
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/12/08
Yea.. I read that there's gonna b a movie xD But I do liky the idea of her teachin at a all grls scl xD
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38 / F / in jun matsumotos...
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/13/08
theres gona be a movie..not yet confirmed but it sought of is as well. .its been in the j-papers so....

so who really wants another season..i meam come on the same concept the 4th time??!

i think they shoould end it with the movie..

probably get shin sawada(jun) back in the the movie i think he should come back..and he become a lawyer..and he wants to work as the lawyer for yamaguchi's family..(jus like how shin wanted it in the manga.he wanted to protect her and her family thus wanted to go to a law school or watever) ..blah

and then he finally tells her hes got a thing for her..and since hes no longer her student.. u knw..wham bam thnk u ma'am! ^_^ im sorry but many fans still need closure on the whole yankumi-shin thing so i hope they atleast do it in the movie!
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/20/08
OMG a woman after my own heart!

I think your idea for a script is awesome lol, and i'm so happy to finally find someone who thinks the characters need to get injured!

I always get happy when the characters in the drama get threatened or pass out or get injured because it means the guy gets to save them. i'm a sucker for damsel in distress stuff. in fact i'd fake injury to have shin save me lol.

but anyways, we can only hope. a gokusen movie or a fourth season using all of kawaicute18's ideas lol.
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25 / F / California, USA
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/25/08
i dont think they should have so many seasons...
it would kinda kill the whole drama O_O"
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23 / F / HI~MI~TSU
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/25/08
that be cool if there is gokusen 4... and i want yama-chan and yuto to be part of the series...
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26 / F / sOuL sOciE†y
Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/26/08
hoping,, and i also hope that shin wud be thre if ever!
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