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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
Well these r my results...

1 ive only finished 14 so far...

2 it took me one day and ALL nite it had 56 epis

3 my first anime was sailor moon actually i watched it when i was like three

4 the animes im watching rite now r shugo chara! naruto and bleach

5 uh the worst anime ive ever watched was bottle fairy

6 yeah i stopped watching school days cuz it was VERY perverted

7 yup actually,i think ive done that with every anime ive ever watched 0_o

8 yes! i suck at drawing but i love to!

9 yeah,it happened with both kodocha and naruto...

10 yeah ive gotten almost all my friends to love anime!!!!!!!!
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Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
1. hmmm...a lot probably about 15 that i have actually finished

2. one time at a sleepover me and my friends finshed a 26 episode series in one night

3. probably digimon or pokemon

4...too name a few, d.gray-man, shugo chara, bleach, and special a

5. probably peach girl

6. yeah i stopped watching tonagura! the pervertedness was killing me..

7. yeah, i do that quite often actually

8. hmm..yeah, it actually didn't even look like the character at all, but i don't think that it sucked that much

9. yeah, and then when i was in school, i was like, "grrr, i gotta go home and watch the next episode!"

10.they just started liking it on their own
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/15/08
1.)How many animes have you REALLY watched throughout the whole thing?
i don't actually know, because when i love the series, i can't just go on not finishing it. but i guess it succeeds around 30. there are a lot of animes, duh... and i watch them all, sporty, comedic, romantic, everything, name it

2.)What's the quickest time you have ever watched a whole series?(of anime)
hmm... started 9 pm and finished around 7 in the morning. all straight. just seconds for breaks and little water.

3.)What was your first anime ever?
i don't know

4.)What animes are you currently watching?
SA, itazura, kyo kara mao---> waiting for each eps. shounen onmyoji, air gear, para kiss-----> just rewatching them.

5.)What is the WORST anime you have ever watched?
school days. the ending. weirder than the manga.

6.)Was there ever an anime you stopped watching because of its pervertedness?
nothing, when i start watching i'll not stop.

7.)Have you ever stayed up all night watching anime,but you had just spent all day watching the same one?
yes. OHSHC. la corda. yeah, those. inuyasha; those animes kept me awake all day.

8.)Have you ever tried to draw an anime character but found you suck at it?
yes, i drew syaoran, my sis said it was nice but i think it totally SUCK.

9.)Have you ever been so obssesed with an anime to the point where you can't think of anything else?
yes. even at school. can't wait til it's watching time.

10.)Have you gotten your friends to love anime?
nope. they just love me talking about it. but they got some lazy butts to watch anime.

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