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too long -_-

this is bs. god wouldnt bother making such a long letter.. >.<
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i've read this letter before.. and it was sooo touching!!..
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maphae wrote:

I don't want to argue about anything. all i wanted to do is to share this letter to those who want to read it.

There's this handy little thing called a PROFILE... that's where this kind of thing belongs. We have many threads about god and christianity.

We really don't need another that's just for a "letter"

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maphae wrote:

The letter below is something that i had been hoping to receive.
I first read it in the bulletin board of the Campus Ministry Office in our school and since then i wanted to own a copy. It even came to a point wherein i was willing enough to talk to the staff and ask them to borrow it and have it photocopied.

~~edited. i don't plan on making a chain letter or whatever.
this is just for people who would want to read it. that's all.
If you don't want to then don't. I'm not forcing you to. I will respect your decision.
I don't want any silly arguments about faith, God, Christianity, or whatever.~~~

I was touched by the letter,
because it made me realize that no matter how much of a bitch i am, god can still love me.
that no matter how much i questioned his existence in the past, he is willing to love me,
that no matter how much i try to shut him out of my life, he still loves me.

That made me feel ok.
That made me think twice on becoming one of those ignorant Christians who would shout out their holiness to the world and belittle the sinners for they are sinners.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the letter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My Beloved,

I know your misery, the inner struggle of your heart. I also know the weakness of your heart. I am aware of your cowardice, your sins and your falls. I still tell you "Love Me as you are."
If You wait to be an angel before you give me your love, you will never love me.

Even if you fall again into sins you are ashamed of, even if you are poor in the practice of virtue, I do not allow to NOT love me. Love me as you are! Yes, give me your heart at all times and in whatever dispositions you may be, in fervour or in dryness, faithful or unfaithful, Love me as you are. I want the love of your poor heart.

If you want to be perfect before you give me your heart, you will never love me.
What can prevent Me from turning every grain of sand into a shining radiant archangel of great nobility? Don't you believe that I could bring into being thousands of saints, more perfect and loving than those I have created? Am i not the almighty God? But if you choose to be loved, here and now, by your limited heart in preference to more perfect love... will you refuse? Can you refuse?

Allow Me to love you, My dear. i long to win your heart. Oh, yes! i do want to mold you to better things, but in the meantime, I love you as you are. I only wish that you could do the same. I desire the very kind of Love you can give Me; the Love that comes up from the bottom of your misery because I truly love you in your very weakness. I treasure the love of the poor, the love of the weak that cries without sound. "Lord, I Love You." It is this cry that comes from the bottom of your heart that matters to Me, because it is real. I do not need your achievements, your gifts, your virtues.

I have NOT laid down high goals for you. I created you for the purpose of Loving Me, and NOT that you become puffed-up and self-centered. "When you are centered on Me as Loving Me as you are, then you free Me to do great things for you. In this present moment, therefore, in this circumstances, just Love Me! Then I will achieve in you more than you could ever have dreamed.

Today I, the Lord of Lords, stand at the door of your heart as a beggar. I knock and I wait. Do hurry to open, my heart is eager. Do NOT make your misery an excuse. Your misery is My excuse in loving you more! Yes, you are poor and weak, even more than you know. But I know it and I Love You all the more with tender compassion. Believe Me, trust Me, Love Me. This is all I ask. I will do the rest.

I want you to think of Me during this day, as often as you can. I want you to think of Me as a friend, one on whom you can rely who will never let you down. Will you do that for Me as a way to Love Me as you are? I want you to act out of love, no matter how small it may seem to you. When you act out of Love, you are Loving Me as you are, do you know that? When doubts or suffering come your way, remember Me and call on Me. I will be with you and give you strength. Above all when temptation comes your way, then cry out with trust and determination. I am with you, and I will answer. Then we are both loving one another as we are.

~Almighty God~


~~~ to all people who does not belive the existing of God, then don't read the letter if it will only raise your blood pressure~~~

I don't want to argue about anything. all i wanted to do is to share this letter to those who want to read it.

Better to have in the "christians" thread
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