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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
2000 members FahrenCiti Official Website got hacked, 16 fans' personal info got exposed

FahrenCiti Official Website ( created last month, because there is a NT $1200 membership fee, members have to pay online by credit card, but a few days ago there was report that members's personal info where leaked out, resulting in numerous credit card scams. According to report, victims have reached over 16 members, with all scams gathered around end of April to beginning of May. With over 2000 members on the website, after the news has spread out, recently, the management company-Comic in responsibility has started to help fans to solve the problems.

Comic calls police to handle situation, will assist for the loss

Comic producer manager said: "We are also victims, but we have to be morally justice and responsible, will cooperate with the police to find the convictor(s)." It was reported that Comic has already tried to file a case with the police department, but the police state that because they are not the direct victims, they cannot make a file, making them very frustrated. Comic has declared that if fans can show proof of being a victim, they will be assisting for the loss.

According to report, bank notice has listed out 16 victims of getting their personal info exposed, there's 8 people who got scammed from NT $1500-$10,000, the other 8 people got notice from the bank to change cards, after fans got the news, they angrily left messages on the guestbook to protest. Within those people, a fan named Weng's Chinese credit card got scammed, and has already contacted the police department, she was scammed a total of 4 times, with the help of Comic company, the police has already given a "denied transaction notice" for Ms. Weng and the bank, preventing the scam from reaching over NT $10,000.

Ms. Qiu in 4 days gets scammed over 10 times
Another victim is a 28 year old Ms. Qiu states: "During May 25-28th, I was scammed over 10 times, and have already informed the police, and they are currently under investigation, because I've only used the card once (membership fee), the police said that the site's scamming probability is high, but it's probably due the problem of the company responsible for the link that directs to the card payment." Another women named Ms.Si got scammed NT $3500 during May, she felt really angered for having her own right and interest being violated.

Novellink puts aside blame: suspecting card holders to be invaded by virus

Yesterday, Comic took the initiative to declare and encourage victims to report to the police in order to solve the case, while the company incharge of the online card payment links-Novellink claims: "We've already made investigation within our company, and there's no problem, it's most likely due to virus invasion of the card holder, if there's order from government, we will be providing the material for inspection, but so far we haven't received any notice from the police department yet."

Credits: Fahrenheit Globa1 Fanclub
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