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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
Fahrenheit's Secret Chatroom
Everything you wanted to know all in here!

epop: Can you tell us your height, weight, shoe size and visual acuity?
J: 181cm; 70kg; 10.5; vision after wearing contact lenses is 2.0
A: 177cm; 60kg; 10; 2.0 and 1.25
C: 184cm; 64kg; 10.5; 5.5
WZ: 181cm; 72kg; 10.5; 5.5 + astigmatism 1.25

epop: Which number do you like best?
J: My favourite number is 9, because it represents continuation, moreover it sounds like 'long-lasting'.
A: 8. Because my favourite basketball player Kobe Bryant's number is 8, and my nickname "Ah Bu" is also taken from his name. (taken from Kobe's translated Chinese name)
C: 7! Because Lucky Seven! At that time during the Sunshine Boys competition, my performance number was also 7, it is my lucky number.
WZ: My birthday is 10th day of the 10th month, so it's 10! (laughs) My car number plate in Brunei is also 1010.

epop: Tell us which part of your body are you most pleased with?
J: If it's the face then I like my mouth and face outline best. Heard my mom say that when I was young I liked to suck the pacifier, that's how it became this sexy lip shape, I also like my face outline. If it's the body I like the inverted V body shape, narrow waist, broad shoulders, when you take off your clothes it looks very promising!
A: Eyes! Because lower lashes are long, pupils are large, would often be mistaken to have applied eyeliner or to be wearing glasses that have magnifying properties, (convex lens?) but I still like them lah!
C: Should be my smile bah! Also like my quick mental reaction, in addition resisting going to the toilet is also my specialty, so I also like my kidneys!
WZ: Bone frame! If your bone frame is good, your style would also become better! (laughs)

epop: If you use one phrase to describe your personality, what phrase would you use?
J: Never say die. No matter what difficulties I face I would face it bravely, definitely would not give up, would work hard to live on.
A: A Scorpio who is mysterious and has very high expectations of self.
C: Optimistic and jovial.
WZ: Does not waste time. I like to make use of my time effectively.

epop: If you use one word to represent yourself, what word would you use and why?
J: Dong. Because this word appears in my name. The name "Dong Cheng" my dad picked has very deep meaning. It means being as stable as a city state, and also hope that as a person from the East I would be accomplished.
A: Shen. Not "shen" as in God, but "shen" as in "jing shen" (inner energy). To have different types of energy to respond to different situations, that's why I picked this word.
C: Real. You can tell whether I'm happy or not right now by looking at my face, that is to say that I'm more direct, won't mask myself. If choosing another word it would be rare. Such a good guy like me is very rare nowadays! (laughs)
WZ: Courage. It requires great courage to enter the entertainment circle. Those who know me would definitely not dream that I would have the courage to enter the entertainment circle. Even though there are many challenges, however, if you're afraid you wouldn't be able to advance. Because I'd grasped my courage and worked hard until today, I choose the word "courage" to represent myself.

epop: What food do you dislike?
J: Spicy stuff. Those around me all like to eat "mala" hotpot, but from young I could never handle it, whenever I ate spicy stuff I would keep perspiring, it was very torturous. However I'm ok with wasabi, because wasabi's spiciness is momentary, but mala hotpot's spiciness lingers, so it's harder for me.
A: Chocolate. They're often either too dense or too sweet.
C: Nothing in particular that I dislike.
WZ: Pork lard.

epop: What place do you dislike?
J: Where there is cigarette smoke. I don't smoke, so whenever I smell cigarette smoke it would be very unbearable.
A: Dance pubs. I don't like places that are too noisy, also places where there is a strong smell of cigarette smoke.
C: Nowhere in particular. If I have to say then probably it's those places where you have to entertain people.
WZ: Nowhere in particular.

epop: What animal do you dislike?
J: Spider. Don't like how its body is small but legs are so long.
A: Bugs! Very ugly and revolting, especially those bugs/worms that crawl around on the grass are loathsome. So I don't like to sit on the grass, completely cannot imagine having a picnic on the grass!
C: Savage animals.
WZ: Mosquitoes. It's really miserable if you get bitten by a mosquito on the face the day before a press conference or a photoshoot! (laughs)

epop: What is your method of relieving stress?
J: Sleep! In the past I couldn't sleep if it was not my bed, but now whenever there is free time I would make up for lost sleep. My latest motto is: How to achieve sleep during all times outside of official functions! (laughs)
A: Sing! I would sing at home, would often sing KTV too. And everytime I would pretend it's my own concert, I often sing Jay Chou, Lee Hom, Gary Chaw's songs, but would never sing FRH's songs, because I would feel embarrassed!
C: No matter how tired I am, when I get home I would go online, read the news, check email, or chat with friends on MSN. Even though the body is tired, the spirit is able to gain release.
WZ: Eat good food. Nothing else to do, moreover I'm happiest when eating. (laughs) Moreover when I go out to buy things I would get recognised, in comparison it's easier to eat.

epop: What actions of others are you unable to accept?
J: Nothing in particular. Everyone makes mistakes, and I'm a peace-loving person, there is nothing that cannot be forgiven. Ah, but stealing and committing crimes are both no-nos!
A: Having your trusted friends repeat what you told them to other people, being betrayed by people.
C: Being betrayed and being deceived.
WZ: Betrayal! If I'd been betrayed by a trusted friend once, I would never believe this person again, would also turn to hate him.

epop: Talk about who are in your family?
J: My mom and I, just two people.
A: Dad, mom, younger sister, total four people.
C: Dad, mom, a sister two years older than me, and myself.
WZ: Dad, elder brother, elder sister.

epop: Who do you think understands you most?
J: My mom. She understands me most, and is also the person most concerned about me.
A: The person who understands me most... is myself ba!
C: There are two each from my middle school and high school days. Total four people.
WZ: My dad. Whether it's my good points or bad points, he understands them all, if I have any troubles I wouldn't hesitate to discuss them with him. In the past it wasn't like this, but ever since I left Brunei to work, and my mom passed away, it became that I would look for him to discuss if anything cropped up.

epop: What item do you like most in your room?
J: Stereo. In the past I often hid in my bed the entire day listening to the stereo, this was what I loved to do most! So I cannot do without a good sound quality stereo, it is the most important and also the most expensive thing in my room.
A: Piano. Because I wanted to be able to practice without considering the time, so I bought an electric one. But the most important is still my family members bah!
C: Branded bag. Because I like a certain brand, so I love it.
WZ: Computer! The things stored inside are extremely important to me, if I lost them I think I would be very depressed for two months!

epop: What thing if lost would make you unable to live on?
J: Friends! Even though the stress from work is getting heavier, I would still pour out my troubles to friends from my student days. They really understand me, if I no longer have friends I wouldn't be able to live on bah!
A: Confidence! I used to lack confidence, that period of time was really hard to get through. After some time I talked to the boss and my family, it was only after fixing down my own goals that I managed to find my confidence again.
C: Contact lenses, because my eyesight is very bad.
WZ: Family members!!

epop: When do you feel most manly?
J: That time when my dad fell ill and couldn't work, when I came out to work in the first year of high school to support the family finances.
A: When I work hard at what I want to do and what I have to do, when I take responsibility for what I need to be responsible for, the feeling is great.
C: Especially towards girls, when friends are in trouble, when I reach out to help them.
WZ: When I have plans for the future. A guy must have goals and plans for the future.

Credits: Fahrenheit Globa1 Fanclub
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