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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 1/6/09

I started this thread because i think we need this to be updated.. because a sunshine girl is always ahead of everyone... So post here news, interviews, articles, and stories you want to share to keep everyone updated.


Exclusive: The real Wu Chun and Calvin Chen revealed
By Rachelle Siazon

For two days, the ABS-CBN compound was swarmed by a multitude of fans who were hoping to catch a glimpse of Asian heartthrobs Wu Chun and Calvin Chen. In fact, some of them even flew in from Singapore and Hong Kong to catch the Taiwanese idols—who were in town for a promo tour of Romantic Princess—in Manila. The two made appearances on Entertainment Live!, ASAP ’08, The Buzz, and Pinoy Dream Academy 4th Gala Night where they performed their group Fahrenheit’s hit song New Home, the theme to Romantic Princess.

In an exclusive interview, talked with Chun and Calvin about families, staying true to themselves, and about performing in the Philippines for the first time. “It was very exciting but we were very nervous as well because this is our first time to perform here in the Philippines. But of course, we are very happy that we have the chance to sing our song here. And the audience was great! I think they're so into it. We are very lucky that we’ve got so much support from so many people from around the world. Because we are working very hard and the good feedback is a very great motivation for us,” said Chun.

Being able to visit different countries is definitely one of the perks of celebrities like them. But for Chun whose family is based in Brunei, he feels that he misses out on a lot of family bonding experiences. “I was born in Brunei and my family is there. At first, every time I go home [to Taiwan], I feel lonely. And until now I still miss home. I think this is the biggest adjustment that I needed to do. What I miss most I think is the air. You know the feeling that everyday you wake up you are in your house, surrounded by your family. That’s very different.”

Calvin also agreed with Chun. “That's true you know—losing time to spend with my family—even though I live with them in Taiwan. I can see them most of the time but whenever I go home, they are already sleeping. And when I wake up in the afternoon, they already left for work.” He further described his life off cam. “Most actors are worried about going out in public. But for me, I don’t want to change too much. I still go out with my friends—even female friends—and have dinner. If I care too much, [then] I would lose many, many things. So I still want to be me.”

Fortunately for Calvin, he’ll be going to Canada where he took up his college studies and masters degree in Economics. “I’m going there by the end of August for the Sunshine Boyz contest—the male pageant where I was discovered before. I am going to be their special guest with Aaron (Yan), another member of Fahrenheit. The good thing is I can go back to look around and breathe the fresh air there, enjoy the sunshine and the beach,” Calvin excitedly shared.

Hanging out with family, friends—and girlfriends?

Their schedules are often so filled with tours, TV projects, and various public appearances that they seldom have free time for themselves. But when they do catch a break, they usually spend quality time with family and friends doing simple things like hanging out, watching movies, or eating at their favorite restaurants.

Their tight schedules are also the reason why they can’t seem to find that one special girl. There were rumors, however, that Chun was dating his Hana Kimi co-star Ella Chen. But Chun denied this, saying that among his leading ladies, he’s closest to Ella because they’re both managed by the same company, Comic International Productions. “From the very start, even before we filmed Hana Kimi, we were already close and we had a lot of projects together,” Chun clarified.

Finding “The One”

Since these Taiwanese superstars are still single, asked what would it take to win them over and discovered that their thoughts on love and romance are somewhat old-fashioned and very family-oriented. “The appearance or looks don’t have to be a certain type. For me, the more important thing is the feeling. Like she cannot be just a girlfriend, she can also be family or a close friend to me, to share everything with me. I can even express my fears and my worries in front of her and I won’t feel embarrassed,” was Calvin’s description of his ideal girl.

Chun answered similarly. “I think feeling is important if you want to have a long-term relationship. Both of you can trust each other and are willing to share everything.” Calvin added, “And you have the same values, the same life goal to work hard together.”

Fan adoration and obsession

Judging from the number of fans seen in and around the ABS-CBN compound throughout the duration of Chun and Calvin’s promo tour, it wouldn’t come as a shock if they attract a lot of stalkers. But instead of freaking out like other celebrities, they are more concerned with the welfare of overeager fans.

“The thing that troubles me sometimes is that they wait downstairs at my place late at night. One night when I finished work and I’m on my way home at about 2 am, she's still waiting there all by herself and worse, it was raining then. So I ask her, ‘Why are you still here? It’s already late.’ And she says, ‘It’s okay. My family will come pick me up later.’ I think it's not good because she makes her family and even myself worried,” Calvin exclaimed.

So what does he do whenever this happens? “If there are people downstairs waiting for me, I just tell them to go home and say, ‘I won’t do anything for you. I won’t take pictures with you. I won’t do autographs.’ Because if I keep doing that [signing autographs and taking photos], they'll think that it's okay for them to come to my place,” said Calvin. As for Chun, he advised their supporters to keep their own safety in mind, “We hope that they would be very careful when they follow us, when they go to our activities. We do not want them to do something that will put them in danger and make their families worry.”

here is their latest picture.. ;D

i just saw him here.. hahahahahahah! he touched my face!!! bwahahahahahaha!!!

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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
thx for the news meimei calvin looks verry charming and kawaii
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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
oh thx for the news pau jie ur so sweet and calvin look so charming
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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
well i'll put same interviews about frh but i'll just post what is about calvin ^^ if u want about the others just tell me i'll put them all
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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
Q: Which was your most memorable vacation during your school days?

C:'s probably the time where I went to Japan with my family! Because that was the 1st time, so everything feels new and interesting, the food was great, it was a lot of fun!

Q: Do you still remember how you felt about school re-opening after term break?

C: Because of having to face a new start, usually I would slowly recollect my calmness 1 week before school starts...also a time to start catching up on homework! When it comes to mood, there's a bit feeling of unwillingness to go back to school, still wanting to be on holiday!

Q: Which is your most unforgettable homework?

C: During summer holiday in childhood we had to complete a whole booklet of homework, sometimes we had to write journals each day~ Each time I always slack-off till the last week before school starts to catch up, so I often cannot remember what I did in the past, so I don't know what to write in my journal!

Q: If you are a teacher, what kind of holiday homework will you give your students?

C: Nowadays, students are too busy daily with their homework, and not have the chance to go outdoors, so I hope that students would take the time during the holiday to go out and walk around, to enjoy nature!

Q: Talk about your rebellious behaviour during school days

C: During junior high, senior high years, I was quite rebellious! That time I like to play, also very childish, often skip classes to go out to play, or I would hide at home to sleep and not go to classes.

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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
Epop: Who likes to look pretty in Fahrenheit?
Calvin: Jiro

Epop: Who do you think is the most handsome in Fahrenheit?
Calvin: WZ

Epop: Who likes to throw a tantrum among the four of you?
Calvin: Jiro Wang, he loves to do it to his mum.

Epop: Among you who love to eat?
Calvin: WZ

Epop: Who is your idol?
Calvin: Andy Lau. He acts well and is amiable.

Epop: What roles do you wish to act as?

Calvin: A little citizen in a big city, like a vagrant or an office worker.

Epop: What type of dressing do you guys go for in private?
Calvin: Individuality, with style, I prefer good looking coat and cap.

Epop: What will you guys do while waiting?
Calvin: Surf net, sms to friends

Epop: What do you do if you feel pressurized?

Calvin: Chat with friends

Epop: What will you do if you are not an artiste?
Calvin: Do jobs related to finance

Epop: What are the things that you are most afraid of?
Calvin: Unable to control the future time

Epop: What type of girls do you like?
Calvin: Girls with charisma and are gentle

Epop: What is the most romantic thing you guys have done before?
Calvin: Drive from Canada all the way to America with my ex

Epop: If you had the chance to act in ‘Journey to the West’, what would you act as?
Calvin: Sha Wu Jing

Epop: Which song do you like in the album?
Calvin: Doing the things I liked after shower at night

Epop: In the album there’s a song ‘Yi Wan Ge Kuai Le’, what is the thing that you guys are most happy about?

Calvin: Doing the things I liked after shower at night

Epop: Which MV did you guys had the hardest time filming?
Calvin: ‘Bu Hui Ai’, although I had kissing scene with the female lead but in the end my whole body was injured while carrying her, it was really tiring.

Epop: Can let us know what is the craziest thing fans had done for you?
Calvin: Went to my house and shoot a photo of my dad

Epop: Think of the times when you were overseas, what was the most memorable?
Calvin: It was my birthday shortly after the release of the first album, so wherever we went we would cut a cake; I cut at least over 20 cakes.

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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
What do you feel after having the first handshake event in Japan?
Calvin: The first time I came I was so nervous and didn’t know anything, but this time it felt like meeting friends so I enjoyed it very much. Also fans came from so many places to see us so I was very pleased. I would like to go to other places in Japan. I have been to Hiroshima and Tokyo, but I would like to go to other places too.

What do you usually do when the four of you are together?

Calvin : Just like when we were taking pictures just now, we fool around.

If a girl told you she liked you, where and what kind of situation would you like it to be?
Calvin: I think we will be able to feel the feelings naturally, so I don’t think I need her to tell me especially that she likes me. But if I realise that someone likes me, whether I like her or not, as a guy, you have to reply to her.

Your hopes for 2008
Calvin: I have a lot of things I haven’t done yet like being a presenter for a TV show, and I would like to do reporting on the cultures of different countries. Also I would like to act a role that I have never done before in dramas. As Fahrenheit, I will practice hard so we can show everyone a good performance.

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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
From memory, which country you've visited was the most fun? Why?
C: Las Vegas, U.S. Because there has many exciting show to see, also the performances there are Internationally famous!

Now, where do you wish you could travel to? Why?
C: On a sunny island, beach, BBQ...because this year's winter is wet and cold, so I want to be able to enjoy a place with sunshine.

In Spring, where's a good place to go play? Do you have any place to suggest?
C: During Spring, one has to completely enjoy the warm atmosphere, as long as there's places with sunshine, flower fragrance, and also enjoy the beautiful floral scenery, listen to the birds sing, ah~ Now this is Spring!

If you suddenly have a 1 week break now, where would you want to go most?
C: I hope I can find a place where no one knows me, whether it's a big city or small village, I want to be able to enjoy a carefree and relaxing life.

A must-go travel destination during this Spring!
C: No place in particular, whether it's for work or entertainment both are fine! I am a very broad and open-minded person! Ha!
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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
epop: Can you tell us your height, weight, shoe size and visual acuity?
C: 184cm; 64kg; 10.5; 5.5

epop: Which number do you like best?
C: 7! Because Lucky Seven! At that time during the Sunshine Boys competition, my performance number was also 7, it is my lucky number.

epop: Tell us which part of your body are you most pleased with?
C: Should be my smile bah! Also like my quick mental reaction, in addition resisting going to the toilet is also my specialty, so I also like my kidneys!

epop: If you use one phrase to describe your personality, what phrase would you use?
C: Optimistic and jovial

epop: If you use one word to represent yourself, what word would you use and why?
C: Real. You can tell whether I'm happy or not right now by looking at my face, that is to say that I'm more direct, won't mask myself. If choosing another word it would be rare. Such a good guy like me is very rare nowadays! (laughs)

epop: What food do you dislike?
C: Nothing in particular that I dislike.

epop: What place do you dislike?
C: Nowhere in particular. If I have to say then probably it's those places where you have to entertain people.

epop: What animal do you dislike?
C: Savage animals.

epop: What is your method of relieving stress?
C: No matter how tired I am, when I get home I would go online, read the news, check email, or chat with friends on MSN. Even though the body is tired, the spirit is able to gain release.

epop: What actions of others are you unable to accept?
C: Being betrayed and being deceived.

epop: Talk about who are in your family?
C: Dad, mom, a sister two years older than me, and myself.

epop: Who do you think understands you most?
C: There are two each from my middle school and high school days. Total four people.

epop: What item do you like most in your room?
C: Branded bag. Because I like a certain brand, so I love it.

epop: What thing if lost would make you unable to live on?

C: Contact lenses, because my eyesight is very bad.

epop: When do you feel most manly?
C: Especially towards girls, when friends are in trouble, when I reach out to help them.
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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/14/08
thank u so much guys for the news!
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Posted 7/14/08 , edited 7/14/08
OMG, he wears contact lenses? really? i didn't know dt, thank u sisters for posting it en sharing it with us.,!
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Posted 7/14/08 , edited 7/15/08
Top 100 Reasons on Why We Love Calvin!

1) obviously his sunshine smile.
2) his super duper friendly character!
3) He is TALL! i like guys who are tall.
4) His lame jokes!
5) He can sure ACT!
6) He can SING!
8) He's smart
9) Because his laugh melts my heart
10) Because he's able to make me smile whenever I see his face, be it wherever, whenever.
11) Because he always works hard, and never gives up
12) Because he works for his dreams
13) Because his english is soooo smexy
14) Because of his warm attitude, and the fact that he doesn't only go for looks.
15) Because I can converse with him in all the languages he knows. XD
16) his caring for friends
17) his gentle and soft voice
18) his double master degree
19) he is romantic
20) he knows his weaknesses and try very hard to improve
21) he can rap.
22) he remembers all his fans name once you tell him ....amazing
23) he loves pets lol....(i remember he has 2 cute dogs back in vancouver)
24) he is loyal to fahrenheit and always defend for them whenever there's bad news bout the group
25) He is humble and willing to learn.
26) He got chest, as seen in RP episode 3!
27) He never fail to make my day.
28) He is willing to help jiro with his English!
29) Because he has absolutely sweet thoughts when it comes to a gf. *melts*
30) His eyes, though not as electrifying as Da Dong's or Ya Lun's, is able to melt ME!
31. Calvin has a degree in Finance (like me )
32. Because the way Calvin looked when he realized that he said "making love with you" and tries hard to cover that little slip of words! ;D
33. Sure he can't dance, but he sure looks SO cute & happy dancing!!
34. He doesn't care that he's NOT the MOST popular guy in Fahrenheit! ^^ (Cause he knows that there are PLENTY of fans girls that are willing to kill for him! )
35. Cause he's just AMAZING like that
36. His hair! =) (what? I think it's cute! ^^)
37. WITHOUT him, Fahrenheit wouldn't be the SAME anymore!!!!
38. He's a EXTREMELY good TALKER (and a sweet one as well )
39. He once gave a girl 99 red roses and then said that she was his 100th rose!! ;D (haha, i'm glad that they are no longer together, lol)
40. His SMILE will ALWAYS ALWAYS make your DAY better NO MATTER what happens!! ;D *faints* That SUNSHINE SMILE!!! <333
41. He's the ONLY reason why I LOVE Fahrenheit nowadays!!!!!!
42. He does CRAZY & CUTE faces!! =D
43. He pretends to like Chun a lot!!!
44. Calvin's so freaken CUTE that even if he dresses up like a girl, he will STILL win a beauty pageant!!!!
45). [Ahem, Jinny's last one didn't count] Calvin's way of kissing -- it's not the best but the best for the girls who LOVE HIM! Ha!
46) His eyes -- give you the goosebumps! (in a good way)
47) Calvin is the SMARTEST IN FRH! (well, at least to me!)
48) Calvin's dress sense is ADORABLE!
49) Calvin is optimistic, no matter what!
50) He is a succeeder!
51. he's adorably goofy! he's not afraid of acting silly =)
52) Because he's incredibly charming and devastatingly cute
53) He's confident, and he knows it.
54) He oozes with capability, and he gives a sense of security.
55) He has a good voice, and developing skills in his electrifying eyes. He melted me away in CSRH, and in RP too. XD
56) Because he knows what he wants, and stands up for himself.
57) Because he isn't afraid to chase his dreams.
58) Because he's different, unique and optimistic
59) he's got these cuuute dimples when he smiles widely
60) Because his bright smile makes him unique
61) Because he has an equally smexy accent in Jap.
62) Because he sounds REALLY good no matter what language he speaks.
63) Because he can look princely, and playboy-ish, childish, and cute!
64) Because he currently is one of the FRH members with the brightest personalities.
65) Because he is a good talker, and never fails to amuse everyone.
66) Because he looked HAWT HAWT HAWT in his Chu Shen RU Hua outfit
67) He is able to keep his calm, no matter in what situation
68) Because he is caring for his fans, as with all FRH members
69) Because his voice calms me down no matter what
70) Because he is able to slip into any acting role given to him (To me anyway. XD)
71) His attentiveness towards everyone around him.
72) Because he has a long breathe, able to kiss Wu Xiong for so long without suffocating in KO One.
73) Because his composure is always smooth and cool
74) Because the way he sleeps is extremely cuteeee He can sleep anywhere, anytime (if he has a chance to do)
75) Because he never had any rumors about arguing with other Fahrenheit members.
76) Because he can pass every difficulty he had with his sunshine smile (although he’s very tired)
77) Because the way he came back and carried Arron in his back (in Hana Kimi â€â€œ Chinese New Year Special, you remember that?) while Arron thought that everyone had forgot him.
78) Because he is willing to try new things.
79) He tells really good stories
80) Because he is honest with his fans
81) Because he cares and cherishes his fans like no other star would do
82) Because he has a happy-go-lucky attitude.
83) Because he is from Fahrenheit!
84) He can sing AND act.
85) Because he is the FIRST and ONLY FRH member to have a fan made song specially written for him.
86) He is good at talking, and knows how to put his words in a way that it sounds good and not offensive.
87) Because he's good at giving piggyback rides.
88) Because he's willing to drive out to where ever Chun is and eat dinner with him
89) Because he has a sweet looking signature!
90) Because he made his fans fall in love with the brand "Calvin Klein" (CINDY DID! Jinny did toooo ^^)
91) Because he's just cute in his own way.
92) Because no matter what he does, it always brightens our day.
93) Because he makes us feel all sweet and fuzzy inside.
94. Because Calvin will ONE day WRITE about his AF Harem in his BLOG POST!!! <33 lol
95) Because just when you think a pic of him is THE hottest.. you see a hotter one!
96) Because he gave us a flying kiss.
97) Because he gives us all the inspiration to strive on!
98) Because he gives us the sun in our lives, and makes us all happier and we get more friends as well!
99) Although he likes to trick ppl, he is caring as well, and knows his limits.
100) Because he is CALVIN CHEN!!!

Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08

here is their very first interview at entertainement live

here is the press conference after e-live

and here is the video from the buzz (minutes before i met him)

and for some weird reason i cant find the performance on pinoy-dream-academy where they sang "xin wo"

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Posted 7/18/08 , edited 7/18/08
.sis!!thank you sooo much for sharing..=))i ddnt know dat calvin wears contact lenses.!its great that he knows dat his smile was the source of the sunxine in our lives.!ahahahaXD
Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
Wu Zun jumps over to movies, Calvin turn to hosting

Fahreheit has been really famous, seeing that Wu Zun has slowly moved over to the big screens to act in movie 'Butterfly Lovers', Calvin Chen is secretly planning to change route and have his first try at hosting!

Wu Zun and Calvin Chen visited Philippines for GTV's 'Romantic Princess', the two had a PK for popularity, for two days consecutive, the local media reports have crossed many pages having a huge coverage but mostly its about Wu Zun. Be it news reports or photos, Wu Zun had the most coverage, but in reality, the 2 are equally popular among fans, Calvin Chen was bear-hugged, kissed at the lower ear and nearly was kissed at his most sensitive area. At the hotel he stayed, he even had fans calling him in the middle of the night to greet him, different from Wu Zun, Calvin Chen's smile has charms and is more friendly.

Endorsing Taiwan tourism bureau, Fahrenheit introduces scenic spots

Recently, Fahrenheit pushes F4 out of the way and became the new endorser for Taiwan tourism with aims to attack the Korea and Japan market. From known, the main theme for Fahrenheit will be different from the drama 'Wish to See You Again' acted by F4. This time they are planning a travel program to introduce the different scenic spots in Taiwan, and they are thinking of getting the member with the highest qualification from Fahrenheit, which is Calvin Chen who is currently studying Public Finance at National Chengchi University to host the program. And from known, Calvin Chen's management company, Comic Productions Co., Ltd is also currently planning to let him have a switch in the route, while Wu Zun, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan are acting as the male lead in dramas, they want to let Calvin Chen begin hosting.

Speaking of the change in route to hosting, Calvin Chen said frankly, "I always had this idea, and is very interested" In April this year, he had a outdoor shooting for a Japan program 'CI-POP WORLD', and dated a girl who was over 100 kg, this first try at hosting a segment let him had taste of how hosting is like but whether he whether he will be hosting will still depend on time as they are in the midst of having a concert for Fahrenheit. As for the travel program, he said that currently he's not sure, but if it's really true, of course he will feel honored.

Wu Zun loves to bicker, especially likes to compete for cold jokes

Although stuck in the awkard stage of changing routes but the friendship of Wu Zun and Calvin Chen still did not change in the Philippines promotion. On the road, the 2 were always bickering, when the crew asked if Wu Zun if he still want one more beer, Calvin Chen purposely said, "He wants two more!" At one stage, they joked that they are not going to talk and have cold war, but in a blink of an eye, they were talking non-stop again and kept putting the other party down.
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